Mother's Lessons

BY : Vuloptuous
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Harry moaned as he felt his mother’s hand press into his firm cock through his jeans. He grabbed her waist with both hands and fell back onto her bed, bringing her with him. Her weight was resting on him and he felt a jolt of pleasure as she rubbed her panty covered pussy on the bulge in his pants.

His mother’s hands reached down to undo his belt as she smashed her lips against his and Harry slid his hands down her hips until they were resting on her firm ass.

His mother was clad in only a thin red thong, all her clothes having already been removed. Her exposed breasts were pushing into his bare chest while she dragged his jeans down his legs, having finally undone his belt.

Harry’s boxers soon followed his jeans and his mother continued dragging her covered cunt along his hard cock. Harry moaned into his mother’s mouth as she grinded into him, his member glistening as it was covered with the fluid soaking through her panty’s.

She responded with her own moan as his cock pressed into her while he squeezed her ass in his hands. Their tongues continued to fight as Harry ran his hands up her lithe body, coming to rest on her gorgeous c-cup breasts. He could feel her pert nipples pressing into his palms as he kneaded her breasts while she continued to grind into him.

“Oh, Harry,” she moaned as he grasped her sensitive breasts. “I’m ready for you to fuck me now, Harry.”

Harry groaned at her dirty talk as her continued grinding was bringing him closer to his orgasm. He slipped his hands under panty’s and ran his hand along her moist pussy as he slid her thong down her legs. He flipped them over so he was resting on top of her and slowly slid a finger into her dripping cunt.

She let out a loud gasp as pleasure coursed through her body at the finger her son had stuck in her.

“Stop teasing Harry,” she whimpered. He smirked at her and complied and removed the finger as he lowered himself so the head of his cock was resting against her.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard Dad won’t be able to deny you’re being fucked by someone else,” he whispered in her ear before he entered her. Her back arched and she let out a load moan as he sheathed his cock to the hilt in her dripping pussy.

Harry almost came as he felt her walls clamping down on his hard cock when he was fully inside of her.

“You feel so fucking amazing, Mum,” Harry groaned.

Lily’s nails were digging into his back and Harry started pumping into his mother. His hips were slapping into hers as he thrusted, the sound mixing with their moans. She was gasping in pleasure as her son filled her over and over again, stretching her cunt and pushing her to the edge of sanity as the pleasure slowly increased and threatened to overwhelm her.

Harry was grunting at the feeling of her tight pussy around his cock. The pain of her nails digging into his back only increased his pleasure, and he struggled to keep from climaxing too soon, as her walls were tightening around him with every thrust.

“Your cock feels amazing Harry. Keep fucking me!” She was moaning into her ear as he continued his thrusts, feeling his pleasure build to a peak.

“Fill me with your cum, Harry.” His mother demanded. Harry felt a shock of pleasure at the dirty talk as she continued. “I want you to pump your hot cum into my cunt. Can you fill me up, Harry ?” She questioned, in a sexy, seductive voice.

Harry’s thrusting became jerky as he felt his mother tighten even more around him. She was thrusting up to meet him as he pumped into her. He reached down and pressed his thumb into her clit, hoping to bring her over the edge.

She cried out as her orgasm ripped through her, the pleasure filling her almost unbearably. She grabbed Harry’s shoulders even tighter as she came, and she could only gasp, the delicious heat lancing through her body preventing her from forming coherent thought or speech. Her core felt like it was on fire as Harry thrust into her one last time.

Harry grunted as he met his own orgasm. He was fully sheathed into his mother’s cunt as his hot cum shot out of his cock and into his mother’s womb in an explosion of pleasure. His cum was filling her up and coating her walls as her pussy milked him for his cum.

Harry collapsed on top of Lily, his knees weak from his climax. He noticed she was shaking as well, the pleasure lingering from her orgasm overwhelming her. He planted a firm kiss on her lips, both of them breathing heavily.

“Oh Merlin, Mum. That was great.” Harry spoke into her ear, his head resting next to her head on her pillow.

“Don’t think I’m done with you, young man.” His mother responded.

Harry didn’t believe he could go again after their hot sex before, but as she reached down as grasped him, he felt himself harden slightly. She slowly stroked him, causing him to gasp in short breaths.

“I want you to use your other lips, Mum,” Harry groaned as he hardened completely. Lily contemplated his request as she stroked him, before making up her mind. She signaled for Harry to flip over on the bed as she lowered herself so her head was level with his cock.

She smirked up at Harry as her tongue flicked out to tease the head. She ran her lips around the head, and gave him small licks, never taking him into her mouth.

Harry let out a moan of frustration at her teasing. He felt her hot breath on the head of his cock and could see her lips mere millimeters away from his cock.

His mother then planted small kisses all the way along his cock, from his head to his balls. As Harry let out another groan, Lily decided to stop torturing her son and ran her tongue up the length of his cock a single time, coming to rest at the head. She circled her tongue around the head of his cock, and flicked it across his slit.

She opened her mouth slightly, then wrapped her lips around the head of his cock, taking him into her mouth. She slowly lowered her mouth on his cock, taking more and more of him into her mouth. She continued until her nose was pressed into his pelvis. Lily could feel the head, and a bit of the shaft, of her son’s cock in her throat, and she let out a low moan, sending vibrations through his cock.

She slowly raised herself up off his cock, until only the head remained in her mouth. His cock was coated in a glistening layer of her saliva.  Her tongue was running around the head while it was in her mouth, further increasing Harry’s pleasure. She raised her green eyes to meet her son’s matching eyes clouded with lust and pleasure.

She lowered herself again, and started bobbing on his cock, taking him most of the way into her mouth until his head was pressing against the entrance to her throat, then raising herself until on the head was in her mouth.

Her tongue was constantly running along his shaft as she worked on his member. She was sucking lightly, making slurping noises occasionally as she sucked him.

She removed her mouth from him temporarily to take a breath, and Harry saw that her lips were glistening with saliva and pre-cum that had escaped her mouth.

Harry took this moment to admire her beauty. His mother had brilliant, fiery red hair that was pooled in his lap and almond shaped green eyes that he loved to see open wide in the throes of pleasure when she climaxed.

She lowered herself onto his cock again, taking him all the way into her throat, and Harry felt himself approach climax. He could feel her throat pulsing around his cock as she tried to swallow, and he laced his hands into her red locks to keep her there while he approached climax.

Lily, sensing that her son was approaching climax, bobbed as much as she could with his hands on her head, attempting to stimulate him to orgasm.

Harry could not hold his orgasm any longer, and let out a moan as he came. Pleasure rushed through his body as he felt his cum spill into his mother’s mouth.

Lily felt his seed splash into her mouth, as his cum rocketed out of his rock. She swallowed as much as she could, but some of his cum leaked out and onto her lips. Harry shot a few more streams of his cum down his mother’s throat as she swallowed.

Lily had not given James many blowjobs, as he was almost comically conservative in the bedroom, but from the times she had, she knew her son had a much larger load to offer her.

“Mmm. Your cum tastes so good Harry,” his mother said after she had removed her mouth from his cock. Harry was unable to respond as he was gasping for breath, still recovering from his climax.

As Lily let Harry recover, she reminisced on the events that had led her to fucking her son on a daily basis, and her husband leaving her. She did not regret that those events had occurred; in fact, she was quite happy they had, but she supposed it had all started when Harry had come to her concerned about the changes he was experiencing during puberty.

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