Reviews for Unparallel Gnawing

BY : Rago_Dragovian

  • From AFFModerator on January 13, 2021

    Please correct your disclaimer.

    Your disclaimer doesn't have one of the two parts we need to see. It must say that no money/profit is made. Saying that it’s just for fun or just for entertainment purposes is not enough.

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  • From saxman66 on January 07, 2021

      Interesting.  I was a bit uncertain initially but this definitely has promise.  Delphini definitely has secrets and I wonder if one of them is that Bellatrix isn't actually her mother.  Also someone important to her, if not her herslef is being affected by that disease she was looking for a cure for.


      I wonder also of her apparent weakness at magic although she's able to do wordless magic apparently so easily and seemed to have some abilities when bringing that fire under control. 


     Think - and hope - we have an interesting slow burner here that could be very good.  She's obviously plotting some revenge on the family and aquantances that have made her life a misery and is a very deep thinker, although I suspect that her relationship will change them both.

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  • From AjBeck on January 07, 2021

    Very well written and entertaining. The concept of Harry and Delphini as a good person is a compelling one. Keep it up!

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