Reviews for Absolution

BY : Deadly Nightshade

  • From ANON - anonymoustip on November 20, 2004

    Please work on your grammar and punctuation. I like the ideas that you had, but I struggled to read through the chapters as I kept stopping to re-read the sentences.

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  • From ANON - Tom on August 21, 2004

    I agree with both the previous reviews; a potentially good story, but the grammar and punctuation make it verge on the unreadable. Keep going, though.

    P.S. Is the title a reference to the Muse album Absolution?

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  • From ANON - Talula on August 19, 2004

    I did agree with Writerlimn...but I noticed you cleaned it up, it's better now. Keep writing

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  • From ANON - writerlimn on August 18, 2004

    You have made this story difficult to reaou nou need to review your grammar and puncuation. You have so many long, run-on sentences that the reader has an impossible time trying to understand your point. There is no such word as "Im." I assume you mean "I'm" i.e. the contraction of "I am." It scares me that you don't know basic puncuation like simple contractions. Go back and review your elementary school English classes.

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