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About If you are here because I left you a notice to fix something, know this. Leaving me a review or trying to get my attention on either Twitter or my yahoo group to get me to contact you about whatever it is I left you a notice about will be ignored. Doing that is beyond rude. I don't contact you through your private pages to leave a notice about something and I would like the same courtesy in return. In the review I left you there is an e-mail contact address to get a hold us through official channels. That is what you use, not my profile, Twitter, yahoo group, whatever. You can contact us at TOS_team@adult-fanfiction.orgMy Yahoo Group for updates MUST give your age to be accepted, no exceptions! I am a proud member of the AFF Review Association!

Stories Published

Harry Potter and the Breeding Darkness
Sequel to Descent Into Darkness. Harry escapes Privet Drive and Dumbledore for the summer after his fourth year by staying with Tom. Death Eater meetings, training, and discovering new depths to his relationship with(full summary inside) Angst, Fingering, H/C, HJ, M/M, MCD, MiCD, Minor2, Oral, Rim, Solo, Tort, Toys, Violence, WIP
Harry Potter > Slash - Male/Male > Harry/Voldemort
Rated [Adult+] -:- Chapters [65] -:- Published [2012-01-11] -:- Updated [2015-08-26 23:32:14] -:- Edited [2015-08-26] -:- Hits [142168] -:- Reviews [460] -:- Average / Total Vote [+++++ / 826]
No Obvious Truths
Pre-Canon. Harry is a very sick young man. After Dumbledore doesn't step in to help, two people that no one would think would be his saviors do. From there, Harry learns that, in the Wizarding World, there are no obvious truths... 3Plus, Abuse, Anal, Angst, Fingering, H/C, HJ, M/M, Minor2, Oral, Other, Solo, WIP
Harry Potter > Slash - Male/Male
Rated [Adult++] -:- Chapters [24] -:- Published [2012-09-04] -:- Updated [2013-10-12 20:59:32] -:- Edited [2013-10-12] -:- Hits [55662] -:- Reviews [225] -:- Average / Total Vote [+++++ / 465]

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Recommended Reading

Pledges By Amireal (HP/Snape) This was so funny that my sides hurt when i was done!

The Complete Idiots Guide to Dog Demons By Sidhe

Slip of the Tongue by Sada

Lord Sesshomaru's Shocking Case of Obsession by Rinseternalsoul

A Question of Honor by KogasAngel

Close Encounters Of The Fluffy Kind by KogasAngel

Death or Little Death, that is the Question by TwistedHilarity (Inuyasha/Miroku)

Just Another Lemon by Tiegrsi

Tortured Love by Rinseternalsoul

And Then There Was Harry By Menecarkawan (HP/Snape)
For Services Rendered by Quill Lumos (HP/Snape)

Measure of a Man by Sailor Sol (HP/Snape/DM)

Winter and Ice by Dinkel (HP/DM/LM)

Research and Development Part I; Hunger by StarryGazer (HP/RL)

Upon All Fours by Maeglin Yedi (HP/SB)

Night Over Azkaban by Hijja (HP/LM)

Little Black Cat Maeglin (HP/Snape)

Hex-Crossed Lovers by HPRndRobin (HP/Snape)

The Flip Side of Sanity by sweetasphodel

Their Phoenix by Lomonaaeren (HP/DM/SS)

Anger Management by Emily Waters (HP/SS but no slash) this was so funny there were tears!

Imp Ala Mode- Supernatural in TV (gigglesnorts)

Life is a Banquet (and some poor suckers are starving) in Supernatural ... oh dear gawd this was HILARIOUS!

Decent into Darkness by Athey(HP/LV)

ALL are here on AFF you just have to look!

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