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BY : OracleObscured

  • From Desert_Sea on August 06, 2017

    Chapter 31 -

    Well this was definitely worth the wait. I loved all the pussy power coming through and the new living arrangements sound like they are going to be . . . interesting! I’m still waiting for the shit to hit the fan. I wonder if it will be gradual or acute. I guess I will have to wait impatiently to find out . . . unless you give me a hint :)

    Faves -

    ‘Severus wasn’t the only one who knew how to billow.’ – Hahah, I so love a good Severus billow.

    ‘as if someone had forgotten to match up the audio with the action’ – this was so easy to imagine. Love it.

    ‘illustrious Muffy V. Granger’ – and the V is for??

    ‘Hermione’s heart leapfrogged her larynx’ – hahah, I love larynx leaping.

    ‘the sensuality of that fascinating mouth’ – it’s easily my favourite part of him . . . apart from his cock of course :)

    ‘parted his lips ever so slightly, as if inhaling her need’ – mmmm, delicious!

    ‘Hermione’s insides melted like a candle in a raging inferno’ – this comparison was so good.

    ‘“Shall I do the honors?”’ – aha! ‘or shall I’ from ‘An awfully big adventure’ ;)

    ‘power of her pussy’ – I hear that pussy power coming through loud and clear.

    ‘The buds tightened to bullets’ – lovely tit alliteration, or as I call it altiteration.

    ‘muggy heat of his sex’ – I could feel this . . . unhhh

    ‘Coooooocks!’, ‘lollicock’ – I loved her cock obsession in this part. 

    ‘Her skin prickled and flushed, as if she’d just walked into a freezer and found the sun’ – best line of the chapter – brilliant!

    Fixes –

    ‘the thee time snake wrangling champion’ – sb three

    ‘Lucius’s’ – sb Lucius’

    ‘hollowing out like drum’- missing ‘a’

    So I’m guessing she will have moved in by the next chapter . . . or maybe it will the moving chapter . . . or maybe it’s the pre-moving sex chapter. Actually, I have no idea what’s next so I will wait and see!



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  • From Desert_Sea on July 16, 2017

    Chapter 30 -

    Of course I love the perspective from my favourite wizard – so delicious and deliciously self-deprecating.

    ‘But the owl of doom never came’ – funny and poignant.

    ‘He’d never met a witch who could get him hard with nothing more than a book review’ – so, so good :)

    ‘the fantasy was a potent one, bringing on visions of a future filled with something other than regret’ – I so want this for him too L

    ‘basing her decision on the real Severus Snape, not on some idealized delusion of who she thought he was’ – unlike the idealised delusions that we take upon ourselves to create ;)

    ‘he didn’t chose him’ – sb choose

    ‘riotous clip’ – clip was perfect here

    ‘“It is polite to greet the host before the stroking begins.”’ – mmmm, is it more polite to stroke the host?

    ‘I’d tell the Potions master that I wanted to stay at his house and read his books and ride his cock and make potions with him in his cellar’ – so would I!!!

    ‘“Don’t make me say it again.”’ – bahahahah! There’ll be no fishing for compliments with Snape :D

    ‘he could feel her smiling against his skin’ – loved the viscerality of this.

    ‘popping each sound past his lips and tongue like an oral acrobat’ – can so imagine those linguistic gymnastics . . . very AR. 

    ‘undulated like a snake on a wave’ – brilliant!

    ‘proof her desire’ – missing ‘of’

    ‘it in ragged whoosh’ – missing ‘a’

    ‘He’d had forgotten’ – take away ‘had’

    ‘clutched at the momentary warmth coursing through his soul.’ – He is falling so hard for her, as they all are, I really worry where this is going to end up. He sounded earlier like he’d rather have nothing than hurt the others . . . but it certainly didn’t end that way.  7 days a week? Sounds like more than visitation rights. Looking forward to the next with slight trepidation! xx


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  • From ~*LissaDream on July 11, 2017

    He’d never met a witch who could get him hard with nothing more than a book review. – Snort!

    Gods, I love her reactions to his books. It’s always my favorite thing to read about Hermione the first time she visits Snape’s abode – no matter the story, no matter the writer, it’s the biggest reason they’re so perfect together. X

    “She smiled and, with absolutely no warning, wrapped her arms around his waist and buried her face in his pine-green dress shirt” – big fat AWWWWWW.

    When she began to kiss a soft path from his jaw to his mouth, his warning bells went off, and he drew back. “What are you doing?” – So. Effing. Close. Damnit.

    Every word was auditory sex that slithered between her legs to tickle her clit with consonants and vibrate her vulva with vowels. – Delicious.

    “I think from now on whenever I hear the word Tentacula, I’m going to soak my knickers.” – BAHAHAHAHAHA

    “I have an auxiliary heartbeat in my arse.” – OMG. I’m dying over here. So many giggles this chapter. Severus is still my favorite. =-)

    I got to the end and literally wailed a “Noooo!!” I didn’t want it to be over! So bloody good. As always. Gods, I love how you write! MORE! NOW! ;o)

    Lots of love! Hope you’re well. xLissaD

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  • From Desert_Sea on July 05, 2017

    Chapter 29 –

    I’m really enjoying this characterisation of Lucius. I always love to make him my bad guy but he’s very believable in this charming/troubled/lonely role.

    Most of my faves are the lines that made me laugh or feel fuzzy. I think this is my antedote to AtHD at the moment :)

    ‘his cock had begun to weep for clemency’ – wonderful!

    ‘It’s like we're shagging in a war movie’ – hahaha, I could so imagine this.

    ‘Perceptive little witch. “Habit.”’ – I love how she’s got his number and he loves it.

    ‘Draco seemed to have missed that lesson—or he’d become so self-indulgent that he didn’t care.’ – It’s comforting when you get a sense of how well the author knows their characters and their perceptions of their own relationships. Lucius’ reflections about Draco really have this amazing authenticity.

    ‘he supplemented his shortcomings with gifts, which he hoped would keep her satisfied. Or at least distracted.’ – and more lovely reflections on his own insecurities.

    ‘they were both inured to the other’s flaws after so many years together.’ – I wish everyone was so accepting of one another’s’ flaws!

    ‘If Draco’s moronic mooning was any indication, he was happy too.’ – nasty but sort of sweet.

    ‘Jubilation and misery were pretty much the same on that face.’ – bahaha, burn in absentia!

    ‘Her concern broke his heart, but that just made him all the more determined to bejewel her in his adoration.’ – bejewel in adoration was wonderful.

    I loved the pearl kink – fantastic.

    ‘Nothing ruined a little backdoor fun like a toy stuck in one’s bowels.’ – so true . . . or a bottle stuck in one’s vagina.

    ‘which was still lightly marked from whatever Snape had been doing to her’ – I think this is my favourite line. It is such a wonderful continuum with previous chapters and relates how comfortable he is (currently) with the shared arrangements.

    ‘with cock-snapping strength.’ – LOL. That delicious absurdity . . . just works so well.

    So now I feel all fluffy but I suspect things are going to start ramping up soon. I wonder if sweet Hermione will continue to try to make everyone happy or if she is going to have to start digging deeper into her own motivations? Ready for more! xx

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  • From Nightstar on June 30, 2017

    Yeah some hot kinky jewellery sex!!! Love it perfect for lucius.only fitting for a princess! Wheres my Prince??? Swoon....

    Loving it!!!

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  • From ~*LissaDream on June 30, 2017

    You (and we'll give JKR some credit) made me fall in love with Severus Snape, now you're making me fall in love with Lucius Malfoy .... hmmm.

    I'm sorry I've been absent. As always every word you write is utter perfection and bliss. I think this may be one of the hottest anal play scenes I've ever read.

    Cannot wait for more, was so happy this one came faster than the last.

    x Lissa

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  • From myliewilde on June 29, 2017

    I loved this chapter! Such an interesting use of accessories. 

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  • From Desert_Sea on June 25, 2017

    Chaper 28 –

    Another sweet chapter. While I was reading this, I wondered how difficult it would be for her to slip into the dominant and submissive roles between partners. It seems to work fine here but would many people be comfortable with both? Just a matter of interest.

    ‘It was like a personality striptease’ – loved this sense of discarding work for play.

    ‘His hard-on kept pushing out from under his shirt like a kid peeking through the curtain at a theatre’ – such an awesome visual!

    ‘in child’s red wagon’ – missing 'a'

    ‘Bath time starts with the wiggling piggies’ – this cracked me up.

    ‘jiggling from their lacy prison like jelly convicts’ – bahahah, ridiculously hilarious.

    ‘baptacular beauty’ – baptacular would have to be one of the best words ever.

    ‘whimpering in the most unmanly way’ – can so imagine this.

    ‘a particularly slutty carrot that had been taunting him in the kitchen for days on end’ – This is too funny. I can so imagine you being enticed by a lascivious leek or a prurient parsnip :P

    ‘I’m all out of cleaning fluid’ – LOL, betcha he isn’t!

    ‘Or perhaps her pussy was setting an unnaturally high standard for lubrication’ – I wonder what those lubrication standards are measured in? Kilojuices?

    So I’m almost wincing now in the expectation that all of this sweet puppy love is going to come crashing down. Does he have the resilience to withstand it? I really don’t think so. We shall see. Looking forward to the next!

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  • From Nightstar on June 22, 2017

    Wow that left me pretty warm!! Very visual for me and i loved it. Truely amazing writing!!!

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  • From MissFantastic on June 18, 2017

    I just found your story and read it all in 24 hours.  I LOVE everything about it.  The characterizations are wonderful and the smut is glorious.  I think like other readers I keep rooting for each of the wizards - they all need her and she needs each of them!  

    Thank you for writing.  I just know I will love what is to come.  

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  • From Desert_Sea on June 11, 2017

    Chapter 27 –

    No lemons?! What is this? How am I going to make lemon-curd doughnuts? (had one tonight – whoa!)

    But I digress. I really enjoyed Hermione’s reflections about the strengths and weaknesses of the three beaus. I sort of felt a bit sad when she talked about Lucius and how caring and attentive he was – I’m not sure why – perhaps the references to Narcissa and potentially his attempt to recreate the same. And then I felt a bit sad for Draco who is clearly in love with her. He’s the one who is really going to suffer as he wears his heart on his sleeve. I didn’t feel sorry for Snape at all as he hasn’t reached that level of vulnerability . . . yet.

    I know that polyamory can work perfectly well but you have to be a certain type of person. I’m not sure if any of these are. Time will tell!

    ‘loosening her obsessive stranglehold on life’ – I like how she is well aware of her controlling nature and trying to do something about it.

    ‘eyes strayed to the empty slots on her shelves’ – this made me sad too (why was I so sad reading this? Is it the two glasses of hot gin I had tonight? Never!)

    ‘panoply’ – imaginary word notebook!

    ‘I’m not only shagging Draco but his father and Snape as well. Cheers!’ – hahah! I’d love to see her drop that sack of shit in the middle of dinner conversation.

    ‘she had no business foisting fictitious offspring on them.’ – I loved this too much.

    ‘trying to compare apples and oranges . . . and bananas.’ – let me guess . . . Snape is the banana?

    ‘Now he was proposing an incentive plan.’ – LOL. Frequent fucker points?

    ‘For a man who had gone to great lengths to ridicule her when she was his student, he was amazingly sensitive about her sexual education as an adult’ – lovely. A much nicer Snape than my own, even if the intention is similar

    ‘echoing off the hardwood floors and tinkling through the chandeliers’ – I adored this. 'Tinkling' was perfect.

    ‘vainglorious caricature’ – More loveliness! Mental word notebook!

    And now we have the promise of another delicious gang-bang! Bring on them doughnuts! xx

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  • From Nightstar on June 08, 2017

    Nice little  insight into everyone and what makes everyone tick. No smut but i can deal. Lol

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  • From Desert_Sea on June 02, 2017

    Chapter 26

    Of course I loved seeing my favourite back again. Snape seems quite mild and accepting at the moment. I wonder if things will change as things heat up? He appears to be taking the role of the mediator between the two Malfoys in some ways. I guess his affections for the two would account for that . . . until the jealousy kicks in :)

    Faves -

    ‘bushing out to electrify the space around her’ – lovely visual

    ‘bare thighs splayed around his hips’ – I loved ‘splayed’ in this.

    ‘complaisance’ – non existent word notebook!

    ‘It made him feel better about his own foibles and lessened the sense of vulnerability brought on by the intimacy of sex’ – this was a lovely, telling admission.

    ‘They looked like two sex junkies getting their fix’ – another wonderful visual.

    ‘electrical cross-stream of cock’ – hahaha, love it!

    ‘wind-up ménage à trois toy whose gears had run out of steam’ – again, so relatable.

    ‘limp as a rubber chicken’ – perfect!

    ‘“Are you delegating all affection to my son?”’ – this was a really interesting moment too. A missed opportunity perhaps? Certainly Lucius knows him well enough to understand his insecurities. Ooh, things are getting interesting!!

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  • From Desert_Sea on May 28, 2017

    Chapter 25

    I like that you took your time with this one. There were some key manouvrings and understandings to sort out which you did very nicely. It seems they are all okay with the current arrangement – at least superficially. Draco is more endearingly sweet than sexy in this for me which works very well with my SS/HG predilection. I’m still enjoying sexy Lucius though. I like that their dynamics with her are all quite different and don’t seem to be encroaching upon each other’s sexual territory at least. Emotional real estate is going to be the question moving forward. Now I’m REALLY looking forward to Sev’s perspective ;)

    Faves and fixes -

    ‘fluffed up like a duck’s bum’ – excellent analogy

    ‘seeing that million watt smile steal the sneer from his lips’ – lovely turn of phrase

    ‘or was her brain rapping on her skull for more oxygen?’ - bahahah

    ‘snog-wobbly legs’ – perfect!

    ‘assiduous’ – word notebook (if I had one ;))

    ‘make move’ – missing ‘a’

    ‘spite the’ – missing ‘of’

    ‘under top’ – missing ‘her’

    ‘wasn’t single’ – missing ‘a’

    ‘rub his petal-soft glans all over her face like a blush brush’ – bahahah! this is one of the funniest things you’ve ever written.

    ‘like an emperor in a bathhouse’ – excellent description.

    ‘pursued her selection of underwear’ – perused?

    ‘to husky whisper’ – missing ‘a’

    ‘Bad Boys and Big Brooms’ – OMFG, is that one of yours? Fucking hilarious.

    ‘dominant women’ – sb ‘woman’

    ‘giving Snape her humiliation and shame in exchange for assurance and praise’ – nice.

    ‘both boobs blazing’ – nice boob alliteration.

    ‘a bizarrely soft invasion of slick muscle and rigid demand’ – excellent.

    ‘fingertips curled against her g-spot and beckoned her orgasm closer’ – excellent action/intention combo.

    ‘fap of pumping foreskin’ – loved ‘fap’ here.

    ‘dull click of her heels on the cobblestone sounded like a ticking bomb to her anxious ears’ – fantastic mood setter.

    Snape’s back pat made me smile. Awkwardly sweet. Then his finger surprise on the seat was not at all awkward but fucking hot.  

    ‘“Lift you skirt,” Severus drawled.’ – shit, lucky I didn’t read this before I put up the first chapter of AtHD otherwise I would have had to change it!

    Glad you’re back. This really is an intriguing and hot ride. Yum!



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  • From Nightstar on May 26, 2017

    Love me a dirty smutfess, Hermione has all she needs each guy can give her what the other cant and what they are each good at!!. Continue!!

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