Reviews for You Rang, M'Lord?


  • From LenaL on August 11, 2021

    I remember you working on new material?

    Anything new coming up? I am a big fan of your work

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  • From LenaL on May 23, 2021


    i am looking forward to read the other two stories that you had planned for this site.

    and also wondering what your username for FFnet is


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  • From LenaL on January 16, 2021

    once again very enjoyable ;)

    i look forward to your other stories

    please share your author name on ff . net i want to read your '...tame' story as well

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  • From TheGalaxyWolf on January 14, 2021

    Very good, constant suspense!!!

    PLZ write some more!!!

    Luv it!!!

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  • From saxman66 on January 09, 2021

      Well that was entertaining and sounds distinctly stressful for the three girls.  Would there be any danger of any of the guests recognising Ginny as if news got back home I doubt her mum would be happy. 


     Fun story as usual.  You seem to do a slutty Ginny very well.

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  • From Menasker on January 07, 2021


    Is there a possibility to contact you to commission an idea? 

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  • From saxman66 on January 02, 2021

    Well not good there's only one more chapter after this.  You did say it was 2 million words in length didn't you? ;)


      Ginny has had a good workout today and coupled with the bulter earlier has probably done pretty much a full circuit of the male members of the household.  A good job the story is out of cinc with our dates as I doubt a nude hunt at the start of January would have been fun for any of them, no matter how randy Ginny has got again.


      A big bang ending.  What's this some sort of terrorist attack on the house? ;)  Seriously I wonder how it will end and whether Ginny will be securely employed and reguarly fucked by the end of it?


      Hope you had a good holiday and that we all have a better new year.

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  • From LenaL on December 28, 2020

    Waiting patiently for a new update! 

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  • From saxman66 on December 19, 2020

      Well a classic case of keeping it in the family.  By the sound of it she could struggle to get what she wants from Milton and now she's done him once the old man will probably want regular treatment.  Which is OK if she doesn't push him too far.


      Not a great fan of waterworks but Ginny does seem to be finding that for her it seems to be a case of "limits, what are they?"

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  • From saxman66 on December 05, 2020

      Well that's our Ginny, very adaptive as usual.  She not onlt tamed the snake but has come to terms with Ms Fairfax.  Also found out why Mary keeps her job.


     Love the idea of the letter home.  ;)

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  • From LenaL on November 29, 2020

    Dang that was hot! I almost hoped Selwyn took the virginity, but alas. Can't wait to see it really taking of now

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  • From saxman66 on November 23, 2020

      Must admit I was uncertain I would like this then noticed your reference to GW:PS which was great.  A somewhat dark subject but going to be handled with a lot of humour I suspect.  Can see young Ginny being very busy. 

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