Reviews for Freedom Bound in Chains

BY : TaintedSensibly

  • From my_perversities on December 07, 2017

    Ahh it finally happened!!! Harry had another breakdown. I thought it would happen soon. Poor boys got so much on his plate it could only be just a matter of time. He was doing so much better too!! I’m was almost as if he was normal. But I think that’s when the cracks start to show. For what Harry’s been though I think it would be a long and arduous journey back to sanity. And the path would be fraught with stumbling blacks and trip wire. 


    So glad to see the suspense pick up. I could feel the urgency in this chapter  


    I also thought it was interesting how Harry saw from Voldemort’s POV when attacking the unicorn. Especially since Harry would never do that on his own he really felt the despair and atrocity of the deed the way it was meant to be, since killing a unicorn stains your soul. 


    Was another great chapter. Can’t wait for more. 

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  • From Dedicated_Reader on November 05, 2017

    Again I must say, I love this story! It's become one of the stories I contemplate when I have free time. Your pacing is something I've been concerned with. If you keep up the everyday in detail pace you've been doing, the story will take forever for you to tell. However, the detail you provide is important. This chapter was lovely. We got the info we needed in a fluid form, but time has been passing. I can't wait to read more!

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  • From my_perversities on November 05, 2017

    I don't mind if you speed it up a bit. I think there is a happy medium where you could have some time gaps and just gloss over some things that happened and spend more time and detail on the big things. 

    I'm curious is Snape will tell the Malfoys himself about what has happened. I've never known whether Dumbledore is good or bad  he fits both so well because of his manipulations and his denial of knowledge about situations I feel he Knew more about. Especially because they include children. 


    Im shocked Bella got out of her room. And of course she would find the diary. I feel it made perfect sense that she had that connection with the diary. It's intrigued me where you will go with this plot twist. 


    I must admit I'm hoping Draco or both Harry and Draco will be able to break the mind control and protect themselves from future attacks. Then they don't have to deal with more manipulative adults but I'm torn because I don't want Dumbledore to be right in saying to leave the situation alone and by ignoring it it will fix itself. 


    I live in suspense til you post again. 

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  • From ClaireR89 on October 14, 2017

    My only real issue with this story. Is that for 6 year olds they are way too intelligent and have in my opinion an incredibly unrealistic vocabulary and thought process 

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  • From my_perversities on October 09, 2017

    Poor Draco, even Harry's magic couldn't fix the mind fuck Quirrell did on him. Hopefully Harry can convince him it was Quirrell they were watching not Snape. 


    I loved the werewolf scene!! That was such a rush! And they now have a loyal we're on their side not only in human form but in wolf too!   

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  • From my_perversities on October 01, 2017

     And the plot thickens.  Things are heating up again people! Although poor Draco  somehow had his mind breached ! I Feel like it's just one more violation for the poor boy and now he suspects Snape!!!!  Holy plot twist Batman!!

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  • From Dedicated_Reader on September 24, 2017

    I'm so excited! I about went crazy when you went two weeks without updating (although I think I managed to miss a chapter so it's probably my fault, lol). This story had me absolutely hooked. I love how you manipulate the characters into this flowing plotline, its thrilling to watch! I cant wait for the next chapter!

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  • From my_perversities on September 08, 2017

    Thank you for another wonderful chapter. Glad to see you back. I hope you're staying safe. I know there are a number of storms hitting the states and the Caribbean. You have my thoughts and good wishes. 

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  • From my_perversities on August 20, 2017

    I really love the explanation of the excess magic being absorbed by Hogworts. That made so much sense. Maybe it will even make Hogworts herself more protective of the boys since she now shares some of their magic. I'm sure her wards are back up to 100% now!! lol. 


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  • From my_perversities on August 15, 2017

    Awww they're getting more intimate. I wonder how they will explain away the power surge? I mean, wouldn't the adults in the whole castle feel it? The students too but they may not know what it was. 

    I wonder if Snape will join Harry's side for the chance to remove the dark mark?

    Can't wait to see what comes next!

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  • From phoenix-rob on August 06, 2017

    Great chapter update.

    What got up Snape's nose?

    I hope they mange to get on top of the bullies both in Griffindor and in Slytherin.

    How is Draco going to cope now Harry has been hurt?  - look out any students who open their mouth and say the wrong thing.

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  • From my_perversities on August 05, 2017

    Holy crap! You can't leave it there! Poor Harry!!! Poor whoever pushed him because Draco's going to kill you !! I love Ron. He can't leave Harry for fear of Draco. I'd burst into tears too if something happened to Harry on my watch. 

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  • From Dedicated_Reader on July 31, 2017

    I have been trying to find the words to express how much I love this story, and I haven't done well so far. I didn't want to leave a "I love your story, keep going!" review, because that would make light of such a serious and wonderful story. I must admit, there were a couple scenes in the beginning I had to skip over but I couldn't give up on this story. It takes a lot to get me to cry over a fanfic, but this story has had me in tears multiple times. It's also made my heart soar and flutter, and has risen my bloodlust on more than a few occasion. This story is unbelievable. I'm not sure how you're going to finish this story, or even how you'll get there, but I know I'll be reading each chapter as quickly as I can! 

    I'm glad you've found a way to express the pain you've dealt with in such a beautiful way. I'm sorry other people don't see it that way and have insulted you in such harsh and cruel ways. I hope you keep writing and don't listen to idiotic people who don't understand that life isn't all puppies and rainbows, because it's the dark and depressing things life throws at us that lets us grow stronger and become more beautiful than anything else.

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  • From my_perversities on July 31, 2017

    Hot damn! Two chapters in one week!! Thank you Master. 

    Im glad Draco's on to Quirell right from the get go. 

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  • From BookDragon on July 30, 2017

    Some of us read to escape reality, some of write so that reality changes. Some of us are so isolated in our beliefs that they don't believe truth in fiction is possible.

    Yes, this is a difficult story to read but I'm continuing on to see where the journey takes us.


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