Reviews for Umbridge's Shitty Detention

BY : Finnian_Siog

  • From perverted_mind69 on June 09, 2017

    Loved this! Delightfully disgusting! A scat harry potter story is so rare.. 

    Please do write more like these. 

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  • From I'm Weird And That's OK on May 17, 2017


    I LOVED that story! And so did my kinky side, only now I shall be in a desperate need for more when I know I can't find anymore even remotely similar that I haven't read already or have what I am looking for (you skrewed me over with that Colin one I can't find any with a rapey, blackmailing Colin! ITS LIKE TRYING TO FIND A FIC WITH CEDRIC AS A DICK!). What has my life become?

    I am starting to love you as an author more. I follow you on AO3 but comment here since I already show my kinky side here and over there it is still relatively clean unless you are an author who sees that I followed you, but that person is writing it so... I just have no confidence, its a problem...

    Anyways, I get email updates when you post knew stories and I saw you wrote something knew and got excited, and then I saw Umbridge's name and started doing my fucking happy dance because you were writing something else in a relatively small group of them already. I wish I got to read about Friday and Harry's friends reactions and how the rest of the school year turned out for Harry, but that was just awesome. I do hope the muse takes you to writing more for this one day, but other than that YAY! I CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE OF YOUR STUFF!

    I almost wish I didn't find you until you had more stuff up, but only so I could binge read everything you write. Until next time!

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