Reviews for Umbridge's Shitty Detention

BY : Finnian_Siog

  • From streaker on December 27, 2017

    This really is not my thing.  But today... I read the whole thing and it left me wanting more. 

    I really want to know what happens next to poor Harry.   On Friday what could be worse than he already has experienced.  Would he litterally be exposed to the entire school?  His friends?   

    How would he ever get past this.   At what point might the situaion begin to turn him on? Arouse him?

    What would Umbridge do next?  What would Draco do next?   

    Imagine the Death Eaters learning of this... Oh yes this could go sooo much further. 

    And I am surprized to say I liked it.  



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  • From perverted_mind69 on June 09, 2017

    Loved this! Delightfully disgusting! A scat harry potter story is so rare.. 

    Please do write more like these. 

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  • From I'm Weird And That's OK on May 17, 2017


    I LOVED that story! And so did my kinky side, only now I shall be in a desperate need for more when I know I can't find anymore even remotely similar that I haven't read already or have what I am looking for (you skrewed me over with that Colin one I can't find any with a rapey, blackmailing Colin! ITS LIKE TRYING TO FIND A FIC WITH CEDRIC AS A DICK!). What has my life become?

    I am starting to love you as an author more. I follow you on AO3 but comment here since I already show my kinky side here and over there it is still relatively clean unless you are an author who sees that I followed you, but that person is writing it so... I just have no confidence, its a problem...

    Anyways, I get email updates when you post knew stories and I saw you wrote something knew and got excited, and then I saw Umbridge's name and started doing my fucking happy dance because you were writing something else in a relatively small group of them already. I wish I got to read about Friday and Harry's friends reactions and how the rest of the school year turned out for Harry, but that was just awesome. I do hope the muse takes you to writing more for this one day, but other than that YAY! I CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE OF YOUR STUFF!

    I almost wish I didn't find you until you had more stuff up, but only so I could binge read everything you write. Until next time!

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