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BY : OracleObscured

  • From Desert_Sea on October 12, 2017

    Chapter 37 –

    Well I must say I’m impressed that you have managed to keep this going for four chapters. I struggled with writing just the one.

    Another lovely titillating chapter but I always get this sinking feeling when Draco declares his love for her. I just sense his poor little heart is going to struggle to cope in the future.

    ‘his father and Snape weren’t betting on him to take home the Most Valuable Player trophy that night’ – hahah, excellent!

    ‘valley between each hillock’ – loved the topographical visual.

    ‘neural capabilities were suddenly restricted to breathing and blinking’ – that’s pretty well me at the moment.

    ‘incursion’ – now then, it seems I’m not the only author to use such a word!

    ‘Please, little clit, for the love of all that is holy’ – this made me LOL.

    ‘idly scissoring her nipple between his fingers’ – scissoring was perfect here.

    ‘And a bit stickier than Shakespeare had let on.’ – Hahaha, clever – and what a time to insert Shakespeare into the proceedings!

    ‘very impressed with Lucius’s ability to handle all that meat without loping around the manor the next day like a saddle-sore cowboy’ – there is so much to enjoy about this sentence.

    ‘No, Aunt Pittypat, I do not have any smelling salts’ – this seriously cracked me up. Where did you get ‘Aunt Pittypat’ from?

    ‘refuge of bathroom’- missing a ‘the’

    So Snape will be the one to do the aftercare I imagine – a pretty powerful place to be in this dynamic. Looking forward to seeing how that goes! X


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  • From Desert_Sea on October 12, 2017

    Chapter 36

    So I’ve already enjoyed this chapter once and now I get to enjoy it again ;) I think this is the hottest chapter for me so far.

    ‘pelvis towered over him like a gothic cathedral—the curves and arches of which were designed to draw the parishioner’s eye to heaven’ – lovely comparison and well followed up.

    ‘down their their dueling shafts like a carousel of cock’ – extra ‘their’ and I love the alliteration and the visual.

    ‘Chopin’s Prelude in E minor. She’d like that’ – bahaha, so pretentiously Lucius.

    ‘tone a cascade of soothing hums’ – I can so imagine this of his voice.

    ‘Snape was like a giant charmed metronome, and his measured pulse lulled Lucius into a hypnotic state of relaxation’ – mmmm, now I want a Snape metronome to put me to sleep!

    ‘Lucius drew against him’ – missing ‘her’?

    ‘Lucius’s stomach couldn’t decide whether to ooze out of his navel or soar up into his heart’ – lovely and visceral but also sweet and emotive.

    ‘skosh’ – imaginary word notebook!

    ‘like being crushed to death by velvet’ – this was perfect, my second favourite line.

    ‘to buttress her bravery with his adoration’ – my favourite line . . . sums up their relationship (from his perspective at least).

    And now Draco gets a turn? After this, I’m wondering just how much hotter things can get. I’m off to see!! :D



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  • From Chester258 on October 08, 2017

    Your stories make me want to "swoon" like ina historical novel.  Putting my hand up for next in line for "magic sperm"!  Lol.  Keep up the great work.  

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  • From Desert_Sea on September 29, 2017

    Chapter 35

    I got a bit carried away with this chapter and the next one and had to come back to it when my hands were free.

    So here I am. And of course I loved it with my favourite in the driving seat.

    Lots of things to love:

    ‘shadow of sleep’s approaching thrall’ – deliciously poetic

    ‘her foot lightly rubbing along his calf like a dying second hand winding to a stop’ – brilliant simile

    ‘from spending the majority of his nights in bleak solitude to being buried alive by lovers’ – I really liked this contrast for him . . . emphasises his understanding of what he has gained and his word use implies that he accepts them all.

    ‘Draco, who was so hungry for affection—especially from an older man’ – okay, so this implies some sort of platonic affection but then the following seemed to suggest more . . . did you say non-sexual?

    ‘stiff cherry blossoms piercing the open air’ – I loved this whole thing. Always up for new nipple descriptions ;)

    ‘Severus as the only witness to his stifled humanity’ – lovely depth.

    ‘propping himself up with it for so long that it had worn a groove in his psyche’ – poignant and beautifully written.

    ‘brilliant idea unraveled over the landscape of his imagination’ – another lovely descriptor

    ‘excited to for the’ – take out ‘to’

    ‘Luckily, his cock was always a crowd pleaser.’ – Mmmm, always ;)

    ‘explode like a five-foot Christmas cracker’ – bahahah!

    ‘It looked as if her pussy was in spasm, its mouth opening in a silent scream and then snapping shut with each contraction’ – I didn’t know whether to laugh, be turned on, or to be a bit morbidly fascinated with this – I think I did all three :D

    Lucius reached over and reverently touched the spot Severus had just kissed, as if he could feel the after-burn of affection warming her skin. “My turn, princess.” – Ooh, I loved this ending . . . shivers.

    Onto the next . . . again ;)

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  • From RequiredReading on September 27, 2017

    I did love Draco’s chapter, especially where he mouthed I love you into Hermione’s neck. I have really enjoyed the daily updates this week. 

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  • From RequiredReading on September 25, 2017

    Your update totally brightened my otherwise bleak Monday morning. Love reading this story. Your Draco melts my heart. 

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  • From arblack80 on September 24, 2017

    Love this story! I see it's been over a month since the last update. Can't wait for the next one. Will it be much longer?

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  • From Desert_Sea on September 05, 2017

    Chapter 34 -           

    This one was short but very revealing.

    ‘field of gooseflesh to sprout up the length of his spine’ – soooo delicious

    ‘cock-filling’ – I just like this as a term.

    ‘He could feel the thump of her heart front to back.’ – I could really imagine this – palpable.

    ‘inky silhouette dancing to the bed fast as a Snitch’ – Fantastic. I can absolutely see it in my mind’s eye.

    ‘He didn’t sound so knackered anymore.’ – hahah, I bet he didn’t J

    (‘a lot fast the’ – sb faster)

    ‘When everything was finally still and quiet. Draco took one last deep breath’ – sb a comma instead of a full stop.

    ‘It from an old Muggle program on the telly. American. You’d hate it.”’ – LOL. We used to say that too! Also, the first word should be ‘It’s’

    ‘Severus would stake his tongue to the front lawn’ – bahaha, croquet anyone?

    (‘his tongue remain’ – missing ‘to’)

    Now, the Severus fondling. I’m not gonna lie . . . sort of felt a bit creepy to me. No doubt he has his motives and no doubt they involve Hermione’s wishes but . . . mmmm, I’m really wondering where this is going. And what will his Dad think? What a tangled web you're weaving here woman!



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  • From Desert_Sea on August 27, 2017

    Chapter 33 –

    Sorry I’m late with this one. I wasn’t expecting two quick posts this time. Especially when I’ve been so tardy ;)

    There were some especially lovely turns of phrase in this chapter.

    ‘Snape’s right eyebrow rose to help pry open his eyelid, and he peered at Lucius like a haughty pirate.’ – Excellent visual, I can so imagine this. And I love a piratey Snape.

    ‘And if I’m treating her like my wife, maybe that’s because I miss having a wife!” His voice cracked on the last word, and he clenched his jaw in fury that Snape had goaded him so expertly.’ – love the emotion conveyed by this sad admission.

    ‘It would be like training wheels for her first buggering.’ – this made me snort :)

    ‘He loved that backdraft of excitement that flared through those brown eyes whenever her senses overwhelmed her logic. Boom-whoosh! In a split second she could be completely immolated by lust.’ – lots of excellence here, I especially liked ‘backdraft’ and ‘immolated’.

    ‘cliteration’ – hahah, word book!

    ‘eyelids shuddered to slits’ – I really liked ‘shuddered’ and may have to use it.

    ‘head lolling as if she were aboard a ship on choppy waters’ – I know a good word for this . . . starts with ‘p’ ;)

    ‘Her appreciative moan traveled down the digit and echoed in his palm.’ – echoed was brilliant.

    ‘his crooked teeth peeked out from behind a loose smile that hadn't been seen in years’ – I really loved this image of Sev. Very real. 

    Now, I don’t have to wait for the next – perfect!! x

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  • From Book_addict_89 on August 22, 2017

    I've been reading this story for ages but I've never reviewed. I had to this time. That last chapter was bloody brilliant. The Waltons reference was hilarious. I burst out laughing I could just picture it. This Draco is so adorable. Can't wait for more.

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  • From ~*LissaDream on August 21, 2017

    So friggin' excellent. As always. I bow to the master! LOL!

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  • From Desert_Sea on August 21, 2017

    Chapter 32 –

    ‘The shit hitting the fan might not be coming from the direction you expect. (That's the only clue I can give.)’ – Ooh, do I detect a twist or two coming up? You know how much I enjoy those :)

    ‘We eat here every night . . . right where Nagini devoured Charity Burbage like a rodent soufflé. You can barely see the chip in the cherry.’ – Lovely turn of phrase and I like this insight into the reality of life after Voldemort. The macabre of the mundane.

    I do enjoy the new sensual snogging Snape. I’ll be interested to hear his take on the about face.

    I almost have a thing for Draco’s big grey puppy eyes . . . almost but not quite . . . that’s pretty good for me (or a pretty good effort by you) ;)

    Ahhhh, the Tango – yay!!

    ‘raging against her belly’ – mmmm, very nice.

    ‘stink eye’ – hahaha, never heard that one – perfect.

    Is it just me or are things going a little too well? The calm before the storm? Or is that just in my head? I’m excited to think what might be in store . . . I do like a bit of angst . . . especially of late. Any more clues as I’ve never been good at patience . . . please??

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  • From Abbyroad on August 18, 2017

    Ahhhh! Wait a tic! I thought this was complete, but it's a WIP!! Oh no ! Ok...ok I'm not going to hyperventilate ... Deep breaths! Phew! Hee hee hooooo! Well. On the bright side, I was worried about what I would do after finishing this. Now I don't have to worry about that... Just when the next chapter will be updated lol! Now I just have to remind myself of all those proverbial things like, good things come to those who wait! Patience is a virtue! Blah blah blah blah ... Looks like miss Oracle has another 14 stories or so to entertain me in the meantime... I better get cracking! 

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  • From Desert_Sea on August 06, 2017

    Chapter 31 -

    Well this was definitely worth the wait. I loved all the pussy power coming through and the new living arrangements sound like they are going to be . . . interesting! I’m still waiting for the shit to hit the fan. I wonder if it will be gradual or acute. I guess I will have to wait impatiently to find out . . . unless you give me a hint :)

    Faves -

    ‘Severus wasn’t the only one who knew how to billow.’ – Hahah, I so love a good Severus billow.

    ‘as if someone had forgotten to match up the audio with the action’ – this was so easy to imagine. Love it.

    ‘illustrious Muffy V. Granger’ – and the V is for??

    ‘Hermione’s heart leapfrogged her larynx’ – hahah, I love larynx leaping.

    ‘the sensuality of that fascinating mouth’ – it’s easily my favourite part of him . . . apart from his cock of course :)

    ‘parted his lips ever so slightly, as if inhaling her need’ – mmmm, delicious!

    ‘Hermione’s insides melted like a candle in a raging inferno’ – this comparison was so good.

    ‘“Shall I do the honors?”’ – aha! ‘or shall I’ from ‘An awfully big adventure’ ;)

    ‘power of her pussy’ – I hear that pussy power coming through loud and clear.

    ‘The buds tightened to bullets’ – lovely tit alliteration, or as I call it altiteration.

    ‘muggy heat of his sex’ – I could feel this . . . unhhh

    ‘Coooooocks!’, ‘lollicock’ – I loved her cock obsession in this part. 

    ‘Her skin prickled and flushed, as if she’d just walked into a freezer and found the sun’ – best line of the chapter – brilliant!

    Fixes –

    ‘the thee time snake wrangling champion’ – sb three

    ‘Lucius’s’ – sb Lucius’

    ‘hollowing out like drum’- missing ‘a’

    So I’m guessing she will have moved in by the next chapter . . . or maybe it will the moving chapter . . . or maybe it’s the pre-moving sex chapter. Actually, I have no idea what’s next so I will wait and see!



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  • From Desert_Sea on July 16, 2017

    Chapter 30 -

    Of course I love the perspective from my favourite wizard – so delicious and deliciously self-deprecating.

    ‘But the owl of doom never came’ – funny and poignant.

    ‘He’d never met a witch who could get him hard with nothing more than a book review’ – so, so good :)

    ‘the fantasy was a potent one, bringing on visions of a future filled with something other than regret’ – I so want this for him too L

    ‘basing her decision on the real Severus Snape, not on some idealized delusion of who she thought he was’ – unlike the idealised delusions that we take upon ourselves to create ;)

    ‘he didn’t chose him’ – sb choose

    ‘riotous clip’ – clip was perfect here

    ‘“It is polite to greet the host before the stroking begins.”’ – mmmm, is it more polite to stroke the host?

    ‘I’d tell the Potions master that I wanted to stay at his house and read his books and ride his cock and make potions with him in his cellar’ – so would I!!!

    ‘“Don’t make me say it again.”’ – bahahahah! There’ll be no fishing for compliments with Snape :D

    ‘he could feel her smiling against his skin’ – loved the viscerality of this.

    ‘popping each sound past his lips and tongue like an oral acrobat’ – can so imagine those linguistic gymnastics . . . very AR. 

    ‘undulated like a snake on a wave’ – brilliant!

    ‘proof her desire’ – missing ‘of’

    ‘it in ragged whoosh’ – missing ‘a’

    ‘He’d had forgotten’ – take away ‘had’

    ‘clutched at the momentary warmth coursing through his soul.’ – He is falling so hard for her, as they all are, I really worry where this is going to end up. He sounded earlier like he’d rather have nothing than hurt the others . . . but it certainly didn’t end that way.  7 days a week? Sounds like more than visitation rights. Looking forward to the next with slight trepidation! xx


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