Reviews for Segue of Shadows

BY : Xandria

  • From ANON - Rhiannon on October 07, 2003

    NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE...................I love the "like father like son" link through's sooooooooooo sexy and so very dark.......This can continue yet it is also complete...

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  • From Psychotikitten on September 04, 2003

    MMmmmmm. I love ALL of your stories! So very very very well written...and 'big' words used impeccably! I love it. Write more? I'll beta read if you need a reader - but it doesn't seem like you do, your words seem so utterly perfect!

    - 'Da Kitten

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  • From ANON - YaoiBoyDemonLover on July 10, 2003


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  • From ANON - Jemariel on February 08, 2003

    Wow. Wow wow wow wow wow. That was incredible. I don't think I can quite place my finger on exactly *what* makes this story so fucking awsome, but something does. Your visuals are astounding. I love your characterizations of James and Lucius, and I *adore* the ending. The ending is oftentimes the hardest part of a story. You nailed it with this one. The gloves were a great tie in. Anyway, great fic!

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  • From Maeglin on October 26, 2002

    Wow! Loved it. Lucius was brilliant and I loved the ending....glad to see that at least Harry and Draco actually got together. Wonderfully written!

    Maeglin Yedi

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