Second Chances *COMPLETE*

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*Hello! So I've never done anything like this before and was quite happy just being a fanfic reader but I had this idea for a story that I couldn't stop thinking about so I thought why not give it ago. Please be gentle with me. Enjoy.*


4 months since the end of the Battle of Hogwarts


It felt weird to be back at Kings Cross, the real one this time and not the white limbo one with Dumbledore. This morning was a lot like every other September first. Platform 9 ¾ was busy with a cacophony of noise. Students saying goodbyes, parents milling around, the screeching of owls and the low rumble of the steam engine just to name a few. The atmosphere on the platform was different this time. Parents and students were more reluctant to say their goodbyes taking their time, just one more kiss and one more hug before boarding the train.  

The events of the summer had taken its toll on the wizarding world and while the platform was busy it wasn't as busy as years gone by. Hogwarts had been rebuilt and its wards strengthened. Firsts years wouldn't notice the difference after all it had been returned to its former glory after the battle. Some families had chosen not to send their children back to the school this year and that was understandable.  

The number of people fallen was far greater than I ever wished for. I hold so much guilt for those families who lost someone. They were fighting for me. In my name. What If I'd found the horcruxes faster? I might have been able to kill Voldemort sooner perhaps less people would have died because of me? My friends and family wouldn't have been torn apart because of me. After the greater good won and the fallen were laid to rest I made sure I attended every funeral possible. The hardest were those of my friends. People I'd gone to school with. Lavender didn't deserve to die how she did and Colin was only a boy. Dennis had been so strong at the funeral my heart broke a little more for him as he stood and spoke about his big brother.  

Fred’s funeral had been one of the hardest. The Weasley’s are my family. Molly was a shadow of herself and George was unrecognisable. Loosing Fred was taking its toll on him. It's like half of him is missing. Lupin and Tonks had a joint funeral they were laid to rest side by side. Of all the deaths I felt most guilty about theirs. Teddy has to grow up now without parents. I know how difficult that is. The only saving grace is that he'll be raised by Andromeda someone who loves him dearly and not an aunt and uncle who despise him. As Teddy’s godfather I'm determined to be apart of his life as much as I can making sure that he grows up feeling loved and knowing all about how brave his mother and father were.  

I'd spent much of the time since the battle at Andromeda’s learning how to look after a baby. Defeating the dark lord was a walk in the park compared to caring for a newborn who seemingly cried not only because he was hungry, wet or tired but for the loss of his parents. Over the last few months things had become easier and Andromeda and I have settled into a routine with little Teddy. She wanted to bring him here today to wave me off but he's developed a cold and I told her to stay home. I'd see them in a couple of days. Saying goodbye was harder than I thought. I already miss that little body curled up against my chest sleeping or watching him change his hair and eye colour as he sat feeding in my arms. I won't miss changing him though that's for sure.  


“Harry there you are. Come on or we'll miss the train.” Hermione said rushing towards me her trunk and cat basket precariously wobbled as she made her way through the crowd. “Where's Ron?” The pair had been inseparable since they had got together. “He's finding us a carriage. Come on it's two minutes to.” I let her lead the way after all Hermione was the reason we were going back to Hogwarts this year.  

After the war ended she met with McGonagall and together they formulated a plan for our year group to go back and retake our seventh year. Kingsley had declared as the newly appointed Minister of Magic that as fighters in the war we could enter any training program we liked without our N.E.W.Ts but Hermione and McGonagall thought best that came back and sat them regardless. The war had affected everyone and this year back at Hogwarts would help heal some of the bad memories and give us time to rediscover who we are and what we want to be in the safety of Hogwarts.  I'm not entirely sure I want to be an Auror now so who knows perhaps this year will actually help.  

The train was busy with students trying to find their friends and seats. Ron stuck his head out of a compartment near the back of the carriage and waved at us. “Ron’s down there.” I said pointing along the narrow passage. People stopped me on our way to say hi and ask how I was. My face ached from the smile I'd plastered on my face. I just want to get into our compartment and close the door giving us a bit of space. I felt like I couldn't breath.  

More kids clambered into the carriage just in front of us. I didn't have to look up to know who had joined the train. The chatter stopped and whispers filled the carriage. I didn't think he was coming back. He turned to look at me his white blonde hair pushed back behind his ears his pale grey eyes sort out mine and he nodded his head in a gesture of acknowledgement. “Potter.” He said without malice. “Malfoy.” I replied before we both moved away and carried on to our compartment.  

“He's got a bloody nerve coming back after everything he's done.” Ron hissed closing the door behind Hermione. “McGonagall invited everyone back Ron regardless of house. He has as much right as any of us.” Hermione reasoned. “Doesn't mean I have to like the ferret.” He mumbled back coming to sit down beside her taking her hand in his. “He wasn't going to come back.” I said without realising I'd spoken out loud.  

The faces of my best friends turned to look at me both bewildered. “How do you know what ferret face was planning on doing?” Ron asked. I just shrugged my shoulders. I hadn't told them about Snape’s funeral. “I saw him at Snape’s funeral. We kind of talked and came up with a truce. We don't want the past to continue. Things are different now. People deserve a second chance.” Hermione was quiet she tilted her head a little as if she wanted to say something but Ron beat her to it. “People might but Malfoy isn't people. Have you forgotten what a complete bastard he was to you, to us for seven years.” Ron was angry his cheeks flushed almost matching his hair. “He made mistakes that he's trying to put right. He's not the only one to make mistakes I almost killed him sixth year and he's forgiven me for that!” I spat back feeling myself get angry. I stood and retrieved my cloak from the charmed pouch I carried. Barely the size of my hand it was much bigger on the inside much like the bag Hermione took with us when we were on the run. “Where are you going?” Hermione asked reaching for my hand. “I need some space I can't breath in here.” Before the door closed I pulled the cloak over me and vanished on the spot. 




I should have known this was a mistake. What was I thinking going back to Hogwarts? I wasn't but mother wanted me to finish my education. She wanted me to have a second chance at life to put our past behind us. That was easier said than done. How many people were keen on giving a Death Eater a second chance. The Malfoy name was dirt. It no longer held any esteem in the Wizarding world. Mother and father had become recluses inside the manor not leaving if unnecessary. I hated being back there. Back where he had lived and run his “army”. I felt sick eating in the dining room around a table where my old professor what tortured and killed. I can't stand to be in any of the rooms he was in. In four months I hardly ever left my room. I hadn't even seen Blaise, Theo or Pansy. Blaise’s family had retreated back to France to distance themselves from the after affects of the war. From her owls I learned that Pansy and Theo were together keeping a low profile. I felt so alone. Even now on the train I'd chosen a compartment away from everyone else. The whispers had started as soon as I boarded. Some dark haired boy I didn't recognise turned to his friend and said “That's who mum said to stay away from. He's got the mark. He's one of them.”  

In a way I don't blame him or his mothers worry. Rolling up my starched white sleeve on my left arm I looked at what used to be the dark mark. Now it doesn't really resemble anything after Riddle’s death the mark imploded on itself and now just looks like a dark grey patch on my pale skin. It doesn't hurt but I can't stand to look at it. I tried casting a glamour to hide it but it doesn't stick. I hate it. I forced my sleeve back down and tore my eyes away in time to see the door open.  

No one was there. My fingers reached for my wand and clasped around the hard wood. I tried to steady my heart that felt like it was racing against my ribs. Please don't let this happen again. The door closed and a quiet spell locked the door and charmed the glass black so no one could see in nor out. Please don't do this again. I can't take another beating. My hand trembled to pull out my wand. My fingers whiter than white gripped tight around the dark wood. A swish of fabric beat me to raise my wand and Harry stood in front of me.  

“Dray I'm sorry.” His emerald eyes shone behind his silly round glasses. My shaking fingers let my wand fall and Harry’s strong arms wrapped themselves around me pulling me tight against his chest. “I didn't mean to scare you. I'm sorry.”  

“Harry-“ was all I could sob against his shoulder.

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