The Issue of Mine Enemy

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Chapter 30 – Monday Maneuvers


Harry and his ladies stood before Headmistress McGonagall
and surveyed the artifacts that had once housed Tom Riddle’s soul: the diary
still holed by the basilisk’s fang, the one that had been created by murdering
Myrtle Frisbee, the ring, a product of patricide, the locket, the cup the
inkwell and the scabbard and belt; each and every one created by an act of
ultimate evil.


“Commander” the professor began, “none of these objects
carry any part of Riddle’s soul anymore but they have all been touched by dark
magic.  I would prefer that they not be left here.  As you seem to be able to
use them with no ill effects might I suggest that you take them with you?”


This was a great relief to Harry, who was going to ask to
borrow the objects, thinking they might give him a psychological advantage over
the self-styled Dark Lord during the final confrontation.


“Yes ma’am, I think I may be able to find a use for them
in all of this.”


The aged pedagogue walked over to the glass case containing
Gryffindor’s sword and whispered “patefaciamus” which made the case
swing open.


“The scabbard would be impractical without a proper sword,
and this one will fit perfectly, I believe.”


Harry was stunned “Headmistress, I can’t take the Sword of
Gryffindor, it belongs here at Hogwarts!”


“Indeed it does, be sure to bring it back when you have
finished with this business, Commander Potter.”


She offered the sword with a slight curtsey and a saucy
grin that made Harry realize what a rare beauty she had been a few decades
before.  He accepted the blade reverently and sheathed it in its scabbard.


“I will, Professor, I promise.”


Headmistress McGonagall knew he had every intention of
keeping that promise.


“Commander?” Marietta gestured for him to turn.  When he
did she unbuckled his regimental sword belt and handed it to Belle, then took
Gryffindor’s blade and scabbard fixing it around her commanding officer’s


The jeweled handle, gaudy in more plebian surroundings
looked resplendent against the background of his black uniform and maroon


“Lieutenant?” Harry accepted the regimental sword from
Belle and affixed it to Marietta’s tiny waist; he had to admit it looked damn
fine resting on the pleasing curve of her hip.


Belle performed a shrinking charm on all of the remaining
objects and placed them in a small velvet black bag which she handed to Harry. 
Pocketing the bag within his cloak he turned to McGonagall and said “thank you
ma’am for your help and hospitality, I look forward to seeing this castle
become our school again.”


He offered his hand which the headmistress took before she
pulled him into an awkward embrace.  “Take care Harry, please do what you have
to do and come back to us safe and whole!”  She kissed his cheek and stood back
defiantly as if to dare anyone to laugh at her acting like a foolish old woman.


“Lieutenant Edgecombe, Miss Black, Miss Frisbee, I charge
you to watch over the Commander, he needs looking after.”


Marietta snapped to attention, “yes ma’am!”


Belle embraced the old professor and Myrtle repeated her
thanks from earlier.


Harry took a handful of floo powder then looked at the
ghost “can you use the floo network Myrtle?”


“I’m pretty sure I can if I’m ‘visiting’ one of you as you


“Well, please join me then.”


“Anytime, Harry, anytime!”


He had the good graces to blush at the innuendo just as
she slipped into his body.


“Avalon Regimental Headquarters!” he said clearly as he
threw a handful of floo powder into the fireplace.  He stepped in and then
stepped out in the floo connection at regimental headquarters.  The
semi-transparent ghost continued to rotate inside him as he stepped out so that
she flashed in and out of sight until the spinning stopped.


“Ooooo, I haven’t been dizzy like that in ages!”


As it was the weekend no one was in the floo room so no
one saw the Myrtle with Harry, which was good as they had all agreed to keep the
ghost girl hidden so that she could be a secret weapon of search and


She could be the ideal spy because Harry and Belle could
speak to Myrtle when she ‘visited’ either of them much in the same way that
Belle and Harry could communicate with each other over their bond.  More
importantly, Marietta could, if she really projected, communicate with Myrtle –
perhaps owing to the fact that she had been the first living person with whom
the ghost had merged.


When the group returned to Harry’s bungalow they walked in
on a flurry of auror trainee activity.


Sergeant Major Moody greeted them at the door “Glad t’see
you all back Commander, Lef’ tenant, Ma’am.”


“Sergeant Major, how are preparations going?”


“Excellent sir, rules of engagement are on your desk, the
venue has been chosen and final maneuvers will commence in” he checked his
pocket-watch, which just happened to be on his pocket flask, so of course while
he had it out he took a little nip, “in fifteen hours sir.”


“Are all the repples here?”


“Aye sir; and grinning like hyenas”


“We’ll be ready to deploy tomorrow?”


“We’re ready to deploy now, Commander.”


“Seriously, Sergeant Major?”


“The troops are just waiting for you t’give the word sir.”


“The word is given Sergeant Major Moody!”


Commander Cormack McClaggan stood at the head of four neat
rows of auror trainees, the four platoons that made up Avalon Seventh Company,
the “Lucky 7th” had always beaten its sister companies and McClaggan
was determined to not be the one to break that record.  He had drilled his
company relentlessly, micromanaging every aspect of training and deportment, he
loved his rank and authority and was generally hated by all those unfortunate
enough to have to serve under him.  There was a McClaggan very highly placed in
the ministry that had ensured his rapid promotion and he had taken to command
like a duck to water, well, okay his troops were demoralized and couldn’t fire
a spell straight for more than ten feet, and they constantly complained about
his ‘leadership style,’ but hey, he was not there to be liked, he was there to
get the job done.  And the Lucky 7th could out march any other company
in the regiment.


The mission was simple, just get over the hill, and
capture the flag.  His plan was simplicity itself.  March over the hilltop with
his two score and ten, him leading from the front, of course and out duel the
commander of the ‘Fighting Ninth.’  He’d heard good things about the mysterious
Commander Evans, how his company was already combat ready and just itching to
get into the fight against “you know who.”  He respected that; maybe after he’d
beaten Evans in a fair duel he could share some of his own leadership pearls.


“Company! Fall in! Attention!” he commanded, this was all
unnecessary because the company was already formed and at attention.


“Forward, march!”


Fifty pairs of shiny dragonhide boots moved in perfect
unison and marched straight up the hill.  As soon as McClaggan crested the hill
he saw the gold flag of the Fighting 9th fluttering in the breeze
and a lone figure in a command cloak sitting cross-legged in a comfortable
chintz chair reading a small book.  The man hadn’t even looked up from his book
as the Lucky 7th crested the hill. 


McClaggan was so amazed by the audacity of the other
commander that he missed the muffled sounds of his troops behind him.  As soon
as McClaggan had crested the hill Harry’s camouflaged troops had petrified,
stupefied and silenced the other company starting with the back most troops in
their perfect formation.  By the time the rest of the company realized they
were in trouble it was too late and they too were magically bound and gagged. 
So it was that Mclaggan marched down the hill alone, oblivious to the fate of
his command.


“Commander Evans, my compliments sir” McClaggan bellowed,
“as I am here with my whole company and you seem to be without one do you wish
to yield sir?”


Harry didn’t even look up from his book, he just asked
“what company?”


McClaggan turned to gesture at . . . nothing.


“My command!  Where is my command?”


Harry looked up, but didn’t rise “lose something


“See here Evans! What have you done to my troops?”


“Well, McClaggan, we are at war, and y’know, shite


“Forget shite!  Where are my aurors?”


“They’ve been attended to and will be returned in good
time, meanwhile as you seem to be shy about fifty troops, do you yield


“I think I can take you” McClaggan boasted.


“Commander, and I use the term loosely in your case, my
men and women have taken out all, and I mean all of your troops with no
casualties to themselves, are you sure you don’t want to just admit defeat?”


Just then Marietta came skipping down the hill wearing the
blue flag of the Lucky Seventh as a cape over her camouflaged fatigues.


“By the rules of engagement we have captured the flag
Commander Evans.  I believe that means we’ve won!”  She was out of breath but
beaming with success.


“That is totally unfair, there was no engagement, and you,
and you snuck up on us in a COWARDLY attack when we weren’t looking.”


Harry was on his feet now and made no effort to mask his
disgust “McClaggan, is that what you’ve been teaching your troops?  To play
fair, to march into combat like it’s some kind of fuckin’ parade?  If so you
owe them an apology, because before they can be put into the field in ANY
capacity they’re going to need training, and they’re not getting it from


“That’s your opinion Evans, my troops have discipline, my
troops know how to march, and my troops know how to present a proper military


“Yeah, arsehole, they’ll make great looking corpses!”


Marietta snickered and McClaggan rounded on her shouting
“shut up bitch!” as he backhanded her across the mouth.


Harry moved quickly to stop the blow from landing but
wasn’t fast enough.  He roared in frustration, he hadn’t expected that, a
commanding officer striking a subordinate?  Who’d have thought McClaggan had it
in him?


Harry’s expression was cold as dry ice and as hard as
diamonds as he was about to . . .


Marietta raised her hand to stop Harry and calmly said “I


Both men looked confused for just a moment and then Harry
grinned evilly.


“Oh McClaggan, you are going to wish you hadn’t done




“McClaggan of the Clan McClaggan you have set the
challenge and I Edgecombe of the clan Evans” she looked at Harry who nodded his
approval, “Edgecombe of the clan Evans accept.”


“Since my adjutant is the injured party choice of weapons
is hers.”


“I choose quarterstaffs, at noon, top of the hill.  Be
there or forfeit what ever honor you have left McClaggan!”


She whipped off the defeated company’s flag and folded it
reverently, “good men and women have died under this banner, I promise you I
meant it no disrespect” she handed Harry the flag then turned to McClaggan “but
you sir, are toast!”


When the sun was directly overhead both companies
assembled to watch the single combat between the tall, broad shouldered
Scotsman and the petite Irishwoman, no one in the Lucky 7th doubted
the outcome, oddly enough no one in the Fighting 9th doubted it
either, they had seen Lieutenant Edgecombe go one on one with Commander Evans and
about half the time she handed him his arse and nobody else had been able to
take the Commander.  Of course betting was rampant; Edgecombe getting five to
one odds against the larger, stronger opponent.  Everyone agreed it would be a
short duel.


McClaggan stripped to his waist showing off his impressive
musculature and did a complex series of bo katas, he clearly had been trained
at some point.  As he spun his quarterstaff in front of, to the left of and to
the right of his athletic frame he smiled evilly at the diminutive lieutenant
who just stood in a loose ‘ready’ position waiting for the git to quit


“Will ye be dancin’ all day or did y’come ta fight?”


McClaggan growled and tried a one-two combination designed
to split her skull and then sweep her feet out from under her.  Two small
problems: she blocked the head shot and jumped over the sweep, then while his
right arm was hyper extended she cracked his elbow effectively numbing his
whole right arm.


She went back to the ready position as he shook his arm
trying to get some feeling back. 


He circled around looking for some advantage, and thought
he had it when he stabbed the ground with the end of the staff, he had been
hoping to break her foot but she simply moved it and brought her staff down on
his knuckles forcing him to let go of his.


He shook his hand in pain before he realized that his
staff was still stuck in the ground – she had disarmed him. 


He snatched the quarterstaff out of the ground and
re-commenced circling his opponent she feigned a quick downward strike which he
blocked by bringing his staff straight up with both hands – trouble was, at the
last instant Marietta reversed the strike so that the other end came up between
his legs.  Hard.  The sound was like that of the flat of a cricket bat hitting a
naugahide couch.  Every man in attendance winced at the hit; it was that
painful to watch.  The petit lieutenant skipped back a pace as McClaggan swung ineffectively,
half blinded by pain.  He kept swinging back and forth rhythmically so that she
was able to get in an annoying strike to his ribs, arms or elbows; whatever
part of his body he was willing to expose every time he tried for a hit.  He
kept his bullocks safe though, every time he saw the business end of her
quarterstaff he would snap his knees tightly together – not the most impressive
fighting stance.


Sooner or later even the dumbest steer in the
slaughterhouse realizes what’s happening.  She was playing with him.  She felt
she could end this at any time but she was humiliating him.  He saw red.  He
took hold of the quarterstaff and held it like a long club and began to swing
wildly back and forth counting on his size and his rage to overcome the snarky


This was, of course exactly what Marietta was expecting,
indeed waiting for; as he swung hard to his left she used the end of her staff
to crack his left kneecap into two neat pieces.


He went down howling until Marietta laid him out with a
stroke that loosened several teeth and left an angry red welt up the side of
his head.  He fell to the ground face first.


A cheer went up from the ninth company and an equally loud
groan from the seventh and Harry, thinking ‘decorum be damned’ captured Marietta in a hug swinging her around.  He did put her down when he saw Commandant
Hayden storming up the hill; Sergeant Major Moody limping behind.


“Commander Evans, report!”


Harry told the commandant of the quick and decisive
‘battle’ that morning and how McClaggan had lost his temper and assaulted his
adjutant, according to regulations she accepted the challenge and broke a few
of his bones in the process.


Hayden could see the split lips and bruising on Marietta’s face and asked “is that from the duel?”


“No sir, it’s from when he backhanded me, I think his ring
broke me tooth” upon close inspection they could tell three teeth were broken.


“Uncalled for, that man is unfit for command, Sergeant


“Aye sir.”


“Get him out of here!”


“Commandant, if I may” Harry interjected, “you are right,
he can’t lead a thirsty hippogryph to water but he does have organizational and
administrative skills.  Perhaps we could use him in a staff position?”


The commandant looked at Harry and broke into a broad grin
“damn fine thinking Commander, don’t waste resources, all right Evans, you’ve
got yourself a dog-robber, see what you can do with him!”


“Aye sir . . .” he said, not very enthusiastically.


Moody looked like he was going to bust a gut trying not to
laugh.  Harry had just saddled himself with the biggest git in the camp.


The Commandant turned to Marietta and said “Lieutenant,
get y’self to the healer straight away!”


“Aye sir!” she replied and apparated away to the


Looking down at the unconscious ex-commander on the ground
the old man said “somebody side-along Corporal McClaggan to the infirmary
as well.”


“Evans” he said, “fine job today, good leadership
instincts, good follow through, next field maneuver in two days, get some rest
then figure out how you’re going to beat Fifth Company, they’re not going to
fall for your camouflage tricks y’know!”


“Aye sir” Harry saluted as the old Commandant strolled


Harry stepped to the top of the hill and called out in his
command voice, “Lucky Seventh, you were a magnificent and intimidating sight
marching up that hill today, you followed the orders of those who were
appointed above you and no one will ever fault you for that.  But hear this all
of you, because one of you will have to step up and assume command, respect and
command goes up and down the ranks; from the rawest recruit to the Ministers of
Magic and Defense and down again.  Identify your strengths, make use of the
talented people I know you have and work together, be a team and while another
team might beat you, no one will ever defeat you!”


“Oi, we’ll follow you Commander!” someone from the 7th
shouted to a chorus of ‘hear hears’ and Harry smiled broadly. 


“Sorry boys and girls, I already have a job and I’ve got
to sleep sometimes!”


More laughter followed, then Harry said “there’s hot food
and cold stout in the open mess and you’re all invited!  Companies! Dis –


The sound of a general cheer went up then was eclipsed by
that of over a hundred apparations.  Back at the base some of the muggleborns
said it sounded like the world’s largest popcorn popper.


Harry apparated straight to the infirmary where Healer
Dumphries was putting the finishing touches on Marietta’s teeth.


“Good as new, Lieutenant” the healer said then motioning
for Harry said “I can release her into your care Commander.”


“Thank you Healer Dumphries.”


“Would you like that potion now?”


Marietta’s eyebrows went up.


Harry saw the reaction and groaned, “no sir, not just yet
I don’t want to lose it.”


“It’s going to be more uncomfortable as it progresses you


“Harry just shrugged”


Marietta was getting concerned “Healer Dumphries, what’s
all this then?”


“Oh, sorry, I thought you knew.”


“Knew what?”


“Seems our Commander is reluctant to take the dampening


She looked at Harry as though he had grown a third eye
“are ye daft man, how d’you expect to get through this without it?”


“Belle needs me, is all, if I take the potion she will not
be able to sense me anymore, and I won’t be with her the same way either.”


“Healer, have ye not told him what’ll happen?”


“I have.”


“Come along Commander” Marietta said, with an edge
to her voice, “we’re going home!”


Harry nodded and gathering up his courage followed her




The concept of “Dog Robber” is easily explained, just find
a store that carries old movies, and find the DVD titled “The Americanization
of Emily.”  The short version, a dog robber is the guy in just about every
command who can find anything you might need, think of him as a military









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