Reviews for Shadows of the Past

BY : Lady_Laran

  • From saxman66 on March 09, 2021

     Well now they know the big secret about the ring and some years before the original TL.  What they can do about it, and whether even dragon fire would destroy the one ring, even assuming they can manuver Smaug into burning it, although it would be a convient end to Sauron and his power and save a lot of lives.

      Which makes me think.  Can Sauron detect Hari's magic as that would be a potential danger if it drew his attention to the party?  He's unlikely to turn up himself unless he realises what they carry but a nazghul could be a problem. :(

     Write when you can.  We can all wait and with the current pandemic RL is even more important currently.

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  • From saxman66 on October 15, 2019


    Had lost touch with this story as there doesn't seem to be a way of making stories for when their updated and glad I found it again. Reread it from scratch as had forgotten all bar the basic details. Looks very interesting and I get the feeling that things are going to go a lot better for Middle Earth than in the original.


    Sorry to hear your had health problems and hope your feeing better. Its a nasty condition, had a bout a couple of decades back and can be very difficult to overcome. Best of wishes on that.


    OK if I ask a few questions?

    a) Since they have the ring, which the girls don't seem to have told the rest of the party yet, does that mean that in this Middle Earth something has happened to Gollum or will they pick up an unwelcome shadow at some point?


    b) Actually surprised that Gandalf hasn't detected something is up on that issue. Also possibly that as Elrond's ring detected Celebrimbor's presence would his other rings, many of which are under Sauron's control be a potential source of danger in that they might warn him Celebrimbor is back?


    d) Would dragon fire be as hot as Mt Doom? Albeit that given the nature of dragons Smaug is likely to want it for himself so would be tricky to get him to flame it without him knowing it was there. At least not without someone getting rather crisply in the process.


    Anyway good that Fili has plucked up the nerve and Hari has responded. Now all they need to do is reach Erbor, kill the damned dragon then dispose of the ring and hence break Sauron's power. ;)


    On a separate issue, if you don't mind me asking are you posting this elsewhere as your referencing how much feedback your getting but there have been only a couple of replies here? Ditto you say that your co-writer Rogercat also does a lot of stories but they don't display as an author here.


    Anyway many thanks for a very interesting take on one of my favourite fantasy worlds, as well as a good inclusion of a different Potterverse.

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  • From saxman66 on December 26, 2018

    Damn I wish I'd found this some while back as a Tolkien fan. Fascinating universe cross between Middle Earth and the Potterverse. Get the distinct feeling that the ring is going to return home to Mt Doom a feel years earlier here.:) Although of course its bound to attract the attention of several nasty types, one of whom no doubt looking for his missing precious.


    I take it the man with the broken sword was Isildur?


    Does this mean however that Estel will never get to marry his love as if Sauron falls earlier he's never likely to become king of Gondor and hence meet Elrond's demand?

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  • From Ashes_to_Life on February 24, 2017

    Lady Laran,

    I have so far made it to chaper 11 and am so far impressed and in love with the story already. Please keep making amazing chapters.


    Damian Hallows   

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