Second Chances *COMPLETE*

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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter it belongs to J. K. Rowling. I am writing this story for fun and not for profit.

I'm really enjoying writing this story and I might have gotten a little carried away writing this chapter. Things are getting a little more interesting.

I like to think of Draco's interactions with Teddy as a new start. Teddy doesn't know the Draco of the last seventeen years. With Teddy he has a fresh start. I can't wait to watch his relationship evolve with the little boy.

Anyway I hope you enjoy I'm off to write some more before bed.


New term, new rules 

The sorting ceremony was like that of other years first years were paraded down the centre and waited to be sorted. The sorting hat spoke of unity and friendship. My eyes drifted over to Draco sat at the Slytherin table he smiled briefly and looked away. Looking around the hall you would never have been able tell what happened in here just a few months previous. There weren't as many students as there normally were but that was understandable some parents didn't want their kids to be so far away. I got it. I really did.  

McGonagall made her welcoming speech introducing new teachers and setting out new rules before starting the feast. Once plates were empty and cleared away 7th year prefects led the other students out of the hall and back to their common rooms. McGonagall wanted to talk to us separately she called us all to come and sit on the same table. 


“I won't keep you long I'm sure you want to get off to your rooms but first I need to explain a few things. This is a very unique situation we find ourselves in. You will be carrying on your N.E.W.T subjects from 6th year. Your timetables are in your rooms. You will have separate lessons from the 7th years so no need to worry. Mr Finnigan I saw that look. Now as for your housing requirements you are fully aware that the current houses only have room to sleep seven year groups. So as our first and only 8th year we have made some special arrangements for you. The sixth floor east wing has been transformed into sleeping quarters and a common room and study area for you to use. Boys you will find your rooms to the left of the common room and girls yours are to the right. There are individual rooms for each of you apart from two double rooms.” There was an audible groan around the room. “The fairest way to allocate these rooms is by drawing names.” McGonagall produced two dark boxes. “Each of your names are inside I will pick from each to random names. One pair of girls and one pair of boys.” McGonagall waved her wand over one of the boxes and out flew a piece of paper similarly to the Goblet of Fire. “Padma Patil you will be sharing with Hannah Abbott.” Both girls hugged each other. “Now for the boys.” Nervous chatter went around the group. Having our own room would be a benefit after seven years of sharing with three other guys some space alone would be desirable. McGonagall waved her wand again. “Harry Potter.” Thirty odd faces turned to face me. “Harry you will be sharing with-“ a piece of paper flew out of the box and McGonagall caught it between her fingers her face paled at the name. “Draco Malfoy.” The room fell silent no one said a thing and then all at once everyone was shouting over the top of each other. “They'll kill each other!” Seamus exclaimed. “It's not fair on Harry miss.” Someone else said. “I'll share with Harry.” Several of the boys said. “Look it's fine. I don't mind sharing with Malfoy. We've called a truce. If we can be civil to each other so can you all. We've been through enough this year. Inter house competition is fine but full on inter house hatred isn't. We've lost too much to let petty ignorance continue to come between us. Less than an hour ago the sorting hat spoke about house unity. I'm willing to put the past behind me you should do too. Draco I don't mind sharing a room with you if you don't. Not that we have much of a choice. What do you think?”  

“It's fine with me.” His gaze held mine. “We've called a truce and I intend to stick to it. I just hope you don't snore Potter.” I couldn't help but laugh out loud. “Harry you can't be seriously considering this!” Ron said giving Draco the dirtiest look. “Ron it's fine.”  

“Ron if Harry says he's okay with it then he's okay with it. Just sit back down.” Hermione said from beside Ron. He did as he was told not wanting to start a fight with Hermione. “That's it Weasel listen to your girlfriend.” Draco said knowing full well it would annoy Ron. “Shut up ferret face. At least I've got a girlfriend.”  

“Gentlemen please!” McGonagall said raising her voice. Ron and Draco glared across the table at each other. “Now it's getting late and I don't know about you but I'd like to retire for the evening but we still have a few things to discuss. “Those of you who were prefects will be well aware of the prefects bathroom you all now have access to that room the password is on the notice board in your common room. The password to get into your common room is ‘Unity’ you'd do well at trying to remember that this year.” She looked from Ron to Draco. “You are all adults now and as such you have been granted special privileges. You are granted permission to go to Hogsmeade every weekend as long as you have no prior commitment to the school. Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited from the school grounds. However you are allowed to drink off site. You are all of age. Your curfew has been increased. You are still students of this school and therefore Sunday to Thursday you must be in your common room by 9pm. Friday through to Saturday it is 11pm. Any disturbances to the rest of the school and it will be revoked and you will abide by the same curfews as the rest of the school. And one final rule if at any time a member of the opposite sex is in your bedroom the door must remain open. What you get up to outside of school is your own choices but in this school you follow my rules. Oh and eighth years it really is very good to see you all back. I know this won't have been an easy choice to make but I am very proud of you all. My office door is always open if you need to talk. Now off to bed with you all classes start bright and early tomorrow morning.” 

Under a buzz of noise the Great Hall emptied and everyone headed u the stairs to find our new living quarters. 




“This is weird isn't it?” I never thought I would be sharing a room with Potter and now here we are forced to live in the same room. We were unpacking our trunks in our new room. Two dark mahogany double beds filled the majority of the room. They had surprisingly soft white bedding on them a emerald green blanket was folded over the bottom of one bed and a scarlet one on the other. There were chest of drawers for both of us and bedside tables were all that separated the two beds. Tucked in two corners were desks and a chair. “We were almost roommates before.” Harry said waving his wand over his trunk and his clothes floated over to the drawers refilled themselves and filled the drawers nearest Harry's bed. “When?” 

“First year. The sorting hat wanted to put me in Slytherin.” My jaw dropped open. It wasn't a good look but there was no other response. Harry could have been a Slytherin. “How did you end up in Gryffindor?” Harry shrugged his shoulders. “I asked the hat to place me anywhere but Slytherin. I didn't like how you behaved on the train I didn't want to be in the same house as you.” Oh. I can’t even remember what I said. I remember Harry rejecting my offer of friendship then but I can't recall what I said. “You've shown some redeeming features so let's not dwell on it too long.” Some redeeming features the bloody cheek! “Is that way the hat took so long to sort you?”  

“I guess. I presume having a bit of Voldemort inside me wasn't helping matters.” I flinched at the name. How can he be so blasé about it. I didn't see Harry more but he was beside me all of a sudden his hand  on my own offering a reassuring touch. “You don't have to worry Dray he's gone. He's not coming back.” Harry said softly. “I should probably warn you I still have nightmares. The events of the last few weeks haven't been helping.”  

“Okay. It's fine I have them too.” My grey eyes searched for his, “You do?”  

“We've been through a war I'd be surprised if we didn't. There are a lot more people along this corridor who are in the same boat. I don't think it's anything we can just switch off. It's completely normal Dray. You're completely normal.” Normal. Malfoy's aren't “normal” exceptional definitely, normal never.  


There was a loud knock on the door. “10 sickles it's Weasel coming to check I've not murdered you yet!” Harry let go of my arm and crossed to open the door. It was the Weasel. He glared at me past Harry. “We're having a gathering in Dean's room just a catch up maybe a couple of games of exploding snap. You coming?”  

“Go ahead Potter. It leaves me time to plan how to kill you in your sleep tonight. Maybe I'll start by hexing your belongings just in case I don't feel like committing murder tonight.” The look on the Weasel’s face was priceless. “Ron he's winding you up. Come on let's go.” Harry physically had to shove him out the doorway. This is going to be fun. 




“I've been down to the kitchen and got the house elves to provide some snacks for this evening. I tried to get some Firewhisky off Winky but she was having none of it.” Seamus sighed melodramatically throwing him self down on one of the chairs Dean had arranged around the table that was once his bed. “So Harry how's your roommate?” Dean asked. “I can't believe McGonagall has done this to you. You saved the world from a sociopath and she's got you sharing a room with one of his followers. It's not fucking right Harry!”  

“Ron you need to calm down you're almost as red as your hair.”  

“He's right though H! It's feckin’ Malfoy.” Seamus chimed in. “Once a snake always a snake!” Ron seethed. “If Harry's willing to give him a second chance then I am.” Neville said clapping me on the back. “Cheers Nev.”  

“Look I'm not asking you to be friends with him just give him a second chance. Hell you don't even have to like him just try and be civil to each other. If I can you surely can.” There were a few shrugs and mutterings everyone but Ron agreeing to at least try. “Let's just change the subject and play some cards.” Neville said pulling the cards out of the pack.  




Harry had been gone a while. I'd finished unpacking and used the shower in the bathroom that we both share and changed for bed pulling a white t-shirt on over my black boxers. I was sat in bed reading when the door opened and Harry came in. I felt myself smiling at him I was glad to see him. “So should my ears be burning?” Harry busied himself gathering stuff for a shower. “We didn't spend the last two hours talking about you. Five minutes top.” I laughed. “I don't know whether to be offended or not.”  

“Neville is happy to give you a second chance he thinks if I can everyone else should. Dean and Seamus don't really give a fuck. As for Ron, well he still hates you.”  

“Longbottom really?”  

“Don't underestimate him. There's a reason he was put in Gryffindor.” I held my hands up “Alright alright. I'll be nice.” Harry raised his eyebrow at me accusingly. “I can be nice when I want to be. Besides with Blaise, Theo and Pansy not coming back I've got to have someone other than you to talk to. Who else am I left with Bulstrode? No thank you. The girl is as dull as dishwater. Shaking his head Harry walked off into the bathroom.  


“Whatlessonyougotfirsttomorrow?” I asked Draco sticking my head out the bathroom door mid way through brushing my teeth. “I didn't understand any of that. You really shouldn't speak with your mouth full Potter.” I disappeared back into the bathroom spat and rinsed my mouth out. Moving my clothes to the wash basket and picking up my stuff I wondered back into the room. Draco was just looking at me. Was he checking me out? I ran my fingers through my wet hair. “See something you like Draco?”  Draco's cheeks turned bright red. “I just never imagined you to have a six pack.” He stammered. All those years of flying and quidditch had paid off. My body was hard and toned. Sticking my tongue out at Draco I climbed into bed “You can put you tongue away now Draco.” I distinguished the lamps plunging us into darkness.  


“Harry.” Draco said softly. “I hate myself for saying this but can we keep one of the lamps lit? I can't stand the darkness since the first time I was attacked.” I didn't say anything just relit one of the lamps near Draco's bed. The flicking light casting him in a soft light. “I understand Draco I really do. G’night Draco.” 

“Night Harry.” 




The first week of term past in a blur. Getting back into the swing of things was difficult but we quickly adjusted, the teachers were already piling on the homework. Homework could wait for the weekend right now I was going to McGonagall’s office to go and meet Andromeda to get Teddy for the afternoon. I should have had him Wednesday afternoon but it being the first day of classes we decided that this week I'd have him this afternoon as I don't have any lessons and then tomorrow I'll have him again. “Harry my boy before you leave can I have a quick word.” Professor Slughorn said as I packed up my belongings after potions. “I'll take your stuff back to our room on my way to my next class so you don't have to worry about it.” Draco said taking my books. “Thanks.” The class slowly filed out. “Professor I really can't stay long I have to pick my godson up from the headmistress's office.” Slughorn nodded. “I won't keep you long. I just wanted to check you were okay sitting with Mr Malfoy. It's not too late for me to move the class around.” Not this again. “Professor it's absolutely fine. We're trying to be friends so I don’t mind.” This was getting tiring. On Wednesday we had our first potions lesson and were told to pick out permanent seats for the year. Each table sat two people. Draco had sat himself at one on his own at the back of the room people were actively ignoring him pretending he wasn't there. I sat next to him much to his surprise. “Harry? Really?” Ron exclaimed. “Would you rather sit here?” Ron threw his books down at the table next to ours where Hermione had sat. This was the second time I was having this conversation with Slughorn about the seating arrangements. “Very well my boy. Go and and enjoy your weekend.”  

“You too professor.” I mumbled rushing out the door and running the rest of the way to McGonagall's office I was late already.  


Teddy’s little face lit up when he saw me. He squirmed on McGonagall's lap. “I think someone is pleased to see you Potter.” She said passing him over to me. His little body clinging to me tightly. Dark messy hair much like my own tickled my chin as he snuggled close against me. “Not as pleased as I am. I know it's only been a few days but I've missed him.”  

“He's been missing you too. I've been trying to tame this mass of unruly dark hair for days now.” Andromeda added getting up to press a kiss against my cheek and that of Teddy’s. “All of his stuff is in his bag. If you can have him ready for bed Minerva and I have arranged for you to bring him back through the floo and you can give him his bottle and put him to bed.” My eyes moved from McGonagall to Andromeda, “Really?”  

“I'll keep the floo in my office open until you get back Harry.”  

“So what do you think Harry? I know Teddy's been missing his bedtime stories from uncle Harry.” “Of course I'd love to. I'll have him back at seven. Are you going to wave goodbye to Granny?” Helping him I waved a chubby hand at her. “Now you behave for uncle Harry. I'll see you both at seven.” I picked up Teddy’s bag and we left and headed back up to the 8th year common room.   

It was fairly empty with only a few people around. Some were still in class and others were making the most of the last remaining warm days of the summer. I'll take him out for a walk in a little while once I've unpacked his stuff. The girls in the common room came over to coo at him. “Harry he's adorable.” Padma said running a finger over Teddy's closed fist that was gripping my robes. “Are you being shy little Man?” Normally happy to be centre of attention Teddy nestled closer against me. Over the next hour Teddy was happy to sit with me in the common room playing with his toys. Teddy only lifted his arms up for a cuddle when Hermione came over but even that was short lived he became fussy and just wanted me again. “I think he might have another tooth coming.”  


The common room started to fill up with people back from their last lesson before lunch. “Bloody hell Harry he looks just like you. You sure he's Lupin’s?” Hermione hit Dean with a textbook in the shoulder. “Ow ‘Mione! I'm just kidding I know he's a metamorphmagus.”  

“He's Lupin’s son? Does that mean he's a… you know?” Terry Boot asked. I expected better from a Ravenclaw. “No he's not a werewolf. It's not hereditary. He does however have the appetite of one and it's lunchtime. On cue Pippy the house elf appeared. “I've bought Mister Potter Master Teddy's lunch sir. Stewed plums, his bottle and some sandwiches for you Mister Potter.” The lunch for the pair of us appeared on a nearby table with the click of Pippy’s fingers. “Thanks Pippy.” The elf smiled and bowed before disappearing with a loud click. “Come on you guys let's go down to lunch and give Harry some space alone with his Godson.” Neville said standing up to leave.  


After lunch we went for a walk down to see Hagrid on the way back Teddy fell asleep. I put hi to sleep in the middle of my bed two cushioning charms either side of him in case he rolled off the bed. I'd expected Draco to be in the room but it was empty. I haven't seen him since potions this morning. He's been back at some point because my books were stacked neatly on my desk. He's probably in the library he's there a lot. With Teddy asleep for the next hour or so I got started on some of my homework. The door opened I quickly held my finger up against my lips “Shh he's not long been asleep.” Draco nodded and put his bag down coming to sit on the edge of my desk. “He looks like he's got bigger.” Draco whispered. “I know he feels heavier too. He's got another tooth coming as well.” Draco looked down at the piece of potions work I was doing. “You know you've made a mistake don't you?”  

“What? Where?”  

“I'm not going to tell you your mistake you won't learn that way. If you still can't work it out by Sunday I'll help you.”  

“You sound just like Hermione do you know that?” Draco laughed softly “God I've got something in common with the Mud- umm Granger.” Draco was trying really hard to keep his pureblood in line but every now and again it slipped out. “I'm just going to get changed I'm done with lessons for the day. You should check your fifth paragraph.” Whistling softly the blonde took clothes out of his dresser and entered the bathroom.  


Draco reappeared a few minutes later looking effortlessly good looking. He had a tight pair of dark denim jeans on that hugged his tight backside that I pretend not to notice. He had a white shirt tucked into those jeans. He'd left the top two buttons undone. God he was hot! My fingers inched to slide through his hair to see if it felt as soft as it looked. The fact that is was Draco was the only thing stopping me. Friends was one thing but liking Draco like that was a whole new ball game. One I wasn't ready to think about. Despite my traitorous body's ideas. I shifted in my chair to hide the obvious tenting in the front of my school trousers.  


“Do you mind watching Teddy whilst I grab a shower and changed?” He should still be asleep but just in case.” Draco was sat on his bed reading. “Go ahead. I'll watch him.” I copied the routine Draco had done himself just half hour before. “We're going down to the Three Broomsticks this evening. You should come with us.” Draco actually scoffed out loud. “And enter the proverbial lions den. No thanks. I might have made some stupid mistakes in my past but I'm trying to avoid making them again.”  

“It won't just be us. The invitation is open to everyone. You don't have to come just think about it.”  

“I'll think about it.” 


Almost as soon as Harry switched the shower on Teddy woke up. A little disoriented he began to cry. I was st Harry's bed in seconds scooping up the warm body and holding him against my chest trying to sooth him by bouncing him up and down a little shushing him softly. “Is that smell coming from you Teddy?” How can someone so small make such a smell. I can't leave him like this until Harry gets back. I can do this. I think. “Okay Teddy let's do this shall we?” I emptied his bag and found all the necessary equipment. Just think of it like potion making. Step by step.  

I laid teddy down on the fold out mat thing and unfastened his onesie. The smell was much worse. Come on Draco you can do this! You survived living in a house with a mad man you can change a nappy. Wipes at the ready I unfastened each side of the nappy. Holy hippogriff!!! How can anyone do this? Trying not to be sick in my mouth I peeled back the offending nappy. Teddy just smiled up at me as if he know the horror I was facing. The little bugger! I think I used almost all the wipes but he was finally clean. There was a bottle that said ‘nappy rash salve’ which I applied according to the instructions and fastened a clean nappy. Casting a quick cleansing charm on my own hands I picked Teddy up under the arms and held him up to make sure the nappy stayed on – it did. Feeling quite smug with myself I popped his clothes back on and with another wave of my wand disposed of the offending nappy. “See that wasn't so bad was it. Let's get some toys out and play. What did your grandmother pack for you today? Ooh look your toy snitch. Shall we play with this one?” The little guy reached out for the golden ball. I guess this one will do then.  


Dressed in jeans and a dark navy jumper I stepped out the bathroom to find Draco sat in the middle of my bed with Teddy sat between his legs levitating the golden snitch around for him to try and catch. Draco looked up his eyes landing on mine. “Look who's finished in the bathroom Ted. Shall we test uncle Harry's skills.” The snitch shot towards me as I reached out to get it Draco raised his wand and the snitch followed suit. It happened several times Teddy laughing loudly each time. “I think you need a bit more practice.”  

“I'm just saving myself for the Gryffindor vs. Slytherin game when I'm going to wipe the floor with you.” Draco turned and spoke to Teddy “If that performance was anything to go by I don't think I've got a problem. Do you?” Teddy mumbled some nonsense. “See even Teddy agrees.” Laughter glistened in Draco's eyes. I've not seen him looking this happy before. “Fancy coming for a walk with us? I'm going to take Teddy up to see the owls he loves them.”  

“Definitely. I've got a letter for Orion to take to Mother and Father before they go away to the house in France. I'll bring the owl treats shall I?” The blonde routed around in his trunk pulling out a packet of owl treats. They were the luxury brand. It's Draco of course they were. “Only the best for Orion. He doesn't eat any others.” I picked Teddy up but he reached out for Draco to take him who happily took him after pocketing the letter and treats. “Now is probably a good time to tell you that any time Orion brought a letter over to mine and I had Teddy. Teddy shared his half eaten soggy teething biscuits with him.” Draco tickled the little boy. “So you're the reason Ori was getting podgy!” Teddy responded by cuddling against him and pressing a slobbery kiss against his face. Draco's cheeks pinked and he seemed a little shocked. After a moment of hesitation he ruffled the boys dark hair and dropped a quick kiss against his crown. I don't think I've ever seen anything so touching. My stomach did this weird little flip thing. “Harry?”  

“Sorry what?” 

“I said should we go?” I felt myself blush. “Oh yeah right. Let's go. Oh wait I should probably change him before we go.” Draco grimaced. “No need I changed him when he woke up.” Bloody hell! “You did?”  

“Yes and I don't intend to repeat the performance.” I just laughed even with the changing charms it was still gross. Wait. “How and why do you know the charms for changing a babies nappy?” A frown creased Draco's brow. “There's charms?”  

“Well yeah Andromeda taught me them. Why what did you do?”  

“I used the stuff in that bag. I presumed that's what it was there for.” I couldn't stop the laughter. Draco hit me in the arm. “They're there in case I need to change him near muggles. How bad was it on a scale of 1 to 10?” Draco thought about it “About as bad as embracing Voldemort.” Both of us gave an uncontrollable shudder. “That bad! Holy hippogriff! Let's go shall we.” 


The faces on my friends when we walked out into the common room was a picture. There were a couple of whispers from a couple of people and a few shy smiles but no one actually said anything apart from Neville, “where are you three off to? Anywhere good?” “Just going to take Teddy up to the Owlery to see the birds.” 

“Cool have fun.” Neville never stops amazing me. “Cheers mate.” We made it through the rest of the room without running into Ron. The last thing I wanted was another argument over Draco. As we left the sixth floor corridor we walked straight into the path of Ron, Hermione and Seamus. “Harry why is ferret face holding Teddy?” Hermione’s reached out for Ron’s arm in a silent attempt at stopping him. “We are taking Teddy up to the owlery. I'm not having this argument with you now Ron. Not in front of Teddy now if you'll excuse us I'm going to go and spend some time with my godson.”  




Teddy was in his element cooing and chatting gibberish to the owls. With Teddy handed over to Harry I called Orion over. For such a big bird he was surprisingly gentle and actually likes being petted. “Gentle.” Harry warned Teddy who had reached out to touch Ori. Listening the boy gently touched the animal squealing in delight. I'm not sure I've ever been that happy, maybe once when I first rode a broom I'm not sure. Ori ruffled his feathers and Teddy jumped taken off guard. After feeding Ori a few treats I tied my letter to his leg and he flew off out of the owlery. We started our decent and made our way back inside the castle.  


“Do you think you'll get a new owl?” I asked on our journey. Back in the owlery I'd noticed Harry watching one Snowy Owl that looked like his old owl. “I guess. I just feel like I'd be replacing her. I haven't been able to go into Eeylops since. Using the post office is hard enough. I know I have to get another one I just can't bring myself to do it. When I do they will have to be very different from Hedwig.”  

“You know you can always use Ori if you need to.”  





The afternoon passed much quicker than I'd wanted and before we knew it it was dinner time. As with lunch the house elves sent food up to the common room for Teddy, Hermione and myself. “I can't believe just how big he's gotten. It's hard to tell if he looks like Remus or Tonks though because he just looks like you at the moment." Hermione commented. “I know Andromeda said that she thinks he's missing me. He hasn't changed his hair and eyes since I had him last week. We've not even been back a week and Christmas is months away.” Hermione patted my forearm tenderly. “It'll be better now you can get into a routine with him and he knows that it'll only be a few days before he sees you again. I know it's not perfect but it's only for one year. He won't remember this when he's older.” She was right. She always is. “I know. It doesn't mean it is easy though.” 

“I know. What time is Andromeda picking him up?” 

“I'm taking him back to hers at 7 and putting him to bed. I'll meet you guys in the Three Broomsticks when I get back.”  

“Perfect; perhaps you and Ron can have a chat. Try and sort out what's going on between the two of you.” 

“I know full well what's going on between the two of us. Ron’s being a complete and utter A-R-S-E. isn't that right Teddy?” Teddy laughed from his high chair. “See even he agrees.” Hermione just glared at me. “You know full well what his problem is and ‘Mione I just don't understand why he can't give Draco a second chance. If I can do it why can't he? I'm fed up of fighting and living in a world of hate.” Hermione wrapped an arm around my shoulders and rested her head on one. “I know me too. You know what Ronald’s like. Just give him time to think he's come up with the idea. I'm sure he'll come around eventually. How is it sharing a room with Malfoy? We haven't had a chance to talk on our own all week.” 

“That's because you've been in the library all week. It's only week one.” I received a classic exasperated look from her for that. “You should be studying hard already too. It's been a year since we were last in education.” I hope Hermione never changes. “Don't worry I am. You and Draco actually have a lot in common. Don't look at me like that you do. He scrutinises my homework too and tells me if I've made a mistake. He doesn't tell me what the problem is I have to work that out myself.” Hermione looked perplexed, “Really?” 

“Yeah. Who would have thought? Right I better get this one ready to go home.”  

“Come and give me a cuddle little man.” Hermione said to Teddy unfastening him from his chair. “I'll see you next week.” She pressed a kiss against his rosy cheek, “Sweet dreams Teddy.” 

“Night, night auntie ‘Mione.” 

“I'll put this lot back to normal you go and get him sorted. “Thanks ‘Mione.”  

I hugged her with my one free arm. “You're the best do you know that.” Laughing she gave me a gentle shove. “Harry!”  




“Time to say goodbye Teddy.” Harry said packing the last of his stuff. We were sat on the bed reading a muggle book about a caterpillar who ate a lot of things. “You look after yourself little man.” I ruffled his dark locks. I've grown quite attached to the little guy. “I'll be back in a bit and we can go and meet everyone down at the pub what do you say?”  

“You're not going to let it drop are you?”  

“Fine. I don't know what you think it will achieve but I'll go if only so that I can tell you I told you so in the morning.”  




It was easy to spot the 8th years in the pub they were the loud bunch in the corner knocking back drinks. “Harry there you are! I've got you a drink in. Oh wait I've drunk it! I'll get you another one or three!” Seamus yelled across the group. As I moved towards the group eyes turned towards Draco and conversations seemed to stop all eyes on us. Ron looked livid. “Malfoy what can I get you to drink?” Seamus asked. “Oh umm a glass of Firewhiskey please. But here take this.” He chucked a money pouch across the group. “Get everyone a round on me.”  

“I've always liked you Malfoy!” The Irishman lied causing the group to burst out laughing. “Come on let's go and sit over there. Good idea buying a round.”  

“Less of a chance of someone poisoning me if I get the round in. I'll go help Finnigan with the drinks.”  Draco headed towards the bar and over to Seamus who was relaying their order to Madam Rosmerta. “Did Teddy go down okay?” Hermione asked as I took a seat next to her. I didn't get to reply as Ron leant over Hermione, “What did you bring that git for?” He hissed. “It was an open invitation to everyone. Not everyone but Draco.” I replied trying to keep my tone even. “Draco? Fucking Draco!! What happened to Malfoy?” Ron yelled his voice full of anger. “Nothing happened to him Weasel. I'm absolutely fine. Spent the morning in classes followed an afternoon enjoying the company of my infant cousin and his godfather and now here we are. All in all a good day. Here's your drink.” Draco put a glass of amber liquid in front of Ron and passed others out to them before sitting down at on the chair opposite mine. “You can shove your drink up your arse ferret face!” Ron went to throw the liquor over Draco but Hermione was quicker with her wand and froze the liquid mid air before moving it to an empty glass. Draco downed his drink wincing at the burn of the whiskey in the back of his throats before standing. “Well it's been a pleasure. I'll be leaving now.” He was gone before I could say anything. So much for house unity.  


“Was it too hard to be civil to each other for one night?”  

“Why can't you see him for what he is Harry? He's a no good dirty Death Eater scumbag!” Ron spat. All eyes turned towards us. “Was.”  

“Was what?” 

“He was a Death Eater. Forced into it. Forced to make choices he didn't want to do. Hell at 15 he was told to kill his headteacher or his family will be punished. Up until now he's been told how to behave what to believe. He made his choices through fear of repercussions. You know what it was like to have the locket with Voldemort’s soul in try and imagine living in the same house as the madman. He doesn't have that fear anymore he wants to make amends. Do you think it was easy for him to walk in here to a roomful of us? Stop thinking about yourself and start thinking of others. We were all affected by this fucking war. We all deserve to move on to try and better our lives so it doesn't happen again.” I could feel my anger simmer through my body. Ron looked livid. Everyone around the table frozen on the spot just watched silently. Ron laughed bitterly, “I know you like blokes but I just thought you'd have better taste in men. You talk like you're in love with him.” He spat out. There was an audible gasp from the group. “Ron!” Hermione gasped in shock. “Why don't you go and check on your boyfriend Harry you know you want to.” If Hermione wasn't sat between us both I'd have swung for him. “You know what Ron your drunk, angry and grieving I get it but that's out of order. That wasn't your story to tell.” I pushed back my chair and stormed out into the night. 




There wasn't many people wondering around Hogsmeade at this time of night. Autumn was on its way and evenings were getting a little chilly. I walked quickly back towards Hogwarts keeping myself to myself. Head down I followed the path. I heard the movement before I saw the flash of light. A cutting curse hit me in the shoulder, one more to my leg and another on my cheek. Eyes closed tight I focused on the school gates and apparated as close to them as possible. Stumbling though them the school wards granted me entrance and would protect me now from outsiders. If I could just get to the hospital wing it'll be okay. I could feel the life running out of me with every drop of blood leaving my body. Why was the castle so far away? Everything was getting dark. Where was that light coming from? When did it get so cold? Maybe I'll just pause and rest a little. Everything went dark.

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