Reviews for Making Amends (COMPLETE)

BY : nikki13088

  • From Makheart on January 02, 2019

    That last line damn near made my heart stop. I had no idea where I had expected this story to go from the beginning, but it was so amazingly written (despite tiny grammer errors) and had me more emotional than any book or story I've read in a really long time. I'm definitely looking forward to a sequel.

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  • From saxman66 on September 05, 2018

    Ah well, I was totally wrong about what Narcissa's potion was for. :(


    Good final battle scene. Hopefully Will pulls through and no one else of the good guys have died or suffered serious injury. Going to be a hell of a job sorting out the mess in the wizzarding world given all that's happened. There will still be a number of Joe's men about and while they might try and run they have probably had the fight knocked out of them.  See what happens in the epilog.


    In a way a pity to see this end as been a very good series. Many thanks for all the hard work.

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  • From Annecia89 on September 05, 2018

    I’ve been reading in silence, but I’ve been loving the idea of Ginny & Draco since you’ve laid the possibility at my feet! This has been an emotional ride and I’ve loved every moment, even when you made me cry! I cannot wait for the epilogue!

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  • From saxman66 on September 01, 2018


    Catching up on the last couple of chapters and liked them.


    Like the problems Draco has with feeling guilty about his relationship with Ginny makes him feel he's betrayed/forgotten Astoria. Given the emotional roller-coaster the two of them have been on and all that's happened to them and others there must be a lot of characters near the end of their tether.


    A bit surprised that Narcissa was able to obtain actual memories of how Joe had betrayed Will rather than just reporting what she had heard? Probably resulting in a discussion among the group with or without Will as to how to persuade him what had actually happened. Which also raises the question of if the spell is still on Will or they have been able to dispel it as otherwise when Joe broke through the wards he might be able to use Will against them.


    Don't know enough about the books to tell how accurate the fight scene is so can't really tell. Does seem strange its so hard to get a hit on him given how many powerful mages are fighting but in a full scale melee that could well be the case and he seems to be keeping very mobile to avoid that.


    Pretty certain I know what was in that letter from Narcissa and what's actually happened. Given how guilty he's feeling about what he's done I can see Will might well be willing to do what I believe he's done but that does leave his daughter rather lost.


    Its been a hell of a ride but as you say things are coming to a end and hopefully the gang and others can have some peace and good times after the hell their been through.

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  • From saxman66 on August 18, 2018

      Very good character development and interaction.  Like the way Ginny and Draco learn to not only like each other but gradually bring their families together.  Pretty grim at times but all too realistic under the circumstances.  Feel that the big twist in the latest chapter does sound rather awkward but does give the chance for a far less messy ending.  Although when he realises what has actually been happening all this time I think a case of going apeshit is putting it very mildly.

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  • From Gingerguy on August 18, 2018

    This story is truly amazing! all the twists and turns that you put us through as readers is truly inspiring! your talent as a writer truly shows through in this! please continue this great work! Also, i know you probably recieved quite a bit of flak a few chapters back from the rape scenes - and i just have to say, that although it was slightly difficult to read through- that is the sad thing is that this is what happens in real life all the time, so it added an aspect of reality into the story.  Sure it may be a rough aspect, but i think it added almost a grittiness to the story that makes me to never want it to stop.  keep up the amazing work- and i am VERY curious to find out how this whole thing is going to end- especially with that HUGE reveal in this chapter!

    Keep up the amazing work!

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  • From TheFlamingDictator on August 07, 2018

    PS: You just added the story tag 'rape'. Thanks for that. I really apreciate it. I truly wish you all the best and I hope to read more of your gifted words in the future.

    With kind regards.

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  • From TheFlamingDictator on August 05, 2018

    While nobody can deny that you have a flair for writing, and that there can be no doubt that you are easily in the top 5 best writers on this site in regards to pacing and storyline, I no longer feel the same connection tot his story as I did before.

    While it's true to life that extreme traumatic events can happen to two loving people, ranging from unfair setbacks, pyshical/emotional assault to darker thigns like murder and rape. And yes I agree that complaining on this site about a story involving rape is somewhat stupid of me. But I felt that had I known this was the eventual outcome I wouldn't have read started to read and become emotionally invested in the characters.

    'Why do I mention it then?' Well for one I gave a review raving about my love for this story in the past. Thus it feels fair to mention a part that puts me off completly. And perhaps for future readers it might serve as something of a triggerwarning regarding the topic of rape.

    While you might find it childish that I recoil from this topic I can offer only this as my reason. In real life I know that dark thigns can befall undeserving innocents. Tragedy happens all around me. And for just an hour or two a day I want to escape this reality and engulf myself in the escapism that reading fanfiction can offer me. Her loss loss of her child, and his viewing of Astoria being murdered, was unsetling yes. But it was a distant event that could have perfectly served as the catalyst for them being together (that was the part I found so amazing about this story in first instant.) But this rape of Ginny (not to mention Pansy)... Sorry... I hope that I can rewrite it in my head along the lines of implanted memories trying to drive a wedge or causing mental torture or something...

    I hope you don't take this personally. i know from experience what critisism can do to a creative person. And I regard you as someone who is very vreative and a great writer. You certainly have the skills to go very far. I look forward to more of your work in the future. Perhaps something less dark for the characters that we all love and cherish...


    With kind regards,



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  • From kittyfivetatts on July 24, 2018

    My apologies, I'm not one to review after every chapter. If the story is really good, I can't stop to review! Lol. I did after chapter three I believe, but the story was new to me. After that though, I just plowed right thru as fast as RL would let me! This story is brilliant! So many twists and turns, I love it. Keep em comin till the end!


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  • From kittyfivetatts on July 16, 2018

    I truly like where you're going with this. I've resisted up till now, I Love Ginco (Ginny/Draco) stories a bit too much and get thoroughly distracted, lol! Just finished Ch3, and I've snorted at least twice! 

    Looking forward to the brilliant story


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  • From TheFlamingDictator on June 23, 2018

    I wanted to say that I truly love it. Obviously I loved the movies and when I began looking for new stories in this universe I found this story. The premise sounded nice and I immediately began reading it. I finished reading it practically in one sitting. It is a testament to your writing skills that you manage to keep the reader invested throughout the entire story. From start to the end, every chapter, every event, it's all so captivating. You've managed to keep a reader captivated for each and every moment of the story. A fine accomplishment that few can ever hope to achieve. I can truly feel the love Draco and Ginny have for each other. I can truly feel both their fear of losing each other. A true great writer can, with his words, create a visual image in the readers' mind that gets the readers to fully emphatise, and engulf themselves in the story and events. And you succeeded admirably in this. From the first to the last word, I was on the tip of my seat. Escpecially with the latest actions/words from Will.


    I can't wait to read the rest. I can't wait to see how it all develops. Whatever happens in the future, know this; you are a great storyteller.

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  • From Annecia89 on April 16, 2018

    I’m so in love with this story! I’m pretty sure this is my first chance giving Draco/Ginny a shot and you make it worth it!! 

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  • From RequiredReading on February 11, 2018

    I like this story so far. Usually not a Ginny/Draco fan, but Ginny is so upbeat and curious in this story. Her personality really comes through. Will continue reading for sure     . I hope there are more awkward gatherings between the Weasley's and Malfoy’s. 

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