Reviews for Remorse

BY : Bithya

  • From Tanyasandchild on June 10, 2018

    omg please update desprit for more

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  • From lazergirl7 on October 23, 2017

    I usually don’t start to read stories with only a couple of chapters for fear that the writer will stop writing but this one intrigued me. I really like and can’t wait to see where the story goes. 

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  • From Wistful-Stargazer on October 21, 2017

    RE: chapter one of Remorse by Bithya

    Question:  At the beginning of the chapter you listed Orion Black as being 17 years old, and in 5th year... shouldn't he, at that age, be in 7th year?

    I was not expecting Dumbledore to tell Hermione that if she stays in the past longer than one year she will die.  Total bummer.  :(

    I'm looking forward to reading additional chapters.

    Well done - keep up the good work.  :)

    *-*-* F.Y.I. errors found needing correction:  1) 'Unlike her, he already had been down her, many years ago, ....' ["been down her" ought to be "been down here"]; 2) '... Hermione discovered that the painting had to be some kind of portray, hanging about as high as her own head.' ["portray" ought to be "portrait"]; 3) '"... Time does now allow anyone to stay for a longer period. ...."' ["does now allow" ought to be "does not allow"]

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