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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or the characters used in this story. I do not make any money off of this story or its characters.

I do not own Harry Potter or the characters used in this story. I do not make any money off of this story or its characters.



2nd-year History class

Harry and Hermione entered the classroom together, it was the first class of the year and Ron was already in one of his jealous moods and was sitting with Nevil sulking and glaring at him when he could. They picked the desk in the corner of the highest row at the back and sat together a bit put off by Ron's latest sulk. The classroom had four rows of seating banked up in a typically wizard fashion the back row being much higher than the front, enabling the students to look down but not upwards  

The class was soon quiet, the only sounds where the steady hum of people sleeping and Binn's droning on about Goblins.

After about half an hour Harry started to slowly press his leg against Hermione's thigh.

As he held his leg against her he started to move it, gently stroking it against her.

Hermione glanced at him wondering what he was doing as he just continued brushing his leg against her's. She moved her leg slightly away from his, glancing again towards him

Harry placed his hand on top of his thigh, he moved it so that his little finger was between his leg and her's. He moved his other hand to rearrange his growing erection, touching Hermione made him feet so sexy. He had read in Seamus's book how girls like sexy stuff too. He had decided to find out if it was true as soon as he could.

He placed his hand on to his knee and with one finger slowly started to stroke the outside of her leg just below the hem of her skirt. She turned to him to see him staring at Binn's as he droned on about Goblins. He was touching her leg with his finger and she felt a bit confused as to what he was doing, he seemed to be in another world.

Harry was in his own world, Hermione's leg felt nice and warm against his finger, he could felt her tense and relaxed his leg so his finger wasn't pressing against her too hard, her had read that he had to be patient with a girl and not push too hard.

Hermione moved her leg further away from him but moved his as well following her along the bench seating until he was lightly stroking her thigh again. She moved a bit more until she reached the end of the bench and found her shoulder pressing against the wall of the classroom.

Harry left his finger between them, only lightly touching her. She relaxed when she felt him almost take his finger away from her leg. She felt strange about her best friend touching her like that, it was the first time she had ever been touched like this and she wasn't sure if she liked it or not, it had never happened with him or any boy before and she felt both worried that he was touching her and as a 12 year old soon to be 13, elated that her seemed to see her as a girl.

She relaxed a little bit more, he wasn't moving his hand, his finger still just touching her thigh. She felt him move away from her a bit leaving her some space on the bench seat, she waited a few minutes and slid out of the corner her bum numb from sitting in a confined space.

After a few more minutes she saw his leg moving towards her again, she realized that if she moved, he would follow her and the only thing she would achieve would be a numb bum again. 

Harry could almost see her indecision, her leg moving and then stopping as she would realize that if she moved he would move too. He moved until his finger again until it was just touching her and stopped, lightly touching her thigh. She felt him touching her but it was a very light touch making her decide that it would be ok like that, his finger was only touching her a bit and she knew that if she moved he would just move closer again.

He sat with his hand on his leg, lightly touching her. He wondered how far he could go without scaring her away. He began to slowly and very lightly brush his finger against her thigh moving it about half and inch back and forth.

She felt him start to gently stroke her and put his hand on her knee making her jump.

She reached down with her hand and taking his, moved it back onto his thigh. Because of her being almost jammed in the corner at the end of the bench seat as she moved his hand back her forearm lightly brushed against the front of his pants. She jumped a bit as she felt a bump on the front of his pants move. She was an avid reader, she had read about sex after her mum had given her the "talk" and knew just what the bump was, and it moving as she touched it made a shiver run through her.

Harry had felt her arm brush against his growing erection causing it to twitch against her as she quickly withdrew her hand and glanced at her to see her reaction.

She had pulled her hand away from him, realizing what she had done and it had her blushing furiously.

Harry moved his hand back onto his knee, he opened his fingers so that he gently brushed the side of her knee just below the hem of her skirt.

She glanced at him yet again. She didn't want to risk pushing his hand away in case she touched his thing again.

Harry just moved his little finger slowly brushing against her leg slowly stroking up and down her thigh a couple of inches.

Hermione didn't know what to do. Harry was stroking her knee with his finger. She moved away from him a bit but he just moved along the bench seat closer to her again and continued to stroke her. She knocked her leg against his hand to get him to stop. She turned her head and as she caught his eye and mouthed "Stop that!!" and was quite shocked when he just squeezed her knee and winked at her.

Harry could feel his hard-on growing and removed his hand and placed it back on his leg, grasping and moving his erection pushing it into the baggy leg of his pants.

Hermione placed her left hand on top of her thigh, only to have Harry take it in his and move it out of the way. He then placed his hand on his knee and slowly pushed his fingers down between his leg and hers, starting to move it back and forwards slightly.

Hermione felt his hand stroking the outside of her knee. The touch against her leg felt strange, a bit naughty but with a touch of fear. She felt reasonably safe in the classroom as he couldn't do too much to her in a room full of people.

Harry continued to move his hand, stroking her leg with the back of his fingers.

Hermione was starting to feel strange. Harry touching her, stroking her thigh in the middle of a charms class was so naughty, they could get caught, the thought giving her butterflies.

Harry moved his hand down to her knee placing it so that his hand was on her knee and his fingers rested between them, slowly he started to move it upwards.

She was shocked at his audacity. She reached down to take his hand in hers and move it back where it belonged. She grasped it and tried to push it off her leg.

Harry resisted her trying to move his hand, waiting until she was pushing as hard as she could and then he relaxed suddenly causing her to push it further than she had expected almost falling against him, as she pushed his hand back onto his leg, her hand brushed over his growing erection and Harry placed his other hand on top of hers forcing her hand to stroke against his dick as she pulled it away.

Hermione tried to pull her hand away from touching his thing but despite her best efforts his hand pushed her's downwards forcing her to run it along the full length of his dick, as he let it go he looked towards her and caught her eye, raised an eyebrow as he looked at his course book and whispered to her, "thank you for giving me a hand with this problem?"

Hermione blushed bright red at his double entendre, saying "I hope that next time you will deal with it yourself." and turned back to her books with a tut.

Harry placed his hand back on her knee. She wanted to move it but was worried that he would do the same thing as last time he had made her hand rub against his thing, so she left it where it was for the time being, it didn't feel too bad, and she thought that she could almost get to like the feeling.

Harry started to slowly stroke her knee. Hermione crossed her legs to move it from under his hand only realizing at the last moment that in doing so she had exposed the underneath of her thigh to his touch.

Harry wasted no time in placing his hand under her leg on the bench, reaching almost halfway up her thigh. Hermione uncrossed her legs to stop him only managing to catch his hand between her thigh and the bench. "Stop it, I mean it!" she hissed at him again. He just did the same as last time, a wink and a smile leaving his hand pushed under her thigh. She had his hand trapped beneath her leg and thought that at least he couldn't move it much, that it was better than him putting it between her knees and trying to move it further up, she shivered as she thought, between her thighs.

Harry could only move his fingers a bit but he was halfway to paradise so he just left his hand under her leg for a minute or so without moving it. He could feel her start to relax as he just let his hand relax underneath her thigh. After a while he started to move his fingers very slowly, stroking her gently as much as he could with her thigh pressing his hand against the bench.

Hermione was pressing down to restrict his movements trying not to draw attention from the rest of the class or the professor. She thought of pulling his hand from under her leg but it was at least trapped there and wasn't sure if he would stop touching her or not if she removed it. Her fears were realized when he pulled his hand from under her legs and immediately pushed it between them and slid it half way up between her thighs reaching the hem of her skirt. She reached without thinking to push both hands between her legs to push him away. She took his hand and tried to pull it from between her legs and push it away from her.

Harry caught her hand in his and pulled it towards his leg again, pushing it against his cock and holding it there. Hermione could feel his thing pressed against her hand and thinking it might deter him grasped it her hand squeezing it as hard as she could only to find that it felt as hard as a rock. She pulled away as fast as she could, a feeling of shock and a stranger feeling as her hand had squeezed his thing, wondering how it felt so soft and so hard at the same time.

The end of class ball went off. Harry looked at her and said quietly. "thank you Hermione for giving me a hand" as she glared at him and walked quickly from the class.

The next time Harry sat with Hermione was again in History of Magic

Hermione arrived at the classroom early as was her fashion. She had thought long and hard about what had happened last week. She had thought of sitting with one of the girls in the class, Ron was still sulking about some imagined slight to him. In the end she sat at the same desk as last week. Harry was her best friend, always there for her. She herself was 12, thirteen next week and like all children of that age. could feel the changes happening to herself. She could understand why he wanted to touch her legs, she just needed to tell him not to touch her like that, that it wasn't proper behavior.

He walked in and seeing that Ron still had a face like a smacked arse climbed to the top level and sat next to her. After about 15 minutes she felt his fingers touching the outside of her leg like last time. She wondered if he would try to do the same as last time and make her touch him "there" only to discover that the thought of him doing it again made her feel quite scared even in a class full of people. Most of whom were sleeping and the professor was a ghost. Last time he was able to push his hand halfway up her legs and he had pushed her hand against his thing. Remembering how hard it felt against her hand made her blush as a thrill of fear passed through her when she imagined what he might try to do to her today.

She sat down next to him and opened her books. She was waiting to see if he would do anything to her when he moved his hand on top of her knee, Hermione pressed her legs tight together waiting for him to try and push his fingers between them assuming that he would try and do the same as last time. She elbowed him and hissed at him "Harry, stop touching my legs. Leave me alone"

She saw his face change, a look of rejection made her gasp. "Oh Harry," she almost sobbed. She could never let him feel that bad. She looked at him and smiled to let him know that she wasn't really angry. His look of rejection had her nodding to him to let him know it was OK.

Harry returned his left hand to her knee gently stroking it with his fingertips. He had felt her jump as he touched her and now waited for her to relax as became accustomed to his light touch and after a few minutes he felt her start to relax a bit.

As she sat, his hand on her thigh, Hermione still had her legs pressed together waiting for him to try and push his fingers between them or make her touch his thing. The thoughts both frightening her and making her feel a little bit sexy.

Hermione wondered what he was doing, the last time he had almost forced his hand between her legs and then he had pulled her hand until it was touching his thing but all he was doing now was resting his hand on her knee, lightly stroking it with his fingertips. She was confused at his actions, thinking that maybe he didn't want to touch her "there" anymore.

Harry sat stroking her knee until the end of class and then with a slow squeeze he whispered  "Maybe next time?." and rose from the bench books in hand and left the classroom.

Hermione sat watching him leave, her knee tingling and still feeling his soft touch. She thought that it hadn't been that bad this time, just a light touch on her knee, a gentle caress. She felt better than last time when she had felt really uncomfortable, this time it had felt 'almost nice'.


Harry made a habit of sitting next to Hermione for the next few classes, and in the next he stroked her knee and them pushed between them leaning towards her and whispering "Happy birthday sexy". For the next two weeks he placed his hand on her knee just stroking her with the tips of his fingers, feeling her relax more each time and just saying at the end of each class. "Maybe next time." making her almost tremble as she wondered what her meant.

After a couple of class where he had only stroked her knee, Hermione was starting to look forward to Harry's attentions, the feeling of his hand no longer scaring her like the first time but oddly comforting and a bit sexy. She had no experience of male contact, at just 13 years old she still felt a bit like a child, She was developing into a woman, she was developing physically, She had started to grow pubic hair and her breasts were becoming more obvious each day she examined them reaching a respectable 34B but she still felt like a little girl and like all young girls she wanted to feel grown up. Harry touching her knee made her feel strange in a nice way and since the first time, he hadn't tried to go further. Hadn't tried to put his hands further up her legs or tried to make her touch his thing since the last time.

The next time Harry managed to sit next to Hermione was in charms. He sat as usual and placed his hand on her knee. Hermione was now getting used to this and didn't flinch or move as he touched her, his hand resting on her leg, not moving. The layout was similar to the history classroom, and his actions under the desk would be hidden from casual view. 

Harry kept his hand still, resting on her leg and not moving a muscle. He waited to see how she would react. She could feel his hand on her leg and wondered why he wasn't stroking her knee like usual, his hand still and unmoving. She was waiting for him to begin stroking her and as the class progressed she started wondering why he wasn't doing it like he had been in the last few classes. As the class came to a close and as he removed his hand she glanced at him to see him looking at her. "Maybe next time Hermione," he whispered watching her blush as she wondered, what did he mean when he said that. maybe what?

In the next few classes, Harry sat next to her but didn't touch her at all, keeping his hands on his lap or on the desktop.

Hermione wondered each time he sat next to her what he was going do, was he going to touch her, would he stroke her leg or push his hand between her thighs and when he did nothing she felt off balance. Didn't he like her anymore?. He had started by putting his hand between her legs and pressing her hand on his thing. Each time they sat together he did less to her making her wonder why?. She thought back about when he had taken her hand and held it against his thing made her feel scared but so sexy too. Touching him "there ." made her feel ashamed but as time passed she forgot the scary parts and now she felt more ashamed at the realization that she enjoyed the thought and wanted him to do something more to her, to feel his hand her knees or her legs, touching her.

The next week she was sitting in History of magic, at the back of the class when Harry came in and sat next to her. "Hi Hermione," he said as he sat on the bench next to her. She gave him a nervous smile as he sat close to her and then felt his hand on her knee. She was relieved to feel his hand back on her leg touching her and almost sighed in relief, she had started to miss the feeling of the first few classes and thought that he didn't like her, you know, as a girl.

As the class progressed he began to stroke her like he had been doing a few classes ago, just stroking her knee, just moving his finger tips very gently across it.

Hermione almost sighed out loud as she felt his hand touching her leg. After about 10 minutes he took his hand away and put it on his thigh. He could see how she was looking down at her classwork but glancing sideways towards him. He left his hand on his own leg until half way through the class.

He glanced at her and wrote a small note "Yes?" it said. He looked her in the eye, pointed to the note and nodded to her.

Hermione saw his nod as glanced at the note and then at his hand. She wasn't totally sure what he meant but nodded and was almost relieved to feel him slowly place his hand on her thigh and slide it down to her knee. She had tensed when she felt his hand on her thigh but relaxed as he slid it down to her knee.

She waited for him to move his fingers and do it like he had before, glancing down at her legs she saw him glance at her and smile. She blushed realizing that she was letting him know just what she was thinking about and that he had seen her. He raised his eyes in question, she blushed again.

Moving his hand to her leg he placed it so that his fingers were resting between her knees feeling her jump a bit as he touched her.

Hermione felt him move his hand on her leg but this time his fingers rested between her knees. She pressed her legs together. One part of her wanted to push him away but she had started to enjoy his gentle stroking and as his hand started to stroke her knees lightly she realized that she was enjoying the feeling, it was only her knees he was stroking so it didn't count as sexy touching in her mind. She started to let herself relax a bit and his fingers pushed between her knees. This was more than on her knee, this was between them and she wasn't sure if it was what she wanted.

When he just left his hand on her leg, his fingers lightly resting between her knees; she began to relax a bit more, pressing less on his fingers, letting herself enjoy the feeling, feeling a bit naughty letting a boy put his hand between her knees like that but what could he really do in a classroom full of students? after that first time he hadn't done anything bad. She relaxed a bit more, It was Harry for goodness sake, she knew that he would never hurt her.

She knew from listening to Lavender and Parvati to realize that he would probably try to slide his hand further up between her thighs until he reached her knickers and feel her cunny. The thought of him doing that made her shiver with a mixture of fright and expectation as she looked down at his hand resting on her leg, his fingers lightly gripped between her knees as she held her legs closed.

Harry left his hand between her knees noticing that she was not trapping it as much as she had done previously and that he could move his fingers a bit to stroke her legs. He gave her leg a quick squeeze and glanced at her to catch her eye, squeezing her knee again he gave her a quick wink watching her blush before moving his hand again until it was lightly resting on her knee and began gently stroking her knee.

Hermione felt him squeezing her knee and looked towards him to see him wink at her as he squeezed her again. She felt herself blush. It was one thing for him to touch her when she could pretend she was oblivious to it and another for him to make her acknowledge that she could feel his hand on her leg and that she was moving it from between her legs and putting it on her knee where he had usually put it. She felt herself relax and hadn't realized how tense she had been and looked back at her books carrying on copying from the blackboard, content as his fingers traced small circles on the top of her knee.

He squeezed her knee again to attract her attention and pushed a small piece of parchment towards her. Hermione looked at it, reading it she blushed again, "Good?" it said.

Hermione just looked to her work without responding. She kept running it through her mind "Good?" She had to admit it, yes it was, she enjoyed the feeling of his hands on her legs.

Receiving no reply Harry pulled his hand from between her knees and placed in on his leg.

Hermione felt him pull his hand away and felt the loss of his touch but didn't know what to do, she liked it, she had gotten used to feeling his hand on her knee and liked the way it made her feel naughty, a bit sexy and still a bit scared of what he could try to do to her. She carried on with her work but couldn't stop wondering if he would do it again and if she was true to herself wanting him to put his hand back on her leg. Yes, she did like it, she liked it a lot, the realization making her blush.

Harry noticed the blush. He had been waiting for it and pushed the parchment towards her again. She looked down at it blushing nervously, keeping her head down until the blush passed, trying not to let him see it.

Harry put his hand between his and her thighs, very lightly running the tips of his fingers from halfway down the outside of her leg to her knee and back a few times. He could feel her relaxing, her blush faded. She took some notes for her school work. He continued to stroke down the outside of her leg. He pushed another bit of parchment towards her, it just said "Knee?".

As she read the parchment she felt another blush come over her face, she wanted to nod but couldn't do it. Harry pushed the parchment further towards her. Her face red she nodded and carried on writing as if nothing had happened until she felt him pushing between her knees, automatically closing her legs on his fingers. She hadn't realized that he was going to put his fingers between her knees, her legs and wasn't sure if she wanted this much.

He flexed his hand between her legs making them open a bit, relaxing it to feel her legs close but not as hard as before. He began to move his hands, stroking her knees, running his hand along the outside of her thigh and back to her knees until the end of the class making Hermione feel sexier that ever, this was stroking, up and down her leg. She was surprised to realize just how much she enjoyed it. As was usual he made no comment as he collected his books and left for lunch.


The next time Harry had History of Magic with Hermione he led her to the back of the class in the corner. As the class started Hermione waited for him to touch her, now almost looking forward to his up to now innocent caresses. 15 minutes had passed and he still hadn't touched her. She waited for him to do it, stroke her legs, her knees but he was looking to his books both hands on the desk.

After almost half an hour she had given up on feeling his touch and was surprised to realize that she missed it so much.

Harry was waiting until the class was almost half over, it was a double so he had loads of time left. He pushed a piece parchment towards her, letting her read it, "Knees?" it said.

Hermione was flustered, she had been thinking about his hand on her legs but this, it was what she wanted it but..... As she stared at the note without answering Harry began to draw it back towards himself. She wanted to say yes but she felt so ashamed, letting a boy touch her. He drew the note back to him self and carried on reading his History book.

Seeing Harry pull it away made her wonder if she had chased him away, she liked the feeling of his hands on her knees, it woke her up from her indecision, She glanced at the note he still held in his hand seeing him notice her. She bit her bottom lip. He looked at the note in his hand and then back at her, pushing the note towards her, she nodded blushing brightly

Harry added to the note. "Touch your knees?"

She nodded still blushing furiously, having agreed for him to touch her legs, she was looking forward to feeling him touch her and the anticipation and fear were building up in her as she waited for his touch.

Harry slowly moved his hand towards her and started to stroke the outside of her leg with his fingers. As his fingers touched her she let out a small gasp, causing her to raise her hand to her mouth. She knew that he had seen and heard her gasp as he winked at her and gave her leg a squeeze. He carried on running his fingers up and down the outside of her leg.

Since Harry had been touching her legs, Hermione had started to enjoy the feeling of his hands on her, a nice feeling, tingly and a bit daring letting a boy touch her like that, his hand touching her thigh but scary at the same time. She couldn't help but think, each time he did it, it felt better.

Harry pushed the note towards her, It now read. "Stroke your knees?"

Hermione read the note, looking down to hide her blush with her hair as she nodded.

Harry put his hand on her knees, stroking up to the hem of her skirt, his fingers stroking against her bare skin. As his hand reached her skirt she put her hand on his to stop him from reaching further. Harry stopped moving when he felt her hand on his. Holding his hand against her thigh, he took her hand in his and stroked it down her leg, letting it go and pushing his hand back between her knees.

Hermione felt his fingers push back between her knees, making her think "Where it should be, not up my skirt." She found the thought "Where they should be," strange but she did like the feeling of his hands stroking her legs, the touch of his fingertips against her skin. She was starting to really like it and wondered how far she would like him to go, and how far would she let him!

Harry stroked her between her knees and lower thighs as he pushed another note onto her classwork, "Touch my leg."

Hermione read the note, would he do it like last time, pushing her hand against his thing? He tapped the note. If she didn't like what was happening she could always pull away like last time, she was in a class full of students and his hand stroking her felt so good, making her have feelings that she had never had before, she wanted to be touched, she really liked the feeling and just touching his leg didn't count. She started to move her hand, almost trembling as she came in contact with his leg, holding it still against him.

Harry waited as she moved her hand until it was barely touching him. "that's enough for the moment." he thought.

Hermione felt Harry flexing his fingers between her knees pushing her legs open, she was still pressing them together but not as much as before. He gave her a quickly written note, "You're crushing my fingers" She looked at the note feeling him flexing his fingers between her knees. She looked down blushing again but Harry could feel her legs relaxing a bit. He began to stroke her, her skirt came to just above her knees when she sat down, he kept his hands below the hem, it was still enough, Harry began to stroke her, starting on the outside of her leg, he slid it down, across them her knees until his hand was resting between them, a short stroke stopping below the hem of her skirt before moving down again to stroke the other leg in the same way.

Hermione felt him touch between her knees and as he slid up a bit, pushed her hand in the way to stop him from going too far but before she could move her hands, he had stroked back to her knees and up the other thigh. As he brought his hand back, repeating the same movements.

The first couple of times that she felt his hand move up between her knees, she waited with her hands ready to stop him if he went too far but each time his fingers stopped just as he reached her skirt and moved back down. She began to relax.

After he had touched her legs the first time weeks ago she had taken to wearing a couple of pairs of knickers as extra protection in case he tried to touch her like that and the extra protection made her feel a bit safer as his hand stroked her.

What he was doing was lovely, giving her new sensations and feelings that coursed through her. As he stroked her she could feel a building tingle between her legs and a tightness in her growing boobs. He took her hand and put in on top of his thigh. Hermione stiffened as she felt him take her hand in his and move it on to his leg. He left it there and carried on stroking her legs. At times as he slid his hand until he reached the hem of her skirt, he would stop with his fingers between her knees and linger for a couple of seconds before moving them back downwards.

Each time his hand slid up between her legs Hermione again pressed her hand between them but as he hadn't come farther than her skirt she began to relax and put one of her hands back on the desk, taking her hand away made her feel more excited, knowing that if he wanted to "touch" her all he would need to do was move his hand further up and he would he touching her 'there', before she could move his hand away. She could feel the tingle between her legs becoming stronger as she became more daring.

Hermione felt his hand stop each time it reached the hem of her skirt. She wondered would he push further and if he did where would she let him reach. She was in a quandary, not knowing how much further she would let him go.

Harry was stroking between her knees up and down, still stopping as he reached her skirt. Her legs were open enough for him to slide his hand between them without having to push, as he ran his fingers up and down he knew that he could push all the way but wanted her to want him to push his hand up her skirt. He moved his hand until it was touching the hem of her skirt and started to move his fingers gently between her knees.

Hermione could feel the tingle between her legs getting stronger as his hand ran up and down between her knees and lower thighs, as his hand stopped at her skirt and his fingers began to caress between her legs she started imagining what it would feel like if he touched her "there".

She had been having those kinds of thoughts since he had touched her and pressed her hand against the front of his pants for the first time and now the thoughts passing through her mind were of his hand touching her and the feel of his thing as he pressed her hand against it, hard, one part of her starting to make her want him to be bolder as the thoughts of what he might do gave her butterflies.

Harry could feel how her legs had relaxed and wondered if the time was ripe to move further. He wrote a quick note and passed it to her. "I won't go higher than your skirt." she read as she felt his hand run upwards until it touched the hem of her skirt and stopped. He began to stroke from her knees to her skirt and down again. His hand was only moving a couple of inches from her knees to the hem of her skirt but Hermione could feel the sensation building, a tingle between her legs, a slippy ness on the bench, this was so sexy.

Harry moved his hand up until it touched her skirt and stopped, waiting for a reaction, he wiggled his fingers and was surprised to feel her legs relax and give him more room. He then carried on stroking her from knee to the hem of her skirt, his hand between her thighs, the same as he had been but now stopping a bit further up but still below the hem of her skirt. Each time his hand stroked upward she shivered with fear and anticipation in case he didn't stop at her skirt. It felt so sexy and naughty to let a boy put his hands between her legs. Her growing breasts felt tight and her small nipples rubbed inside her loose bra. She didn't really need a bra but had started to wear one to hide her hard nipples from pushing against the front of her blouse.

Hermione felt more excited and at the same time more scared than in her whole life, the feeling of him stroking her, his hand feeling between her legs. He was stroking her and she was enjoying it, the feelings making her feel sexy and still a bit scared. She was feeling overwhelmed by the sensations she could feel as he touched her. She felt reasonably safe in the classroom with all the students but was also trapped for the rest of the class, and it was a double.

He carried on sliding his hand upwards, each time stopping at her skirt. He could see that it was exciting her, feel her stiffen each time his hand touched her skirt.

She felt him moving his hand, she wanted to feel it stroking her. The feeling had her wriggling a bit on the bench, she didn't want him to stop. Harry had his fingers between her knees again and continued touching and feeling her, bringing back the lovely feeling. His hand was stroking her leg, she wasn't sure exactly how she felt but the way he was touching her was making her feel more daring.

She stiffened as she felt his fingers move up between her legs a bit but as they stopped moving upwards as he reached her skirt and began to just stroke between her thighs about an inch above her knees, she began to relax.

He pushed a note towards her "You have lovely smooth legs. It makes me feel so good stroking them." She gasped and blushed as she read it, it was so blatant to show it to her but made her feel excited to know what he thought, he thinks I have nice legs, she thought, he likes them and he's got his hand between them.

As he stroked her with one hand, with the other he wrote more. "I love feeling your legs, is the feel of my hand between your thighs getting you excited." making her blush bright red.

He wrote more. "The class is almost over now but next time if you want I might go further, you know, higher, will you sit next to me next time?"

Hermione gasped and head down in her books blushing but nodding quickly. She looked as if she would burst into flames she was blushing so much as he walked from the class.


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