Second Chances *COMPLETE*

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Just a short chapter. Draco reveals just why he's on the train back to school after telling Harry he had no intention of going back. 


Revelations on the Hogwarts Express


Malfoy's don't cry. I refuse to cry. I will not cry against Harry Potter’s chest no matter how warm and comforting it feels being held against it. I felt my body become rigid and tense at the realisation that Harry was holding me. Other than holding hands in Cokeworth we haven't touched each other. Harry let go and stepped back looking apologetic. “Umm sorry you looked terrified I thought you needed a hug.” He looked everywhere but at me picking the fluff on his sleeve. “Harry look at me.” Pushing up those ridiculous round glasses emerald eyes settled on my own. “It's fine. It probably helped. You scared the life out of me when that door opened and no one walked in.” Harry threw himself down on one of the chairs I followed suit and sat opposite him. “Yeah I'm sorry about that. I haven't told Ron or Hermione about how much time we've been spending together. I told them we talked at Snape's funeral and called a truce.” The golden boy was keeping me a secret that thought was unsettling but then I've not been truthful with my friends either. “I had guessed as much when neither of them tried to hex me out in the corridor.”  

“They wouldn't do that.” I cocked one perfectly arched eyebrow at him. “Okay Hermione wouldn’t Ron on the other hand.”  

“Granger prefers a more physical approach if I remember rightly." Harry's cheek twitched as if he was trying not to laugh. "Don't even get me started on the weasel." Harry sighed loudly "I thought we weren't going to keep bringing up our pasts because if that's the path you want to go I'll just leave now and we can go back to how it was before."  

"Alright I know. At least I didn't almost kill you in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom." I couldn’t help myself. Harry stood to leave and then as if changing his mind sat back down, his eyes dark and heavy.   


"I never meant for that to happen Draco. I didn't know what that spell would do. If I could take it back I would. I had no idea that it would almost kill you. I'm sorry Draco." Harry's head dropped into his hands. "I regret that day so much." Reaching across I placed my hand on his shoulder and squeezed it gently. "I know you never Harry. Truth be told if the tables had been reversed I would have used it on you. Wait is that why you keep trying to save my life? You're trying to make amends for almost killing me." 

"Well yeah." Bloody Gryffindor. "Harry I'm fine. I've got a few scars but that's it. I've had worse happen." I laughed bitterly. Having dozens of slashes cut into his body and almost bleed out on the flooded bathroom floor was noting compared to what I've been through since that day.  


"What are you doing here Draco?" He'd said he wasn't coming back to school he had a plan. "I thought that would be obvious Potter. This is the only train that takes us to school." Over the last few weeks I've come to realise that Draco uses humour as a form of defence. "You're bloody hilarious sometimes do you know that?" He grinned "Of course I do. Mother and father thought it was best if I come back. I was attacked again." 

"Wait what?" Anger flooded through me. "When? Where? Are you okay? What's being done about it?" Draco just flashed that perfect smile of his. "Potter your concern is admirable. It happened Friday night after I left yours. I was miserable after our lesson. Four lessons and still no progress. It's unbecoming of a Malfoy to fail at anything. Instead of going home I went into London and to a muggle club to have a drink. One drink turned into lots and I met someone. Turns out not all muggles are as acceptable about homosexuality as wizards." There was so much information in that statement I didn't know where to start. Draco was gay? Why hadn't he said anything when I told him? "Potter?" I looked up to find him starring at me. "Huh what?"  

"You've just been sat there for a few minutes not saying anything. What's bothering you the most the fact that I'm gay or what happened?" 

"Why would you being gay bother me?" 

"You're wondering why I never said anything when you came out to me. I would have thought that was obvious. I've never tried to hide my sexuality it's quite common knowledge that I'm gay. Did you really think Nott and I were just friends?" I thought Nott was with Parkinson. "Nott's bisexual." How did he know I was thinking that? "It's written all over your face Potter. This would be easier if you found your words and opened your mouth." Why are we friends again?  


"How badly were you hurt?" Muggles might not be able to inflict magical pain but they were still able to cause a lot of damage. "Two broken ribs, nose and a fractured eye socket oh and some more internal bleeding. St Mungo's are thinking about offering me my own private wing." Oh Draco. "Don't give me that look Harry I'm fine. And before you start it wasn't your fault. You told me these lessons would be hard. The only people to blame are the two thugs who did it."  

"It's spooky how well you know me. It's quite unnerving really." Draco just shook his head and laughed. "I do have a bone to pick with you though Harry." I held my hands up "Go ahead." 

"Dray?" My face turned beetroot red. "Oh that! It just slipped out. Sorry."  

"Don't be I liked it. Now if you don't mind I need to change and Granger and Weasel will be worried about you." He liked the nickname. Did that mean something? "Right. I'll see you at school." I stood and slipped my cloak back over myself disappearing completely. One hand on the door handle I pulled the cloak down revealing my head. "For what it's worth. I'm glad you’ve come back Dray." Replacing the cloak I unlocked the door, lifted the charms from the glass and left. Looking back Draco sat against the cushioned chair back a small smile on his lips. 

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