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Chapter One

First Encounter

Hermione’s heart was pounding violently inside her chest.

Do not move. Whatever you do, do not move… and keep your breathing steady. You stupid, stupid idiot!

Because she knew why she was stuck in her current situation. She knew it was her own stupid fault. In her own, stupendously idiotic need to entice Ron’s attentions, even after so many years of numerous failed attempts- she had worn perfume.

She cursed silently, her whole body thrumming with a cold dread as she stared fearfully at the Snatcher before her.

The one staring right back, with piercing blue-grey eyes.

The Snatcher had walked past her at first, following the other Snatchers. The ones with the bodies. Hermione could only hope that their captives were still alive, because she didn’t have time to ponder. Her heart had plummeted into her stomach as the Snatcher had stopped, stock still, before turning back towards her.

For a moment she feared the wards had fallen. But, deep down, she knew that was an unnecessary worry. No matter how much she doubted herself, she should not doubt her magic. Those protection spells had been perfect, because she’d had people to protect.

The man had walked slowly over to her, his eyes searching the area around her before he stopped, inches in front of her. She held her breath instinctively, wishing him away. She wanted to step away from him, to retreat, but she knew he’d hear her move. She wanted to close her eyes, but fear and panic rooted them there, wide and staring as he stared straight at her.

Her heart jolted in her chest. She almost gasped as those predatory eyes met hers.

Seconds seemed to last lifetimes as the rugged Snatcher stared back. She knew rationally, that he had to be seeing right through her; to the forest beyond… but those eyes… those inquisitive eyes were staring deeply into hers.

It was as though she’d fallen under a spell, captivated completely by the way those eyes were staring out at her. The hunter looking for the hunted.

Bluish-grey eyes, cautious and searching but never moving from hers. His eyes were clear and almost bright in the darkness of the forest. Those glacial depths had frozen her in place, and she felt the cold from them as his eyes bore into hers. She felt that cold, freezing grip of terror running down her spine.  

His eyes were penetrating her, searching her very soul. She felt it, in a shiver that ran from the top of her head, to the tip of her toes. He was looking for her…

And with those searching, predatory eyes, she felt thoroughly exposed.

The Snatcher was calculating, his mind ticking as he stood. He was waiting for some sign that she was there, standing just beyond the barrier. She saw it, the way his mind turned each thought over, waiting.


Suddenly he blinked, and that spell that had held her there, captivated, was broken. He turned, leaving her free to let go of that breath, the one she’d held for far too long. She was dizzy now. Lightheaded and dizzy with relief when he walked away, addressing one of the Snatchers who appeared to be so obviously in his command.

The other Snatcher picked up the body he had dropped to the floor, following the one who had stared her out. Made her feel vulnerable beneath his gaze. It was abundantly clear that he was in charge, and no one seemed about to question it.

She couldn’t move. Her feet were still frozen to that spot as the Snatchers walked on, without one backwards glance. Her whole body was thrumming with fear, exhilaration and now a flood of relief.

That had been close. Far to close.

She scrubbed at her neck with her hand as she backed up.

Something about the way he had looked at her made her shiver, made her feel like she was still being watched. She turned, hurrying back to the camp, because something about those eyes haunted her. Even though the Snatcher was gone, she saw them, burnt into the back of her head, reminding her just how real the danger now was.

The look in those eyes told her one clear thing…

She was being hunted.



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