Harry's Bottle

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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. It belongs to the goddess, J.K. Rowling. No money/profit is being made from this story. I am not worthy.

WARNING: This fic is extremely squicky and is not meant to be read by most or any normal people. Really, read at your own risk.

ALSO, I do not condone any of the acts depicted in this story. Seriously guys, this is fucked up.

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Vernon Dursley came hard that night. He had put his precious Dudley and the freak to bed early and had a rather pleasurable night with his wife. They had even tried a new position that worked out well. It had been hard for the past few months to get any time to themselves now that the freak was living with them. From what Petunia said, the baby would probably grow up to be just like the rest of that unnatural lot. Those weirdos and their magic tricks, there was a time when people had to grow up and stop playing with capes and magic wands. He wouldn’t raise the freak to be one of those…those…crazy wakadoos! It would grow up proper, alright. Even if Vernon had to beat the freak out of him. Now he wasn’t usually a man of violence, he would never raise a hand to his perfect Dudley, but a freak that needs a beating? It’s the only thing that’ll put the boy in line.

Vernon pulled out of Petunia and removed the cum-filled condom from his cock. There was a lot in there. He hadn’t been able to find time between work and the babies for his own pleasure. Him and his wife had needed this.

Just then a small sound could be heard from downstairs.

“Mmm Vernon, it’s your turn. I’m exhausted”, Petunia said, eyes closed and turning on her side.

“Can’t we let the little freak cry it out? I’d be good for it, show it we’re not putting up with any of its nonsense”. Vernon did not want to get up.

“Just get it its bottle and put it back to sleep” Was all Petunia said before sleep took her.

Vernon tied the used condom and unhappily got up from the comfy bed. He would deposit the excessive amount of seed in the trashbin while he was there. He opened the door to the second bedroom and took the wailing infant out of its crib with one hand and held onto the condom with the other. He made his way downstairs, all the while mumbling about having to waste his hard-earned money on milk for the freak. He carried the freak to the kitchen and sat him in the highchair. Its crying didn’t stop. Vernon placed the condom on the counter and opened the door to the fridge. He took out the milk and a small baby bottle. He placed the bottle on the counter and unscrewed the lid to the milk. He was just about to pour a little into Harry’s bottle when he noticed the condom still on the counter. The thought came and went in an instant. He lowered the milk closer to the bottle and tipped the carton forward. Before even a drop of milk could spill out, the thought came back. Vernon put the cap on the milk and placed it on the counter next to the full condom.

Vernon looked over his shoulder at the infant- no, the freak. It was still wailing, cheeks red and tears streaming. It wasn’t like him, like his family, like normal people. It was a freak who would grow up to do freaky things and make their lives miserable. Why should he waste any more on it? He had already let it stay here…grudgingly. He was giving it their food and Dudley’s not-as-nice baby clothes; they had diapered it and cleaned those diapers. They had done more than enough, hadn’t they? Vernon decided that for once he was going to put his foot down. He would only give the freak the barest of necessities. If the thing needed food, its portion would be less than half of what his son got. If the thing needed clothes, it would only get Dudley’s old ones. If the thing needed shelter, there was no reason to let it sleep in the second bedroom. That was much too big a space for it. The freak could sleep in the cupboard under their stairs. And if the freak needed milk, well if it was Vernon’s turn anyway, it would get cum. Cum had plenty of nutrients in it after all. Vernon thought this over as he stared at the freak crying in the highchair. The only thing Petunia may not agree with was the cum instead of milk. Best to keep that one a secret.

Vernon turned back to the counter where the milk, the bottle, and the cum lay. Was he really going to do this? Feeding a baby cum? That was messed up. If anyone ever found out…no. He wouldn’t think about that. The freak deserves this. He won’t waste any more money on that filthy little thing. He slowly undid the knot he made for the condom and took hold of the nipple that had been unscrewed from the baby bottle. Vernon then wrapped the rubber opening of the condom around the part of the nipple that connects to the rest of the bottle. It was like putting a small elastic over the cap of a water bottle…if that cap had a nipple. Vernon held the new device firmly in his hand. It sort of resembled a cake froster.

He walked over to the freak and showed him what he held. “Here’s some of my special milk for you, ya freaky little shit. It’s all you’re going to get tonight, so fucking savor it. Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll make some more for you tomorrow”. Then the man chuckled a bit and put the nipple to Harry’s mouth. Without prompting the freak began to suck. Vernon had to lift the end of the condom so the infant could get at the home-made milk. Vernon’s penis surprisingly hardened when he saw his nephew drinking up his own cum. He didn’t think he would get any kind of thrill from the act, especially not a sexual one. He was only trying to save money…wasn’t he?

When the condom was empty, Vernon took the nipple from Harry’s mouth and, another surprise, Harry didn’t cry. He burped and yawned a little, looking sleepy; that was all. Vernon threw the condom in the trash, screwed the nipple back on the bottle, and put the real milk back in the fridge. He didn’t take harry from his highchair though. Instead he walked upstairs and brought the crib down. He placed the crib in the empty cupboard and went to get Harry. The freak was already sleeping soundly in his highchair, belly full. Vernon took him out and placed him in the crib. He closed the door to the cupboard and walked back to bed.

The infant had drunk his cum and liked it. The boy really was a freak.  

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