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BY : OracleObscured

  • From Nightstar on June 22, 2017

    Wow that left me pretty warm!! Very visual for me and i loved it. Truely amazing writing!!!

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  • From MissFantastic on June 18, 2017

    I just found your story and read it all in 24 hours.  I LOVE everything about it.  The characterizations are wonderful and the smut is glorious.  I think like other readers I keep rooting for each of the wizards - they all need her and she needs each of them!  

    Thank you for writing.  I just know I will love what is to come.  

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  • From Desert_Sea on June 11, 2017

    Chapter 27 –

    No lemons?! What is this? How am I going to make lemon-curd doughnuts? (had one tonight – whoa!)

    But I digress. I really enjoyed Hermione’s reflections about the strengths and weaknesses of the three beaus. I sort of felt a bit sad when she talked about Lucius and how caring and attentive he was – I’m not sure why – perhaps the references to Narcissa and potentially his attempt to recreate the same. And then I felt a bit sad for Draco who is clearly in love with her. He’s the one who is really going to suffer as he wears his heart on his sleeve. I didn’t feel sorry for Snape at all as he hasn’t reached that level of vulnerability . . . yet.

    I know that polyamory can work perfectly well but you have to be a certain type of person. I’m not sure if any of these are. Time will tell!

    ‘loosening her obsessive stranglehold on life’ – I like how she is well aware of her controlling nature and trying to do something about it.

    ‘eyes strayed to the empty slots on her shelves’ – this made me sad too (why was I so sad reading this? Is it the two glasses of hot gin I had tonight? Never!)

    ‘panoply’ – imaginary word notebook!

    ‘I’m not only shagging Draco but his father and Snape as well. Cheers!’ – hahah! I’d love to see her drop that sack of shit in the middle of dinner conversation.

    ‘she had no business foisting fictitious offspring on them.’ – I loved this too much.

    ‘trying to compare apples and oranges . . . and bananas.’ – let me guess . . . Snape is the banana?

    ‘Now he was proposing an incentive plan.’ – LOL. Frequent fucker points?

    ‘For a man who had gone to great lengths to ridicule her when she was his student, he was amazingly sensitive about her sexual education as an adult’ – lovely. A much nicer Snape than my own, even if the intention is similar

    ‘echoing off the hardwood floors and tinkling through the chandeliers’ – I adored this. 'Tinkling' was perfect.

    ‘vainglorious caricature’ – More loveliness! Mental word notebook!

    And now we have the promise of another delicious gang-bang! Bring on them doughnuts! xx

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  • From Nightstar on June 08, 2017

    Nice little  insight into everyone and what makes everyone tick. No smut but i can deal. Lol

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  • From Desert_Sea on June 02, 2017

    Chapter 26

    Of course I loved seeing my favourite back again. Snape seems quite mild and accepting at the moment. I wonder if things will change as things heat up? He appears to be taking the role of the mediator between the two Malfoys in some ways. I guess his affections for the two would account for that . . . until the jealousy kicks in :)

    Faves -

    ‘bushing out to electrify the space around her’ – lovely visual

    ‘bare thighs splayed around his hips’ – I loved ‘splayed’ in this.

    ‘complaisance’ – non existent word notebook!

    ‘It made him feel better about his own foibles and lessened the sense of vulnerability brought on by the intimacy of sex’ – this was a lovely, telling admission.

    ‘They looked like two sex junkies getting their fix’ – another wonderful visual.

    ‘electrical cross-stream of cock’ – hahaha, love it!

    ‘wind-up ménage à trois toy whose gears had run out of steam’ – again, so relatable.

    ‘limp as a rubber chicken’ – perfect!

    ‘“Are you delegating all affection to my son?”’ – this was a really interesting moment too. A missed opportunity perhaps? Certainly Lucius knows him well enough to understand his insecurities. Ooh, things are getting interesting!!

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  • From Desert_Sea on May 28, 2017

    Chapter 25

    I like that you took your time with this one. There were some key manouvrings and understandings to sort out which you did very nicely. It seems they are all okay with the current arrangement – at least superficially. Draco is more endearingly sweet than sexy in this for me which works very well with my SS/HG predilection. I’m still enjoying sexy Lucius though. I like that their dynamics with her are all quite different and don’t seem to be encroaching upon each other’s sexual territory at least. Emotional real estate is going to be the question moving forward. Now I’m REALLY looking forward to Sev’s perspective ;)

    Faves and fixes -

    ‘fluffed up like a duck’s bum’ – excellent analogy

    ‘seeing that million watt smile steal the sneer from his lips’ – lovely turn of phrase

    ‘or was her brain rapping on her skull for more oxygen?’ - bahahah

    ‘snog-wobbly legs’ – perfect!

    ‘assiduous’ – word notebook (if I had one ;))

    ‘make move’ – missing ‘a’

    ‘spite the’ – missing ‘of’

    ‘under top’ – missing ‘her’

    ‘wasn’t single’ – missing ‘a’

    ‘rub his petal-soft glans all over her face like a blush brush’ – bahahah! this is one of the funniest things you’ve ever written.

    ‘like an emperor in a bathhouse’ – excellent description.

    ‘pursued her selection of underwear’ – perused?

    ‘to husky whisper’ – missing ‘a’

    ‘Bad Boys and Big Brooms’ – OMFG, is that one of yours? Fucking hilarious.

    ‘dominant women’ – sb ‘woman’

    ‘giving Snape her humiliation and shame in exchange for assurance and praise’ – nice.

    ‘both boobs blazing’ – nice boob alliteration.

    ‘a bizarrely soft invasion of slick muscle and rigid demand’ – excellent.

    ‘fingertips curled against her g-spot and beckoned her orgasm closer’ – excellent action/intention combo.

    ‘fap of pumping foreskin’ – loved ‘fap’ here.

    ‘dull click of her heels on the cobblestone sounded like a ticking bomb to her anxious ears’ – fantastic mood setter.

    Snape’s back pat made me smile. Awkwardly sweet. Then his finger surprise on the seat was not at all awkward but fucking hot.  

    ‘“Lift you skirt,” Severus drawled.’ – shit, lucky I didn’t read this before I put up the first chapter of AtHD otherwise I would have had to change it!

    Glad you’re back. This really is an intriguing and hot ride. Yum!



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  • From Nightstar on May 26, 2017

    Love me a dirty smutfess, Hermione has all she needs each guy can give her what the other cant and what they are each good at!!. Continue!!

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  • From ~*LissaDream on May 26, 2017

    Chapter 26

    -"Lucius liked to adorn the body[,] Severus preferred to strip it down to its most basic state. - I think it should be a [;]. I'm not super great with punctuation, though. Getting better, but not 100% there.

    -Paragraph: But then Hermione was an affectioate witch.....error=he did find it satisfying it to have somene leaning on him. -- Delete second "it"

    -Him thinking about Lily made me sad. Severus's entire back story always makes me sad.. :o(

    -"Sadly, Minerva frowned on such physicality." -- Snort!

    -Mmmmm. The pargraph where he's breaking down how he's feeling about Hermione - the conclusion being he's fascinated by her....Very lovely.

    -I'm enjoying getting the insight of Severus's plot to keep all three of them in her life and his sensativity to her plight. I know our girl definitely didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. I could never choose in a situation like that. What we need here is a sister wives in reverse. Hell, I'd convert! ;o)

    -Okay - I've just never really been a M/M type of girl. Just not something that's ever done it for me...your TMG and this one is making me find a bit of the appeal, though. I definitely don't skip over

    -Ripping open a another man's fly in the middle of the soup course was usually considered rude. --*fans self*

    -I love how Severus got distracted with Lucius. Mmmm

    -The looked like two sex junkies getting their fix. -- Great visual.

    -Severus know that tune. Diddler's delight, wasn't it? -- Ha!

    -Yeah, I'm to the line "A cacophony of groans accompanied his penetration, both of them drowning the other out in a duet of shared euphoria." -- Lovely use of musical terminology there (and qutie heavily throughout this entire chapter, I might add). I continue to love the tie in with your title.

    -Paragraph: She took one hand off his thigh to pump....error=She kept the licking constant, just he'd instructed the night before. -- s/b just as he'd

    -God bless a girl with a brain who could follow simple instructions. -- This made me laugh. Been with too many dim girls, dear Severus? Or just taught too many? LMBO!

    -When his finger reached is maximum depth, her cries dropped an octave, rolling through his balls like thunder. -- whew...I mean....whew. This whole paragraph....whew.

    -she was Hoovering the semen out of him like a milkshake threw a straw. -- Bloody hell, girl. Your visuals and similies leave me breathless.

    -Holy shit! He was going to go blind. She was going to suck the sight right out of his eyes. --It's like 175 degrees in my house right now. JSYK.

    -Well, bloody hell. It makes me super sad that he doesn't want to kiss her because he's afraid to get emotionally attached. And him gently turning away her affection. This man has my heart. :o/


    So freaking good. You're absolutley amazing. I look forward to every update more than you know! Hope you are well! ~*Lissa


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  • From ~*LissaDream on May 25, 2017

    Chapter 25

    "She'd never heard him him to fun - even if he denied its existence in life" - such a perfect description, and damn do I love a laughing Snape.

    I love the paragraph of her Draco being her undoing. Very sweet, full circle description of their current relationhip.

    "she had the urge to rud his petal-soft glans all over her face like a blush brush." - MMmm. Yummy description.

    Crimson Consort - Fabulous lipstick name. Don't know if you made it up or if it's a real thing. Either way. Briliant.

    "How had her own game circled back and bit her in the clit?" - Ha! Fantastic!

    "both boobs blazing" - snort, giggle, snort.

    "gorging on her cancal like a diabetic grizzly ferreting out the last drips of sugar form a honeycomb." - Whew. Did it get a little hot in here? Bloody. Hell.

    "Grazing his cheek with the backs....lifting to his mouth for a buss of acknowledgement." - I think that's suppose to be "kiss" of acknowledgement?

    Thank you for touching on Hermione's want and hesitation for snogging Snape. I will continue to wait patiently.

    Well I was trying to keep the carpter dry...but if you insist -made me laugh. Also...comma after well? I do suppose it's fine either way. :o)

    "You can talk with your skirt around you waist. Sit down." - s/b your

    Freaking hot chapter. Excuse me while I go jump my husband. hahahaha ;o)


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  • From Desert_Sea on May 10, 2017

    Chapter 24

    I enjoyed this sweet little chapter. A bit of a rude shock for Draco but some hope there too. I can just feel his little heart getting ready to slowly rip in two. Lucky I don’t like him thaaat much . . . but more than usual.

    I loved rumpled Snape and this - ‘he had that posture of knackered relaxation that men only had after fucking.’

    I wondered why Snape told Draco that she loved him. I felt like I’d missed or forgotten something. And I had – the Legilimency. But then I still wondered why he said anything. I’m guessing we will find out?

    ‘chestnut curlicues’ – I feel like I want to eat those :)

    ‘“Do you like him more than me?”’ – I really like the honesty and innocence of this.

    ‘“Why would I need to? I had the witch I wanted.”’ – awwww, sweet :)

    ‘iced his guts’ – nice . . . I feel like I could do with one of those.

    ‘“Snape says you can check out my arse while I eat.”’ – he’s good like that isn’t he . . . ;)

    So whom do we have next? Hermione? xx

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  • From RosePotter01 on May 07, 2017

    Oh my gracious! If that is what come up with after an extra week or two, please take all the time you need. My heart and other pink parts are still a quiver from the last chapter and now the emotion in this one! Phew! Thank you for getting us into the  "how-will-this-work?" part of the story. The sexier scenes are amazing but it is the emotional insights that  really make the story.  Without them your Hermione would become a little too Ginny. Thank you for sharing your talents and creativity. Take care of yourself and know we are behind you with  all the encouragement  and support we can send online:)

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  • From Nightstar on May 05, 2017

    Ooooooooo  do not keep me in suspense im dying!!!!! Amazing story loving, loving, loving it!!!. Please keep me updated im going for a dirty fourway relationship everyones a winner!!!!! Need more in my life!!

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  • From ~*LissaDream on May 05, 2017

    Oh. My. God. Please, yes. Detentions with Snape. I'll tell my husabnd I've been naughty. LMBO! ;o) Stirring rod.. *snort, snort, snigger* hahahaha I love you, you're so friggin' hilarious. We could be grand friends IRL, I think.

    Ahhh. Okay. On the Snape kiss. Okay, okay. I'm good with where they're at right now. Panty-wetting, knicker twisting, dominate Snape will suffice for the time being. I promise. ;o) I can alway pop over to TMG or the Button duo if I need some hot, Snogging Snape. Ha!

    I hope you are continuing to care for yourself to the best of your ability. I feel you there, sweetheart. Depression and anxiety disorders here, as well. Life can be so hard. I'm so glad I rediscovered FF as it's really giving me an outlet with both reading and writing.

    I'm glad you're okay with the corrections. I feel bad leaving them, but I'd want someone to do the same for me. I still need to find a good beta to help me with mine (no luck so far - not for one that has a good grasp of the English language, that is). You can only read something for the 20 billionth time without going cross eyed, I'm sure you get that. I didn't see any in this chapter, but I sped read it. I'll read it again later when I don't have six kids screaming and running around to the Laurie Berkner Band.

     I continue to adore this story. I was thrilled to see the update today. I look every day. Things are starting to get very interesting and I'm thrilled for the next installment. If YOU need a beta - I am yours - at your complete service. ;o)

    Much love, ~*LissaD

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  • From Desert_Sea on May 01, 2017

    Chapter 23 –

    Well it was definitely worth the wait. I love honest, self-deprecating Severus behind the bravado. I also like how he started off apparently quite open to her desire to explore the three of them but seemed to be honing in on his own interests by the end. Get in there, Sev!

    ‘talk or a test drive’ – hahaha

    ‘could say stirring rod without giggling’ – I can hear you giggling right now ;)

    ‘nipple nibblets’ – tasty snacks!

    ‘I’ll swallow this teacup’ – deliciously sarcastic.

    ‘Might I bother you for another thimbleful of tea? Mine seems to have evaporated.’ – bahaha, brilliant!

    ‘There were too many people involved for a relaxed liaison.’ – I’m glad he thinks so too.

    ‘stroked the the pad’ – extra ‘the’

    ‘He refused to remind himself just how old he was by coming up with an actual number’ – I love this honest reflection.

    ‘the magic of a well-timed “good girl.”’ – nice insight into his understanding of her.

    ‘chasing her vertebra’ – loved ‘chasing’ here

    ‘her fever brow’ – ‘fevered?’

    ‘stubborn affection’ – I like what this says about the both of them.

    ‘rubbing her back like a robot who’d been set to soothe’, ‘as if she’d hit the erection alarm’– brilliant.

    ‘being offered a two foot keyhole to spy through’ – lovely analogy

    ‘whole corridor of enema fantasies’ – bahaha, links straight to the haemorrhoidal hallway if I’m not mistaken.

    ‘Snape brushed his cheek against her hair and closed his eyes’ – something so simple and gentle about this.

    And now he’s helping her with her stretches . . . but not for ‘Squatter’s Twat’ this time?



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  • From ~*LissaDream on April 29, 2017

    I forgot to mention my next big pining for it wait is a kiss between these two, I did notice it's missing. Lol! ;-)

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