It all started with a Hippogriff

BY : Pacito
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It all started with a Hippogriff

Hermione sat alone in the almost darkness. After the Hippogriff and Sirius she couldn't sleep. She had tossed and turned in her bed unable to nod off. She came down to the common room to see if sitting in front of the fire place would relax her enough to let her drift off.

After the flight with Harry on the Hippogriff, she had calmed down but was still trembling, as she thought about it. She felt a tremor pass though her whole body as the thought of sitting behing Harry holding him, her arms wrapped tighly aroung him and almost gripping his thing as she tried to hold on for dear life. Buckbeak had had  to soared and dived after they saved Sirius and Hermione had grabbed anything she could to stop her falling.

Harry lay on his bed. The incident with Sirius had shaken him up badly, keeping him from sleep. As he tossed and turned the thought of loosing Hermione made him feel horrible. He turned over and tried to sleep but each time he closed his eyes he saw her in the arms of a dementor about to be kissed.

Down in the common room Hermione, still sitting on the sofa in front of the dying fire in her dressing gown was also thinking about Harry and the hippogriff, her thoughts focused on a green eyed boy.

As she closed her eyes she could see Harry, the concern on his face as he walked her back to Gryfindor house. As she thought about him she felt a glow of happiness fill her body. She lay back on the couch and relished the feeling growing inside her.

Meanwhile Harry had given up on the idea of sleep. He decided to go for a walk to escape Ron's snoring. He grabbed his invisibility cloak, the map and started for the stairs. As he reached the common room he saw that Hermione was lying on the couch. He didn't want to disturb her so he sat on the stairs, closed his eyes and relaxed.

Hermione, still laying on the couch didn't see or hear Harry coming down the stairs. Living with the Dursleys had taught him to move without making any noise.

She laid back and just enjoying the feeling of warmth that thinking of Harry gave her. She was bathing in the glow of his beautiful green eyes when she noticed that the glow she felt was becoming a warm tingle all over her body, a feeling that began to move.

She started to feel the tingle in her lower body and legs, the more she thought of Harry and pressing herself against him while riding the Hippogriff the stronger the tingle became, working it's way towards her breasts, her nipples and between her legs.

She felt the feeling move further and further up between her thighs until it reached her cunny, she had never felt like this before, she had experimented with touching herself, but never reaching orgasm and after a bad fall the previous winter while skiing, during which the doctors said that she had broken her hymen, hadn’t touched herself that way since, but this was different, this was how she felt riding the hippogriff, holding and pressing herself close to Harry. She could feel it warming her, making her want to touch herself.

She lay back trying to resist the strange compulsion thinking of Harry gave her but her hands seemed to have a life of their own, they moved from her lap up under her dressing gown and up between her legs. She began to stroke her thighs slowly moving her fingers up and down, feeling the tingle grow with each touch. Her thoughts about Harry began to change, she wondered what it would be like to kiss him and maybe touch him again remembering how it felt as she had accidentally grabbed it while hanging on for dear life, it hadn't hard but she had felt that it was still big. She felt herself blush at the thought but could not stop thinking about him, kissing him, gripping his thing in her hand.

Thinking of kissing and touching him made her feel like she had never felt before. She had thought of kissing boys before but not like this. The tingle had worked it's way to her nipples and her cunny. Her hands had developed minds of their own, her fingers had reached up between her legs until she felt the material of her panties, the light touch that she could barely feel made the tingle between her legs start to turn into an ache. She was imagining what it would be like to kiss him; she could see him in her minds eye, coming closer, feeling the light touch of his lips against hers.

She felt her fingers pressing upwards into her panties, pushing them further up to feel her cunny through the thin material, touching, stroking herself more and more. As she imagined him kissing her, his tongue pressing against her lips trying to 'french' her she could feel an ache deep between her legs getting stronger and stronger. She imagined his tongue pressed against her lips, she slowly let them part as he pushed further inside, she could almost feel his tongue enter her mouth and begin to dance with hers. She carried on stroking her cunny as she imagined his tongue teasing hers, pushing the material on her panties against the lips of her cunny, feeling the wetness build up there.

Hermione couldn't help herself, she pushed up harder between her legs, pushing her panties harder against herself, feeling the material getting wetter and wetter as she slid it between her lips. She had never felt like this. She had to do something about her aching cunny, it was too much to bear.

She moved so that she lying sideways on the couch, her head on one arm and her feet against the other. She cast a few privacy spells, raised her knees and let them fall apart opening her legs. She reached down and placed her hands on her thighs, she slowly slid her hands towards her panties, as she touched the now wet material between her legs she couldn't help suppress a small sigh.

Harry woke with a start, he looked left and right until he remembered where he was, he realised that he must have fallen asleep on the stairs. Harry remembered that Hermione had been sitting on the couch earlier so he decided to see if she was still there and wanted some company. As he crossed the common room he could just see by the light of the dying fire that Hermione was laying on the couch. Harry nearly choked when he saw the way she was sleeping and looked away, he thought it would be better if he placed a blanket over her so she wouldn't be embarrassed in the morning when people came down to the common room. Years of living with the Dursleys had trained Harry how to move quietly as he looked for a blanket. As he returned he saw again how she was laying and stopped dead, he couldn't help but look at her with Her legs wide open and her hands resting between them, then he noticed that her hands where moving, touching the crotch of her panties.

Harry's jaw dropped as he saw what she was doing, he didn't want to look but what could an adolescent boy do except look?

Hermione felt the wetness; she pressed the sticky panties against her cunny with both hands, moving the wet cloth in circles over her slippy lips. She was still imagining Harry's kisses as she moved her fingers, she imagined him laying along side her kissing and holding her close. She brought her left hand up to her right breast sliding her hand inside her dressing gown imagining what it would feel like if Harry touched her there like that, stroking at the hard nipple making her sigh.

Harry couldn't believe his eyes! Hermione had one hand on her pussy and the other stroking her boob! He had reacted like a normal boy of his age, he had a raging hard on. He quietly moved to a seat where could see Hermione but she couldn't easily see him, he used his wand to light up the fire a bit so that he could see better, opened his dressing gown and reaching for his aching cock.

Hermione was in a land of Harry Potter, imagining that he was stroking her breast, cupping her soft tittie, squeezing her now hard nipple. She so wanted to feel his touch, his hand feeling her, stroking and touching her hard nipples, as she felt in her mind his hot tongue touching her nipples she let out a long sigh.

Harry was holding his cock in his hand slowly wanking it, he was imagining the same things as Hermione, sucking and feeling her tits, her hand on his aching cock, stroking it with her soft hands, feeling his balls.

Hermione lay back feeling the throb between her legs get stronger with each stroke of her nipple. She opened her dressing gown exposing her breasts and unknowingly giving Harry a better view. She continued to stroke and touch her nipples, she began to breath heavier as her excitement increased, her other hand between her legs again stroking her pussy. The images in her mind of Harry beside her, his lips sucking on her nipples, made her so horny, she wanted feel him close, to put her hands inside his shirt, hold her body close to him like she had riding the Hippogriff, to push herself against the bulge that she had sometimes noticed in the front of his pants and she had gripped while riding the hippogriff. The now very horny witch raised herself off the couch and reached down with both hand to take off her panties, as she slid them off, she had her eyes closed imagining that it was Harry doing it.

Harry almost shot his load when he saw her taking off her panties, his cock was throbbing in his hand, so stiff and hard that it hurt. All he wanted was for Hermione to come over and shag him until he filled her with his jiz. He was panting and thought she might hear him so he very quietly put a silencing charm on himself so as not to let Hermione hear his groans as he imagined shagging her, pushing his throbbing cock up between her legs as she wrapped her legs around his waist, filling herself with his hot meat.

When she had finished taking off her panties Harry could see that she had used a shaving spell on her pussy, as it was completely hairless, Hermione put one hand on her breast and the other between her legs, she slid her hand over her now swelling pussy, stroking her fingers between the wet lips until she reached her clitty. Her back arched as she found her button and as she raised herself off the couch she sighed "Harry" while she stroked and played with her pussy.

Harry fell out of the chair. Hearing Hermione say his name while she stroked her pussy made him come so hard that he shot the biggest load of his life, the spunk shot load after load into the air, landing on his chest and face, great gobs of his baby gravy, some landing 5 or 6 feet away from him. After a minute or so to get his breath back he did a quick spell to clean himself up. He looked at Hermione and at his still stiff cock; he so much wanted to shag her but accepted that a good wanking session was better than nothing.


The bushy bookworm had read lots of books about sex including a couple of porno's that she found in her mum's dressing table under some underwear, she knew in graphic detail what went on between men and women. Hermione was still thinking about what she could do with Harry. Her thoughts were getting wilder as she thought about some of the things she had seen them doing in the magazines, with each stroke her pussy got even wetter the pink lips swelling with the touch of her fluttering fingers.

She had never felt this horny and wanton, she started to dream of the bulge in his pants that she had started to notice lately and how she wanted to touch it, feeling it through his pants as it got harder and harder, stiffer and stiffer, feeling how hard and big it would be. Would it be as big as some of the men in the magazines?, her pussy was soaking, the juice dripping, her thoughts on Harry's cock, she was now pinching her nipples one at a time until they stung, loving the sensation. She spread the now swollen lips of her pussy and pushed one of her fingers into the creamy wetness. She worked the tip of her finger further up inside herself, in her mind she was thinking about that hard bulge. In her minds eye she could see his pants in front of her, reaching, starting to undo them, she undid his belt, the button on the waistband, slowly, very slowly pulling down the zip, pulling the top of his pants open lifting up his shirt to see his underpants pushed up in a fat bulge.

Hermione started to moan, as she worked her finger in and out of her pussy, stroking her clitty with her thumb she began to moan louder and louder. Harry started to panic; she was going to wake somebody up and blow the best night of his life. He cast a mufelatio charm again so he and Hermione were inside, he leant back into the chair and continued to wank thinking the same thing as Hermione.

Hermione dreamed that she was reaching into his pants and putting her hand on the huge bulge; she needed so badly to see it, to touch it, to stroke it. She had seen men in her mothers magazines and had sneaked a look at a video when her parents where out, so she knew what a penis looked like and how the faces of the porn stars looked when they came after riding a big one. Her breathing was getting faster, her pussy throbbing; she put another finger into her soaking wet hole fingering herself faster and faster.

She felt the bulge inside his trousers, felt the hardness. She started to pull his underpants downward, as she peeled them down she could see the tip of his hard, stiff cock, It was just like the ones in the magazines. big with a big fat end. She continued peeling them down exposing more and more of the most beautiful sight of her life. As she reached about half way down, his cock popped out of his underpants, she could see it all, stiff, hard and oh so big!!!

Hermione rammed her fingers as far up inside her pussy as she could, she was panting and writhing on the couch moaning "Harry, Harry, I want to touch it, please Harry.”

Harry couldn't believe his ears! Hermione wanted it, she wanted to feel his cock.

Hermione was imagining the big stiff cock sticking out of Harry's pants, in her dreamland she was dressed and could feel her knickers getting really wet as she looked at his cock, he said "Go on Hermione, you can touch it", she imagined reaching forward and putting her finger in the tip of it, she ran her finger from the tip to his balls, as she did so it twitched pushing the throbbing shaft into her hand. It was pointing right at her, the big shiny knob was no further than a foot from her face, she could see a big drop of precum come out the end and run down his cock.

The images in her mind, undressing him, the stiff cock, were good enough but imagining the precum running down his cock sent Hermione over the edge.

"UUUUUUURRRGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", she moaned as she franticly rammed her fingers up her pussy. "Oh yes!” she moaned. Harry was so happy he had put up the privacy spell or the whole of Gryphindor would have woken up, as Hermione continued to come and come.

After a long time coming, she collapsed into a deep sleep, Harry was still sitting, dazed and still with a huge hard on, he moved over closer to her, he looked at her naked body, at her swollen nipples, at her soaking wet pussy sitting in a puddle of her love juice, his cock was hurting it was so stiff and after what he had seen wanted so badly to shag her rotten.

Harry had his raging hard on in his hand, as he looked at Hermione, dead to the world with her dressing gown open exposing her breasts and wide open legs. He couldn't resist, he started to stroke his cock thinking of Hermione fingering herself. He knelt down on the floor as close to her as possible. Looking at Hermione's wet pussy from only a few feet and wanking furiously produced the desired effect. Harry started to cum, shooting his spunk all over Hermione, as he came and came again.

Harry shot and spurted all over her. He was panting and describing how he would love to shag her rotten. He put a silencing charm on himself so that he wouldn't wake her "Oh Hermione. I love you, you are so beautiful, let me shag you, feel my cock up your pussy, I'm cumming, I'm cumming for you!!!!”   He looked down at her, she was splattered with his spunk, thick gobbets on her tits and stomach, He was holding his still twitching cock as he saw a big blob of his cum laying across Hermiones's still spread open pussy, as he watched it slowly trickled and slid down between her lips. He was still slowly wanking himself as he watched the cum slide between Her pussy lips and still had more dripping, he stood up and held his cock directly above Her quim letting the drops of cum drip on her pussy lips saying "You look so sexy with my cum all over your tits and pussy, how I'd like to shag you!!” Lucky for Harry he had cast 'Silencio'on himself. He watched as his cum slid down along her crack. She moved in her sleep pushing her hands between her legs, pushing one finger up her quim she sighed and fell back asleep.

Harry decided that he couldn't leave her on the couch like that so he cast 'Scourgify' to clean her up. He then arranged her dressing gown, covered her with a blanket and returned to his bed to think about what had just happened and hopefully enjoy some Hermione dreams.




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