Luna's fairy room

BY : Pacito
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or the characters used in this story. I do not make any money off of this story or its characters.

I do not own Harry Potter or the characters used in this story. I do not make any money off of this story or its characters.

Oh Luna

It was late. Harry was becoming a night owl. He was spending more time walking the halls at night than sleeping.

He was obsessed with pussy as was normal for a 14 year old boy. Hermione had been reserved and quiet this week. Ginny had flashed him repeatedly tonight. Each time she came close to him she bent over showing him her tits down her loose top or her ass as he faced away from him, she would squat down in front of him as he sat on the low sofa in the common room he would be able to see how far her pants were pushed up between her crack but she was Ron's sister and he already had enough problems without having her brothers trying to kill him aswell. Romilda, well she was what she was, the future Gryfingdor easy fuck. She was already putting it about with some of the older boys and she was only13.
He was in a world of pussy when he heard footsteps and hid ducking into a broom closet in case it was Snape or the caretaker,

Luna was also walking the halls of Hogwarts. Her fellow Ravenclaws had locked her out of her tower again. She did a double take and blinked twice as she thought that she had seen Harry Potter diving into a broom closet.

She opened the door and looked in. "Hello Harry." She said in her ethereal way as she stepped inside.

Harry was a bit supprised as she opened the broom cupbord door and stepped inside. "Er.. Hello Luna, what are you doing walking the halls at this hour?" he answered.

She didn't want people to know that her roommates had locked her out. "I couldn't sleep, the wingspurts are out tonight you see, and you?" she said in her usual dreamy way as she closed the door.

Harry didn't ask what the wingspurts where. "Same, couldn't sleep, Ron's snoring." He looked at her dreamy face in the dim light of his wand.

They stood face to face almost touching each other, pushed together by the space around them being ocupied by brooms and cleaning materials.

After a couple of uncomfortable minutes waiting for the all clear from the mauruders map. Luna tapped him on the shoulder "Harry, can I see your penis?” she asked, as if asking the time.

Harry nearly fell over with shock, the only things keeping him upright were that he couldn't fall over as the wasn't enough room and having Luna almost pressed up against him. "What!!" he replied?

Luna looked at him as if asking the time. "Your penis, will you show me your penis?. Please, I've never seen one before."

Harry was a boy who at 14 years old. Due to his upbringing and the almost Victorian attitudes in the wizarding world he had little experience with girls and spent a lot of time playing with himself, reading and imagining what it would be like to "Do it" with a girl for real. Here he was with Luna asking him to show her his knob.

"Will you? I only want to see, Please Harry" she looked at him with her large almost luminescent eyes. "Please will you show it too me."

"Err.. yes... OK, are you sure" He could almost see her eager face, she almost glowed.

"Oh yes please" she replied almost jumping up and down in the broom cupbord with eagerness letting him see that she had small but nice tits and no bra to stop them bouncing up and down a bit.

The coast was clear and she took his hand and led him towards a tapestry depicting some dancing fairies. She touched one of the fairies and the tapestry moved to show a door. Luna opened the door to a room that had been arranged as a small lounge area.

"How did you find this place?" he asked.

"The fairies told me of course silly,” she said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, pulling him into the room and closing the door.

She led him inside to a comfortable sofa and sat him down.. "Cosy" he said.

"It's my refuge." she said. "It's where I come to be my self and see my friends." she said looking up at his face.

He looked at her "Your friends?" he asked.

Luna laughed in her musical way. " The fairies of course. " I like it when they come out and play with me." She looked into the air. " You can come out now. Harry is a wonderfull person.

It seemed that Luna's references to the fairies was true as a group of small tinkerbells flew from behing the furniture.

She took his hand and led him to a sofa. "Please, sit down and make yourself comfortable."

He sat on the sofa. She sat next to him.

She looked towards the front of his pants. "Can I see it?" she asked.

"Well if you’re sure Luna." he said. He had in mind that she was only 13 but that was only a year less than him. He had never been in this situation before. He had never had a girl want to look at his knob before and this was Luna. She was very pretty with a slim figure and small deveoping breasts. Looking at her was giviing him a massive hard on.

He reached for his belt buckle. She placed her hand on his "Can I do it.?” she said.

She saw her looking at him, eyes wide and fixed on the front of his pants. His cock making a large bulge.

"Err well yes if you want to" he replied thinking that if he played his cards right tonight he might get to touch her as well.

Luna knelt sideways on the sofa and reached for his belt buckle. As her hand lightly brushed the front of his pants, Dudley's cast offs, his knob twitched causing him to blush.

She jumped as his knob jumped up and bumped her hand. "Oh gosh." she exclaimed.

Harry blushed as the front of his pants jumped up again.

Luna giggled, "He can't wait to get out!" she said as she worked on the buckle. She managed to undo his belt and began to unbutton the top of his pants.

Harry lay back on the sofa watching as Luna opened his trousers. He felt the slight touch against his cock as she opened the top button and saw how it jumped up at her touch. His knob ached, he had never felt this hard before.

Luna took the zip between her fingers and thumb. Tongue between her lips in concentration, she started to pull it down. As she reached about half way she could see the tent in his underpants. "Oh my, it's so wonderful!" she said looking up to his face with a shocked expression as it twitched again. She pulled her hands up to her face. "I think he wants to play." She pulled the zip all the way down and pulled open the front of his pants.

She could see the front of his undies. Now his pants were open, his dick was pushing them up and out. She goggled as she watched the tent in his undies grow until it stood proud and hard in front of her eyes.

Harry groaned as she touched the end. "Are you all right Harry, I'm not hurting you am I?" she asked.

"No, it's just very sensitive when you touch me." he told her.

"Sometimes I get very sensitive too, sometimes just being with someone can make me feel the tingly." she said with a knowing look as she stared at the tent in his undies. She reached and took the waistband of his underpants between her fingers and started to slowly pull them down.

Harry's cock gave a mighty jerk as the waistband of his undies brushed past his bell end.

Luna jumped back, a bit scared and a lot excited. She could now see the pink knob end of his dick as she slowly pulled his undies further down. She couldn't take her eyes off it and as it popped up she snatched her hands back. "Oh Harry, it's beautiful, big and long and, and, and" she was ogling at it.

Harry lifted his bum off the sofa and pulled his pants and undies down until they were around his thighs.

Harry didn't have a lot of pubic hair as the wizarding world had many hair removal charms, but he certainly had a big cock. Luna could see the whole of his thing and hanging underneath it his "balls."

Harry lifted up his shirt leaving his cock sticking up proud.

"Oh my, Oh my." she repeated while staring at it.

Harry took his member in his hand and moved it to make himself comfortable.

Luna reached over to touch him.

"I thought that you only wanted to look." he said.

"I'm sorry Harry it's so beautiful I can't help myself. Please, please may I" she said wistfully.

Harry had a hard on and a girl, a pretty 14-year-old girl who wanted to touch his cock sitting next to him. He reacted like most 15 year old boys.

"Please Harry, can I, can I touch it just a bit?" she said with a longing in her voice.

"Ok" said Harry, he was feeling so horny, Luna was going to touch him and with luck he would get a chance to put his his hands up inside her knickers. He watched as her hand moved slowly to touch his cock.

Luna reached over thinking what a wonderful thing it was, she could see it moving with his heartbeat and as she touched it, it gave another powerful twitch. "Does it always do that." she gasped wide eyed.

"If you touch it, yes." he said.

She touched it, making it twitch again. "Does it feel good when I touch you,?" He nodded to her. She looked down at his knob. "can I touch you more?"

"Oh yes." he said starting to breath heavier.

She placed her hand on his cock and gently felt along it's length from his balls to the end. Harry groaned loudly. He was starting to get close to needing to wank himself off his cock so felt sensitive.

"Do you like that? Would you like me to do it some more, can I stroke you?" she blurted out reaching to touch him again.

Harry nodded and gasped as she ran her fingers up and down his shaft. She wrapped her hand around his cock. She could reach nearly all the way around it. Harry was still a boy but had been developing a large penis since the age of 10, it was about 8 inches long but not too thick yet, and it didn't seem to want to stop growing now as her other hand stroked his balls.

"It feels so soft and hard at the same time and it's so warm and I like your eggs." she blurted out with eyes wide as she felt his balls.

Harry thought that he would blow his wad as she stroked her hand up and down his cock and feeling his balls. "Luna" he said. "If you keep on doing that some white stuff might come out of the end."

Luna looked closely at the end of Harry's cock. "I can see something, is that it?"

Harry saw the drop of precum oozing out of the end of his cock and thought quickly. "No Luna that’s something else, when it comes out all white there's loads of it." he was breathing faster now.

"Oh goody, can I see it, can you make the white come out?" Luna said while bouncing on the sofa with excitement, her hand still holding on to Harry's cock.

Harry lay back on the couch and told her that if she kept stroking him it would squirt out of the end.

Luna moved her hand up and down. "Like this, is this the way you like it?" She asked.

Harry started to breath faster as he felt himself get closer to shooting. "Luna the white stuff is going to come out soon!" He panted.

"Oh goody, I want to see it, will there be lots?" she asked as he started to move his hips, pushing his knob up as she pushed down.

"Luna it happening, go faster." he groaned.

"Oh goody. I want to see the white stuff." she said bouncing up and down on the sofa. The bouncing on the sofa while she was wanking Harry's cock was enough to send him over the top.

Harry started to shoot. He needed to grasp his cock and give it a fucking good wanking, a good hard, fast wank. Reaching down to grab hold of his dick he wrapped his hand around Luna's and started to wank himself as fast as he could, grunting and gasping as he thrust his hips up and blew his wad.

"Oh Merlin!" Luna said as she watched Harry shoot his load all over his belly her hand trapped between Harry's and his thing as it bucked and throbbed.

"Oh Luna, faster, go faster." he gasped.

Luna tried to go faster but he had her hand trapped between his and his cock as he pumped at it as fast as he could.

As his orgasm wore down Harry started to regain his breath. "Oh Merlin Luna, that was amazing, wow!!"

Luna was looking at the cum spilt over Harry's belly. She couldn't take her eyes of it. "Harry, is there always that much of the white stuff?"

Harry nodded. Luna raised the hand Harry had used to wank himself and looked at the cum coating her fingers. She looked down to see the last of his cum dribble out of the end of his knob.

"Oh Harry, That was wonderful, can I make the white come out again, when it came out it made me feel all funny and tingly". She reached towards him and stroked her fingers through the cum on Harry's belly.

Harry watched as Luna slid her fingers across his belly playing with his spunk. He could see that she had her other hand, a fist, pressed hard against the front of her skirt and he wondered what she looked like down there. He was still so horny, lately he was always horny. She had seen his so he decided to see if he could get her to show him hers

Luna was in her own world swirling her fingers in the cream on Harry's belly, feeling a strange feeling building up inside her making her wriggle a bit on the sofa.
"Are you all right Luna?" Harry asked. "Are you uncomfortable?"
"I'm all right, it's just touching the stuff on your belly is making me feel all tingly." she said smiling brightly. Luna looked at him as she continued to slide her hand over his spunky belly. "I feel all tingly down there." she said looking down at her fist pushed hard against the front of her skirt.

"Where your hand is, here where you’re pressing your hand?" he asked reaching over to her. He touched the back her hand. "Here?" he asked again.

Luna jumped as his touch sent a thrill through her. "Yes, just there."

"Does it feel good, the tingly feeling when you put your hand there. Can I see where it's all tingly, will you show me?"

She looked at him with wide eyes. She looked at his cock and at the spunk that she was still rubbing into his belly. Would she lift up her skirt and let him see her panties?

"Luna" he said as he reached for the hem of her skirt.” You’ve seen mine," He lifted the hem of her skirt up a bit. "Can I see yours, it's only fair, isn't it?"

Luna looked up at his face for a moment, smiled and nodded. Harry raised her skirt up a bit more until he could just see her white knickers. His cock, rock hard again, gave a huge twitch.

"Oh Harry it's doing it again, is that because you are looking between my legs, at my knickers?"

Harry nodded as his cock gave another twitch at the thought of seeing her pussy.

"Does looking at my knickers make your thing do that? Because touching the white stuff and looking at your thing twitch is making me really tingly.

"This is where you feel all tingly when you look at my thing?" he asked as he lifted her skirt up more. He could see almost all of her knickers and moved his hand until it was resting on her knee.

"Can I touch your legs?" he said as he started to stroke up and down them.

She nodded again. She felt really nervious as he moved his hand, pushing his hand between her legs a bit. He wanted to touch her "there".

He stroked her legs until he almost touched her knickers. Luna felt a fear and expectaion as his hand came closer to them, it was only fair, she had seen and touched his thing and now he wanted to see and maybe she thought guiltily, touch her 'down there'.

Harry felt a bit guilty about obliging her to show him "her's" and pulled his hand a bit further away from her panties.

She had made up her mind that him seeing her and even maybe 'touching' her was only fair and as he had come close to touching her 'there'. She was breathing faster in anticipation when she felt him pull his hand back from between her legs. She couldn't help herself as her legs opened wider showing him the front of her knickers.

Harry slid his hand from her knee until he was almost touching her muff. He looked at her face seeing a mix of fear, excitement and a bit of sex. He reached up to her panties and ran a finger up the front making her gasp as she felt the tingling inside her panties getting stronger.

He gently pushed her until she was reclining back against the sofa. She leaned back exposing the crotch of her panties to him. He slowly opened her legs wider. "I like looking at your panties, do you want me to touch them?"

Luna was getting very excited. She watched his thing twitching and jumping and wanted to touch it again. She could feel a building thrill between her legs and a tightness in her boobs, her nipples felt very sensitive.

She groaned as he ran his finger up to the front of her panties, almost touching her. "Do you like it when I do that to you, does it give you a tingle?"

She looked nervous and said. "Harry, I think I've pee'd my knickers they feel wet."

He could just see that her panties had a damp patch to them but not enough if she had pee'd hersilf, "I don't think that you've peed yourself, it's only wet a bit." he said.

He looked her in the eyes beyond worrying about her wet knickers. "Do you want me to do it more?" He moved his finger running it along the middle of her crotch pressing her panties up against her lips. She gasped and nodded quickly "Oh it's so tingly.".
He ran his fingers up a down the gusset of her panties until he felt the material start to slide between her now wet lips. "Luna." he said "It's all slippy, it's not pee, it's feels sort of creamy." Luna could feel the tingle building up and wasn't sure what to do but she did know that she wanted to tingle more. He ran his fingers back and forward a few more times making her start to pant.

"Can you take off your knickers, can I see?" he asked. "Please?"

"If you want me to." she replied looking shyly, it was only fair, seen his.

"Just take your knickers off and I'll make you feel lots of tingles." he said.

Luna stood up and pulled her knickers down and stepped out of them. She opened her blouse and sat back down on the sofa. "Is this better?" she asked.

Harry could see her pussy and her tits as her blouse moved. He could see her little slit showing her wet shiny pink lips.

Harry had a fit of conscience thinking about Luna. His cock was hurting it was so hard; he knew that if he didn't stop now soon he wouldn't be able to.

"Luna, I think that we should stop now before I do something we both may regret." he almost groaned.

She raised her face to his. Her face looked forlorn. "You don't want to touch me, do you? You don't like me either? Nobody likes me, I'm just Loony Lovegood." she said looking down, tears falling.

"Yes, I want to but I don't want to hurt you." he said looking at her pussy almost licking his lips.

Luna could see Harry hungrily looking at her pussy. "It's alright Harry, I know that you would never hurt me. Do you want to see?" she looked down at her pussy, lifted her knees and opened her legs a bit showing him her pink lips to him.

He reached his hand and placed it on her leg, making her jump as his fingers touched her. He could see her little slit, her pink lips open a bit and shiny with her stuff. "I touched yours so it's only fair that you get to touch mine." she said with a Luna smile.

As he moved his hand until he could feel the warmth from her pussy, the smoothness of her thighs. Luna gasped and reached to him taking his cock in her hand again. She began to stroke him slowly. "Do you like that Harry, when I touch your thing?" she asked. "Because it's making me feel all tingly where you’re touching me."

Harry could only nod, her ministrations making him dizzy. He was still moving his hand between her legs. He began to press and move his fingers against her lips stroking her wet slit making her almost pant. He lifted his hand and looked at the sticky stuff that came from her slit. "What's this?" he asked her. "I don't know, it's never happened this much before. It's all slippy." she replied, she touched his fingers feeling the slickness of her pussy juice.

He put his fingers back between her legs and stroked her pink lips which seemed to be bigger than before. "Do you like it when I do that?" He said as he touched and stroked between her lips.

"Oh Harry it's better than the tingle, I feel all strange."

"Do you want me to do it more?" he asked her, starting to move his fingers up and down her slit.

"Oh yes please Harry tingle me more down there, I like it, make it tingle more."

Harry started to move his hand causing her to gasp as he pressed it harder against her puss, he could feel the slippy wetness between her lips and she was breathing faster almost gasping as he touched her.

She had never felt anything like this as the tingle built up more and her pussy became wetter. His fingers moving in all her secret places giving her sensations that she could have never imagined. She started unconsciously speeding up the strokes to his cock in time to her faster breathing.

Harry was looking at her pussy and thinking what it would be like to "do it" with her, his fast approaching orgasm turning his mind to mush. He started to rub her faster as he felt her hand speed up on his cock.

He was rubbing at her pussy moving his hand, his fingers sliding between her moist lips making her gasp and speed up her hand on his cock.

Harry found the entrance to her vagina. He didn't really know much about female anatomy but decided to push the tip of his finger inside her.

"Oh dear! Oh gosh!!" Luna managed to gasp. As his finger found her hole, she felt it entering her pussy about 1/2."

"Oh Merlin, Oh Harry, Oh. Oh....." she said starting to pant.

As she fell back she let go of Harry's cock. He knew that he would have come in another minute but was enjoying watching Luna, eyes closed, biting her bottom lip as he pushed his hand between her legs and moved his finger in circles at the entrance of her vagina. He pushed his finger up her hole about an inch and started to move it in and out of her.

"Ohhhhhhh!!!!" she moaned. She had opened her legs wider, opening her pussy more. Harry started to move his finger in and out of her faster."Oh Merlin, It's wonderful. OHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" as the feeling took her over, she moaned loudly as she came, catching his hand in hers and holding it against her pussy as more creamy stuff came out of her pussy soaking his hand.

She lay back on the sofa, Her face flushed and her pussy soaked. After a minute or so she said "Oh my, Harry that was wonderful, the best feeling in the world." she was panting, still getting her breath back. Harry was lying back too; his hard on pointing upwards like a flagpole.

She looked at him. "Is it the same feeling when the white stuff comes out of your thing?” she asked still breathing quickly as she recovered from her orgasm. She reached for his cock. "Do you want me to do it again? Can I make the white come out again?" she looked so eager as she reached for his thing.

Harry had been at the point of coming and nodded eagerly. She started to wank him. "Do you want me you show how me how I like it?" he asked as she stroked her hand up and down his shaft. She nodded eagerly. He took her hand and moved it showing her how to wank him. She was staring at his cock as Harry slid her hand up and down the shaft. A large drop of precum oozed out of the end of his cock. "Oh Harry it's starting like last time. It's starting to come out. I can feel it starting to tingle where you touched me before. Can you do it to me with your finger again as I make the white come out?"

He was looking at her pussy. It was swollen and bright pink, glistening with pussy juice after her orgasm.

Harry was gone, about to shoot; his conscience flew out of the window. "Luna do you want it to feel better than the last time, a lot better?"

"Oh yes Harry, can it feel even better than the last time?" she asked eyes wide open. "Can it?"

"Come over here and straddle my thighs?” he told her. He undid the top buttons of his shirt and pulled it off.

She took of her skirt and her top as well showing off her small titties, small but with quite large nipples for their size, hard nipples. She moved until she lay on his chest her legs open straddling him.

He placed his hands under her bum and pulled her towards him until she was pressed against his cum soaked belly, his cock trapped between them. "Oh Harry it's so slippy." She loved the feeling of moving herself against his body sliding on the cream she had pumped out of him earlier.

He reached and put his hand down between her legs from behind and began to stroke her lips. She was still tingly after her orgasm and stroking his thing had increased the feeling. The feeling of his body all slippy against her belly and boobs giving her sensations she had never had before, she was already starting to pant. "Luna, do you want me to put my finger in you like last time?" he asked. "Oh yes please do it again to me, make me the feel the tingle like last time." she panted out.

Harry reached upward and started to finger her pussy. He had one finger pushed about an inch inside her as he moved his hand back and forwards between her legs. Luna was panting and groaning as he fingered her. "Do you want more?" he asked. She nodded quickly moving her hips, pushing her pussy onto his hand, pushing it harder against her. He started to finger her faster, he caught one of her nipples between his finger and thumb and rolling it between them, making her moan and groan.

"Is this better than last time?" he asked. Luna just panted and groaned as she nodded.

"Do you want more?" he asked. "Yes, yes" she panted as she lost all control.

Harry pulled her towards him and up so that she was sitting astride the shaft of his cock. Her pussy lips opening as he rode him, sliding her wet pussy up and down the shaft of his cock. As she moved back and forth each time her juices wet his thing more letting her slide easier, her lips opening more until she felt a new delight as her tiny clit started sliding along his now wet shaft. "OOOOOOOHHH!!!" she moaned as the new feeling built up and she fell against his chest panting. "Oh Harry, it's so slippy and tingly, give me the big tingle."

Harry held her with one hand on her bum rocking her up and down the shaft of his knob as she panted and moaned. He reached behind her and pushed a finger into her puss. She opened her eyes and looked Harry in the face her mouth open in a silent moan. He pushed it until it was in about an inch and started fingering her like he had last time. Luna had never imagined that anything could feel this good. As he pushed his finger further up her quim, her eyes opened again and rolled upwards. Harry pulled her down until he had the shaft of his cock pressed against her pussy lips and started to rock her back and forwards faster, sliding it deeper between her wet lips, rubbing her clit against his hard shaft. 

Luna was rigid, her pussy rubbing against him. The feeling was more than she could ever have imagined. She forced herself down onto his cock even harder, pressing it against her pussy as she pushed and rocked against it. "Oh yes Harry, tingle me!!!" she groaned feeling the tingle getting stronger as she pressed down on him letting herself slide up to the bump of his knob and back again.

Each time she stroked her self upwards to the Luna could feel the fat purple end of his cock rubbing against her cunny. She slid back down. When she slid forward she felt the end of his thing touch the entrance of her cunny and she pressed down onto it. "It feels lovely, tingle me.” she groaned as she wriggled and slid up and down again feeling the end of his knob pushing at the opening of her very slippy vagina.

Harry was lost in the feeling of her pussy sliding up and down his shaft. She was panting loudly now. He could feel himself starting to reach the point of no return as his cock started to pulsate and throb.

Harry was pulling her along the whole length of his dick, sliding his bell end back and forwards against the lips of her now very wet pussy. She was groaning and grinding herself against his thing and he soon felt himself start to come again.

Luna noticed that Harry was panting and starting to groan like the last time she had made the white come out and rubbed herself faster against his thing. "Oh Harry is the white coming out again, I'm getting the big tingle like last time Oh Oh!!!..."

Harry looked at her face seeing her eyes roll upwards as she started to come with him. She held the end of his cock hard between her pussy lips, grinding it against the opening of her vagina and as he started to come she helped him squirt his super load up inside he cunny.

Luna felt his cool jiz pumping up inside her, the feeling of it filling her up giving her a massive orgasm.

"Oh Oh Oh gosh, the whites filling me up, yesssssss fill me with the white, Oh Oh Oh......................." she kept coming for almost a minute, moaning and groaning as she came and came, his cock jammed against the opening of her vagina .

Luna was a virgin but she knew about the birds and the bees. She had wanted this. She wanted to feel Harry love her. She knew it would hurt and had cast spells to stop the pain as she lost her virginity and the anticontraceptive charm taught to all girls in the magical world.

Harry was only 15 and didn't know much about anything but this was the business!! He could feel her pushing down until the tip of his cock was pushing into her now very slippy hole, it was only the tip but his cock was much fatter than his finger.

Luna let out a long groan as she felt the pain/pleasure as his bell end started to push into her. She started rocking and grinding against him. "Harry, Harry, Harry" was all she could repeat as the feeling built up inside her.

Harry couldn't take any more, Luna grinding against him. Pushing his cock into her as she pressed down on him he could feel it forcing it's way further inside her slippy spunk filled channel.

Luna felt Harry's cock pushing into her and then it reached her hymen, it wouldn't go in further. Luna pressed down, pushing his dick up inside herself, feeling it stretch her until she could feel her hymen starting to tear as she ground down on him hard. Harry felt the resistance when he pushed up hard; he felt her pressing down on him forcing his cock further inside her. He thought "Sweet little Luna realy wants to get fucked, grinding her pussy down on my cock like that."

Harry started to move his cock inside her, just his knob end pushing past her barrier. It felt magic up inside her. "Ahhhh, Merlin!!!" she groaned. It hurt but the thinking about him loving her was soooo good.It didn't hurt to much as she pressed down on him due to the spell. He felt the barrier give way and he slowly pushed up inside her hole a bit more. Her virgin vagina was very small but the feeling of him sliding into it had her floating on a cloud. She felt the pain as her tore her open and then a feeling of bliss as the spells to stop her hurting kicked in. She felt his thing inside her, making her moan loudly as his dick sank into her much more than she had expected and stretched her vagina to the limit.

"Are you all right, does it hurt?" he asked her. He pulled his dick out thinking that he was hurting her.

"Just keep doing it to me, It feels wonderful.". The feel of him filling her to the top and more giving her desires that she couldn't control.

He put the end of his dick back until it was just touching her pussy and waited. He didn't have to wait more than a few seconds until she started moaning and pressing herself against the end of his knob. "Give me the tingle. do it to me."
"Open your eyes and look at me." he said to her.
He looked into her eyes and pushed the end of his dick harder between her lips, she could feel it starting to slide up inside her again.
"Oh Harry, pushing it inside me is giving me the big tingle." Her eyes rolled back into her head as she went limp. Harry waited about a minute until she regainged reason.

"Are you all right Luna?" he asked her. Her eyes opened and rolled to the top of her head as she pushed down onto his hard dick.

He started to slowly move in and out of her, each stroke pushing a bit more deeply inside her super slippy pussy, stretching her out

His cock pushing up her was filling her so much she thougt he would split her in two. She groaned "Merlin. I'm going to burst but don't stop!!."

Luna had her arms around his neck holding him tight. She felt him filling her up more with each stroke and she was scared she might burst if he pushed any more up her. He turned to her and gave her a sweet kiss. She opened her mouth and pushed her tongue in his in a passion she didn't know she had.

Harry slid himself inside her until his balls pressed against her bum. He held her close to him without moving. Looking into her eyes, he could see the passion in them. She was panting and moaning He pulled out almost all the way out and slid back in to her.

Luna couldn't think. The feeling of Harry inside her, filling her up, was beyond anything that she could imagine when she felt him start to pull out. She felt a moment of panic as she thought that he was going to take it out. As he pushed back into her she moaned loudly grasping him in a death grip, pushing down onto him, forcing him deeper inside her, her passion chasing away the fear. She wanted him to give her all his thing, fill her up. "Oh Yes, give the cream!!!" she cried out in a passion that niether of them realised she had.

Harry started to move. He pulled out about half way and slowly pushed into her. Each time he had gone a bit deeper until he had felt his balls touch her bum. Luna was now panting faster as he started to build up a rhythm. In out, in out, in out.

Luna started to meet his thrusts, pressing down as he pushed up, moaning his name again and again as she felt his thing pushed inside her. Harry started to speed up causing her to pant like a dog as he pistoned into her.
He started bouncing Luna up and down on his cock. She moaned and groaned loudly as he pounded the whole length of his cock into her. she felt the tingle like last time building up but a million times betted than his finger. She was coming, forcing herself harder onto his knob with each thrust up inside her, the feeling exploding inside her, her vagina contracting and squeezing his cock it as her orgasm took her.

Harry could feel her pussy squeezing and sucking his cock into her as she started to come bringing him off.

He started to come like never before, sweet inocent Luna, her pussy sucking his cock up inside, the feeling of being inside her warm wet hole made him feel like he would blast the biggest load of his life as he rammed his cock into her.

Luna could feel Harry's thing sliding into her, her pussy on fire, her orgasm robbing her of reason, she could feel his hands on her waist as he bounced her on his thing, she thought that she would die with the pleasure, she thought that nothing could feel this good and then she felt him start to pump her full of his white stuff, a cooling balm against the fire that burned inside her. "UUUNNNNGGGGG.................!!!!!!!!............OOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!" she screamed loudly as Harry worked his cock into her, her whole body glowing with magic as she felt Harry fill her with his cum for the second time.

Harry was blown away. Luna started to glow!!!!. she felt felt him pumping her full, her feelings flooded into him. He closed his eyes in ecstasy. He could feel her pussy gripping his cock but her could feel what she was feeling as well. He opened his eyes to see his face looking back at him. He was Luna and could feel his cock pumping up inside "his" pussy, feeling it flooding with cum. The sensation of feeling both his and Luna's orgasm at the same time pushed him into frenzy as he/she felt them both coming.

Luna could feel the same as Harry. Flicking back and forth feeling her pussy filled and then "her" cock being gripped by her pussy as she looked at his/her face, the sensations robbing them of reason.

They were thrashing about on the sofa like rabbits, fucking in heat, both feeling the others orgasm. Harry could see his face and then Luna's until after a few minutes they finally passed out.

Later Harry awoke to find Luna still impaled on his dick. She had her Luna look on her face as she studied him. "That was the most beautiful feeling I have ever experienced, you are the best Harry Potter and I think that I will be coming back for more tingles if you want me to." she said hesitantly."

Harry kissed her on the lips, still confused and a bit dizzy. "You can come and I'll tingle you any time you like, you are fantastic."

The lay in each other’s arms and fell into a comfortable sleep.


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