Getting Even with Hermione Granger

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A/N: So yes, I expect to be moaned at for doing this instead of STLT's BUT I have had a lot going on and needed a small break. This idea came into my head and I went with it. It's still angsty but a lil different from what I've written before. I'm hoping it won't be so dark :P But you never know with me- I like to keep you on ur toes :P

I don't know if this will class as a one shot. If it's got more than one chapter is it not a oneshot? I hope someone will let me know ^_^

So: Hermione’s ‘little sister’ has a terrible obsession with a certain sexy Slytherin. Hermione goes psycho, Draco gets even, and Ron just looks stupid… Again.

What can I have in store for you? :P Enjoy!


Getting Even

“You’re the smarmy git Malfoy!”

Of course things were as they always were. Draco Malfoy had turned into the potions corridor- flanked by Blaise and Goyle- only to run into Potty and Weasel. He noted the filthy Mudblood they always followed around wasn’t there and he was glad of it. It meant no one was there to interfere. To hold them back.

It had taken seconds to get the red head shouting furiously at him- a little longer for Scar head. But that was how it always worked.

“I’d shut your mouth if I were you Weaselbee. I’d rather be a smarmy git than as poor as you are… Your sister, has she always been such a slag? Or is it only since she’s been dating you Potter?”

And of course that had been a sure fire way to set them off.

As always, Draco would push them; comment after comment, because he would not be the one to punch out first. But he would push and wait until they made their attempt. He’d maybe even take a hit but only so that he could hit back. Only so he could punch Potter right between the eyes, so that his black-framed glasses cracked.

“I thought it was you who was the slag Malfoy?”

He closed his eyes, bile rising in his throat at the sound of her voice. He knew that his lip curled up and his expression showed how disgusted he was by her. But why should he hide it?

He turned his cold, grey eyes onto the filthy Mudblood behind him. He turned slowly, wanting to see her shaken by his deadly expression. But as always and as infuriatingly as normal, she didn’t react. She was looking to her ‘precious wonder boys’. He could see the stern look in her eyes that was already silently berating them for their actions. Their wands weren’t in their tightly clenched fists, which meant they had been about to hit out, to do exactly what he wanted them to… And she had ruined it.

Hermione- fucking- Granger. Merlin how much he hated her. He could feel his blood pound in his revulsion. She made him sick, the third member of the Golden Trio and the one he detested most. Granger; the bane of his bloody life since they had returned to Hogwarts to finish their schooling. The war had ended. Potter had won and Draco hated him for it. His father was in Azkaban, his mother confined to the house by the shame of it all. And worst of all, when he had been made Head Boy… She just had to piss on it by being made Head Girl.

“What would you know Mudblood?” Draco began, because he was not about to back down. Even if it meant he could only press their buttons now that she was there, he was damn well going to do it. “It’s not like anyone’s ever wanted to get in your pants is it?!” he sneered at her, disgusted by everything she was.

He briefly noticed a mousey sixth-year girl, almost hiding herself behind the Mudblood. She distracted him momentarily only because she was looking at him, oddly.
Draco heard her sigh. Not the mousey girl but her. The Mudblood had the audacity to sigh at him in exasperation before hurrying over to her lap dogs. He sneered at her, looking her over in loathing.

Her curly brown hair had worked itself into a frenzy in Transfiguration class and had fallen, in places, from the bun it was in. Her face was in its usual, stern expression but was otherwise showing she was unfazed. She had her arms crossed, books held to her chest as her full satchel hung on her shoulder. She looked lopsided and thoroughly fucking ridiculous in his opinion. He didn’t understand how anyone could bare to be around her, not even Potty and Weasel.

Her Head Girl robes hung around her, almost too big. He himself had taken them off the moment he could. They had one lesson left and it was with Snape. He wasn’t about to be reprimanded for not wearing his Head Boy robes in a room full of lit cauldrons… She might though.

The stupidly baggy robes hid her body from view but he had been unfortunate to see her without her uniform on- another reason why he hated her so badly. They shared living quarters and were forced to work together on certain projects. At first he had tried to put it all on her but that had resulted in her reporting it to her favourite teacher. Headmistress McGonagall. Merlin he fucking hated Granger. Here he was, working hard to regain some dignity for the Malfoy name, and there she was almost loosing him his position as Head Boy!

He’d seen her in shorts in the summer; an event he did not want to witness again. She had repeated it, however, every night. She would change into her shorts, crack open the windows in their joint Common Room and would lie on the floor in front of the empty fireplace, reading. He had been counting the days before Autumn, silently willing it to hurry along.

There was nothing more sickening than her body. Not because she didn’t have a good-looking one. Oh no! That was what made it so much worse. She had a very slender body, with curves in all the right places… It was so wrong. It was disgusting to see such a body being put to waste. Not because anyone would ever want her, not at all. But because of what ran beneath it. What ran beneath her creamy, smooth skin.
It made him sick because her blood ran beneath it. Pounding, rushing blood filled with filth. Mudded blood and dirty blood and she was so damned oblivious to just how very disgusting she really was. There were not enough words to describe his repulsion.

Deep brown eyes glared back at him, seemingly unnerved by the look he was firing at her.

He wanted her to be bothered. To be scared or just plain offended. But she wasn’t. She was typical fucking righteous Granger and she was staring at him as if he was a bug- a mere irritation that was barely a blip on her radar.

“My pants are none of your business Malfoy.” She turned to the mousey girl, a small crowd around the two groups now. She was taking books from the girl who was still staring at him, large doe eyes, peering round Granger’s shoulder. Draco just looked down his nose at her, causing her to retreat further behind Granger’s back.

“You don’t have to justify him with an answer Hermione…” Potty had began but trailed off as everyone watched what Granger was doing. She was taking books from the girl, balancing them against one raised knee. “What are you doing?”

A good question. She’s just being Granger, Potty. Typical, Mudblood, Granger… And isn’t she disgusting?

“Emilie has been assigned to me for mentoring.” Granger began to explain. “The Heads of school and all the Prefects have been asked to undergo a tutoring scheme. We’re assigned younger ‘brothers or sisters,’ and we have to help them with extra tuition and be there to advise them on personal issues if they need help. Isn’t that right Emilie?”

The mousey girl, who was still half-hidden behind Granger’s pile of books, merely nodded- her eyes still on him.

“That is the biggest load of bull I’ve ever heard.”

Draco snapped. That stupid Headmistress was giving extra work, to those who already had extra work, in order to run some idiot scheme. It was the worst idea he’d ever heard.

“Perhaps you should be asking yourself why you haven’t been assigned a student Malfoy.” Her reply grated him. How he wished she would have an accident and loose her vocal chords. The sounds of her obnoxious, arrogant voice had become such an annoyance to him. He heard it far too often now he was forced to share a common room with her.

He pretended he didn’t give a shit. And perhaps he really didn’t because why should he care if the idiot Hufflepuffs of the damned school were keeping up with their work?

“Nobody wanted to be assigned to you.”

He wanted to growl. Punch a wall or punch her or anything. Only he would never punch a girl- only ever in his mind but never in real life. He had some standards. Why would he lower himself to punch a Mudblood like her anyway? He might catch something just from touching her.

“Nobody asked you Mudblood!”

He snarled back at her. Pissed with her for existing.

“And stop staring at me you ugly cretin!”

He demanded of the Mousey girl, not even glancing back at her as she hide herself from view.

“Leave her alone Malfoy!” Hermione yelled at him. “Merlin! What is your problem?!”

Right now, it was absolutely, positively her.

The need to hit out rose within him again but he kept calm, kept his Malfoy dignity. She wasn’t worth him lowering himself to Weasel’s standards. Speaking of which the red-head was now almost purple in the face. Shaking in anger.

Draco laughed then. He couldn’t help it. Anything to get the twat going.

“My, oh my Weaselbee… You might want to keep her on a leash.”

That was it. The red-haired weasel snapped. Draco saw it in his eyes; the need to rip him to shreds. Well, come at me Weasel, because I have my own reasons for hating you, far more legit than why you hate me.

Draco licked his lips as he waited, motioning for Blaise and Goyle to stay back. And they were almost reflective opposites. Goyle was his dick head follower, no brain and no questioning- just like Weasel. Blaise was smart. So smart in fact he had given Draco a run for his money with grades in sixth year. He was sure even Granger had needed to pull out all the stops to stay on top. And then there was him and Potter. The very reason for their existence because what would Blaise and Goyle be without him?

He braced himself for the pain. Reveling in it. Tensing the muscles in his right arm, clenching his fist and preparing himself, ready to hit Weasel back. And Merlin was he going to hit back.

The pain never came. He heard a scuffle and opened his eyes. He had only closed them for a second, ready but by the time he had opened them, Granger stood before him.

“What the fuck Granger?!”

She was standing right in front of him, back to him and arms outstretched. Her precious books lay scattered on the floor where she had dropped them. Silly, stupid, foolish girl. She had moved in front of him, put herself in the way of Weasel’s punch. It looked as though the Weasel had stopped himself at the last moment as he stood mere millimetres from her, his eyes wide.

“What are you doing?!”

He exclaimed incredulously. Draco couldn’t understand it either.

“I am not having you expelled Ronald, because you took rise to Malfoy’s bait.” She stated, matter-of-factly. The idiot looked torn, teeth grit together, looking from her to him with a frown deep on his forehead. “Don’t.”

Draco watched in amusement as she added her little extra warning.

“My- oh- my, it looks like Weaselbee won’t go against her wishes. Looks like she wears the trousers in the relationship Weasley. Tell me, does she have the dick to go with them? Because we all know you don’t have any balls!”

Draco’s sneer made Ron start for him again but once more the infuriating know-it-all moved to stop him. This time Scar-head joined in by grabbing the back of Weasley’s robes.

“She’s right mate…” Potter began.

No she’s not Potty! Let him go you dick head!

“He only wants to piss you off so you hit him and get expelled.”

Potty was explaining and Draco fumed silently. He couldn’t give a shit about expulsion. The thought had never even crossed his mind. He’d merely wanted to kick the holy shit out of the pair of them- and he would have done had the Mudblood not interfered. Any expulsions that resulted from it were added perks in his opinion.

Draco watched as Potty helped the bitch to pull Weasley back. They were forcing him further down the corridor but as he did so Draco’s lips curled up in a smile. Perfect.

“What is going on?”

Snape’s monotonous voice was like music to his ears, because any punishment they received right now would make him feel that little bit better.

The dark-haired man looked down at the mess of books and then up at the cowering mousey girl. He opened his mouth to speak, bored but ultimately about to set a punishment.

“Sorry sir!” Once again she rushed to the rescue and Draco sneered. “They’re mine. I… I dropped them.” And it hadn’t been a lie but she still turned red and stuttered her words. What a stupid bitch.

“Detention and twenty points from Gryffindor for messing up the corridor.”

Draco let out a laugh then, along with the whoops, jeers and laughter from the other Slytherins that had now congregated to wait for class.

“That’s not fair!”

A red faced Weasley was storming back up the corridor, his wand in his hand.

“It wasn’t her fault! It was that prick that started it!”

And Weasley pointed his wand at Draco as he stood there, amused, if slightly unnerved. He would never let it show though. Do your best Weasley, because I’m sure I’ve had worse. And sure enough Potty was looking worriedly from his best mate back to Draco. That’s right Potty. I survived the curse you cast on me. I can fucking take it and I’ll give hell back.


The corridor fell silent as Snape’s voice echoed around the corridor and they watched as Weasley’s wand landed in his hand. Draco sneered again but silently wished his Godfather hadn’t taken the dick head’s wand. All he really wanted was a bloody excuse to beat the crap out of them- one way or another. He really had no preferences.

“A months detention Weasley and extra homework. Report to the Headmistress’s office at once. Potter you will escort him, make sure he goes because I will know if you don’t.”

The Slytherins laughed and jeered as Potty had to pull Weasley away, his arm around one shoulder, almost chocking him as his arm wrapped around his neck.

“Oh, and a hundred points from Gryffindor for threatening another student.”

Draco had to give it to the man. He knew how to brighten up the day. Draco turned to his classmates as they laughed about what had just happened. He glanced at the mousey girl again, feeling a pair of eyes on him.


He snapped as the class began to enter the classroom after Snape.

“Leave her alone Malfoy.”

Granger’s warning voice again.

“I’ll do what I damn well please Granger. You’re not with your lap dogs now. You can’t tell me what to do.”

He watched her as she bent down, picking up books as she went. The little mousey thing followed suit but was still glancing back up at him, blushing. She sighed, loudly at his comment and it made him forget about Snape’s punishment. He was back at square one. Hating them and wanting to see them squirm.

“She’s not going to be able to help you much, this one…”

Draco began to explain to the Sixth year. She had to be sixteen/ seventeen? They were all eighteen now, beyond a wizard’s coming of age. And still they were stuck at school. Who’s idea it had been to enforce they finished their last year at school he did not know. All he knew was that the Ministry had sent them back, announcing they would not qualify as fully educated witches and wizards without graduating from Hogwarts. He rather felt they’d had more experience than was needed after the events of the war.

“You’re supposed to help with personal issues you say?” He pretended to pose the question to Granger, who was fervently ignoring him. “You get any boyfriend issues and she won’t be able to help you.”

He wasn’t even looking at the girl he was addressing. He was watching for a reaction from Granger.

“She can’t give you any sex education either.”

He added and smirked as the mousey girl blushed deeply, cradling a few books she had picked up to Granger. Draco turned, expecting Granger to have snapped, or to be blushing as fervently as the mouse-girl was. He was disappointed. The Mudblood wasn’t blushing and didn’t look like she was overly bothered by his insult. She looked concerned however, when she looked over at Emilie. Draco glanced back to see the girl was staring at him, dreamily.

Oh that was just too funny.

“Emilie can you come and help me over here?”

Granger seemed to realise the same time he did and Draco turned to the mousey girl, taking advantage of the opportunity.

“You don’t have to listen to her Emilie.” He had only really taken note of it the last time Granger had spoken. “She dropped the books, not you. Don’t let her boss you about.”

And he had looked straight at her. His eyes boring into hers and he could see the admiration she had for him reflected in them. He stopped himself from laughing as he turned back to Granger.

She was ignoring him again and he really wished she wouldn’t. Stupid bint.

“You know, if you ever want any help, with ‘personal’ issues…” Draco emphasized the words and saw Granger’s eyes widen from the corner of his eye. His smirk widened.

The last few people were filing into the class now.

“I’m Head Boy, so you know, you can always come and talk to me. I’d be happy to help you out, with any… ‘Personal’ problems.”

Draco was sure his eyebrows waggled slightly with the insinuation. He bit his tongue between his teeth as he turned cockily back to Granger. She was standing, stock-still, her eyes cold as she glared at him. He smirked back, waiting…

“Malfoy, you are such an unimaginable prick!”

Her shout carried in the now empty corridor, her pitch getting higher at the end. The three of them stood there. Granger, staring daggers at him as he smirked back at her. The mousey girl just stood there, looking from one of them to the other.

“Another detention Miss Granger, for your rudeness…”

Snape’s voice carried from beyond the open door of the classroom. He watched as Granger closed her eyes, trying to calm herself, her frame rigid. She looked so frustrated that she might just snap. And then came Snape’s voice again.

“As Head Girl you really are setting a poor example.”

Words of gold. If there was ever a way to upset the Mudblood bitch, it was telling her she was failing at something. Draco’s appreciation of his Godfather increased tenfold. He might be a moody, smarmy bastard, but he knew how to make Draco’s day.

“Mr Malfoy, when you have finished assisting the young lady…” Snape called, referring to the mouse-girl. “Please join the rest of us.”

Draco held back laughter as the Mudblood grit her teeth. Served her right. It served her right for being so disgustingly and positively gross. She was a curse on wizard kind to have her blood running through her veins. She would have been better to throw it all in and get herself killed in the midst of the war. Then she wouldn’t be there, pissing him off… Constantly.

“Miss Granger, will you be joining us at all today? Another ten points from Gryffindor for holding up the class.”

They could hear the mix of groans and outrage from the collective Gryffindor student’s inside the classroom. Draco wondered with glee for a minute if she might cry. But when she opened her eyes she looked determined.

She was always disappointing him.

“Yes Professor, sorry Professor.”

She called back to him and Draco really did want to laugh as he headed towards the classroom then. He turned back, purposefully.

“Bye Emilie. Hope to see you around.” He added in his dashing smile to the mix, glancing at Hermione the whole time. “I meant what I said. Feel free to come and talk to me… Anytime.”

He winked at her devilishly before turning to face the class. Almost everyone was looking to the front, listening intently to Snape as he gave out the potion warning for that day. Everyone listened attentively to what he had to say because no one wanted to be the idiot that blew up the potion. The Longbottom of the class as it were.

However, Blaise, Goyle and Theo Nott- who had obviously joined the crowd at some point- were staring back at him with utter horror on their face. Only Blaise seemed to realise there was a reason behind such behaviour.

He turned as Granger walked in, holding her mountain of books. He held out his arm, stretching it before him, gesturing for her to go first. He thought maybe she would glare at him- she was positively buzzing with anger. But she ignored him as she passed, faced forward and walked forward, knowing he would take his seat next to his friends at the back. Meanwhile she would have to walk to the front of the class, in front of them all. Snape would target her further… Ah, he really did enjoy Potion’s class.

He turned back to see that Mouse- girl was peering round the doorframe and Draco smiled at her. His charming- women winning- smile. Sure enough she blushed and looked away bashfully. The class erupted into noise as they were instructed to get their equipment out and ingredients from the shelf.

Draco looked around and saw Granger’s eyes on mouse-girl at the door. He watched as they hurriedly flickered back to his and Draco smiled darkly. Oh don’t worry Granger. You’re going to get what’s coming to you… one way or another.

He smiled wider in amusement, his eyes still staring darkly at her. Then he slowly turned his head towards the girl in the doorway. Knowing that the dirty Mudblood was watching he gave Mouse-girl a little wave, before blowing her a kiss.

He held back his laughter with horrendous difficulty as the girl flushed a brilliant red, gasped and jumped away from the door. He was saved by Snape again as he flicked his wand and the door slammed shut.

This was so perfect… Almost too perfect. So perfect in fact that he laughed out loud, receiving strange glances from Blaise and Goyle. He looked back at Granger, who had not moved. She was staring; her expression unreadable but obvious anger pulsed through her dirty blood. He laughed openly in front of her, smirking at her when he could manage to.

Oh it was brilliant. A plan had already formed in his head and he had the perfect way to get back at her. The perfect way to punish her for stopping Weasley and for stopping Potter and just for being who she bloody well was!

He smirked back at her, composed now as Goyle fetched his potions equipment for him. How the brute had managed to con his way back into Snape’s class, Draco had no idea. Nor did he care. Right now, the only thing he cared about was making the filthy Mudblood that was staring at him, realise how very disgusting she was. He’d make her hate herself. Make her hate herself as much as he hated her.

He almost laughed again as the planned finished forming in his head. She hadn’t moved. Her anger was coursing through her but she held her ground. She glared at him; blank except for the underlying furiousness.

“Another Ten Points from Gryffindor.”

And he did laugh again then, along with the rest of the Slytherins in the class. Snape was slamming his hand on her desk, looming into her.

“Will you be joining us at all today Miss Granger?”

The rebuking went on for a while but Draco only half listened. He was watching her, she’d turned away now to aim that glare at Snape. He would make her realise what she was. He’d make her hate herself for existing as much as he did. He’d see to it that he got revenge on his father’s behalf. One by one he’d take down the Golden Trio. One by one he’d make them break.

… And he really was looking forward to tearing her into pieces.

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