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So this is it the final chapter. Firstly thank you to everyone who has read and reviewed it. As I said in the very first chapter I've never written anything like this before and your kind words have kept me going and inspired me so again thank you. 





July 2004.  


Stretching out my tired muscles I reached out for Draco but his side of the bed was cold. Sitting up I reached for my glasses and watch checking the time, it was still early so where was he? The low sound of noise coming from the others side of the door answered my question. "Shh Daddy's still sleeping. Are you ready?" The high pitch squeals that followed said they were. I lay back down and pretended to be asleep just in time for the door to be pushed open. 

The mattress dipped under the weight of two tiny bodies and my own. The girls crawled closer to Harry. "Papa why's Daddy sleeping with his glasses on?" Jesse asked looking concerned. She was far too bright and observant for someone only just four. "Maybe he was too tired to take them off." I whispered back knowing full well that Harry was awake already. "Are you ready to wake him up?" The girls gave each other a knowing look and began singing happy birthday loudly.  


"Daddy!" Calla squealed when Harry opened his eyes pretending to wake up. Both girls throwing themselves at him for a morning cuddle. "Morning baby girls." Harry greeted them pressing kisses on top of identical masses of messy white blonde hair. "Did you both sleep okay?" Calla nodded "We got up early to make you breakfast in bed." Jesse informed him pointing to the tray I'd put on the bedside table. "I went to get a drink of water to find our daughters in the kitchen getting frying pans out of the cupboards and knives out of drawers." I'd almost had a heart attack finding them. "What have we told you both about the kitchen." Harry chided them. "We weren't going to use them we were just getting them ready for Kreacher. Weren't we Jesse?" Calla protested. "We were waiting for Kreacher. Promise." Harry looked from them to me. "Okay but you have to remember that things in the kitchen are dangerous and we don't want you hurting yourselves." 

"Okay." Both said in unison. "We got you presents!" Jesse remembered excitedly. "You did?"  

"Of course we did. It's your birthday silly." Jesse rolled her eyes at her father. I had to bite back my own laughter she was so much like me.  


Both girls are the perfect mix of both Harry and I. Not just in looks, although they do have my blonde hair only it takes after Harry's own messy style at least until I fix it for them each morning into tidy French braids their chosen style this month. They have Harry’s green eyes although thankfully not his appalling sight. But personality wise they are split. Calla is so very much like her daddy while Jesse is a mini me. Calla's favourite game is exploring with Harry seeing what mischief they can both get up to. She's the most loving, caring protective little girl. She's fierce and loyal and not afraid to speak out for herself. Just two weeks ago we were at the zoo to celebrate their birthday and Calla had overheard a child twice her age say that having two daddies was weird and not allowed after hearing her and Jesse call both Harry and I Daddy and Papa. Calla marched straight over to the boy and told him that having two daddies isn't weird, it's special and totally allowed because when two people love each other that's enough. I've never been prouder. One very embarrassed mother took her son by the hand and walked away while Calla skipped back to us and asked if we could see the penguins now. 


Jesse on the other hand is an observer. She watches a situation before reacting. While Calla and Harry are off exploring Jesse prefers to spend her time in the lab with me working on her "potions". She'll spend hours looking at ingredient books pretending to read them. She's becoming the perfect potion masters assistant. Her perfectly timed retorts and comments are purely me and she perfected the eye roll just after her third birthday. Harry finds it amusing just how much she's like me especially when she doesn't get her own way and pouts. Apparently just like I do but I don't believe that.  

I watch them sometimes and can’t believe just how lucky we are to have them and not only that but we made them. A parents love is unmeasurable. It was only becoming a parent did I really understand just what my mother had done for me all those years ago during the Battle of Hogwarts. It’s not been easy, if anything being nineteen and trying to raise twins was down right difficult. There was a stage when they were about eight weeks old and they wouldn’t stop crying or one would and then the other would start. It was relentless and we were just so tired but then it was over and the constant crying stopped and Harry and I started sleeping and things got better. It was still tough on the days we had Teddy to look after as well, two babies and a toddler. It's a good job we're young because we were constantly running around after the three of them. Now though we are pretty much perfect. I’m married to the most wonderful man. We have two beautiful, smart, funny daughters. An extended family that keeps growing. I never thought that I’d be a part of the Weasley clan but then again I never imagined being with Harry let alone married to him.  

We got married the Christmas after the girls first birthday. Nothing extravagant just friends and family in a marquee at The Burrow. Ron had been Harry's best man and Teddy mine much to Blaise's dismay. The toddler stood tall and proud by my side in his dress robes all morning keeping a tight grasp of the rings. That morning as we got dressed at Aunt Andromeda's Teddy had asked if he could call me Uncle Draco once I was married to Harry. I'd hugged him tightly and tried to blink back the tears. "Your mother would be proud of you today Draco." Aunt Andromeda had said before we left.  I miss them dearly. Some days I wonder what they would say if they could see me now. What would they think of the girls? Would mother have spent hours teaching them the names of the different flowers in the garden as she had done me?"  

Four and a half years have past now since their death. The person responsible was in Azkaban for life. At least I had Harry and the twins. They were my family now. We were a family now. Harry's fingers lacing through mine pulled me back into the room, the girls were gone and it was just us two. Harry spoke as if reading my mind, "They forgot something. You okay you seemed a million miles away?" Warm lips brushed against mine. "I'm fine. Just thinking about our wedding day." Harry smiled, "The day you became the luckiest man on the planet." He joked kissing me a little harder. "That happened a long time before that day. But if we're talking about our wedding night then what I remember is you being the luckiest man on the planet. Five times." The rumble of Harry's laughter vibrated against my bare collar bone sending shivers over my body. "When these presents are opened I think Kreatcher should watch the girls for a little bit while you get your real present." Harry swallowed back his smile. "That is a brilliant idea. What a clever man my husband is." I kissed him once more. "Don't you forget it."  

"Don't forget what?" Jesse asked as they rushed back into our room. "Just reminding Daddy how clever Papa is."  

"Oh okay. Happy birthday Daddy." She held a card out to Harry that she'd made at nursery Calla doing the same. "Did you make these yourselves?" Our daughters are talented but perhaps the moving drawing of Harry on a broomstick on one and him blowing out candles on the other were a little beyond their skills. "Miss Grace helped a little bit."  

"But just this much." Calla held her index fingers about an inch apart. "Well they are both very beautiful thank you." Both girls climbed up onto Harry's lap cuddling him. "Do you want to help me open my presents?" As if he needed to ask them twice.  

Presents opened and breakfast eaten the morning was fast evaporating and we were due at The Burrow at two. Molly was throwing me a birthday dinner with all the family. "Kreacher?" The grumpy house elf appeared. "How can Kreacher be helping Master Harry?" He asked. "Can you take the girls upstairs and watch them for a little while? Draco and I need to get ready." The elf nodded. "Kreacher would like to watch Miss Calla and Miss Jesse. Kreacher be getting them ready for the party?"  

"Thank you. Their dresses are hanging on their wardrobe doors." I dropped kisses to the top of two matching blonde heads. "Go and play nicely in your room and we'll head over to Nanny Molly's for the party." The girls trotted off following the house elf. Draco used his magic to close and lock the door. "I think we've got about half hour before they drive poor Kreacher crazy." Just last week I went to call the girls down for dinner and they'd got the house elf to wear a pair of purple fairy wings and a tiara for their fairy tea party. Apparently the elf was about as useless at saying no to them as we were.  

"What are you waiting for?" Draco cast a silencing charm and in seconds both our clothes were gone. "You my darling husband better get that glorious backside of yours in our shower." Draco all but pulled me into our adjoining bathroom and into the shower cubicle. Warm water cascaded over us both plastering our hair to our faces. With hands on my hips I was lead backwards until my back pressed against the cold tiled wall. Pushing his hair darkened with water back off his face Draco's lips met mine. Slow drawn out kisses. Kisses that made my toes curl. Almost five years down the line each kiss still felt like a first.  

Hot lips trailed along my jaw, sweeping kisses nipped at that sensitive spot behind my ear as my hand grasped at the hard muscles of Draco's back moving lower and lower until I had a firm grasp of that glorious arse holding his hips against mine. Erections strained against each other's I couldn't help but rock my hips against that glorious friction. Draco chuckled against my collarbone. "Slow down Birthday Boy." He punctuated with a hot hard kiss on my mouth before dropping to his knees.  

Long slender fingers wrapped around the base of my cock and pumped slowly. My head dropped back against the tiled wall when Draco's hot mouth wrapped around  the head and sucked. Draco has many talents but this is by far one of his best. Not that I'd tell him his ego is big enough as it is. My knees buckled when he took me to the back of his throat and swallowed the tip. Hands held me against the shower wall as Draco moved up and down my length. Grey eyes looked up and held mine as fingers laced through blonde hair. I couldn't hold back anymore I rocked my hips forward fucking Draco's mouth. It didn't take long before my fingers tightened in his hair and he swallowed everything I gave him.  

Looking rather pleased with himself, grey eyes shining Draco stood licking at the corners of his lips. I plundered his clever mouth with my tongue needing to feel his mouth against mine. The heady combination of the taste of Draco and myself was enough to stir my cock back to life. Draco tore his lips from mine. "Turn around Harry. Palms against the wall. Legs spread Gorgeous. Don't move." Draco stepped out of the shower but only briefly to retrieve a jar of lube from the bathroom cupboard.  


Slicked fingers slid over the firm muscle of my backside dipping between the crack to graze over the puckered entrance before moving away from their goal. Teeth bit into the flesh where neck becomes shoulder not hard enough to break the skin but just enough to mark. "Draco!" I moaned aloud as one finger pressed into the ring of muscle. Every time I tried to pull it into my body Draco pulled back. "Dray... please." I begged. Not only did it elicit a laugh from Draco but he pushed his finger past the resistance and buried it as deep as he could reach. He pumped his hand a few times before one finger became two and two became three. "Dray...!" I moaned again begging for more. "I love hearing you beg for me Harry. Fuck you're so tight!" Clenching my muscles I tried to keep his fingers inside me but Draco was stronger. Strong arms spun me around back around against the hard wall. Arms grasped under my thighs and lifted me holding me against the wall.  

Arms wrapped instinctively around his neck fingers ploughing into his hair as I locked my legs around his waist, ankles crossed. Draco thrust up into me in one quick hard movement stealing my breath. "Fuck!" We yelled in unison. I fed Draco hot heavy kissed as he pounded into me. Each snap of his hips brushed his dick against my prostate. This was hot, hard and frenzied. The moment when pure carnal need for satisfaction, for pleasure takes over.  

Draco's hips thrusting into me erratically had both of us panting on the brink of euphoria in no time at all. Once. Twice. Three more times he pounded into me before we both fell head first into our orgasms. Hips stilled but mouths sort out one another in a slow kiss that felt like life depended on the merging of lips and tongues.  

Feet back on the tiled floor Draco's forehead rested against mine fighting for breath. "Happy birthday Harry." He murmured against my mouth before pulling me further under the water spray and picking up a wash cloth and rubbing soap suds into my body. I really am married to the most wonderful man.  




"Dray?" I asked softly. "Hmmm." He mumbled not opening his eyes just on the edge of falling asleep. "Have you still got the recipe for the potions I needed to take when I was pregnant with the girls?" I tried to hide my smile. "Umm yeah I think so. Why?" I didn't respond just waited for him to connect the dots. His eyes shot open. "Are you? Are we?" I reached over for my glasses slipping them on as I rooted around my bedside table. Draco had flicked his bedside lamp on. Using wandless magic I performed a charm that turned a book into its original state. A square black and white scan photograph I'd been given yesterday. Draco studied the photo running his index finger over the flickering image of our baby.  

"My meeting at the school yesterday wasn't just to see McGonagall. I saw Poppy too. I'm eight weeks Dray." Draco's eyes widened. "Eight weeks? My birthday? You said something felt different." He was right that night when we'd had sex it did feel different, something was different but I just couldn't put my finger on it. Now I can. I should have known from before but this felt different from that time. "I know it did. I can't explain it and no one else seems to know why either. What we have is so rare Draco. We're going to have another little miracle baby Dray." Draco's hand cupped my flat stomach his thumb brushing over the skin. "I know. I love you Harry James Malfoy-Potter." His kiss was so soft, so full of love. "I love you too Draco Lucius Malfoy-Potter." Light off and photo placed on the side proudly with my glasses we lay back down Draco's body wrapped behind mine his arm wrapped protectively over my waist his hand over where our baby grew. 

"What did Minerva say about your job?" I said into the darkness. Harry's been so excited about starting teaching at Hogwarts this September. In a few weeks time we are all moving back to Hogwarts. Minerva had offered us both teaching positions. To start with we were going to buy somewhere in Hogsmeade and Harry would go to the school each day while I started my own potions shop in the village. Then Slughorn decided to retire for a second time and Minerva offered me his job. I'd completed my Masters and was qualified to go so but I wasn't sure. With us both teaching and being offered Heads of Gryffindor and Slytherin how much time would that leave for the girls? After several conversations with not just Harry but Minerva too we came to a conclusion. The girls would continue to attend their nursery in the village and any time that we couldn't watch them they would be watched by house elves in a specially designed playroom connected to our living quarters.  

With the girls now at nursery a couple of days a week Harry has been busy planning his curriculum for the year. He is to become the youngest Defence Against the Dark Arts professor Hogwarts has had and he wanted it to be perfect. "She said it's not a problem. I can work up until I feel unable to and then they will use a substitute professor until I'm ready to go back and she'll lighten my timetable." Harry explained. "That sounds acceptable. When do you want to tell the girls and Teddy?" Harry yawned. "Let's just keep it our little secret for a few more weeks. Until it becomes obvious at least." His voice trailed off as sleep washed over him. That was probably a sensible idea. I placed one last kiss against his bare shoulder and closed my own eyes.  



February 2005 


The castle was well and truly in the midst of a brutal Scottish winter. Snow covered the grounds and students moved around the castle in heavy winter cloaks and house scarves. Draco had taken the girls and Teddy outside to the courtyard for a snowball fight. Teddy was visiting for the weekend like he does most weekends. Now he was at school full time we made sure he visits weekends and holidays. They were quickly joined by several students of all houses and year groups who asked to join in. It was a strictly no magic allowed fight.  

I stood and watched from the alcove making sure Calla, Jesse and Teddy were okay playing with the much older students. They gave just as good as they could. Draco was covered in snow the students revelling in the chance to throw snowballs at their Potions teacher. Sounds of laughter rung around the school. "I'm not sure who's having more fun out there?" Minerva said coming to stand beside me. "I think that would be Draco he's a big kid at heart." I ran my hand over the vast stretch of my belly. "How are you feeling Harry?" She asked tenderly her arm on mine. "I'm good. Getting a little restless so hopefully not much longer left."  

"You can start your leave now if you need to Harry." She said tenderly. "I'll be okay for the next two weeks. But thank you. I probably don't say it enough to you." The older woman who meant so much to me wrapped her arm around my shoulders. "You don't need to thank me. I'll see you at dinner Harry." She left her green robes flowing behind her.  

"Daddy!" Jesse came running over covered in snow. Her winter clothes and the warming charm I cast on her kept her toasty warm. Little arms tried to wrap around my vast stomach. Casting a spell to make her lighter I picked her up and sat her on my hip, her arms wrapped around my neck. "Didn't you want to play Daddy?" She asked looking back at everyone playing. "Not today sweetie. Your little brother doesn't feel much like playing today. Are you going to go back and play before dinner?" She shook her head. "I'll stay with you."  

"You sure?" Her blonde head nodded. "Shall we have our own fun from here?" Green eyes glistened. Wand in hand I made a pile of snowballs and then levitated them aiming for Draco. "Ready?" Jesse giggled. All five snowballs flew through the air hitting Draco. Silver eyes found mine. "UhhOh! Papa spotted us!" Jesse giggled. "Just smile and wave." We did just that. 

Draco laughed but a snowball from one of the Gryffindor sixth years hit him on the back of the head and he spun around. "OH MY GOD!!! Professor I'm so sorry!" Ivy Johnson yelled. Draco threw his head back and laughed. "It's quite alright Miss Johnson. Okay everyone I think it's time we went and got warmed up. It's almost time for din-" a snowball hit Draco in the face. There was an audible gasp from the twenty plus students. All eyes turned to the boy with turquoise hair. Teddy's shoulders shook with silent laughter. The look of guilt plastered over his face. "You little terror." Draco said with a laugh. A huge grin covered his face before running after Teddy. Teddy took chase but Draco's much longer legs had him catching him in a few paces and he scooped Teddy up tickling him. "I'm sorry uncle Draco I couldn't help it." He giggled. "It's just snow. No big deal.” I've never seen him as relaxed as he is when he's playing with the kids. He is such a child at heart not that he'd admit it out loud.  

With a six year old on one hip and a four year old on the other Draco stalked over to us, his cheeks flushed from the cold. "Having fun?" I asked him as he dropped a quick kiss against my lips. One of the seventh years wolf whistled. "Professor not in front of the students." I warned him softly. The bell chimed indicating lunch and together we headed into the Great Hall. Normally the kids ate dinner in our living quarters but on weekends and feasts they joined us at the staff table.  




Rain lashed against the classroom window. It was only three o'clock and it was already dark out thanks to the storm passing overhead. I winced standing up from behind my desk. My back had been hurting all morning. These last weeks of pregnancy are no fun at all. A sharp pain shot across my stomach. Grimacing I grabbed my belly leaning against my desk. "Professor?" Fiona a dark haired Slytherin called out. This is how it started before. It was time.  

"Okay you lot I need to end class early. Go back to your common rooms until your next class." Chairs scrapped back and bags were packed. Everyone left apart from Fiona. "Professor are you okay? You don't look good. Do you need me to get someone? Professor Malfoy? Or Professor McGonagall?"  

"Thank you Miss Griffin. Can you get Draco, I mean Professor Malfoy. Tell him to hurry please." I gripped my stomach again at another contraction. One thing that can be said for male pregnancy is that the labour was over extremely quickly.  


Some of these essays were appalling! They were sixth years for Merlin's sake they should know better. Dipping my quill in red ink I scrawled my mark at the bottom of the page, 'T. See me after class'. The next essay was better but only marginally. I wanted to get these marked quickly so I could go and get the girls from nursery early. With the baby coming soon I want the girls to know that we're not going to forget all about them once he arrives. 


Monday to Friday Calla and Jesse attend a nursery in Hogsmeade run by a couple of witches. Teddy had attended there too before he left to start primary school it's crazy how grown up he's getting. Loud quick knocking on my office door had me spill the jar of ink. "Come in." I called out spelling away the ink. "Ah Miss Griffin how can I help? Shouldn't you be in class right now?" The young girl tried to catch her breath. "Its Professor Potter sir. He needs you. I think he's having the baby." Harry! "Okay go back to the common room Miss Griffin. Thank you."  


I ran as fast as my legs could carry me up the flights of stairs to Harry's classroom. "Harry!" He was pacing back and forth the classroom panting and rubbing his bump. "Dray!" He sobbed when he saw me "He's coming now." I wrapped him against my chest pressing kisses to his sweaty brow. "It's going to be okay Harry. I'll take you to the hospital wing now." Harry bit into the fabric of my robes as another contraction came. "No Draco he's coming now! I need to push! Now!"  


Fuck! Umm okay. "Right Harry listen to me. I need you to get on the floor." I can do this. I watched Poppy deliver the girls. With Harry on the floor I removed his trousers and boxers. True to his word I could see our son crowning between Harry's spread legs. Harry doubled over in pain. "Hurts!" He cried. Kneeling between his knees his head dropped to my shoulder. "I know it does love. I want you to give me one big push when you're ready. Okay?" Through gritted teeth Harry nodded. He was amazing doing this. With one big push Harry bared down concentrating on the process of birthing our son. "That's it Harry. He's almost here. Another push. You can do this." And he did.  

"Oh Harry he's beautiful." I carefully lifted our little slippery bundle up into Harry arms. "We've got our little boy Dray." Harry said softly running an index finger over his soft cheek. Throwing Harry's robes over his legs to hide his modesty and using my own to wrap around our son I dropped to the floor next to Harry so that I could see our son properly. "He's perfect." I pressed a tender kiss on Harry lips before placing a soft kiss on the top of our son's dark hair. Silver eyes I knew too well blinked back at me. "I love you Harry. I love both of you." Harry's weight shifted to lean against me. "Love you too Draco."  


For two minutes we sat quietly the only sound was the sound of us breathing when the door opened and Poppy and Minerva rushed in. "I've been expecting you upstairs but I can see I'm too late." Poppy said coming over to Harry. Poppy continued to check on both Harry and baby. "Despite his very quick arrival on your classroom floor Harry everything is perfect. Your body has already returned to its normal state and this little man is perfect. Now let's get you dressed and back to your living quarters shall we?”  

Settled in our bed Harry was sat against the headboard feeding our little boy. The sight was beautiful. "Are you two going to be okay while I go and pick up the girls?" 

"Course we are. Go and get our daughters Dray." Kissing Harry tenderly and running my finger gently over our son's cheek I left.  


"Mr Malfoy-Potter, come in, come in." Flora one of the nursery owners greeted. "How's your day been? The girls are just cleaning up after painting. They won't be long." I couldn't hide my grin. "My day has been pretty amazing actually. Harry gave birth to our son this afternoon." A warm smile lit up the woman's face. "That's wonderful news. Congratulations." 

"Thank you. We're going to surprise the girls when we get back up to the school." The woman smiled again. "I'll be sure to hear all about him from two very excited big sisters tomorrow." Calla and Jesse have been so excited about being big sisters it's all they've been talking about since we told them. "I'm sure you will."  

"Ah here they come. Come along girls time to get your cloaks on your Papa is ready to go."  

"Papa!" Both girls exclaimed rushing over to him wrapping themselves each around a leg. I scooped both of them up pressing kisses to each of their cheeks. "Have you had a good day?" Identical heads nodded. "We did you and Daddy some paintings." 

"You did? I'll have to make some more space on the wall for them. Are you ready to go?" They nodded. "Let's stop and get some sweets from Honeydukes on our way shall we?"  

Jesse caught Calla's eyes and smiled wider, I had to bite my cheek to hide my smile. Sweets on a weekday! The girls were only allowed a treat at the weekend. "Okay Papa." With the girls back on their feet and a hand each in mine we got ready to leave. "What do we say to Miss Flora girls?"  

"Bye Miss Flora." The chorused. "See you tomorrow girls. I look forward to hearing all about your evening." The witch winked at me waving us off. 


"You can pick one thing each. Just one." I warned the girls. "Shall we pick something for Daddy too?" Calla asked. "I think he'd like that." Twenty minutes later we made our way to the till with more than just three sweets. How could I say no to those big green eyes and fluttering eyelashes? They both had me wrapped tightly around their little fingers. Harry's going to kill me. 


"Daddy we're home!" Calla called out as I removed the wards from our living quarters and started removing their cloaks. "Papa bought us sweets!" Jesse chimed in. Our little whirlwinds ran through the living space but stopped when Harry wasn't there. "Have you tried the bedroom?" The girls headed in that direction. "Daddy we got you-" the words dried on Jesse's tongue her mouth dropped open as did Calla's. "Is that our baby?"  

"Can we see him?" Jesse asked tentatively from the doorway. Harry grinned at them and nodded "He can't wait to meet his big sisters. Come and sit up here with me." I helped lift both of them up onto the bed and took a seat next to Harry against the headboard, Calla sat in between Harry's legs and Jesse sat on my lap. Neither able to take their eyes off the new sleeping addition to the family. "Caelum Malfoy-Potter meet your big sisters Jesse and Calla.  


When we found out we were expecting twin girls Draco and I both decided that we wanted to honour our mothers when naming them so we decided on floral names. Calla as in the type of lily and Jesse is short for jessamine the old name for jasmine. With Caelum we decided on sticking with Black family tradition and chose to name him after a star or in Caelum's instance a constellation just like Draco.  


"Has he got green eyes like us daddy or got grey eyes like Papa?" Jesse asked sometime later that evening as we were eating dinner. Caelum hadn't done very much other than sleep since the girls got home. "He doesn't do anything? He just sleeps. Does he not want to play with us?" Calla added. I think they thought he'd be able to play with them straight away. "When he gets bigger he'll do more things and you can play games with him but for now he'll sleep lots and eat lots while he's growing. As for your first question he's got eyes just like Papa. Beautiful pale grey eyes."  



"Pyjamas on please. It's time for bed." Big green eyes grew wider and bottom lips pouted. "But Daddy." I shook my head. "You've already stayed up half hour later than normal and you've got school in the morning. Now get moving." Reluctantly they left for their room. "You okay?" Draco asked coming to join me on the sofa having just put Caelum down. His strong arms wrapped around me. "I'm fine just a bit sore." His lips touched mine softly. "If only your husband was a Potions Master. I'll get you something for the pain." As Draco stood to leave there was a knock on the door. "I'll get that first."  


"Come in. Harry's just in the living room." Draco moved out the way to allow Minerva room to enter. "I won't stay for long I just wanted to fill you in on what's going to happen. Draco perched on the arm of the sofa next to me taking my hand as Minerva took a seat. "I've got cover for your lessons and head of house duties from tomorrow Harry and for as long as you want to take off. You don't have to decide that now. As for you Draco I've arranged for someone to cover your lessons and head of house duties for the next two weeks. You should both enjoy your new family together. If any of you. Need anything just let me know. Your students and the other staff are biting at the bit to meet the newest member of the family. I've put them off for now but I can't keep them at bay for too long you know what they are like."  

"If it's okay with you could we join everyone for breakfast tomorrow."  

"Harry are you sure? We can wait a couple of days." Draco offered. "We live in the castle for the majority of the year we can't hide away forever and you just know that tomorrow we will be inundated with visitors. Molly's already floo called this evening. Twice! Let's just get it over with in one go."  

"Okay. Tomorrow morning it is. If that's okay with you Minerva?" McGonagall smiled "It's fine as long as I get a cuddle with the little man. I'll also open your fireplace to allow visitors. I presume you just want the Weasley's and Andromeda's fireplaces connected." I nodded, "Please."  


"Auntie Minnie!" Calla ran over and climbed on Minerva's lap. "Hi Sweetheart."  

"We got a new brother." McGonagall brushed back a strand of blonde hair. “I know you did. Where’s that sister of yours?” As if on cue Jesse wondered out of their bedroom a smear of chocolate around her mouth. “She’s so your daughter.” Draco mused sweeping her up onto his knee and cleaning her face. “What did I tell you about chocolate before bed.” Big green eyes looked up at him. “I didn’t eat any. I just wanted the card.”  

“I think you’ll find she’s all you.” I murmured back. “And this chocolate just appeared on your face did it?” Jesse shrugged, “Well maybe I did have a little lick, but look I got Auntie 'Mione in my chocolate frog." The girls didn't understand yet why Hermione, Ron and I were on the cards. They were too little to know the truth for now we just told them that we'd done something very brave.  


“I’ll tell you what girls. Why don’t I put you to bed and read you a story and let your fathers have some time to themselves. They’ve had a very busy day.” Calla and Jesse hopped off each adults lap that they were sat on and each took one of Minerva’s hands. Minerva whispered something to them and they came rushing back over and climbed onto each of our laps. "Goodnight daddy." Small arms wound around my neck. "Sweet dreams Calla." I pressed a kiss against her forehead before she switched places with Jesse and said good night to Draco. "Sweet dreams Jesse." She cuddled closer against me yawning as she did. "Go and enjoy your bedtime story." Those little pink lips pressed a kiss against my cheek before she slid off my lap and went back to the witch. "We love you both." Draco said as Calla left his lap. "To the moon and back?" Both girls chorused. "To the moon and back." We both replied. Minerva smiled at us taking each of the girls hands once more leading them to the bedroom they shared. “Auntie Minnie can you read us Cinderella?” Jesse asked. “Why don’t Cinderella’s stepmother just get a house elf to help tidy up?” Calla asked and Draco bit back his laugh. “Minerva doesn’t really know what she’s got herself into does she?”  

“She coped with us and our antics for all these years and she survived the reign of Fred and George and my dad and his friends I’m sure she’ll be fine with our two, they're not that bad.” Draco laughed. “Yeah okay you’re definitely right. I’m going to run down to my classroom and get you that potion. I’ll be right back.” Standing he bent and kissed me and left pausing at the door, “Harry?” I looked up. “I love you.”  

“I love you too Draco.” I truly, wholeheartedly do and I know he does too.


*** The End ***

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