Reviews for Help From A Friend

BY : AzraelPhoenix88

  • From VidelExumai on April 05, 2018

    Oh boy!
    That was hot as heck!

    I have to admit I've not read a really good and intense smut like this in a long time!
    The way you describe Harry and Luna's sexual 'activities' are very indept and graphic without resorting to cringe worthy cliche and you actually get a sense of connection here which is 'always' a good thing.
    I would have loved it if Luna had actually screamed out how good and big Harry was in 'ear shot' of Ginny as she retreated and a certain bushy haired best friend be involved somewhere. But I guess you can't have everything in this world lol
    Great story and I hope it really gets the recognition it deserves very soon

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