Reviews for A World Not Fit To Live In

BY : snowblind12 & ~*LissaDream

  • From KagomeLove2 on March 10, 2019

    Nice story. I  feel like you took the easy way out by removing Draco form the picture. It did feel kind of convenient that he died so that Hermione and Lucius could have the son as their without Dracon disturbing their life.  But I guess .

    I have to say I had a hard time picturing Lucius with Hermione. 

    congratulation on completing the story. It was my  1rst Lucius Hermione story. I have to say, I did find Draco more interesting than Lucius. 

    Thanks for sharing the story. 



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  • From dreamtrooper on March 05, 2019

    Can you please...please...please bring Draco back...I mean he was not evil at all..why should he die when Lucius was such an arse and evil from the beginning. Just because he had a change of heart...come on. Please bring back Draco! I don't think he deserved such an ending! He did what he did because he was under a curse while Lucius wasn't! 

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  • From D_elliot on March 03, 2019

    I'm literally so hard crying right now. I wanted her with Draco SO much. But on another note, I loved this chapter, it was amazing.

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  • From Hvsmith on February 28, 2019

    Loved this chapter. Looking forward to the next! 

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  • From Hvsmith on February 24, 2019

    So happy to see the early update! Again, another amazing chapter and such a good plot twist with Draco! I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

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  • From Hvsmith on February 23, 2019

    Tough to read but I can see the importance! I am very intrigued to find out what happened to Draco, a quirrel style possession perhaps? I look forward to the next chapter and can't wait to read it!!x

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  • From Hvsmith on February 20, 2019

    I keep checking to see if you have updated and was so excited that you had! I love this story. I have never held any interest in Lucius Malloy as a love interest and am of the belief that he is purely evil in canon story. But you have changed this and made it so believable and the character so real yet likeable at the same time! So thank you to you both! I love that Harry is alive and I have been suspicious for a while about Draco' s behaviour so I'm intrigued as to what changed him! Cannot wait for your next update!xz

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  • From Hvsmith on February 16, 2019

    This chapter made me so emotional! Wow! I cannot wait to read more, this story is just amazing! 

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  • From D_elliot on February 02, 2019

    The anticipation is killing me!!

    I hope beyond hope the baby is Lucius'. I have been pulling for him since the beginning and he deserves this WAY more than Draco. I can't wait for the next chapter!!

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  • From I'veGotNothing on January 27, 2019

    Still love both of your writing. This ones a tad dark for my tastes, but so well written and just catches my attention so I keep reading! Much love, and I look forward to the last few chapters!


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  • From KaneONeill on January 07, 2019

    Another great couple of chapters! I’m really enjoying the direction that the story is going!

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  • From Hvsmith on January 02, 2019

    Another great chapter, look forward to the next one!

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  • From Sharp1 on December 19, 2018

    Excellent story but new(gulp) for me... It intrigues me about you two!!

    Ginny drives me crazy generally, so I'm hoping for more there... I never saw or wanted a softer side of LM, so it's a stretch for me, but a very well written and thought out work. Looking for more. I am very much pleased by the strength of Hermione's magic and the garter and stockings are clever, ahem, in my opinion. Always ready.



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  • From Sharp1 on December 18, 2018

    I must say.... I'm not into D/s or rape(damn!), but I have enjoyed the story a lot... Kept looking for 21, lol.

    I'm generally turned on by intelligent, feisty, and have always gathered that from Hermione. Not to mention Emma W is sexy, lol. But nevertheless, I am looking forward to more. 

    I never saw a soft side of LM , so that's a stretch, but I love your Snape. And Ginny kills me generally

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  • From myliewilde on December 05, 2018

    Poor Hermione. She really just needs to catch a break. 

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