Reviews for Second Chances

BY : Book_addict_89

  • From CyArsonix on April 28, 2017

    I feel a bit like an ass to point this out but if I'm not mistaken in the hp world, once can be born a werewolf if one has a parent who is one. So I take it we are disregarding that fun fact.

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  • From staar on April 27, 2017

    ok man did I miss a lot !!!!! hope this is not going to be a lets get draco day all the time ! can't wait to see them at school and ron is going to be an ass !!!!! Thanks for the update :):):)

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  • From djaddict on April 18, 2017

    Good beginning! 

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  • From Whitmore on April 17, 2017

    Good beginning!  Looking forward to the next chapter.

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  • From staar on April 17, 2017

    Well that was a very good start...wonder who beats on Draco (his father ) I bit....and Harry , so it seems that they are very close !!!! yea !!!! nice so I hope to see more soon !!!!:):):)

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