Reviews for Mudbloods at Hogwarts

BY : Gandalfs-Beard

  • From ladyedgecombe on July 11, 2018

    With everyone being so complacent, Sirius is going to have to put together an underground army to combat this Grand Bargain. Their big mistake was forcing Harry into being a Recepticale. 

    Any chance they are going to find out that the Headmaster was having sex with the students before it became legal? Anyone with that kind of fetish has to had 'slipped up' prior to the 'Grand Bargain' that gave him an 'out' that allowed him to 'partake in his pleasures'. 

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  • From ladyedgecombe on July 03, 2018

    Okay, nice chapter. So now I am wondering if Snape or someone else came up with a spell or potion that confunded the general population and just some of them were amune or didn't get it? is that why most everyone got on board with this (except a few) at first, or was it something else? I mean Amelia Bones quit and hasn't persued a career, Fudge isn't into it even after ALL this time even being minister there must be other but not many. They must be allergic to the delivery focus or they didn't get it for some other reason. ie it was a potion that was put into every deliver of basil and Malfoy Industries controls all aspests of sales and imports so makes sure that it is processed in the potion as a cleaning agent, but Fudge is allergic to it. 

    I only use that because it is a very uncommon allergy and I happen to be allergic to it. Just as an example. I just can't imagine ANYONE being OK with this otherwise! So there has to be a reason. 

    Really good chapter BTW. Good work with Ron, I think he really got the idea. I hope you do something as equally well with the other boys.

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  • From ClaireR89 on July 02, 2018

    I was starting to get worried. O no!  Katie bell .I love her. Weasleys are assholes

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  • From ladyedgecombe on July 01, 2018

    A few villiams? In my opinion everyone that is not putting a stop to it is a villian, but that is just me. I am glad to see that some of the students are starting to band together, even if it is only when it gets a little too personal. Nice job, keep it coming.

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  • From Jessicanightmarewolf101 on June 24, 2018

    an amazing story and plot, can't wait until the next chapter! 

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  • From ladyedgecombe on June 16, 2018

    Perhaps you are right about the curses, but I keep thinking about the lily flower that turned into a fish and poof the fish was gone after she died. According to Slughorn anyway in the Half Blood Prince.

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  • From Petunia-D on June 13, 2018

    Ron deserves the punishment. lol

    also i also wanna know what if tonks meets lupin. hehe~

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  • From Petunia-D on May 29, 2018

    OMG at last I see Ginny's reaction and the Weaselys!!!

    I can't wait to see what would be the punishment of Ron, Percy and the twins lol.

    And I'm dying to know what would questions Ginny would ask to her brothers about Harry-I mean Harriet. *cough cough*


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  • From ClaireR89 on May 27, 2018

    Well that was a cute chapter. I really wanna see Ron's punishment. Maybe have Molly top him ;)

    I don't remember if it's been asked/answered. But since snake is dead shouldn't the spell/curse he put on Harry and Hermione be lifted?  Although I can see why it wouldn't I'm jw. 

    What's gonna happen with the other 12 slaves at Hogwarts?  Where do they live? You only mentioned the 1 3rd year I think. Plus the gifts to the centaurs. 


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  • From ladyedgecombe on May 25, 2018

    I really thought the curse would have died with Snape. Also I wanted to ask if Harriet accidently blasted off his arm with the dark mark or did the death eaters all have the mark blow up with Voldemort so no more horcruxes? I know I am getting ahead of the story. I would at least make Dumbledore very very hurt. He was going to let that man kill Harriet before he let the dementor have him. At least that is what it seems like as Quirrel got off the killing curse first. The backlash was not all Harriet's fault. She thought the explosion was all her fault because she is uneducated and does not know the power behind that spell. 

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  • From Fantasy on May 24, 2018

    Loved the tentacle scene. Almost wish she got to keep one of the babies. Voldemort dying despite the horcruxes was a nice surprise.


    One of the weakest vengeance scenes ever, though. Quick deaths for Snape and Pettigrew. Unless Sirius hires a necromancer or something, that was pathetic.

    Hopefully, Dumbledore and the other tormentors get punished to a degree that leaves an impression. 

    Still, fairly satisfying when I didn't think you'd even bother with writing a comeuppance to begin with.

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  • From ClaireR89 on May 24, 2018

    It may be stopped by the collar but ya know wishful thinking. 



    About time that damn rat is dead. Interesting choice of removal tho. 

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  • From Petunia-D on May 22, 2018

    Disgusted with the behaviour of the boys of Hogwarts, pity for Harriet (Harry) and Hermione, it is mixed with the feeling of being hot and horny.

    Please oh please update...

    I'm interested to know what would be the reaction of:

    01: Ginny- when Harry was turned into a girl

    02: The ladies from Beuxtabons: i hope when Hermione and Harriet escapes, they'll go straight here.

    03: Durmstrang: What would be Krum's reaction on seeing Hermione like this?


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  • From ClaireR89 on May 20, 2018

    Should've had Hermione bite of Malfoys penis XD

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  • From Dauth_Daret on May 15, 2018

    i love your content but sadly you dont release normaly but hey quality over quantity right?


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