Reviews for Quartet

BY : OracleObscured

  • From SuperWolfLover_1776 on November 07, 2018

    five fucking weeks






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  • From RBR on October 14, 2018

    I was extremely happy when you updated that I  reread the whole story, just in case missed anything, like crooks, how is he dealing with a sex filled household, does he also sleep in the big bed? I want to also thank you for walking me through the "daddy" thing. Not a subject I have an interest in but you explained it on a way that was easier to digest.

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  • From justheretosayhi on October 01, 2018

    I love love LOVE this chapter!!! The relationship between Lucius and Draco is finally working out, and tbh it's about time. Anyhow the Quartet is in harmony and until, the next chapter so am I. 

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  • From Snapes_Princess on October 01, 2018

    I swear, each chapter you write gets better and better. I absolutely adore this 

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  • From Snapes_Princess on September 27, 2018

    I literally cried. I had to lock myself in my room Ahaha. You're doing an absolutely amazing job :D This story has made me laugh and cry and feel something else I'm ashamed to say *blush* ;)

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  • From vampiremom on September 27, 2018

    Okay, I'm not one to review a lot but that said I had to review this chapter.  I absolutely love this story.  This is my favorite chapter to date.  The last section of dialogue between Severus and his younger self was probably the most powerful thing I have read lately.  I love that he recognized his inner self that he has kept hidden.  The whole last sentence took my breath away.  Kudos to you for the wonder writing.  Keep it up.  I can't wait to read more.

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  • From SuperWolfLover_1776 on September 27, 2018

    oh my god

    i love this fic but id love to see more of cockshanks and what he gets up to at the manor and more hermiones relationships with other people and harry and ron as of late it been quartet


    but i just dont want crockshanks to be forgotten

    thank you! i love your work!

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  • From Snapes_Princess on September 26, 2018

    Oh my gawd. Plot twist, you're so evil Ahaha :'D

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  • From Snapes_Princess on September 24, 2018

    Oh my gosh, the end of this chapter had me in stitches. You're an absolute genius

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  • From justheretosayhi on September 23, 2018

    hello! I was a silent reader and have decided to change my ways... anyhow I love this fic so much! Each character complements each other so well and the new elemental magic is so interesting! Will all of their powers increase after sex or being together? What about permanent magical increases? Do they have to be *in* the elemnt to feel its magic or can they just be around it? so many questionsss rip

    anyway, I will be here eagerly checking for updates... bye!

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  • From Snapes_Princess on September 22, 2018

    In all honesty, I shed a tear when I came back to refresh this page and check for updates, as is my daily routine. I love your writing, the humour, the plot twists. It keeps me coming back for more. Oh, and the amazing sexy scenes that are so detailed  :)

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  • From Desert_Sea on June 02, 2018

    Chapter 51 –

    Ooh, I always love the Severus chapters the best :)

    His care for her was so warm and authentic – beautifully captured. I particularly liked his relief when the others arrived and he was able to acknowledge the combination of their strengths in comforting her.

    Faves -

    ‘at least her cries were no longer echoing back on them like a torture chamber’ – I don’t know why this made me laugh but it did. The idea of him experiencing grief as torture I think.

    ‘He’d never met such a fireball of fierce care’ –I loved this for the trait that it expresses. I love people who defend fiercely.

    ‘Severus imagined himself as her avenging angel, leaving a trail of bloodied administration personnel scattered across the Ministry’s polished atrium.’ – bahaha, so very Severus to want to kill on her behalf, even if it is only in his head.

    ‘Sweet Circe on a sultana!’ – hahahah, classic!!

    ‘like a greasy crime scene’ – another brilliant visual.

    One fix -

    ‘calmer when when snogging’ – need to get rid of extra ‘when’.

    So now it's bath time with our two mature gents and Hermione. Sounds like I might need to get into bed for this one ;) xx

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  • From Desert_Sea on June 02, 2018

    Chapter 50 –

    Oops, I mislabelled my last review as ch50 but it was obviously 49.

    Well everything really went tits up in this chapter, didn’t it? Just goes to show how quickly things can fall apart.

    Faves -

    ‘Not without a nice pike to display it on.’ – now that was unexpectedly macabre, I like it.

    ‘Personal owls’ – I don’t even know what this is but I want one submitted on my behalf right now! :)

    ‘Harry looked as if he was having a stroke. “The ferret?”’ – hahah, no love lost there, then?

    ‘as if someone had pulled a plug in his neck, his face drained of color’ – this was fantastic, wonderful visual.

    ‘Are you fucking your way through the whole damn Slytherin directory?”’ – ummm . . . sorta . . .

    So now what does she do?

    I know what it’s like to have years of work taken away from you overnight. It’s hard to rebuild. I’m wondering what business opportunities may arise. Potions? Aura reading? And how will the world respond? Are the relationships strong enough to weather the storm? I’m sure the next chapters will provide me with at least a few more clues *turning the page in anticipation* :D

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  • From Desert_Sea on May 15, 2018

    Chapter 50 –

    I take it back. This was the funniest chapter ever :D You were so on fire with the one liners.

    And I went crazy copying and pasting. I just couldn’t leave so many gems unacknowledged so sorry for giving your chapter right back to you.

    ‘so slowly she swore she could feel the grooves of his fingerprints’ – ooh, so can I!

    ‘"Colonel Brandon.”’ – I would so love a Colonel Brandon bear.

    ‘Muffy released what felt like an ocean of enthusiasm’ – hahaha.

    ‘fricasseeing her face’ – just hilarious. That word always reminds me of a scene in Blackadder when Baldrick is presenting two versions of ‘rat’ – saute or fricassee :)

    ‘blood stampeding from her head to her pelvis’ – stampeding was excellent.

    ‘he isn’t right behind you waiting to scramble your brains with his gargantuan stirring rod.’ – giant cock jokes are always funny. Some of my faves :D

    ‘It was Severus who wanted to feel safe. It was Severus who feared abandonment. And it was Severus who, after a lifetime of denial, needed to care about someone with utter impunity.’ – ooooh, so many feels here. Such wonderful insight into the merry dance of interpersonal dynamics.

    ‘That sprig of Queen Anne’s lace stood out in her mind, its unassuming simplicity hidden amidst a cluster of colorful competition. While the other blossoms screamed of beauty and pleasure, the quiet Queen Anne’s lace, much like Severus, silently made its plea for sanctuary with little fanfare or ornamentation. ’ – this nearly made me cry. :’(

    ‘emotional refugee he’d been harboring within’ – more feels, aarrrggghhhh.

    ‘being a very quiet’ – remove ‘a’

    ‘Or like soldiers who had spent a war together, living through the same battles, sharing the same pain.’ – I loved this characterisation of their relationship. It feels so true.

    ‘they would keep picking at each other's heart until one of them bled to death’ – so exquisitely beautiful. Truly.

    ‘gravity was not her friend’ – hahah, it’s not mine either ;)

    ‘stuttered to gasp.’ – missing ‘a’

    ‘“I’d rather not.” He eyed the bear with a wary arch of one black brow.’ – this is so cute and funny.

    ‘Who could have guessed stuffed animals would be Snape’s kryptonite?’ – more snorting.

    ‘audacious enthusiasm for his legendary leviathan. Fear not, my brave bear, for this beast and I are old friends. Watch how quickly he succumbs to my womanly wiles.’ – I just thought this whimsy was delicious.

    ‘like want and lust tied together with an enormous bow of bollocks.’ – fucking hell, this nearly killed me!

    ‘but he’d never slapped her with the whole salami. ’ – bahahah, there’s always time.

    ‘Muffy erupting in an aqueous squee.’ – wonderful!

    ‘possibly a growl that crossed into tones inaudible to the human ear’ – I laughed at loud at this. The entire thing was so audible and so hilarious.

    ‘what had transpired in her nappy mid-cough was of far greater concern’ – fucking hell, I’m dying!!

    ‘It was a blessing to see an innocent man finally set free’ – and now I’m nearly crying again . . .

    ‘nothing existed except her body wrapped around his’ – mmmmm, delicious.

    ‘waterfall shooting out of her arse ‘ – damn . . . too funny.

    ‘Finally, he swallowed loudly and whispered, “I can’t say it back.” – and there goes my heart. Dead.

    As you can see, I was up and down like a yo-yo with this chapter. What a ride. Fantastic writing. Some of the best I’ve read. Well done xx

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  • From Desert_Sea on May 15, 2018

    Chapter 48 –

    I wasn’t sure how I would go with this chapter but I loved it. So many delicious lines, probably one of your funniest chapters ever. So much emotion. And whilst it isn’t my thing at all, the fact that it was their thing made it really hot to read.

    ‘walking in on Lucius wanking to a handful of financial porn was hilarious no matter how many times a person saw it’ – priceless!

    ‘Its muffled snick severed their connection to the outside world’ – ooh lovely and dramatic. ‘Severed’ was excellent.

    ‘Snape sighed out about eight pounds of pent up anxiety’ – just that delightful hyperbole.

    ‘he muttered under his breath, garnering an appreciative laugh from the only woman in the world who understood his bleak sense of humor. Tracing the curve of her smile, he memorized her happiness for future lapses into nostalgia’ – I loved this entire exchange and reflection. So much more human than the usual Snape.

    ‘but unfamiliarity wasn’t reason enough to stay silent’ – so true. I could learn to do that more.

    ‘constantly at paw’ – sb ‘paw at’

    ‘tore at his heart like a rabid manticore’ – excellent visual.

    ‘Severus’s cock lunged toward her, enraptured by the intimacy of that one word’ – ‘lunged’ was just a lovely surprise in this sentence.

    ‘If he’d known she was going to react so viscerally, he would’ve been spewing out “babies” left and right.’ – this is just the funniest line ever . . . I can’t even . . .

    ‘Severus somehow got back across the room without popping all the seams on his placket’ – bahaha!

    ‘laughed her I’m-embarrassed-but-don’t-you-dare-stop laugh’ – this was a lovely bit of insight, allowing us to share in her vulnerability.

    ‘Severus was too warped for melting’ – I love this about him.

    ‘with all the speed of a tranquilized tortoise’ – hahaha, sounds like me most of the time.

    ‘Each orgasm was an unspoken conversation, one that was felt instead of heard’ – just so poignant and lovely.

    ‘“No, I deposit my seed neatly inside you unless you request otherwise. I’m quite tidy.”’ – yeah, right!

    ‘his cock growled back’ – perfect ending.

    Just so good. Loved it! x



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