Reviews for I want to Snape you like an animal

BY : Desert_Sea

  • From OracleObscured on April 16, 2018

    “At least we know that he’s still a little bit . . . Boggarty, don’t we?”—Bahahahaha! Excellent use of Boggarty :D

    “No . . . I mean I . . . I know what it’s like to worry about being alone . . . because of what happened to your parents.”—Gah! Direct hit to the feels!

    Oh gods! Poor Neville. The whole trying to help Hermione while not mentioning the boggart molestation was painfully, sweetly wonderful. I can’t believe he went and got the real man!

    And oh gods! What the fuck is Hermione going to do? My romantic side hopes she confesses how she feels, but my naughty girl side hopes she rips off his clothes and rides him ragged. Of course confession followed by a ride would be even more lovely. (But I’m not greedy :))

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  • From discord_the_lunatic on April 16, 2018

    Re: Chapter 8

    O-ho! In the words of Good Ol' J.R., "Business is about to pick up!"

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  • From SnapeLove on April 16, 2018

    I really hope your work is giving you enough time to live and breathe a little xx - thank you, sadly the answer is no. The way things are going right now, I feel like I'm drowning :(

    love, love, love this chapter!

    I can't believe it!  Neville actually manage to convince Snape to play his own boggart! Brilliant! Bloody brilliant!!!!

    And boy! Is Snape up for a surprise XD Boggart might have reacted positively to Hermione's affections, the questions is how the real thing is going to react! 

    Now, I can't wait for the new chapter <3


    “I think I . . . I think I understand how you feel. Because sometimes I feel the same way.”/She made a bit of a choking sound before lifting her face a fraction off the pillow. “About Snape?”/He mouthed the word ‘fuck’ - I fell from the chair laughing at this

    He looked particularly displeased this time, a deep frown slicing through his brow. / tapping his finger against his wrist to indicate that it had taken longer than he’d expected to get her there. - lol, but also he was willing to that for her :)

    Snape stretched his neck to the side with an audible crack.  Obviously it had been cramped inside the cupboard. He wasn’t a small man, after all. - how Hermione missed this? 

    “I’m going to do the Ginny hair on him this time. It’ll be a right laugh.”/“I don’t feel like laughing,” Hermione moaned into the desk./Neville glanced at Snape. Judging by his expression, he didn’t feel like laughing either.  - hahahahahahahahaha, too bad I found it really funny :D

    “How about I take his clothes off?”/That’s when he heard the crackle. Jerking around, he saw the static prickles leaping like tiny bolts of blue lightning from Snape’s palm. He was getting ready to hex his bollocks off./Neville raised his own palms in an attempt to placate the wizard who had already demonstrated that he was still devastatingly powerful. “Okay . . . no . . . scratch that . . . it looks like that won’t be happening, after all.” - are you trying to kill us with laughter? We are not boggarts you know that? Right? Fantastic!

    Hermione looked over at Snape, her face contorting in pain. She shook her head. “I can’t . . . I can’t see that look in his eyes . . . not again.” - it would be interesting to see Snape's reaction to this.

    Until the next chapter
    Love&Kisess&Hugs <3 xx

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  • From SnapeLove on April 04, 2018

    well I must say I wish I’d given it as much thought as you have - I didn't, it just poked me in the eye while I was reading ;)

    I actually have mixed feelings about Hermione telling Snape's secret to Neville, I don't know why but o me it sounds like a breach of trust.

    I love her apology and confession, so good, emotional, heartbreaking <3

    And I love Neville's realisation! If nothing good came out of her stubbornness, that is :) 

    Suddenly, the Boggart’s lip curled into a sneer and his hands moved around to brace Hermione’s shoulders. In one swift movement he shoved her away, causing her to stumble backwards. - interesting! when he's blinded he's emotional and reacts well... more like a new Snape. But when he looks at her he still act's as a boggart, or like an old Snape. And it is still moot point if this boggart can change or not - Neville still believed he is afraid of him, Hermione is scared of Snape's rejection. So basically, Snape is still boggart for both of them - and maybe that's why no one else made the connection? Maybe he can change, just two of them didn't have the opportunity to see it.

    I know this is short and not my usual, but work is choking me with lack of time.

    Take care.
    Until the next chapter :*
    Love&Hugs&Kisses <3 xx

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  • From KimCloud on April 04, 2018

    This is such an awesome story that has me questioning so much. The soul bind is definitely something interesting. Then again, I keep asking myself if it's really just Snape pretending to be it to see what they are doing to "It". I can't wait for the next chapter. I hope it's uploaded soon :)

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  • From OracleObscured on April 03, 2018

    Aaah! So much intrigue. And emotion! I love Neville here <3

    Fav line:

    But now I don’t think that’s true. I think what I’ve actually been scared of is not him, but maybe my own fear, scared that I hadn’t overcome it, and that I hadn’t moved on. I think I was worried that I wasn’t really brave at all, that I was still shit-scared and hopeless.”—Ugh! I feel you Neville!

    Also, HOLY SHIT! I didn’t see that coming with the Snape pushing her away being her Boggart. OMG! My heart is bleeding!

    So he can still be boggarty when applicable. (At least in this particular situation.) Interesting.

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  • From OracleObscured on April 03, 2018

    Ahhhh! The plot thickens! Snape’s bound the boggart (so it IS special).

    I love this whole opening scene with the Shutterhawk. The veiled conversation about love and loss was beautiful.

    And now I’m sooooo curious to find out what Snape experienced when she “interacted” with his SoulBondBoggart. (SBB). And what was really up with that scene in her room when she heard his voice his voice so clearly. Hmmm.

    Fav lines (and one fix):

    (“but now he was standing, very still, talk and dark, barely more than a shadow”—did you mean tall and dark?)

    Envenomation—Oooo! Word notebook! I don’t know when I might use this, but it needs to be used more :)

    Elude—More word notebook!

    “She attempted to swallow but it felt like there was a Snitch lodged in her throat.”—Love this.

    “just kissing the horizon”—So perfect <3

    Now I’m also pondering if there’s more to the story with Lupin. Making someone and SBB is a rather drastic action for a man who has such a strained relationship with Snape. (Lupin is sneaky/nice enough to do it, but unless he made the boggart elsewhere, that was a damn long time ago for such foresight.) Snape was rather vague in his explanation. (Not that I would expect anything else from him.) Also this bit: “one who desired my survival sufficiently, who feared my loss to the extent that they were able to manifest a creature born of such emotion. There was no one. I had lost my only ally. I was alone.” has me VERY curious. :)

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  • From SnapeLove on April 02, 2018

    you do sound sceptical! ;) - who? me? nooooooo! :D

    I read this chapter on AO3, but I was waiting for it to appear here :)

    “For some, it isn’t a choice.” - this is so sad :(

    Snape shifted a little beside her. “Unfortunately ‘ease’ is not a tenet of their commitment. Or of any commitment for that matter.” His tone was more thoughtful than admonishing. “He will search for her until he falls from the sky, himself. As I said, this isn’t about choice, it is intrinsic to what they are.” - so descriptive, I love the parallel <3

    I love how you connected a rising dawn and their conversation, the depth of it and the dimension it gives it. New life. New beginning. New personality. New traits. New day... And at the same time - the winter setting. Frozen ground. Everything that surrounds them is still frozen, waiting to be warmed up and melted away. To liberate. 

    “That has become the enduring problem.” - it makes me wonder  - why that is a problem? What that bond entrails?

    Fucking HellWhat had he felt . . . and seen?  - I can't agree more with this questions. Also, I'd like to know :D

    “That would have required the presence of a third individual at the point of death—one who desired my survival sufficiently, who feared my loss to the extent that they were able to manifest a creature born of such emotion. There was no one. I had lost my only ally. I was alone.” - yes, but Lupin might have been/was there in school when he killed Dumbledore :D 

    He squeezed her ever so slightly. - I do believe he did squeeze her, and "why" is such short-sighted question. Honestly, Hermione, what happened to your brain?

    When he found out exactly where all of those ‘feelings’ had come from. - maybe and, maybe not ^_^

    Well, now I'm waiting to see HOW she will approach that particular Boggart, and will she try to do it without Neville (Merlin knows he doesn't need any more traumas).

    Until the next chapter,

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  • From SnapeLove on March 25, 2018

     just like me! Xx - you have no idea how happy I am to hear that <3

    I can’t believe you’re still reading on the bus, didn’t you learn after that last time J - I know XD, in my defence, it is either that or barely any time for reading and I do my best to follow stories I like :)

    as though he had been waiting for them - why do I have the feeling that "boggart" did wait for them or more specifically for her.

    Or at least as close to Snape as she could get. - I'd go for the previous statement - this "boggart" is too lively to be just a boggart :D

    There was so much power in breaching that formidable barrier. - love this line <3

    “He’s a Boggart. And he’s my Boggart. And you’re feeling him up.” - I laughed at this so hard, because 1) I don't think that is a boggart at all, 2) it is sooooooo true

    I can't stop wondering what will happen when she decides to have sex with the "boggart", Neville will flip out XD

    “I am not obsessed with him,” - on no, not at all :D

    taking in the large bulge in his trousers - yum

    A wank chat? Was that his own special brand of cum-unication? - love this, such a good use of puns

    by both Neville’s failure to imagine underwear, and his ability to imagine what was easily the most magnificent cock she’d ever encountered. - yeah, because such details are of the most important when you are imagining your worst fear :D

    He turned faintly into her touch. Responsive. And Neville wasn’t even watching. This Boggart knew what he wanted. - I bet he is, I bet he does :D

    A soft sigh escaped her as she felt her digits being drawn into a tunnel of seething, molten warmth. He was sucking on her. - love this part <3 So sexy and raw

    The escalation—his hand, on the back of her head, fingers delving deep into her roots of her curls. / His large hands, one on her shoulder, and the other cupping the back of her neck were now pressing downwards, forcing her to her knees. - he is mighty handsy for a boggart ;)

    The Boggart started a sort of rhythmic, breathless grunting. / And a male voice, Snape’s voice, moaning, “Uhhhh . . . subliiime . . .” - not to mention vocal :D

    I just love that we "see" or rather hear this from Neville's perspective. <3

    “But look at the lengths I go to, to make you smile.”  - really, Hermione? All that for Neville? How...noble...of you XD

    The Boggart turned away - not exactly typical boggart behaviour, isn't it?

    Well is this isn't Snape then it is one lucky boggart indeed :D

    Until next chapter, sta well <3

    Love&Kisses&Hugs xx

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  • From OracleObscured on March 24, 2018

    Laziness is the explanation for the vast majority of my behaviours ;) —You and me both, honey :) (Or maybe I’m just really really selective about what I do with my time.)

    I love the intrigue introduced in this chapter! Now we have a mystery atop the sexual tension. The “boggart” seems to be sentient (I feel like I’m watching AI but with Boggarts and arguing their humanness.) Arrrrgh! I so need to know what Snape knows (because he always knows something important). There are so many different directions this could go.


    I’m not getting into some jizzing competition with Snape.”—Hahahaha! Oh, Neville, you kill me :)

    But the feeling of crisp hairs, soft nipples, beneath the fabric was just so tantalising.—I don’t know why I love this so much, but I do. It’s so tactile! Mmmmm.

    A wank chat? Was that his own special brand of cum-unication?”—Snort. Neville’s getting all the punchlines this chapter :) And wank chats need to be a real thing (like snap chat but for masturbation). (Oh wait, I think I just described the entire internet.)

     Apposed—Mmmmmm, word notebook.

    And this was followed by something that sounded like a goose being strangled.—Bahahahaha! Perfect :P (Side note: that’s the Wank Chat sign off sound :))

    Eagerly awaiting the next installment :) There’s so much I need to know!

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  • From SnapeLove on March 19, 2018

    I'm way overdue to review this one XD - sadly, my work keeps me occupied beyond the line of insanity (and I'm afraid it will continue until the end of May). So, I can't promise to be regular in reviewing, what I  can promise is that I'll read each chapter with same attention I read all your previous stories ;)

    First I thought it is one-shot, just short funny story. And I have to say - I love the tone this one has (it is lighter, happier and more balanced - I can't even say how happy that makes me! <3 )

    I have to say I love your more assertive Snape (talking about chapter 2), I agree - he is more dangerous that way (especially if you read about him on the bus XD)

    Chapter 3 - fcking hell! Also, she gave more trauma to Neville not less with her performance. Tho, I wouldn't mind being in her position, not one bit :)

    Chapter 4

    Ok I had my doubts in chapter 3 but now I'm just going to blurp them out - is that boggart really a boggart? There, I've said it :D

    Ok I love the Snape with the butterfly's, so sweet! 

    "She could still feel the residual sensation of his strong fingers guiding her back and forth along the solid length of his shaft, his other hand pressing her palm against his chest. All of his naked warmth writhing and flexing against her." - huh, I need a fan. I just love your descriptions!

    Ummm, really, who could blame her. She isn't the only one with the need to release after ... that! :D

    I just love your plant analogy.

    "With a deft ripple of fingers, he began rapidly undoing the buttons of his frock coat./ Fucking hell!" - so far I'm 100% with her :D

    "The Boggart and Snape were merging into one" - merging or are one? 

    "“Now grip me firmly on the downstroke,” he instructed, thrusting deeply. /  Gods!" - I'm still with her. I just added the bucket of ice-cold water next to me ;)

    "And when he curled against her palm, easing out the words, ‘That’s good’, it was all she could do to stop herself from moaning out loud." - lucky for me I don't have to :D Joke on the side - this is hot!

    "Directing his fingers down to her mortar, she slicked her hands along his own, her small fist grasping each long digit in turn, pooling the thick secretions as she progressed until it glistened in the webbing between her fingers, sticky and warm. Too familiar." - huhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *fanning myself*

    Hahahaha, poor Neville, he must have had a nasty flashback :'D

    "as his fingertips, the ones he’d thrust inside the pitcher plant rubbed slowly, thoughtfully against one another." - why do I read too much thing at once in this line? And not a "nice ones", interesting, naughty but not polite or naive ones (not a single naive thought).  

    "Gods, that Boggart was going to be in trouble tonight. " - uhhhhhhhhh, I honestly hope so!!!! :D Poor Neville, he is going to be traumatised for life! Not to mention that she is developing some steady exhibitionistic tendencies. Hermione, Hermione... voyeurism should be consensual as well ;) 

    I hope you are ok :*

    Can't wait for the next chapter.
    Untill then...
    Love&Kisses&Hugs <3 xx

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  • From OracleObscured on March 18, 2018

    Pfft! You just don’t want to go around fixing the titles on all the sites :P 

    The other day, I also suddenly had the thought “I wonder if Neville is going to figure out what Hermione’s up to.” That could be funnier than Snape finding out.

    Great chapter. So many delicious lines! I loved the whole bedroom scene (I thought Snape was fire-calling her for an appointment when she heard his voice, but he didn’t say anything during class, so now I’m not so sure) and the flower finger fucking bit. Mmmm! So good.

    Fav lines—

    It was probably a little ambitious to visualise his tongue fucking her as comprehensively as it currently was,—Hahahaha! I definitely need more comprehensive tongue fuckings in my life. 

    Boggarting and masturbating—:D The best way to spend an evening in. Boggarting and masturbating is the new Netflicks and chill.

    “I . . . um . . . I would gather . . . not long enough?”—Snorted up some of my breakfast beets on this one.

    she may be biting off more than she could chew. And he did have a significant amount to bite—she was only too aware of that after the previous evening.— :D Hells yeah!

    he suggested, with a casualness that made the current riot inside her body feel like complete mania—Loved this wording. <3

    Gods, that Boggart was going to be in trouble tonight.—Bahahahaha! Great ending.

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  • From OracleObscured on February 26, 2018

    The grammar nazi in me needs those words capitalized. (My eyes! My eyes!) You could go all caps on SNAPE to emphasize it. (Although, it’s pretty noticeable on its own.)

    I love how Hermione’s starting to get a little insane now, just looking for excuses to molest Boggart Snape (because that’s definitely what I’d do).

    Fav parts:

    The whole paragraph where she recounts him taking the potion from her in class. Yummy :P

    Insouciant—I know I’ve put this in my word notebook before, but I’m doing it again.

    “It took a moment for Hermione to realise that it wasn’t just some aberrant noise.”—This made me snort, so it gets a mention :)

    I’m trying to type this on my iPad sans keyboard, and it’s making me nuts. I’d better stop. I’m dying to know if Snape has already “seen” what she’s been up to with his doppelgänger. (I’d find that rather amusing if I were him.)

    Looking forward to the next chapter :)

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  • From Whitecabbit on February 09, 2018

    I couldn't stop laughing at the foolish wand waving!!!!!!! I even had to tell my husband because I was laughing so hard!!! I can't wait for the next update!

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  • From OracleObscured on February 07, 2018

    “I love the idea of you staggering around your yard. Did you scare any deer or are they all hibernating”—Hahahaha! Don’t be silly. It’s fucking freezing outside. I was walking around our main floor in circles. (So I was staggering into furniture instead of trees or wildlife.)

    I’m loving the laid-back Snape in this one. (And Hermione’s reaction to him.) There’s still this sense of fun even though the chapter was a bit more suspenseful. I’m curious what’s really going on with Severus (and wondering if he’ll find out what Hermione did to Neville’s boggart.)


    “reserved ‘click’. Everyone froze. That tiny sound was somehow more frightening than the usual banging and crashing they associated with the dark wizard’s arrivals and exits.”

    —I know this wasn’t funny, but it made me laugh for some reason. Maybe it was a tension giggle.

    Not the arch of instant death that they’d come to expect.—Hahahaha! Love this.

    She was helplessly consumed by the sight of his undisturbed placket, the tidy tailoring, wondering how he managed to conceal everything so convincingly.—Hahahaha continued. A mighty feat indeed. :)

    Looking forward to the next chapter.

    P.S. Is there a reason you didn’t capitalize your title? 


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