Crushed Velvet?

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“Ms. Granger! Would you pay attention?” Snape’s voice echoed off the cold stone walls as he stood at the front of the classroom, lecturing his students. She had been day dreaming, staring off into space and more then once during today’s class. “Let’s see that’s another ten points from Gryfindor today, giving you a total personal deficit of 30 points, a new high for you. Ah and that will earn you a detention as well.” Snape’s voice was slick and triumphant as it floated through the air to Hermione’s ears.

Hermione shivered at the thought of detention, and to make matters worse, it was with her least favorite professor. She wasn’t sure why she couldn’t focus in potions today. Although the class was not her cup of tea, she had never lost points in it, at least not for day dreaming! And certainly not 30! And now she had a detention. The thought was mind wrecking and she cringed to think of what Professor McGonagall would now think of her, she hadn’t had a detention since her first year here!

Malfoy sneered at her from across the classroom and mouthed the words, ‘stupid mudblood’ but Hermione turned around and ignored him. Facing her cauldron and notes, she began to add the last of the chopped shrivelfig to her now boiling concoction. They had been making dreamless sleep potions to help Madam Pompfrey in the hospital wing, but Hermione’s had turned a deep red, rather then the pale purple like everyone else’s. ‘Great just give him something else to get you on, make your detention longer.’ She thought to herself.

Her day hadn’t exactly been a good one. She had woken up late, skipped breakfast and just barely gotten to Arithmancy on time. She had left her homework in her room, and had to get a pass to go back and get it, slipped in the trick step on the way back to Gryfindor tower and had a bottle of water broken over her head compliments of Peeves. Thank goodness it wasn’t that time of the month. To top it all off, this was the third time Snape was yelling at her for paying attention. The last week had been stressful, getting ready for her NEWTS, even though they weren’t for another month or so, the end of the year speech she was expected to make still wasn’t done, and job applications had been arriving at breakfast by the dozen. Her parents had just gotten through a messy divorce and her world seemed to be collapsing around her.

The bell rang and Snape spoke up from the top of the classroom, “A 15 inch essay due next class on making dreamless sleep potions!” Hermione turned to go but his drawling voice held her firm to her spot on the floor. “Ms. Granger, a word with you.” Hermione was still facing the door as Ron and Harry passed her by on their way out.

“Don’t worry Hermione, it’ll be alright you’re tough as nails, you can handle old Snape,” said Harry comfortingly, trying his best to smile as he patted her on the shoulder.

“Yeah don’t worry about, he gives you any trouble and I’ll get Fred and George to help me jinx his office.” Ron saw a faint smile spread across her face as he left the room. She now stood completely alone with the potions master in the chilly dungeon classroom, waiting for his sharp tongue to slice through the air and burn her with his words.

“Ms. Granger, I do not know, nor do I care, what was troubling you in class today, however I would expect more from a student of your stature, for in my seven years of knowing you, you have never let your personal affairs mix in with your school work and it would be a shame to see that habit kick in now.” Just as she had expected, his words slammed her hard in her pride and her heart, but nevertheless she stood unwavering, facing him and refusing to look away.

“I’m sorry Professor, may I go now?” she asked meekly. Snape studied the girl for a moment, she had changed much since her first year at Hogwarts. No longer thin and scraggly, Hermione Granger was quite the proportional woman, with firm shapely breasts, well hidden by her dark school robes, curved hips and a sturdy build that would drive any man crazy. Her teeth were no longer slightly oversized, though they hadn’t been since an incident in her fourth year with Draco Malfoy. And her hair was no longer bushy and unkempt, it was rather tame and sleek, though still long and thick. ‘Stop looking at her, she’ll think something is wrong with you, bloody hell man pull it together!’ Snape cursed at himself.

“Yes Ms. Granger you may leave, but do not neglect your detention this evening as much as you’ve neglected your class work today, I’ll expect you there at 8:00 o’clock and there is no room for tardiness.” His eyes were cold and harsh, just as harsh as his voice.

“Yes sir,” she said quietly and bowed her head to him. He nodded to her, and she turned around, gathered up boo books and walked out of the Potions room. Hermione was glad to be away from him, the mere thought of Snape made her skin crawl. Or maybe it was it the fact that he was so much stronger and wiser then she. Was she jealous of Snape? No, she couldn’t possibly be. Perhaps it was the way he carried himself, so respectable and …perfect. ‘Oh gods Hermione, don’t’ say that, he isn’t perfect, he’s Snape! Disgusting greasy slime-ball Snape! He takes every chance he gets to do you and Ron in! Not to mention Harry! But gods is he gorgeous.’ She shook her head violently, furious with her thoughts. They were right the first time, he was a disgusting greasy slime-ball, why did her damn feminine side have to add gorgeous?

As the day went by Hermione dreaded getting any closer to it, for she had a detention waiting for her at it’s end. It was just after dinner when Professor McGonagall stopped her in the hallway. “Hermione dear, Professor Snape asked me to give you this.” She handed her a small piece of parchment folded over only once. She smiled and said, “Everything all right with you and the head of Slytherin?”

For as long as Hermione could remember, Professor McGonagall had been her favorite teacher and she had been the woman’s favorite student, so she couldn’t let her down by telling her about the detention with Snape. “Never better Professor,” she said as she forced a smile to her lips. Hermione hated lying to anyone, especially her head of house, but felt she had no other choice. Professor McGonagall seemed convinced, so she left Hermione in the hallway, as she headed down the staircase, probably heading for the staff room.

Hermione’s hand shook as she held the piece of parchment. She didn’t want to know what it said, or what it was even about, but somehow she knew that if she didn’t look, it would undoubtedly cause her more trouble then if she did. Slowly, her hands peeled the paper open to reveal a small note scrawled in an unforgettable spidery black hand writing. It read:

Ms. Granger,

Please meet me in my office this evening for your detention. The password is ‘crushed velvet.’

Prof. Severus Snape

Why on earth would he want her in his office? Surely he had some diabolical plan for her to personally organize all of his files, but not before rearranging most of his personal stock of ingredients. She shuddered, for she knew it would be a long night and she wouldn’t get much sleep.

As eight o’clock drew near, Hermione made sure that all of her books were locked up in her room, and that Crookshanks was stashed safely away with Harry and Ron for the evening. She had decided not to tell them about the change in the location of the detention for fear that they would make an even bigger deal out of it, not that it wasn’t big enough on its own.

Descending the staircase from her dormitory, she saw Harry and Ron sitting in front of the common room fire, Ron holding Crookshanks, and they were playing a game of Wizard’s Chess. She was dressed in her school robes, and her hair was pulled back off her face with a large Gryfindor clip. Ron looked up from his game and smiled at her.

“Ready for your funeral?” he asked joking, but Harry kicked him hard in the leg, and Ron grunted loudly in pain.

“Funny Ron, real funny,” she said sarcastically as she walked toward the portrait hole.

“Don’t worry Hermione, I’ll wait up for you.” Harry smiled at her, and commanded his knight to take Ron’s bishop. “Knight to E-5.” The brutal token smashed Ron’s piece into oblivion. Hermione rolled her eyes at the game, she had always hated wizard’s chess, before commenting on Harry’s remarks.

“Don’t bother, because I’m sure he’ll have me out all night, and at least ‘one’ of us needs to be up and awake tomorrow morning for Care of Magical Creatures.” She smiled at Harry and walked out of the portrait hole. It was not quite after hours, but being away from the safety of her common room, made her feel quite uneasy.

Hermione slipped silently down the hallway towards the dungeons, when she realized that she didn’t know where Snape’s office was. After descending two frozen staircases, she reached the door to the potions room, but knew that it wasn’t the goal she had been looking for. Chills ran down her spine as a pale white figure came upon her from the midst of no where.

“Who are you? Not a Slytherin! A Gryfindor? Why are you so close to my house at this hour of the night?” The voice echoed off the silent dungeon walls as the figure came more clearly into view. It was the Bloody Baron, the Slytherin House Ghost.

“I-I-I have a detention with Professor S-s-nape,” Hermione stuttered, although she had never been afraid of ghosts, this one sure seemed to be getting the better of her at the moment. The ghost was pale and nearly transparent, stained from head to toe with traces of silvery blood.

“So then get to his detention!” Barked the ghost in a tone most unpleasantly foul. “And get out of my dungeons!”

Hermione tried to speak up, but her voice escaped her, though whether from terror or nerves, she could not tell. She cleared her throat and spoke up, “I’m sorry, but I don’t know where his office is, and that’s where my detention is.” Her voice had come across a little more demanding then she had hoped.

“So now you think you can boss me around? Do you smart aleck? Oh I’ll tell you where his office is alright, and there’ll be hell to pay when you get there!” He laughed deeply, and grinned a horribly wicked grin. “Through the wall there and down the corridor to your right!” he boomed before flying high into the sky and up through the ceiling.

Hermione looked at the wall that the ghost had pointed to. She could see no door, nor trick handle of any type. She took out her wand and waved it in front of her, muttering the words ‘Alohamora,’ but nothing happened. How in bloody hell did he expect her to get into his office? She screamed and slammed her fists against the wall, “Bloody hell why won’t you oooo-” she cried as she fell through the wall and landed at Professor Snape’s feet.

“Beginning to wonder what was taking you so bloody long.” Hermione lay in a crumpled heap at his feet, for she had just fallen through the ‘non existent’ wall. She hurried to stand up, and brushed her robes off, trying to appear decent before the head of Slytherin house. “You are late, ten points from Gryfindor.”

“But Professor I didn’t know where your office was! How can I be expected-”

“Silence you stupid girl! Hold your tongue or it will be more!” He bellowed at her. Hermione wanted to cry, wanted to scream at him, but instead she bowed her head and waited for him to address her further. It was an awkward moment of silence between the Gryfindor girl and the Potions master, but it was soon broken by his words. “Come with me Ms. Granger,” he said swiftly.

Hermione obeyed his command and followed him down the dark corridor. If it were possible, and up until that point she had been sure that it wasn’t, this corridor was even darker then the ones in the dungeons. There were no lights, only a small torch or two on the wall, lit with a single orange flame. Snape strode in large sweeping steps, so large that Hermione had to run to keep up with him. Granted that he was a few inches taller then her, but he was mostly legs, and she was mostly body, so it was a struggle to keep up with him.

Snape stopped suddenly in front of a door that seemed to appear out of no where on the wall. Hermione had not seen him stop and she crashed right into his back with a small ‘oomph.’ Snape turned around to face her, a most annoyed look on his face. “Ms. Granger need I remind you-”

“Sorry Professor,” she bowed her head slightly and Snape was shocked at her submissiveness to him. He had never expected such a weak response from the strong willed Hermione Granger, surely something was amiss with her this evening.

“Something wrong Ms. Granger?” he asked in a decisive tone. Hermione raised her head to look at him, and found her eyes greeted with a pair of jet black ones that for once seemed to have a hint of concern concealed within them. Hermione had never really looked at Snape’s eyes, but found that they were quite attractive and mesmerizingly deep.

“N-n-no Professor…” she broke off before breaking away into tears. Try as she might she could not contain her pain and anxiety any longer. “It’s just I’ve never had a detention before! Not since first year, and now my perfect record is ruined! And the worst part about it is that I can’t even explain why it happened, I don’t know why I couldn’t focus today in your class, I just know that now I’m standing here in detention and I’ve failed myself,” she wailed loudly.

Snape stood there staring at the Gryfindor girl in shock. He had never seen the girl cry, although he had heard rumor that she had locked herself in her room and cried for two days straight when she hadn’t been elected for the position of head girl. This was overwhelming to him and he didn’t know how to react to her sudden breakdown of tears and emotions in front of him.

“Ms. Granger-

But she cut him off, “And I don’t care about the stupid points! I’m not sure who annoys me more, you for being so god damned arrogant and evil towards the students you teach, just taking points because you feel like it, or myself for being so stupid to stand there this afternoon and listen to you without fighting it!” Her chest heaved in and out very quickly as she spat her mouth off to Snape. “And I just can’t believe how arrogant you really are, I mean I’ve never bothered to disrupt your class in seven years! Seven years professor and this is the thanks I get for all my hard work and effort?” Her face was now blood red and soaked in tears. “And not that you’d have the common decency to ask me if something was wrong earlier! Yes just wait until now when I’m totally pissed off and a nervous wreck to see if I’m all right! Bloody hell professor I’m only human and I make mistakes too! It’s not easy being perfect!”

Snape was stunned, never in his wildest dreams had he expected her to go off full force on him, and mostly for things that didn’t really pertain to him. “Ms. Granger! I am not interested in your personal affairs! They are petty and I have no use for them! I expect that all my students check their personal problems at the door of my classroom and I had certainly expected better from you! Never in my seven years of teaching you have I seen such a display of poor character! This outburst of your emotions is highly uncalled for and I will not have it!” He hissed at her.

“You egotistical heartless bastard!” She screamed and before she knew what she was doing, her right hand and swung up from her side and made a sharp stinging contact with Snape’s face. She stumbled back and the tears on her face, if they had been flowing moments ago, became Niagara Falls now. She couldn’t even stutter an apology before falling to her knees and sobbing hysterically.

Snape stared down at Hermione, before parting his lips to speak. “Inside my office now.” He turned with a swift movement and spoke to the door, “Crushed Velvet” and it swung up open, letting them inside. Snape stepped in with Hermione right behind him, and the door shut behind them both.

She stood trembling in the doorway as Snape swept across the room to his desk. He rummaged around in his drawer until he pulled out his wand. Waving it around in the air he produced a glass of water and downed it.

“You are such the typical pig! I’m sitting here bawling my eyes out before you and you have the audacity to bring me here inside your office, ignore me and then proceed to get yourself water, without even offering me any! What if I were dehydrated?”

“Well then, you would pass out and I suppose I wouldn’t have to listen to your bloody wailing.”

“You truly are a disgusting greasy slime-ball Professor!”

“Well forgive me my manners Ms. Granger but if you weren’t busy slacking off in my class you wouldn’t have to be here sniveling in front of me!” Snape bellowed at her, from behind his desk.

“You arrogant bastard!” she cried, never before having used such language, especially not with a professor.

“Ms. Granger!” he shouted, “You will not-”

“Oh the hell I won’t!” She cried as her knees collapsed beneath her and she fell to the floor, sobbing in a fit of hysterics. Snape could no longer make out her words, just that she was still weeping uncontrollably on the floor of his office. He stepped out from behind his desk and walked over to the crumpled heap of a girl on the floor.

“Get up,” he commanded her, but she did not respond. She simply lay there crying, covering her eyes with her hands, resting back on her knees. Snape knelt beside her and placed a firm hand on her shoulder, “Hermione get up.” He spoke this time, his tone more calmed then the first time. She still did not respond to him.

Snape placed his hands firmly on her wrists and had to yank them very hard before being able to pry them away from her face. Her eyes were puffy and swollen red with tears. He had never seen her look so awful before, she truly looked pathetic. Snape did the only thing that seemed natural to do, despite the fact that his mind told him otherwise. He wrapped his arms around the young girl, scooping her up in his lap as she continued to sob.

“Shh…” he said as he rubbed his hand over her back, “Ms. Granger, please calm yourself.” She sat sniffling in his arms, realizing that she had never seen him attempt to give comfort to anyone, let alone her. She was surprised at how gentle his touch was, as his hand seemed to stroke through a few loose strands of her hair. Trying to just relax in his warm and comforting embrace, Hermione laid her head down on his shoulder and closed her eyes.

‘Gods this feels so right, why did I have to wait seven long years for this? If my tears were all it took, why couldn’t I have had a rotten day sooner.’ She thought to herself as he continued to hold her. She could feel the warm dampness of her own tears staining the shoulder of Snape’s robes.

‘She’s so helpless, so young, so innocent…’ Snape’s mind was plagued by his thoughts as he held the weeping girl in his arms, feeling the small puddle of tears that had formed on his shoulder. Thinking that the floor was not the most suitable place to continue to comfort her, Snape stood up and took Hermione up in his arms as he went. She bearly noticed that she had left the ground, when he walked over to the far right wall, and gave it a swift kick with his foot.

The wall opened to reveal a bedroom, decorated in mostly deep colors of earth brown and red. She couldn’t see clearly because of all the tears that clouded her eyes, but the room was brighter then anything she had imagined for Snape, far more colorful then she had expected. Then again, she hadn’t expected to be seeing his sleeping chambers any time soon.

He walked over to the large double bed, that had a sturdy frame made of a deep red cherry oak wood. The sheets, however, were dark and appeared to be made of a very soft fabric, perhaps satin or silk. Snape laid her down on the bed and immediately she knew it was neither satin nor silk, but a rare fabric that was known as ‘crushed velvet.’ Snape sat down on the bed next to her and scooped her up in his arms once more, this time so that she was sitting completely up in his lap.

“Hermione…” his voice flowed from his lips like liquidy silver unicorn blood, as it floated to her ears. The gentleness in his town made her weak in the knees. She had never before heard even the slightest hint of gentleness in his voice and tried now to commit it to memory, for she was sure she would never hear it again.

She whimpered softly, “Professor…I’m s-so sorry.” She took in a deep breath as she shuddered violently beneath his touch. Snape looked down on the crying girl he held in his arms and tried to think back to the last time he had ever comforted a crying female. Never. Then why did it come so easily to him, why did it seem so natural?

“I d-don’t know what came over me…” she sniffled and buried her face into his robes. He lifted his hand from around her back and placed it lightly on the top of her head, stroking down the back of her hair, trying to calm her. Snape’s fingers grazed the large Gryfindor clip that held her locks in place. He unclipped it and Hermione half gasped half sniffled as he stroked his hand down her soft brown hair, that now spilled to midway down her back. It had grown a lot since her first year here.

“P-p-professor, I’m s-sorry I’ll make up the d-d-detention just as soon as I-”

“Shh…Hermione,” his voice seems almost soothing and tranquil. She lifted her head up from his shoulders and was once again met with his liquid black eyes. They seemed to glow with a radiant but dark light, that she couldn’t quite describe. Her Her mind seems to spark her body to shift a little, signaling Snape to let go of her. Her eyes grew wide with the threat of breaking into hysterics again and he replaced them around her shoulders and back. Hermione concentrated hard on being up in the common room, studying, but it didn’t help. She could feel the pulsing in her legs, and the moisture building between them.

“Everything all right Hermione?” he had not stopped calling her by her first name, and Hermione’s heart did a mini summersault. She loved the way he said her name, so crisp and clean, not like any other professor, but he didn’t say it often and on the occasions that he did, they were few and far in-between. She nodded her head yes.

Their eyes had not broken contact since she had lifted her head from his shoulders. Nor had he blinked, and Hermione found that disturbing, but arousing all the while. Snape’s mind reeled with thoughts. ‘Damnit Severus, control! Self con! Yo! You heard her earlier she thinks you are a disgusting greasy slime ball!’ His groin was pulsing as the blood rushed from his head to fill his growing erection. He hoped that she would not feel him, but sitting in his lap would not make it easy to disguise.

Hermione leaned into Snape’s body a bit and rested her cheek against his jaw as her lips brushed against his ear. “Thank you professor,” she whispered and she could have sworn she felt him tremble. The touch of her lips nst nst his earlobe had been sensational, even if it was only for a brief second. He could not vocalize a response, for he was paralyzed by her touch.

Hermione dragged her lips along his jaw line as she moved her face back in front of his, leaving only a fraction of an inch between their skin. He looked at her with eyes half closed, but filled with something she knew she had never seen before. Hermione closed her eyes and slowly leaned in to brush her lips to his, but his words cut her short.

“Ms. Granger, I assure you that while I may be of great assistance in comforting you, what you are about to do is strictly forbidden and I will not have it,” his voice was soft, but not painful as was normal for him. Hermione’s heart sank within her chest and she heaved a great sigh. But she did not pull her face away from his.

“Professor?” she asked him, sounding quite innocent, her voice still glazed over with tremor and tears. He tilted his eyes up to meet hers, and she stared into the river of blackness. She pressed her lips forward and claimed his with her own. Hermione slowly traced the outline of his lower lip with her tongue and nibbled at it lightly, but he did not respond. She pressed her lips down over his and tried to penetrate them with her tongue, but was denied entry. Snape did not respond to her, nor did he pull away. Drawing her head back slightly she looked into the stunned eyes of her Potions professor. “Ms “Ms. Granger I must ask you not to do that again. The penalty is far higher then you can afford to pay-”

Hermione pressed her lips over his once more, this time succeeding in sliding her tongue into his mouth. Snape immediately responded to her by running his tongue over top of hers and pulling back only slightly to bite her bottom lip. Her hands wrapped themselves around his neck and circled the small hairs on his nape, while his hands entangled themselves in her long chocolate mane. His lips were gentle against hers and she couldn’t believe how well his tongue knew its way around her mouth, almost as if it had been there before.

She pulled back a little as Snape leaned forward on her. Hermione bent backwards and laid back on the bed. Her hair sprayed out behind her like a wave of chocolate icing. He gazed down at her, marveling at her beauty. Still fully dressed in her robes, with her hair sprawled out behind her, she looked absolutely breathtaking, and he could only imagine what was underneath those stunning robes.

“Something the matter professor?” she asked him, her voice slowly returning to normal, the tears and sobs now a distant memory. She smiled slightly and watched Snape raise his eyebrows at her. Her body was going painfully stiff and needed to be rejuvenated by the touch of a man.

“Ms. Granger…I am still your Professor…” he muttered quietly, trying not to second-guess his decision. ‘God Severus, just let yourself go, she’s here on your bed, you’ve waited seven bloody years for this, get going!’ his head seemed to tell him that he was not wrong in doing so, or perhaps that was his heart.

“Professor…” her voice was more then normal now, a whispered seductive air about it.

"Ms. Granger I must not let this continue…”

His voice trailed off as Hermione batted her eyes at him and sat up, pulling him back down with herape ape now lay on top of her and she forced her lips to his again. Her hands lost themselves in his soft black tresses, as his hands cupped over her face. There was no turning back now, he had returned the kiss of his student and could not back down. His hands were strong and masculine, but gentle to the touch and smooth against her face. She arched her back up under him, forcing her hips to grind into his. A low moan escaped his mouth.

“Problem?” she asked softly, now kissing the sides of face and on down his neck. She nibbled lightly at his flesh, kissing her way back up his face and to his lips. He pulled back and stared at her, watching this ravishing little vampire feast upon his skin.

“Yes there is a problem Hermione, and I thought that a smart girl like you would have figured that out by now, but I see once again I have over estimated you.” He sighed, “You see when you grind your hips into mine like you just did, it causes friction, which in turn causes stimulated blood flow…” his voice trailed off as he saw the twinkle in her eyes. His little mind game was working and now that he was in this situation, he was sure he would enjoy it.

“How silly of me, I must have forgotten,” she uttered innocently, and then winked at him. A devilish smile crossed his lips as he positioned his hands over top of her chest, at the clasp of her robes. Hermione looked shocked for a moment, but then relaxed a little.

“Well then Hermione, perhaps you need a reminder, since you can’t seem to remember things of such great importance?” Snape slowly undid the clasp to her robes and peeled the cloth back away from her chest, rendering her topless. He was shocked to see that she wore no bra or shirt under her robes. Was she purposely trying to seduce him?

Immediately Hermione’s face turned flush red, as her exposed nipples met the chilly air and hardened. “Forget that too?” he asked smiling, trying hard to resist the temptation to just take one in his mouth and suck on it. Hermione nodded her head slowly, wishing that she hadn’t forgotten her bra. She really wasn’t ready for such simple exposure. Snape placed a hand at the base of her breast and began to trace circles around it, up to the tip, with one of his long bony fingers. She shuddered when he passed over her rock hard nipple.

pebbpebbled flesh of her nipples seemed to shatter when he placed his tongue over them. He swirled around it slowly, making light circles before nibbling delicately on the tender skin. Hermione moaned out in pleasure. “Ohh…gods…” and Snape removed his mouth from her chest.

“Something the matter?” he asked teasingly, toying with her left nipple in his hand. His other hand went roaming down her body, feeling the curves of her hips and the dreaded elastic waistband of her panties. One shot of his hand and he could be petting her silky wetness, but he waited.

“No, but it will be if you don’t continue…. Severus,” she said his name for the first time that evening, the first time ever for that matter. Snape looked down on her, a bit surprised that she had spoken his first name, but finally relieved that she had gotten the courage to use it. He never would have made it through the night if she kept calling him ‘professor.’ The way her lips slipped over the ‘S’s’ in his name, made Snape shiver, how good it felt to hear someone as lovely as she finally say it.

Hermione arched her back up with such force, that Snape had to lean back a bit, which was just what she had been hoping for. He was shocked at her new found aggression, for he thought by pinning her on the bed that he had managed to control it. Hands were grasped tightly around the collar of his robes and Snape could feel her yanking them away from his neck.

“Hermione…” he could hardly protest as his robes were tossed aside and disregarded on the floor. Her hands came down hard on his chest, causing Snape to drop flat back onto the bed. A sharp gasp of air was released from his mouth as Hermione straddled him. Her legs clamped tightly around his hips, and she stared down at him.

“I want this, for seven years I’ve wanted this, please…” though she was begging, she was not sure for what. Snape did not smile, but he did not push her off him either. He simply stared up at her in amazement. His hands were still at his side, and his cock was hard, pul aga against her lap that was straddled tightly over his.

Snape sat up as Hermione leaned down and their lips collided and his tongue penetrated her lips immediately. Her hands plu int into his soft black hair, as his hand pulled her body closer to his chest. She had always imagined his hair to be greasy, when in fact it was actually sensually soft and silky. Huld uld feel her hard nipples grinding into his exposed flesh.

In a frantic spin of lips and limbs, both Hermione and Snape found themselves naked before each other, he on top of her and her on the soft velvet sheets of his bed. Hermione’s skin felt so soft and smooth against his and he wanted nothmoremore then to penetrate her. He could feel her satiny wetness pulsing against his rock hard cock. He stared down on her.

“Hermione…” he mouthed to her quietly, as one of her hands slipped between their bodies. She stroked her hands down his shaft, and he moaned. “Gods- Hermione-” he choked out. She smiled and stroked him, arching her back and bucking her hips up into his. “Keep this up…and…and…” he was breathing so hard he couldn’t speak.

“And…what?” she asked him, but didn’t allow him to answer. Her lips claimed his forcefully and her tongue waged a war with his. Snape’s hands were entangled in her long chocolate mane and could not hold himself any longer. He broke away swiftly from their kiss and glared down at her.
“Hermione we can’t do this…” he was to the point of exploding but could not stop his words, “…you are my student and I’m your professor and lord knows what your-”

“Deflower me,” she panted in one word.

“What?” he was in complete shock of her demand. Not only was she his student, but a complete virgin, there was no way he could continue, he had let it go too far already. “Ms. Granger that is highly unethical and you are distraught, seeking comfort there is no way possible that you mean what you say, in a rational state of mind.”

“Severus Snape since when have you ever been a man of ethics?” she panted briskly at him, clearly dying for she was almost to her breaking point. “Now listen to me, if you want to call it that, that’s fine. Tell me I was distraught and whatever else you please, but I know that there is no way that I have been distraught for my entire time here at Hogwarts! I’ve waited seven years for this, now please don’t deny it to me!” she was almost in tears again.
Snape could not answer her, he simply remained pressed on top of her body, breathing in and out. Hermione couldn’t take it any more. She reached up and pulled his lips into hers, engaging in a steamy kiss. He felt her hand slide between them and stroke his shaft. He moaned deep into her throat praying that she would not cause him to lose control. She stroked him again and it broke him.

Hermione felt his tip press into her opening, and she moaned in delight, pulling her hand away. He slid into her slowly, penetrating her unbroken skin. She screamed out, at first in pain then in pleasure, and Snape pulled back from the kiss just as soon as he had penetrated her. Lost for words, now completely inside of her, Snape tried to speak but her words silenced him.

“Make love to me Severus, I know you want to…now shut up and kiss me!” she moaned at him. Snape kissed her roughly on her forehead, before taking her mouth with his own. He slowly slid back out of her and thrust in again. She moaned at him as he pumped slowly in and out of her. “Gods Severus!” she was panting heavily and her body was becoming slick with sweat. “I may…be new…at this…but I think…if you…don’t go faster…” her body was now bucking wildly against his.

Snape kissed her and thrusted faster, allowing her hips to match his rhythm. “Hermione…” he moaned out her name and she called his out too. Thrusting faster and faster, Snape could feel her warm tight muscles clamping down on him and she screamed out as he sent her over the edge with a deep thrust.

It was enough to make him come and he moaned out against her lips, as they melded together, and he released within her. Hllapllapsed onto her heaving chest as his formally erect member slid out of her. She sighed deeply and looked up at him. “Th-thank…you…” she managed to say between sharp breaths. She smiled at him, though meekly, and kissed her lips to his cheek, which lay in the valley between her breasts. He lifted his head slightly to meet her lips with his and they enjoined in a soft kiss. Her lips felt bruised, but he was gentle so she didn’t want to pull away.

Breaking the kiss Snape spoke in soft whispers, “For…what?” both of them were still trying to catch their breath and his question came out short and choppy. He brushed a hand through her soft chocolate waves of hair and she closed her eyes.

“For…comforting…me” she said softly before drifting off into a mild and peaceful sleep. Snape slid off her body, and lay beside her. He scooped her up in his arms, for the third time tonight and held her close to him, comforting her as he did before. With a little bit of maneuvering, he managed to slide them under his sheets, wrapping them around their bodies. He kissed her cheek lightly and brushed her hair from her eyes, admiring her beauty. His eyes fell closed and the last sensation he felt on his skin was Hermione Granger snuggled close to him under sheets of crushed velvet.

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