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I didn't realise just how short this chapter was but hey-ho. On the upside I've finaly finalised the outline for the rest of this story and I might have started on the epilogue because I just couldn't help myself.

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Returning to Godric's Hollow 


Seventeen years since the night that changed my life. Godric's Hollow was quiet but still I wondered around the village I'd spent a year of my life in under my invisibility cloak. I walked past the house we'd lived in. From there I walked towards the church past the statue that changes form as a witch or wizard approaches. Stood before me was the image of a baby me sat on my mothers lap my father sat beside us. Around the base of the monument sat several arrangements of flowers, cards and messages were left my members of the wizarding community. I stopped to read each one. One bouquet of white lilies had a card attached that I instantly recognised the handwriting- Mrs Weasley.  

'I'll always look after him as if he's one of my own.'   

I brushed the tears off my cheek. I really should write to Mrs Weasley more I haven't seen her in forever. Guilt settled in my stomach pushing it aside I carried on towards the graveyard.  

When I'd last visited with Hermione the graveyard was covered in a thick layer of snow. Today was very different. Today was a crisp Autumnal day. The trees in the graveyard were the colour of fire, oranges, reds and yellows. The colourful leaves rustled in the afternoon breeze. My feet moved on their own accord to mum and dad's gravestones. There were more fresh flowers here. Drawing my wand I conjured a floral bouquet and lay it under their joint stone. I took my cloak off and stored it away. 


I wanted to talk to them but felt a bit silly talking out loud so I just had the conversation in my head. 'I miss you both so much. I think I miss you more now than ever before. I don't really know what I'm doing with myself anymore. For the first time in my life there hasn't been a plan for me. No prophecy for me to carry out. I don't really know what to do anymore. I wasn't entirely sure I'd still be here. I've gone back to school. I'm sure you'll be pleased mum. Hermione pretty much forced Ron and I back. It'll give me more options apparently. Maybe I'll take some time out after school and find myself. I don't know. I'm helping look after Teddy Lupin. He's pretty amazing. I miss seeing him so much since I've been back at school but McGonagall has been brilliant and let's me have him visit at school. I was supposed to have him today but he's not very well. I'm going to make sure he knows just how much he's loved. Talking of which I've met someone I really like. To say we have a complicated history is probably an understatement. I really like him. He makes me happy. He sees me for me and not as the boy who lived. I think I could love him. We haven't told anyone about our relationship apart from Ron and Hermione. I want to but there's going to be a massive fallout. Not just because I'm seeing a guy but because of who he is. It's going to put such a strain on our relationship I'm worried. I don't want to destroy what we've got because of other people's opinions. I don't want to lose him.’ 

I didn't realise I'd spoken those last few words out loud. "You're not going to lose me Harry. I'm not going anywhere." I spun on the spot. Draco pulled me against his chest holding me close. "What are you doing here? How did you know where I was?" Draco pulled back a little to look at my face his forehead dropped to rest against mine he reached up and brushed away the tears from my cheeks. "Obviously I'm looking for you. I went back to our room to try and convince you to come and scrub my back in the shower but I couldn't find you. Hermione said you'd gone off site and I worked out where you would be. I know what today is."  

"So you just left the castle to come find me?"  

"Not quite. I asked old McGonagall's permission first. She knows about us. I don't know how but she does. I just said I needed to leave the castle and she asked if I knew where you were. She actually smiled at me. She's never done that. Ever." I tilted my head up until my lips brushed against his softly. "Thank you for coming to find me Dray." I kissed him again. "I'll always come and find you Harry. I love you. I think I probably always have in some way or another." He loves me! Sliding my fingers through the back of his hair that was swept back from his quidditch practice I toyed with the silky soft strands. "I love you too Draco." Our mouths found each others my tongue licked across his bottom lip begging for entrance which Draco granted.  

Lips swollen we pulled apart my heart beating ten to the dozen under my t-shirt. Draco's lips brushed across my forehead. "It doesn't matter what other people think Harry. They aren't going to split us up."  

"I know but we should start to tell people I don't want to keep this a secret. It feels like we're doing something we're ashamed of or trying to hide by keeping it a secret."  

 "I agree. Perhaps you should tell your friends first I'm not sure how it'll go down with some of them but if Ron can get his tiny head around us I'm sure they can." Draco threaded his fingers through mine and led us out of the graveyard.

"Just wait until my father hears about this." Draco mused. I hit Draco on the arm. "I can't believe you just said that!"  

"Oh come on that was funny. Just admit it. I'm the funny one in this relationship."  

"You keep telling yourself that." Draco went quiet before speaking again. "Will you still want me if they disown me?" I stopped and wrapped my arms around his waist pulling his body flush with mine. Fingers cupped his cheek. "I'll always want you Dray." A soft smile pulled at his lips before they descended onto my own. "I feel the same Harry. I'll write to mother and father in the morning." That warm feeling of being content wrapped around me like a blanket. "I don't know about you but I'm ready to go home."  

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