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Part 7

The black robed, white masked Death Eater held the blade to Severus' throat. Time seemed to stop. The only sound that of the running water from the shower until finally the distorted voice growled. "Did you think that you would escape our justice?"

"Justice?" gasped Severus staring straight at the showerhead that spewed steaming water over his chest and the arm of the Death Eater.

"Did you believe that because the Dark Mark is no longer on your arm, that you were pure? Forgiven? You betrayed our Lord. You were one of his chosen," Severus bit back any number of angry retorts about what he had been chosen for.

He had to find a way to stall the intruder until Dumbledore returned, which should be any minute. What he could not fathom was how the Death Eater had breached the wards of Hogwarts? They were some of the most powerful in the Wizarding world.

Surely this could not be one of the more powerful Death Eaters. All of the members of the Inner Circle were dead, period. Only a few very low ranking Death Eaters whose faces Severus had never actually seen at any of the infamous Dark Reveals could possibly still be at large.

He tried to calm himself. His life was bad right now, but he did not want to die. Certainly not while he carried Godric.

"Our Lord betrayed us all," this was a gamble. Possibly a deadly one, but he had to try. "He forgot about everything except for his obsession to kill Potter. That is what destroyed him."

"You gave our secrets to that old man," the knife was pulled more tightly to his throat. A slight trickle of blood, diluted by the water dripped between his breasts and over his swollen belly. "It was you who caused us to lose. Who caused so many more worthy men to die?" Severus stiffened as the knife was drawn closer, deepening the cut. He was forced against the other man.

He was quite surprised to feel a good-sized erection poking his backside through the robes. The Death Eater was excited?

"I was not even in the Inner Circle! I did not know enough to bring him down," OK, that was a slight fib. "It was Potter and Dumbledore, who killed the Dark Lord," that was true; he had only just been rescued from Malfoy's dungeon when the attack on Hogwarts came. At the time he had been incapacitated. "They consigned his soul to the void. There is no ritual to bring him back."

Ah, well, that was his story and he was sticking to it.

"No one could believe that you betrayed Voldemort. You were his favorite," the voice hissed. "I saw him change you," a gloved hand ran over his breasts, though the hand holding the knife did not loosen. "I watched him take your virginity," the free hand slipped downward between his legs, almost playfully stroking his female slit. "You must be tight with only that shriveled up old prick to fill you."

Severus froze. This was very wrong. Why had the Death Eater suddenly started feeling him up instead of ranting about wanting to kill him?

This man could not have watched Voldemort take his female virginity? No one else had been present at the time. That had been a very intimate session, only for the two of them. The dark mage had wanted Severus' screams and pain all to himself.

Then, suddenly it struck him, the most glaring flaw of this so-called Death Eater.

"No real Death Eater would ever call the Dark Lord by name even now," Severus said softly, he turned his head to look into the eyes in the mask. "Albus?"

Slowly the knife was lowered. The other gloved hand snapped its fingers causing the water to turn off. He removed the mask with a slight frown. The old man sighed and opened the robes freeing his beard. He was naked underneath, though his erection seemed to have deflated slightly. "Pshaw! That had me damn hard and you ruined it Severus."

The younger man stumbled out of the shower, dripping wet and shaking with anger, one hand still on his bleeding throat, the other cradling his belly, attempting to calm himself and the fluttering movement inside him. "What the hell were you doing?"

"Why, just giving you what you wanted. I thought you liked role playing my Pet?"

"Role playing?" Severus glared at the blood on his hand. "You cut me!"

Dumbledore reached out and tenderly touched his throat. Severus felt the small cut close. The Headmaster smirked. "I thought the knife added realism, little touch of spice to the game. You must admit it was pretty funny my boy. I scared the piss out of you!"

Severus' face reddened in shame as he tried to pull away from his husband, in frustration he lashed out, hormones racing. "What were you thinking! Of course I was scared! The Death Eaters want to torture and kill me! You could have hurt the baby and me, you sick bastard!!"

Dumbledore's backhanded knocked him into the wall!

"Never use that tone with me bitch! Get on your knees, now!" terrified Severus sank to his knees. How could he have been so stupid? "You thought that you could placate me by playing cute little games? Dress up like the naughty school girl or a boy toy whore to distract me?" The blue eyes narrowed. "Stupid twat! Did you think that you could just bat your bedroom eyes, spread your legs and wrap me around your little finger!" Dumbledore was screaming, the red glow of power radiated from him.

"Albus, please," Severus shrank away from him trembling with fear. Dumbledore's second backhand sent him to the floor on his side. He choked as he felt the magic of the full body bind encircle him, trapping him on his back with his arms pinned against his sides.

"I told you we are going to settle things tonight. And so we shall Severus my sweet. So we shall," Dumbledore was at least no longer growing. He glared down at the cowering man. "First and foremost it is time that you understand this one thing. You belong to me! I own your body. You are mine to use as I see fit. You exist solely for my pleasure."

"Yes Albus," he gulped meekly.

He was hauled up by the hair and backhanded again, knocked him back to the floor, unable to catch himself he fell heavily on his right side. "No more play acting for the old man, you whore! You will submit to me, completely! From now on, I will take a firmer hand. I tried to give you your head, to let you come to me willingly. But not you, my, oh so cunning little Slytherin! You had to try and deceive me! You would play your games and try to gain control over me! ME!" his hand wrapped around the younger man's almost waist length dripping wet black hair again, this time he used it to jerk his trembling bond mate back to his knees and forced him to look into the cold blue eyes.

"If you ever hesitate to obey my commands, any command, even for a heartbeat, you will receive ten lashes. If you raise your voice, or contradict me in any way, you will receive twenty. If you even think of refusing me sexually, it will be thirty. And if I ever find out that you have been alone with Draco Malfoy again, he will be expelled and you will receive fifty lashes."

He almost foamed at the mouth he was so enraged. Dumbledore drew the tough willow switch from his sleeve. "I took several pensives from you while you slept this week my Love. I had to know what was really on that devious mind of yours. I saw you and the little blond git sneaking around behind my back, laughing at me!"

Severus cringed, how could he forget Dumbledore's sick need to take his memories! He almost babbled in his desperation to appease the older Wizard. "Please Albus, I did not betray you! Draco and I, we were lonely, we both needed someone to talk to. I, I..."

"Quiet!" he dropped the hair and smiled. "Arse up my love. You are desperately in need of discipline," awkwardly Severus complied, at least as best he could over his belly, leaning forward until his forehead touched the floor and his hips were high in the air. There was no way he could fight, there never had been, he could only submit.

The willow switch snapped against his thighs. "One!" he choked.

By the time Dumbledore reached twenty, Severus was weeping openly. "Such a lovely sight," the Headmaster chuckled, running a hand over his mate's trembling form.

"Oh, Albus, there you are, I locked the office door behind me as you instructed..." Sirius Black froze, speechless, he blinked at them from the doorway, then smiled and looked smugly at his old foe. "And here I was worried about being early."

"Early?" Severus gulped from the floor, not wanting Black to see him in his humiliation, but too afraid of Dumbledore to move. "But, but..."

"I said I would be alone? I was, now I am not," slipping the switch into his sleeve, the older wizard smiled as Black walked in. He wore a pair of muggle jeans and a black turtleneck sweater, which could be seen beneath his teacher's robes. When he saw the old man was naked beneath his own open robe, with a rampant erection protruding from beneath his beard, Black reached boldly out and ran a hand along it.

Dumbledore touched his cheek tenderly. "Always such a good boy," he chuckled as they kissed passionately, then both turned their attention to Severus.

"Hmm, Severus Snape, naked, arse in the air, on the floor of a bathroom in a full body bind," Black's smile was predatory. "Where have I seen this before?"

Dumbledore snapped his fingers releasing Severus from the body bind. "Stand," he said softly. Severus slowly, painfully tried to comply. The Headmaster finally had to help him. When on his feet, he turned away to hide as much of his body from Black as he could. "Very good. Now my pet, since you and I have reached our understanding, I want to solve this little problem between you and Sirius."

The Headmaster took Severus by the arm and gently pushed him to stand before the leering Black. He looked down, else he would try to struggle, and be punished. "I want the three, ah, sorry, four of us to be a family. Please, for me, kiss and make up."

"Come on Severus. Albus and I have had a lot of long talks lately. We found so many things we had in common. Like getting a hard on just thinking about that sweet arse of yours," Black kissed his forehead. "We talked a lot about, different things that we both wanted to do with you together."

An oddly gentle hand took hold of his chin and tipped it up. "I will not hurt you," Black smiled. It was strange, he had not changed much since their school days, though he had a few gray hairs now, he still looked every inch the Golden Gryffindor. The one that had hurt, sexually abused, and tormented Severus Snape for almost seven straight years.

"Why?" he croaked hoarsely, his black eyes still downcast.

"Because Albus wants us to be family," Sirius Black leaned closer and touched his lips to his rival's pale cheek. "Very close family," he whispered. This time he captured the tightly closed mouth, and the kiss was no longer gentle. His tongue demanded entrance, and Severus knew he had no choice.

The kissing, it was so very strange. In all the times that Sirius Black had taken him, the only time he had ever attempted a kiss had been just a few hours before in the Potions classroom. Not too surprising, since usually the Slytherin would find himself bent over something or on hands and knees. Neither position made kissing a viable option, even if the Gryffindor were inclined to indulge.

In the end, Severus parted his lips, allowed Black to explore him at will. Not only with his tongue, but also with his hands.

He hated the way the Gryffindor kept touching his belly. Hated that worse then the tongue in his mouth, or the fingers that played with the rest of his trembling body.

Severus knew that he was tainted, had been from a young age. But his baby was innocent, and if he had anything to say about it, would stay innocent. He would find a way to keep Sirius Black from hurting Godric.

A hand touched his back, and a warm hard body nestled against him from behind. When Black broke the kiss with Severus, he leaned forward to kiss Dumbledore over his shoulder.

Oddly enough, Severus felt only morbid curiosity. He wondered which of them bottomed, and did Albus enjoy beating Black as well?

There was a pleasant thought.

"You need not be jealous of Sirius my Pet. He will never take your place," Albus stroked his belly gently. "Let us adjourn to my office," he kissed his spouse on the shoulder, then took him by the hand.

Having no choice, Severus meekly followed the pair out of the bathroom to the bedroom, then to the study. Dumbledore sat on the old flora print couch. "Come here Love," he patted his thighs, the obvious intent Severus was to sit on his lap. When the younger man moved to comply, he felt Dumbledore put up a hand on his backside. "Just a moment," He was standing nervously before the man, his long legs spread. He was not surprised to feel a touch at his opening. A finger worked the rather cold lubricant in. He tried not to think about either what was happening, or what he knew must be about to happen.

"Now, sit," as expected he was carefully guided from that awkward position to impale himself on Albus Dumbledore's erection. He was not sure which hurt worse, the massive cock sliding deep inside him, or the welts from the lashes that stung his buttocks and thighs.

When the old man was completely sheathed, Severus was gently encouraged to lean back against Dumbledore's chest. Between the beard and his wet hair, his back itched terribly. Though that was the least of his problems.

"The two of you simply need to get to know each other better," the old wizard sounded like the kindly Headmaster counseling a troubled student. "Now remain still my Pet. Sirius has never seen a Hermaphrodite up close. He is curious," Severus tensed as Sirius Black knelt between his wide spread legs even as Dumbledore stroked his sides and murmured encouragement.

A bizarre panic welled up inside him. He should not feel this, he was already being degraded by Dumbledore. Why should it matter that Black was going to touch him, almost certainly fuck him?

Because, he realized with horror, that this was different. Black had used him many times in school, raped him anytime he was too slow to escape. On several occasions, he and Potter and Pettigrew had even used the Imperious curse to force him to suck them. They had done so many things to him, but he had been completely male.

Though he had only had been like this for roughly eight months, he was hardly a virgin by any stretch of the imagination, but somehow, this was worse than anything else that had been done to him during his servitude to Dumbledore.

The female opening, it was the one part of him that Sirius Black had not taken, that his enemy had not despoiled. Now Black would have that also.

He felt tears well up in his eyes as Dumbledore thrust up, and Black kissed him and slid a finger in his vagina. A sick thought struck him. What he was now, just an object to be used, abused.

Dumbledore's prize whore. Three holes, no waiting.

He cringed as the hated man touched him again. His skin burned at every point of contact. "Could he scoot down a bit?" asked Black, a finger twisted inside his squirming victim. "This is a bit awkward thanks to that big belly of his."

"Of course," Albus happily obliged, rocking him back at an uncomfortable angle.

"Perfect," Black played with him, letting his fingers delve into the very dry slit. "Hm, not happy to see me Sev?" he noted that in addition to the tight unresponsive hole, his pale toy's male parts were also flaccid.

Not that he cared. Black opened his trousers and moved to place his member at the opening. "No, please Albus," Severus whispered in panic, white knuckles gripping the material of the couch. "The baby..."

"Now, now my Pet, Poppy said that sex was perfectly safe for another month or so as long as no excessive pressure is put here," he patted Severus' belly. The baby was bouncing and kicking as it felt its 'mother's' agitation. "Just relax, my Love. You are being so very ungrateful! Here you have two virile men wanting only to pleasure you, and all you can do is whine! Many people would envy you!"

That was when Black began to push in.

Severus screamed! Dumbledore slapped a hand over his mouth, muffling the cries, but did not use magic to quell them. "Fuck ya!" Black hissed, thrusting deep.

He was being torn apart! Severus sobbed as both men moved inside him. His entire body was throbbing in agony as each man pushed into him.

When hot seed finally coated the abused female channel he could only scream louder. Then the older man filled the other side, and both pulled out. He limply slid to the floor, curled up as best he could into a tight ball, and whimpered pathetically.

Black moved to sit on the couch beside the Headmaster. For a long time all both men could do was watch the wretched trembling form at their feet. They began to touch each other. Soon Black leaned over and kissed the Headmaster. Severus did not even notice, nor care as the men kissed and stroked each other. When they finally broke apart, Dumbledore looked at an old, brass clock on the wall. "Breakfast time already?" he chuckled. "Let me see," he drew his wand and pointed it at himself. His black Death Eater robes changed to a flowing light blue robe decorated with bright yellow moons and stars.

He adjusted his glasses then stepped over Severus.

Albus Dumbledore and Sirius Black, walked to the door. "Severus, my Pet," the Headmaster looked down at him and shook his head. "Get cleaned up and come to breakfast. You cannot lay here naked, cluttering up my office all day," they were talking together intimately as they left, locking the door behind them.

Severus sobbed pitifully. His body shuddered through a convulsion, twisting with the pain that engulfed him completely. When the agony subsided slightly, and thought returned, he gingerly moved a hand to touch his much too moist opening. With a sense of dread he brought the wet fingers up where he could see.

A cry of despair escaped his throat as he saw the blood...


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