Reviews for Dumbledore's Little Pet

BY : Finnian_Siog

  • From I'm Weird And That's OK on April 28, 2017

    While it had less kinkiness than we would have liked, it does make the story more interesting than the just initial kinkiness that you introduced with the story in the first chapter by adding a layer of mystery to it in a way. Now I am wondering about how far will Dumbledore take his manipulations with Harry, what will Dumbledore do to Harry, how will Dumbledore keep Harry naive and/or as a pet should his manipulations be proven wrong and Harry finds out, and then there are so many questions around Harry, his ability to stay naive this whole time, if he ever finds out, and his feelings, thoughts, and reactions to Dumbledore's manipulations, whether he believes them or not.

    I also noticed that you have "scat" as a warning, so I'm not sure whether you JUST added that or if it was there the last chapter, but it does make me curious on how far the scat will go (a.k.a. will he have to eat it or clean Dumbledore's butthole or something like that), because I know that the tag can mean such a broad range of things. I look forward to finding out.

    As for the story you are thinking of writing with the Length Law being real and him being paired with either Lucius or Snape, I CAN'T WAIT! And why not have them both own Harry if you find you cannot decide, or flip a coin, whatever works for you.

    I hope I am not annoying you with these long reviews... I am just very enthusiastic when it comes to fanfiction...

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  • From Asuka_Bloodberry on April 26, 2017

    Waoo this Dumbledore is truly the master in manipulation!! And since Harry is just a child he can be easily manipulated by him, but this is the plot jejejeje

    on the other hand Your idea sounds great! And I'd love to read more about it!  

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  • From Calixandria_420 on April 25, 2017

    I really like this story. I laughed so hard on the second chapter, i cant wait for the next one.

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  • From Asuka_Bloodberry on April 21, 2017

    Please post chapter 2!!  Your doing a great job!

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  • From I'm Weird And That's OK on April 20, 2017


    It is rare to see squicky fics and Harry/Dumbledore fics to go more than a 1-2 chapters, or to find at all. So please, for the all of us googling weird stuff and stuff that will make us look like bad people if you look into out internet history, please continue giving us good content. The last story I read of a similar topic was on AO3 called Naive Harry and Albus Dumbledore by LivingInTheLight (they have an entire series based on and called Naive Harry, where he basically becomes other people's sexual playthings) and that only lasted 2 chapters, though they might do another chapter, I am not really sure. Anyways, I love that you are going to try to write this kind of stuff. I am sick of googling different variations of "dumbledore thrusts into harry" and such, even down to the hardest of the hard core squicks of poop and pee (so happy I changed my penname).


    So I post some challenges you might like over in the AFF Community Forum with the same user but as a guest. The 3 you might be interested are titled "Marge's New Pet Bitch: Harry," "Harry Potter: aka The Bitch of Dudley's Gang," and "Vernon's Pet Freak." I also thing there is a shortage of some with Umbridge (come on she had unlimited power in the school and she is JUST going to make them stop kissing and use a little blood quill on them, not likely), Lockhart (he is too arrogant not to), Snape (in which he is extra creepy like Dumbledore here or extra squicky), Dumbledore (see Snape or this fic), Marge (I CAN'T FIND ANY WITH THAT CREEP WTF), Dudley & Vernon (do I really need to explain this one? also it would be more like Dumby here), Petunia too, Voldy (not his usual self, more like Dumby again), Fenrir, Goblins/House Elves/Magical Creatures in general (I do know there was a challenge involving the Goblins and Harry over on hpfanficarchive called "The Goblin's Debt" by slyfer101 and 2 authors have picked it up, yay!). There are probably more that I can't remember, but I just wanted to give you a variety of ideas to work with and to write down and post somewhere all of the rare pairings I want so I can make challenges for them. Sorry if I overloaded you! I'm just a little excited to find an author that willingly puts out there that they will write these types of stories.

    Also, because of how you worded your bio I might suggest putting in there if you have any limits to what you might write, like would you write vore or graphic rape that leads to a mental breakdown? It is important to put down with such an open invitation. Hope I helped and not only annoyed you...

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