Reviews for Brutally Beloved

BY : Tnteacups

  • From Jan on May 23, 2020

    Intriguing, can’t wait for chapter 6 and find out what gonna happen with out two favorite boys.

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  • From MoonlightVision on May 20, 2020

    Oh my gosh! I just love this story!!  So happy to see another chapter! Can't wait for the next one!

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  • From Lily-Hopper on April 19, 2020

    Hey there! 

    Finally some smut, lol :D i loved the new chapter and i'm so glad to hear that we won't be left hanging! Also i won't ever judge anyone, i have read (and most shockingly enjoyed!) some REALLY kinky stuff on here, so i guess dating sims is quite tame, haha! I hope there will be a happy ending for these two, but it seems like Harry has to work trough some stuff first, ha? And wow, Draco as a single parent...poor man.

    I'm glad that my "petty" fangirl comments are well recieved, i only discovered this page this past november and i was hoping that you are still activly writing! Also you are one of the only authors, it seems, that doesn't bash Ron to bits, haha! That's why i enjoyed The Hole so much, i feel like others tend to just shove him in the envy corner and be done with it :D i actually just recently "discovered" the fanfiction genre because i was quite bored reading my usual stuff, and i stubled across a podcast called "Fangasm" former "Potterotica". If you haven't heard of it before, i highly recomend it, it's HILARIOUS. So i got hooked i guess. 

    Also i wanted to say that i would absolutely also read any of your original pieces! ;) 

    Awww thanks so much for the compliment! I guess reading so much english lately has really done some good, haha! And people say that smut is useless, lol! I have been to the US for some months right after my apprenticeship and i'm working hard on maintaining as much as i can, but as you surely know yourself RL can be quite all-consuming. 

    My job is also considered "essenial" so we're both battling the same new "everyday life". Altough i defenitely have more faith in our gouverment than you must have (i suppose) in yours! I hope you'll stay healthy and most importantly WRITING :D 

    I feel like i should stop my rambling now, but i figured some time ago that you writers really enjoy the comments you get, and i absolutely love connecting to like-minded people all around the globe trough one of our favourite tales!

    Soooo, i guess (and hope) i'll read you soon. Enjoy your evening,

    lots of love!

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  • From Lily-Hopper on April 16, 2020

    So, i broke my number one rule by starting to read an unfinished story, but i just could not resist! Also i'm fangirling over your reply to me, haha! 

    So far, i absolutely love it and i'm dying of curiousness what you will do with it! I love the roughness and denial. I'm a big fan of inner conflict :D

    Of course i have full understanding of your writers block regarding the before mentioned story, it's just that i loved them sooooo much and cant wait to find out how this plot will play out! 

    Also, i don't know how you manage this, but the overall mood of your storys goes so deep, i even found myself feeling sad and miserable (even tough i was perfectly fine) while i was reading Nightmares. I won't even try to explain my emotions during i was reading The Hole...kudos to you! It made me wonder if you are a writer IRL also? Either way i think that you are a really gifted writer and i hope you'll never stop! 

    I apologize for all misspellings etc, english is not my native language, thats why i keep on coming here, to read and improve my vocabulary :) i'm already anticipating your next update! Until then, stay safe, healthy and wash your hands! <3

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  • From Lily-Hopper on March 20, 2020

    Well hello there!!

    I almost leapt out of my seat when i saw that you've started a new one. I have to admit i hoped it will be the third part of the hole/scattered but i'm equally excited about readin that one too! 

    You are one of my favourite authors on this page, no kidding! I will savour this one! 

    Lots of love from switzerland <3

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