Reviews for Sound of Submission

BY : wildkitsune

  • From ArkturusPotter on February 10, 2018

    I love this story. You are an exellent bdsm writer. I dont know if you have a plan for Asroria, but have you consider ddlg for her. It would fit with her wanting comfort and protection without necessarily being in a sexual relationship.

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  • From ckb4u on April 29, 2017

    I'm really glad I started to read this. McGlaggens dark necklace, the way it was removed, very well thought out. How the Order is bringing in from all (well almost all) of the houses. Are you planning on bringing in any Hufflepuffs? Susan, Hannah? Keep up teh (lol) good work :-)

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  • From kory_ohrberg on April 19, 2017

    im sorry to say i read your smell of submission on another site and was wondering when more be added i stumbled on to this site a couple days ago and happy to im proud i found it you have a grand imganation and look forward to future chapters this put a spin on harry potters world and i have to admit its a good read

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  • From Beilux on March 20, 2017

    Wow, great story so happy to see this been waiting for that since world to continue and am definitely not disappointed :) keep up the great work

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