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Lina 2007-06-06 id # 3000106448
OMG!!!!!! I want more stories like this!!!! Or can you make this a series, maybe Dudley dominating Pierce!!! THIS WAS SO AWESOME!!!!!!
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Chess (Email Hidden) 2007-06-06 id # 3000106450
Oooh. I'm glad I read it! Guh, who knew that pairing could be so hot? AWESOME. :D
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That Girl from the Contra Dance... 2007-06-07 id # 3000106654
Ahh! I don't know how you do it. Big muscles are so ewwwww. That said, it was very tightly written-- it felt real enough that I was made uncomfortable by references to chest hair (eww!)

Two particular lines I noticed:

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patrick 2007-06-19 id # 3000109993
it was smut.
no uts.
I liked it. It made me laugh. well written smut and a cheap wank

But honestly, I don't feel like looking under the surface all the time. and right now is one of those times.
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Briarrows69 2007-06-20 id # 3000110377
Fabulous. I've always wondered about Piers...

"What now, slag?".... Something that I will think from now on whenever some straight-curious guy checks me out (I'll think it in a British accent, too).....
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Lina 2007-08-21 id # 3001108929
OMG!!!!! I'm so glad that I got you to continue!!!!! I really love your stories, and this new chapter just put the icing on the cake!!!! I lvoe how you show Dudley as being in control and all manly like!!!!! Oh, and the "Jennifer" part was priceless. Dudley is making Piers his new bitch!!!! LOL!!!! PLEASE DO MORE!!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAASEEE!! This would be a great series.
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imperial13 2007-08-22 id # 3001109596
more. it is differant. i like differant
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AngelWingedDemon (Email Hidden) 2007-09-13 id # 3001117521
Wow. I couldn't even remember who this kid was, but this story is amazing. I thought that it would be some horrible drabble that made no sense and seemed to be written by a third grader. I've been proven wrong.

You are an amazing writer. I first only clicked on this story because I was bored and wanted to read soemthing new. I've become addicted now!!

I'm not sure how you are going to progress with this story, but I really hope that you do. Jennifer...heh. I'd love to see some dress-up going on ;D Maybe some role-playing? But I would love it if Dudley ended up being gay...

I also would like to request that there's no 'Parents find out and cause angst' drama like that. This secerative smut it really amazing and it is hard to find stories out there that are really well written sex that still keep your intrest without going overboard. I believe that you have/will be able to accomplish this.

So please, POST!!

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xamphira 2007-10-16 id # 3001128787
That's superb - and who would have thought Big D and Piers would be interesting? Would love to see more.
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imperial13 2007-11-24 id # 3001141497
this is disturbing, and morally wrong.

Dude it rules!!!!

continue, from

Imperial 13
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