Reviews for A Prince in Lion's Clothing

BY : Sablesilverrain

  • From Gingerguy on March 23, 2019

    A bit of a late review for me, I've been busy all day, but another great chapter and read! I am very concerned that Harry's or Tom's actions may have been either spied upon/ overheard it somehow observed in some fashion by dumbles. Hopefully dumbles still thinks he has control, and thinks nothing of it, but here's for hoping! I read your reply for someone else concerning Harrys memory making, hopefully Harry's not going to give Severus a heart attack with that memory haha! Looking forward to the next!

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  • From Talliane on March 23, 2019

    Oh can't wait to see how you work Luna into this! 

    Tom's got a point, all the old practices have severely died off. Beltane, yule, ect. It's sad to see the old ways dissapear. 

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  • From Jan on March 23, 2019

    Love that Luna is still Luna lol, hopefully she’ll become one of the hopefuls that stays with Harry, please update chapter 27 soon. 

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  • From Gingerguy on March 22, 2019

    Before i get to the review of this marvelous update, congrats on getting to 25 chapters in the fic! thats quite a lot, and im looking forward to however many more you wish to grace us with! keep up the amazing work!  okay- review time.  i kinda had a sneaking suspicion that dumbles was messing with the avaiable histories available in hogwarts, im not sure if you hinted towards this in a previous chapter or not, i seem to remember something like it.  Very curious to see who all harry "recruits" into his ranks, especially of the gryffindors (besides who we know already).  i especially like harrys word choice of the group, a Fellowship raster than followers, shows how humble harry still is.  just curious to know if harry purposefully planted that image in his head of running and kissing tom just to poke at severus, i dont think so, but it was still a funny moment!  oh, by the way, i am SOOOO grateful that you diddnt have moaning mytle being the little perv she is spying on harry in the last chapter, i REALLY dont like her. so very grateful for that omission!  i REALLY hope harry calling tom tom instead of thomas wasnt too much of a giveaway seeing as dumbles was right there. although bringing hermione into it probably put dumbles on the wrong trail, seeing as most likely dumbles thinks he still has control over hermione, and seeing as harry is still so close with hermione, thence control over him too.  well, thats another amazing chapter, and i am looking forward to the next one! p.s. im also trying my best to spot any grammar/spelling errors while reading so i can point them out to you in case you ever feel like editing them. cheers!

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  • From Talliane on March 22, 2019

    Oh yay I'll have to check it out!

    Lol Harry is playing with fire with that fake memory.  Poor Severus is going to have a few grey hairs at this rate. Can't wait to see how Tom does around Mione. 

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  • From Talliane on March 21, 2019


    I figured they would switch,  how did Hermione find out about how harry became a Selowen I know I spelt it wrong. Ugh.

    PS. Ron's more and more an idiot. 

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  • From Gingerguy on March 21, 2019

    Woo! Another loaded chapter! Once again so much stuff happened, I am really enjoying these most recent updates! I too also thought it was a shot in the back in the the books when Cedric only hinted at the golden egg instead of saying what he knew.  I kind of like the protectiveness I'm feeling from Draco concerning Harry, then again I'm a drarry fan so maybe I'm reading into it too much. Glad to hear Hermione and Neville are on Harry's side, and I like how it happens too! Naturally Hermione went overboard with research, but that's why we love her! Also interesting touch to have the twins warming up to his side.  Curious to see if Ron was working alone with that poison, or if maybe Ginny or others were involved! Looking forward to their bashing lol! Eagerly awaiting the next!

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  • From Tesgura on March 21, 2019

    I fought to figure out my password just so I could review this awesomeness! I love  this story so much, the charm bracelet from Abandon is a great addition too. I love Harry/Tom more than any other pairing and Severus as a dad id's always amazing when he can get Harry to switch

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  • From Gingerguy on March 20, 2019

    Wow! So much happened in this chapter, it's hard to write a specific review. All I can say is, amazingly well done! I am Soo looking forward to Harry (pardon the evil language, consider it metaphorical I guess) ripping the still-beating heart out of Ron! We all know how thick-headed Ron can be, so I can't wait to see him go down in flames! Eagerly awaiting the next update!

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  • From staar on March 20, 2019

    your waiting for the show to start with when is it starting !!!!!!:):):):) thanks for the update :):):) harry and sev are so cute together 

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  • From Talliane on March 20, 2019

    Oooohhh twin smut! Yes please!! Gotta be Draco. 

    Ron is an idiot.  Let me cast a spell at a dueling robe, because yeah that's smart. I love the charm bracelet idea though. 

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  • From staar on March 19, 2019

    that last chapter with harry talking with neville and hermione...had me laughing so much...they really are harry's friend...ok now don't hurt harry when ron does something..hopefully you'll let either harry handle it or someone elso be there to help...ron goes down down down !!!!!!thanks for the update :):):)

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  • From Gingerguy on March 19, 2019

    Interesting update. Things didn't go perfectly, but they didn't go horribly either. I'm almost glad Hermione and Neville took it the way they did so they can't find out and decide for themselves rather than just ride the bandwagon with Harry. Loved the addition of the twins, and I will be curious how their part fits into this whole thing, they've always seemed more level-headed than the rest of the family, so who knows! Don't know where the story could head from here, so I'm looking forward to the next update! Have an amazing day!

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  • From Talliane on March 19, 2019

    Woohoo two updates in one night! Glad they didn't fly off the handle at him. And a round with the twins yum. Probably won't happen but still. Lol.

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  • From Talliane on March 18, 2019

    Lol poor severus having to deal with his imp. 

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