Reviews for Draco’s Slytherin Revenge

BY : 2CRsgt

  • From 2CRsgt on May 23, 2020

    In answer to the last review. Draco is a Death Eater Son of a Bitch of course he is going to help Voldemort win.

    Do you really think Umbridge or Fudge worries about who the baby looks like? It is an excuse to expell Harry Potter. That is more important than the truth, even in the books.

    Do you really think Voldemort is going to let HP just 'walk away' from the wizarding world? With his wand snapped, Harry Potter is a dead man walking.

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  • From ReturntheSlab on May 10, 2020

    This is actually really stupid. Like ignoring the plot you set up in the first place stupid.

    I mean if it was just Draco fucking Mandy while looking like Harry, okay, but the pregnancy? Really?

    Nine months later it's going to be obvious whose baby it actually is. I mean Draco has "white blonde hair", "gray eyes" and is pale. Also, revenge? Draco's brought Voldemort down on Wizarding Britain. While Harry has been expelled and that kinda sucks, isn't Harry now free to live his life however he wishes and leave the magical community behind?

    Or is there more implied stupidness going on in the background, where an untrained, apathetic to magic's cause Harry is killed by Voldemort. Sigh.

    This is why it's best to keep the plot for smut simple. Anything too complex and it's like you're getting fucked smacked by a freight train full of dumb. Whatever. I'm moving on. Hopefully your future endeavors focus on the smut, because that's (not the so called plot, I mean FFS) where you shine.

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