Merci Harry

BY : JerichoXIII
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Harry was out feeding the chickens yet again as a way of getting away from Mrs. Weasley and her prying about He, Ron, and Hermione leaving Hogwarts.

He had been so lost in thought he didn't hear anyone approaching and jumped as a hand touched his shoulder. "Blimey...oh Gabrielle....hi." She had jumped a bit as well, but smiled at him. "Bonjuor Arry." She said in a heavy french aceent as she tucked her silvery hair behind her ear. "I english is...very little." She said as Harry duseted his hands off. "Oh, it's no problem, what's up?"

Her smile changed a bit as she took his hand and lead him to the trees behind the chicken coup. "I eard it was your birsday today and wanted to give you a gift." Harry blushed abit scratching his head and then said. "Oh, you don't have to, really it's fine." She blushed and said. "It is nothing, I want to help you with your, how you say, rooster?"

Harry was confused at this. She wanted to help him feed the chickens? When he turned back to ask her what she meant, he would see she had sank to her knees and was unfastening his belt. "GAB-" He quickly made his voice quiet and said. "Gabrielle what are you doing?" It was now he realized what she meant was Cock. She smiled at him and then put her finger to her lips as she fished his cock from his pants. "C'est manifique Arry." 

He wasnt sure if it was her powers from being part veela or just cause of the situation, but Harry felt frozen as her soft slender fingers wrapped around his stiffening manhood. He quickly drew his wand from the back pocket of his jeans and cast Muffliato and then, because of the coming journey and the need to leave at a moments notice, He drew out his invisibility cloak and covered them.

Gabrielles hands began to speed up seeing he had given in and was allowing her to continue. She gave soft and gentle pecks along his shaft as her other hand massaged his balls. He had not had any time to relieve himself having been in the burrow so long and the stress of moving about to hide from Voldemort so he was rather backed up and she could tell. "So full, are you in pain?"

Harry blushed and shook his head as she then began sucking the head of his cock as she stroked his shaft faster and squeezed abit more. "You are enjoying zis Arry?" She said before she began sucking him harder. He nodded and then felt her take him deeper into her mouth. He moaned louder and watched his cock vanish into her mouth as her tongue swirled about the head of his cock. "Oh Gabrielle...I think...I might come."

She pulled back stroking him faster and harder. "S'il-vous-plait, Harry, sur le visage et laissez-moi goûter vos sucs doux." He wasnt sure what she had said but the next moment he came into her open mouth and splattered her pristine white skin. She licked at her face and cleaned up before she was sure to suck out every last drop of cum from his cock. She tucked his cock back into his pants as he stood there breathing hard and then she licked the last bit of jizz from her fingers. "Happy Birsday Arry." She said patting his crotch after zipping him up and walking back to the burrow with a bounce in her step. 

Harry stood there a moment lost in his pleasure and said to himslef. "Merci."


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