The Rise of the Meretrix

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Summary: The story of an innocent girl’s (FemHarry’s) journey into a slutty woman. Learn about the slutty adventures of Harri and her friends.

Story starts during the Chamber of Secrets but will cover earlier and later years of Harri’s life as well.



Character Bio

Name: Harri J. Potter

Sex: Female

Build: Slim, toned figure with long legs.

Breasts: Modest C-Cup

Eyes: Dark Emerald

Hair: Knee Length Black with a red streak at the front.

Background story: Lily is alive. James died defending Lily and Harri from Voldemort. More on this later.


Chapter 01: ……..string them together, and answer me this,

Which creature would you be unwilling to kiss?



                        ‘I am not the heir of Slytherin’, though Harri. Even Hermione and Ron thought that she was the heir, ‘Just cause I can speak to snakes does not make me this stupid heir.’ She first thought about going to the Headmaster for help, but he had done nothing to curb the rumors or her treatment by her fellow students. She needed some concrete proof if she wanted to get things back to normal. ‘I’ll prove them wrong; I just need to find some solid proof even these idiots can’t deny.’


                        ‘I can’t ask for help from anyone at the school, they’d just think me crazy. Or crazier maybe’, she thought sarcastically. Having though that, Harri decided to seek out advice from Firenze. During her first year she had become good friends with the centaur. He had “helped” her numerous times during her first year as well as saving her from the wraith of QuirellMort. Harri let out a giggle remembering how Firenze had helped her throughout the year.  


                        After making sure that everyone was asleep she set out towards the Forbidden Forest. She had been to this forest many times during her first year to visit Firenze. He always knew when she wanted to see him and usually waited for her by the edge of the forest before leading her in to centaur territory. ‘That’s strange’, thought Harry as she reached the edge of the forest and saw no sign of her four legged friend, ‘Maybe he doesn’t know I am here’, and with that she decided to continue on in forest. She was reasonably certain she could find him in there.


                        As she made her way to the entrance of the forest she started calling out, “Firenze! Where are you?, Firenze! It’s Harri. Hellooo?” Hearing no reply, she continued deeper into the forest wondering where he was. Walking slowly in the dark shadows of the trees, Harri tripped on a root. “Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Damn it. Just what I needed and now my clothes are ruined.” Taking stock of herself, she found her clothes ripped in several places and her arms and legs littered with cuts from the sharp branches of the bush she had fallen in.


                        She took out her wand cast, “Episkey!” to heal her various cuts. She then cast “Reparo!” but to her dismay her clothes did not repair themselves. “I knew I should have listened to mom when she tried to teach me that spell to repair clothes.” she mumbled to herself. Taking another look at herself, she saw how her skirt was ripped in places. Shivering in the cold she cursed herself for letting Lavender and Parvati talking her into shortening her skirt to half a foot above her knees. “You should show more of your legs they said; it’ll make you look more mature they said. You want people to take you seriously, they said”, grumbled the shivering girl, “I am gonna set Fred and George loose on them for this. Just you wait.”


                        “Firenze!”, she called out again. “This isn’t funny, OK? Come out now please.” She was starting to get worried now. She came too deep in the forest and could not recognize her surroundings either. The fall had made her loose her sense of direction as well so she didn’t know which way would take her back to the castle either.


                        “Click! Click! Click!”, she heard a clicking sound. A clicking sound she had heard before…….”Shit! Spiders!”, she started running as she  recalled from earlier in the year when she and Ron crashed Mr. Weasley’s car in the forest. Snap! She felt something hit her in the neck. She kept on running but felt her limbs start to feel heavier and running became more difficult. Slowly she came to a stop against a tree and started taking deep breaths trying to catch her breath. She felt her vision starting to blur and fell on the ground. Through her hazy vision the last think she saw was hundreds of hairy legs moving towards her and heard the same Clicking! Sound before everything went black.


                        “Click! Click! Click!” was the first thing she heard when she came to again. Slowing trying to move she realized she couldn’t move her body at all. She wasn’t paralyzed anymore but she couldn’t move. Waiting a minute for the dizziness to pass she moved her head and saw she was in a large clearing surrounded by a huge number of hairy arachnids. ‘What have I gotten myself into this time?. OK, DO NOT PANIC. Panicking won’t help me. I am in a grove surrounded by an entire nest of spiders. Now how do I get myself out from here? WITHOUT becoming a meat omelet for these spiders in the process preferably. Think Potter, think’ While this internal struggle was going on within her mind what she had failed to realize was that the clearing had gone quiet. No more clicking sounds.


                        When she got free from her inner monologue to finally notice the eerie quietness she realized something was wrong. ‘What are they waiting for?’ she wondered. ‘Let’s try asking them. Can’t hurt to try, I appear to be toast either way’.


                        “Umm….Hi?”, receiving no response she tried to gather her courage to try again when she heard something moving behind her. Something large by the sound of it and something that seemed to scare the other spiders. She tried to crane her neck to see what it was but her webbey bonds didn’t allow enough leeway to move her head. She gulped, loudly.


                        “Why are you here, child of man? This part of the forest belongs to us”, the thing behind her spoke in a deep and scratchy voice. The sound was like rocks rubbing together. Before she could open her mouth to reply, the thing moved and slowly came in front of her. It was a spider bigger than any in the clearing, bigger than she thought possible. She opened her mouth to reply but no sound came out. “Are you a morsel for my children? Something to feed us?” the spider spoke.


                        She opened her mouth once again to shout back that she wasn’t food but all that came out was a pitiful, “Please don’t eat me”.


“Why should I not feed you to my children, child of man? They are hungry. Your flesh will provide them with a distraction from fighting among them and make them stop killing each other”, Aragog spoke.


Realizing that the spider intended to eat her, she began thinking furiously. This must have been Aragog, the pet Hagrid had once told her about. But according to Hagrid the spiders had gone rabid killing each other for some reason. Yet there were still a huge number of spiders still around her. She needed something to stall them. ‘Find our why he needs a distraction and why they are killing each other’.


“I am a friend of Hagrid’s. He sent me here to help you.”, she replied.


“A friend of Hagrid’s? Hagrid abandoned us”, The giant spider roared.


“NO! he didn’t abandon you. He set you free to protect you. If he hadn’t done that then the others would have killed you. They thought you were a danger to the children at the school”, she spoke quickly.


“We never hurt anyone. We were no danger to the children. Hagrid cared for us and fed us. If he has truly not forgotten us and has sent you to help us then we will never forget his kindness.”, Aragog slowly replied. She heard angry clicking from all around her. Seemed like the other spiders were getting antsy.


“So……………….What can I do to help?”

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