Reviews for Yuletide Blessing in Disguise

BY : Gandalfs-Beard

  • From BdwMedic on January 14, 2018

    Still great writing GB

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  • From BdwMedic on January 04, 2018

    Great chapter GB.  Lokimg forward to the next ones. 

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  • From BdwMedic on January 02, 2018

    GB, as always great story. Love reading your work. Looking forward to more.  I have read MIL and DB several times each and can't wait for more. 

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  • From BdwMedic on December 30, 2017

    I love reading this newest story by you Gandalfs_Beard.  I agree that Ms Rowlings should have written it to where Harry and Hermione were a couple.  It just makes better sense.  I love reading all your stories on here and have been reading them for awhile now. Looking forward to the next chapter of this one as well as the next chapters in Moments in Love and the others you have with Harry/Hermione as a couple

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