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BY : OracleObscured

  • From ~*LissaDream on April 29, 2017

    I forgot to mention my next big pining for it wait is a kiss between these two, I did notice it's missing. Lol! ;-)

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  • From ~*LissaDream on April 29, 2017

    I can't say "sirring rod" without giggling. What does that say about me?

    Hilarious Hermione thought Snape was calling her honey. I snorted.

    "Explosions keep you on your toes.....out of your mind of there" - missed "if"

    I want to note that thoroughly enjoy your continued use of music through this whole story. I'm not missing workds like dance, samba, rhythm, chord, trilled, etc. I like the conitnued play on your title, it's making the whole story that much more enticing for me (musician as well).

    "She'd grow to desire the deliverance of submission just as stongly as the desired the emancipation of orgasm." I love this sentance.

    I'm in love with the section of this chapter where Hermione wants comfort after her belting and he's so blown away with it. Warms me up to the point I can confidently say if she has to choose one, I'm on team Snape.

    Drooling in love with this chapter over here. So good. I'll have to read it again later.

    PS: Totally worth the wait!


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  • From RosePotter01 on April 23, 2017

    Please oh please post soon! Your writing is a great mix of sensual anticipation and humorous  alliteration! I love it and can't wait to see where you take them all! Thank you!!!

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  • From Desert_Sea on April 20, 2017

    Chapter 22 –

    Lovely continuation from the last chapter. So many bits I enjoyed:

    ‘eyeballing from the looky-loos’ – I haven’t heard that phrase before but can just imagine how useful it would have been in primary school.  

    ‘tempestuous and primal’ – yum!

    ‘An icy finger of adrenaline ran up the underside of his balls, freezing him in place for several delicious moments’ – felt that right in my balls too.

    ‘saddened by the thought of closing the book on such a huge part of his life.’ . . . ‘The aching in his gut wasn’t all mourning. Some of it was longing. Longing to begin again.’ – Some lovely honesty, the need to hang on and let go.

    ‘deep hints of dappled light flecked the oak and rosewood forest of her irises’ – wonderful description.

    ‘exhale rattled loose’ – loose is excellent here.

    ‘Staging has always been one of his greatest strengths’ – I just liked ‘staging’ here – very grand and appropriate for Lucie.

    ‘read to shag’ – ‘ready’

    ‘pert nipples speckled in the twinkling lights of the Paris’ – Can just imagine this . . . but I don’t have enough twinkling lights to try it.

    ‘the suggestive arch of her back’ – nice.

    ‘dissented’ – ‘distended’? or is it getting rather disobedient? Damn autocorrect.

    ‘balls deep in a juicy quim’ – such crude eloquence – very Lucius.

    ‘catching her cries on his tongue and feeding them back to her’ – I loved this.

    Now I’m even more desperate for Severus. I feel like he is going to be the most extreme and challenging for her. Exactly what she wants. Or maybe that’s just me ;) x

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  • From ~*LissaDream on April 18, 2017

    Chapter 22:

    I do apologize my review came at the last moment yesterday. I had a terrible stupid week last week - big paper due on top of normal assignments, plus worked 47 hours and had to ready the house to host Easter. I hate being the adult sometimes, ha! On to this chapter review...

    "death bed demand he move on when she was gone" - aww...I'm gonna cry.

    Elevator kiss was hot. I bow down to the master of snogging descriptiveness. hahaha

    "Lucius wondered if Granger's pussy worked with similar magic. Which whispered phrases would open the vaginal floodgates?" - Delicious word porn with a humorous twist.

    "I was read to shag you in the lift." - missed edit - "ready"

    I like the endearment "little princess" from him - it fits and feels genuine.

    "With a breezy twist, their clothing settled together, interlocked, foreshadowing what was to come." Stunning visual.

    Scalded caramel...yummy description.

    I'm still riled up for Lucius...I still love Draco. But I'm so freaking excited for the next chapter because I know it's Snape. She should just end up in some weird triangle situation with all three. LOL! No need to choose. LMBO!


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  • From ~*LissaDream on April 17, 2017

    Chapter 21
    "The thought of losing all that snarky grey matter sent her into a pendantic panic." What a great sentance.

    Lumpy McTrouserson. Muffy must stop drooling. Ha!

    The dialogue in this chapter is utter perfection. It's smart, sassy, whitty and kept me laughing the whole time. Favorites were "I've got a heart-on for Sondheim," "I like seeing your eyes roll back like that," "I think I'm about to have a ducking orgasm," and "Snape tastes like butter pecan and bleach." Ducking riot. ;o)

    It seems telling me to me that Hermione wanted to know more about Draco at dinner and that she's trying to prod Lucius into being a bit kinder to him. The emotional interaction between Lucius and Hermione was lovely, my heart hurts for the blasted man. That's talent, my dear. I've never liked Lucius until I started reading this story.

    Hermione's intuition is breathtaking. The story is building and the crecendo is going to be either cataclysmic and stunning beyond belief - as I realize that's the only way you write. You're giving Hermione the things she needs in life - emotional connection with Draco, intellectual connection with Severus, social/cultural connection with Lucius, and of course a physical connectio with all three. I'm engrossed completely.


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  • From Desert_Sea on April 17, 2017

    Chapter 21 –

    I feel choc-full of culture after this chapter (and Easter eggs ;)). It must have taken you forever to research – awesome job. Paris is the perfect environment for Lucius to show off his impeccable tastes and the seduction was beautifully honest which adds a lovely depth to what is developing between them. I keep wondering if Hermione will feel guilty for making all three hopeful that she will be theirs . . . making them emotionally vulnerable and then inevitably having to leave them to their own devices. I imagine time will tell how this will impact upon all of them. I’m intrigued to find out.

    ‘As if the sunset had melted across each petal’ – delicious description.

    ‘The thought of losing all that snarky grey matter’ – mmmm . . . grey matter.

    ‘wetter than Loch Ness?’ – Ahhh, Nessie returneth!

    ‘giant slag’ – bahahah! Just love that too much.

    ‘dress robes always made her look flatter than a brick wall’ - *snort* have you ever thought about dress robes?

    ‘It was like an angel and Prince Charming had gotten it on and had some x-rated lovechild’ – hahahah!

    ‘clutch over shoulder’ – missing ‘her’

    ‘Lumpy McTrouserson’ – oh fuck me that’s good.

    ‘a smug smirk celebrating his successful surprise’ – I’d be smug too, that was an awesome surprise!

    ‘bad comb-over’ – is this someone we know? Was he orange?

    ‘personal dining jungle’ – I totally want one of those.

    ‘have go in the stacks’ – missing ‘a’

    ‘with a rapturous roll of his eyes’ – I love this visual.

    ‘eyes inhaled’ – missing ‘and’

    ‘“Like he is now but shorter.”’ – bahahah, fantastic J

    ‘wanted you love’ – missing ‘to’

    ‘I’m not needy, I’m physical.’ – interesting take on intimacy.

    The ending was sweet. He’s much more thoughtful and genuine than expected. Bah . . . now I’m confused again as to who I want her with!

    P.S. I think I’ve caught up!! x



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  • From Desert_Sea on April 15, 2017

    Chapter 20 –

    I find Draco’s submissive personality really believable. You have done an excellent job in building the backstory to this point. And this chapter was great, I’m not sure why you weren’t so sure.

    ‘His ink-blotted angel. Why did she have quills stuck in her messy ponytail?’ – hahah, nice continuation from last chapter.

    ‘Crookshanks had been using them for batting practice’ – I’d like to use Crookshanks for batting practice . . . only joking! I meant the devil cat ;)

    ‘His cock wanted her to be in control for a bit too. Or forever.’ – smitten!

    ‘the latter tied his tongue into a neat bow of self-preservation’ – lovely, telling simile.

    ‘some of her fury to shine on him’ – I really loved this, sort of an oxymoron but demonstrating his respect for that part of her personality.

    ‘There was an art to verbal exclusion’ – there certainly is ;)

    ‘But he'd be ready to swoop in and catch her when she finally wore herself out.’ – I really loved this line. It demonstrates both acceptance and longevity.

    ‘as if she’d already been shagged into disarray’ – lovely visual.

    I must admit I struggle with the submissive animal behaviours. I can’t quite conjure up the mindset for that. But Draco was similarly unsure of how to take it so I don’t feel like I’m alone ;)

    ‘Mycockmycockmycock’ – bahahah!

    ‘Bless the banshees!’ – hahah, that’s a new one!

    One minor correction . . .

    ‘That ‘s right’ – funny apostrophe.

    Now I plan to catch up very soon. I’m really enjoying this xx

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  • From Desert_Sea on April 11, 2017

    Chapter 19

    I really enjoyed this chapter – funny and honest and a nice insight into where Hermione’s mind is at with the three men in hand.

    ‘soaking her knickers with scholarly enthusiasm’ – unfortunately so few of my scholarly pursuits induce a similar reaction ;)

    ‘blow them all away with her sexpertise and get the extra credit at the end.’ – bahahaha

    ‘Gods she missed homework!’ – hilarious and very Hermione.

    ‘Telling herself not to be so weird’ – Reminds me of that excellent line from Annette Benning to Kevin Spacey in American Beauty - “Darling . . . don’t be weird.”

    ‘A yes on the cocks, but a no on the tongues?’ – always a yes on the cocks.

    ‘there was no snake wrangling subsection’ – I love how we’ve both gone with the ginormous Snape cock this time. Actually I think I have done that just about every time come to think of it ;)

    ‘whatever they were they weren’t scalping her mound.’ – I’m with Hermione on this.

    ‘Maybe she could anonymously owl him an enema bulb or something’ – so cunningly subtle!

    'hobble about on rickety legs of self-denial.’ – or a stumpy leg of self-denial as the case may be J

    ‘Hermione was a molting mallard’ – funny but harsh self-appraisal.

    ‘detach itself from her body and run after him, clutching at his robes and dragging him back for more.’ – hahaha, brilliant visual.

    ‘Probably just the same except nobody would have called her bossy.’ – Bam! Take that boys!

    Lovely witty ending.

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  • From ~*LissaDream on April 10, 2017

    Chapter 20
    Makes my heart ache with how sad and guarded Draco is in the beginning of this chapter. The characterization for setting him up as a sub was very well done, but I'm not surprised. You're magnificent at perfect characterization.

    "Fucking hell! Losing the one layer.....but that probably wan't allowed" - missed edit = wasn't.

    "Don't you dare come, Draco." He tone... - missed edit = Her

    "Obviously. If she'd been touching him there, he would have been coming all over the carpet." - snort, snort, giggle. Love!

    Hermione as the dominent....well....when my jaw retracts from the floor it just hit....O.O Just kidding, that was hot. I've always liked seeing her as the sub, but the roll reversal was exciting to read. Especially with how pleased she was with herself. Another great piece, avidly awaiting the next chapter.



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  • From ~*LissaDream on April 08, 2017

    “they most definitely didn’t wet themselves imagining the pages of outlines and citations that might ensue. She had issues.” --- If this is true, I have issues as well. LOL!

    “Hermione grinned and checked the spine. Nothing there either. That sneaky bastard.” --- Bloody brilliant idea. Excuse me while I go deface some books.

    “And if she was with all three of them, she’d be wanking till the break of dawn. Perhaps she should invest in a wrist brace. Or an arm sling.” --- Bahahahaha

    “Well, whatever they were they weren’t scalping her mound.” --- Don’t drink something while reading this part. My nose is burning.

    Holy Hufflepuffs!” – Dude, can I steal this?! Love!

    Another brilliant chapter…I’m starting to go through smut withdrawals, though. ;o) Thank goodness DS had a nice hot chapter right around the same time! Do you still beta read on I could use your services if you do (if you don’t, no worries). I haven’t figured out how to go about requesting one.

    More please!

    Cheers! ~*Lissa

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  • From Desert_Sea on April 08, 2017

    Chapter 18

    I really enjoyed this chapter and the more intellectual wrangling. Snape’s characterisation is excellent.

    Lovely intro, I won’t paste it all back. Excellent scene setter.

    ‘actually could put a stopper in death’ – clever and Snape-ish

    ‘Some people fancied the coast—Severus fancied ramshackle dumps where his life had been threatened on multiple occasions’ – nice, honest, self-deprecation.

    ‘He needed someone who wanted to converse, not inform.’ – I like this insight into his relationship with Minnie.

    ‘Her glared could have melted marble’ – ‘glare’?

    ‘cataloging her ticks and tells for future reference’ – I love ‘ticks and tells’ – is that a saying?

    I enjoyed the scientific review very much, your research time was well spent J

    ‘My classroom seems lifeless without your hand forever waving about in the air’ – bahahah, burn!

    ‘I know this probably foreplay’ – missing ‘is’

    Hmmm, now I wonder what was in the book? The sorts of things you would have on your own bookshelves perhaps? I like where this relationship is going ;)

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  • From Dedicated_Reader on April 07, 2017

    I don't think I've ever related to Hermione more than I do right now! One of the most exciting things my husband had me do was read a book called Domination and Submission and write a small review on each chapter. I was unbelievably excited by the reading, the material, and the homework, lol!

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  • From Setsuna24 on April 06, 2017

    And this was the day Hermione decided to join a gym.! Her monologues omg! HILARIOUS!!!!!!

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  • From Thunderbird on April 06, 2017

    Great chapter! While you write beautiful smut, which is always appreciated, I find my favorite moments are when you delve into Hermione's brain (and sexual exploration). She is hilarious and totally relatable. And I love the feminist, sexually liberated perspective!

    On another note, I was totally team Draco before (not alone in that regard, I see), but the last couple of chapters have gotten me intrigued my Severus and Lucius both. Can't wait to see what happens next :)

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