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A/N: So I am going crazy. I apologize, you see I can't seem to get my muses to listen to me properly. I have my Harry Potter fanfiction muses hitting on my Avenger fanfiction muses and when they come together scary things can happen. I thought I could simply ignore them but they are doing some deliciously vulgar things that need to be written down. So to answer some questions: Does this story have a plot? I honestly have no clue. Will this story be completed? I hope so but it is NOT my only story therefor it may be pushed to the back burner in my mind. What is the 'back burner' in my mind? Well to me the back burner is where I put stories that I like to write that don't get reviews, I will continue to write them but at a slower pace, I will keep my eyes set on the stories being reviewed as those are the ones I know that people are enjoying. So, even if all you say is 'I like this' leave a review and I will be able to know that my stories aren't just being overlooked or ignored. If you don't like it, don't review or review and tell me you don't care for it but please don't be nasty about it, I have feelings too you know.


Now this story is completely made up in my mind, I don't know a lot about the Avengers and I am mainly basing this all on what I know about them from the movies. I know more about Harry Potter but Hermione will be OOC. I am pretty sure that Tony Stark was an only child but I'm changing that because I want to. This story will have sex scenes though I won't promise they will be in depth or clean, Hermione is...well...a little free with her love and this story will contain incest. I am not one to usually condone such a story but this is all for fun and doesn't reflect my views on the matter at all as I think incest is WRONG. If you're still with me this far then please continue on and enjoy the story...





Hermione Granger turned twenty a week before and was now just waiting for life to become interesting. The war was over, the wizarding world was safe and was back to talking about upcoming marriages or births, buildings were rebuilt and now they were focusing of rebuilding lives and families. Hermione tried to live in her own apartment in the magical world but being alone made her nervous and she was sick of having reporters popping up around her trash cans or hiding in the stairwells. The relationship with Ron that she thought would start had fallen short, he wanted commitment and marriage, a home that she would take care of and at least three or four kids and Hermione wanted...she wasn't really sure what she wanted. A relationship seemed so smothering but being single was so lonely, she liked the physical part of the relationship and the companionship but only on her terms as she liked the freedom of being single. After all the hard work in the wizarding world was done, Hermione got herself two therapists one in the magical world and one in the muggle world. The one in the magical world was for the obvious reasons, getting over the trauma of the war, of being tortured and watching friends die as well as coping with the knowledge of the fact that she had killed people. The muggle therapist was to help her cope with the loneliness and her apparent inability to form any new relationships weather they be friendships or sexual relationships.


Hermione knew that her parents, who she was living with again, didn't understand why she had two therapists even though they knew why she needed one. She'd told them quite a few times that it was because therapists in the magical world had been paid off by reporters before and spilling the beans on some of magical residents deepest secrets. She didn't really need Rita Skeeter knowing that she was a slut that couldn't seem to keep her legs together no matter how hard she tried, she'd even stopped sleeping with wizards (and the occasional witch) for fear that they may decide to tell the world that they'd shagged her. Hermione had attended a magical university in Russia where no one really knew who she was, she studied Runes and Charms so she was able to work from home. She attended her therapy meetings, went to tea with her mother, shagged whatever muggle caught her attention and met once a week with her friends. Her life was a boring routine.


“I have an idea, Hermione” Jane Granger said as she walked in to the kitchen from the pantry. She'd just spent the last twenty minutes listening to her daughter complain about her boring life yet again.


“Please, not another suggestion of speed dating” Hermione mumbled, though she did do speed dating sometimes, mainly when she was feeling particularly daring and wanted to have sex with a stranger.


“No, no” Jane waved her hand about with a laugh “That's dangerous nowadays”


“Then what?” Hermione asked, her interest peaked for once in a long while.


“You have an uncle” Jane said.


“Uncle Morris?” Hermione asked “What about him?”


“Not Morris” Jane said “His name is Tony and he is your father's twin brother...”


“Daddy's an only child” Hermione said, scowling at her mother because even as she spoke she just knew that her mother was speaking the truth “You always told me that”


“We lied” She answered, then she held up a hand to stop her daughters angered words “Your father was born in New York in America” She nodded “By the time you would have been old enough to notice he didn't sound like us he'd already adapted and took on our accent so I just let the lie continue” Hermione frowned “His parents were Howard and Maria Stark and his brothers name is Anthony, I guess he likes to be called Tony now...while your uncle Tony took to the family business which was basically making weapons for the government your father didn't”


“So you want me to...what?” Hermione asked “Go visit my weapon making uncle in America who likely hates our family?”


“Tony stopped the manufacturing of weapons” Jane said “He's invested more in...saving the world as opposed to helping to end it. He's a billionaire but also a philanthropist and...well...he's a superhero, and I know that you've heard of him”


“Iron Man” Hermione frowned “Yeah, I've heard of him. Why am I just learning this now and what happened to my grandparents, did they wash their hands of us, are they really dead...what?!”


“They died when your father and Tony were about twenty” She answered sadly “Broke his heart too, it was a car accident and it was only about a month before they were to meet you for the first time” Hermione looked away sadly “When it became apparent that your father was never going to be in the family business like Tony they allowed him to come here and go to college here, he chose to be a dentist. As you know we met two months in to our first term, I got pregnant on the first date” Here she blushed and Hermione smirked at her “We got married four months later...and here we are”


“But why haven't I ever met my uncle?” Hermione asked “And your maiden name is Collis if dad's last name is Stark then where the hell did Granger come from?”


“By the time we were getting married the name Stark was becoming more and more popular” Jane answered “You know your father, he wants to know that he's made it on his own and without help. Like you. He legally changed his last name to Granger so people wouldn't favor him because of his family connections, when we married I took the name Granger and gave it to you when you were born” She smiled “Tony never showed any interest in knowing about our family so we never thought it was entirely important to tell you about him”


“But why insist I go visit him now?” Hermione asked, she could almost see an ulterior motive in her mothers actions “Why not ten years ago?”


“Go to New York when you were ten?” Jane laughed “I don't think so. Living in a house with a bunch of young(er) adults swearing, using untested machinery and gadgets that your uncle just happened to make because he was bored?” She snorted “I don't bloody well think so”


“So why send me now?” Hermione asked, a little offended.


“You're an adult” She answered “And you're bored, go there and make friends, be crazy and hell...have a romance or two” Hermione couldn't help but think that her mother would change her tone if she only knew how many 'romances' her daughter had “Maybe you'll love it there and then I'll have to fight to get you home or maybe you'll hate it but you won't know until you try it” Hermione put an eyebrow up “And...your father and I have booked a month long trip to Africa to safari and have a fun adventure at a couples spa and resort, you've already said you don't want to bother your friends with your presence so get to know your uncle and go to America”




Hermione sat on her bed and looked at the parchment that was on the desk across from her. She told her mother that if her Uncle Tony showed interest in meeting her then she would only be so happy to go to America to get to know her fathers side of the family. However, that had been two days ago and her parents were leaving in eight days and she hadn't even sent the letter out, she told her mother she had but he hadn't answered her yet. She was nervous, she felt like she was forcing her way in to his life or something, obviously he didn't want to know her or he would have tried to meet her, she sighed. Hermione used her computer to look him up and had to admit that if she'd met him on the train she wouldn't have known that he was related to her father at all. They were the same height but Tony Stark was well-dressed (her father tended to just wear jeans and a white shirt) her uncle was muscular, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and a tan complexion. Hermione's father, Peter, had dark brown curls, light brown eyes and was always a bit on the pale side and would never dress in a suit, she wasn't even sure if he owned a suit. She stood up with a determined nod of her head and grabbed her quill and started to pen out a very short but very to the point letter to Tony knowing that if it were any longer she would never send it.


Dear Tony Stark,


My name is Hermione Granger, my father's name is Peter Granger but you would have known him as Peter Stark. I am your niece and I wanted to meet you, maybe spend a month in New York getting to know you, please send a letter back giving me the your answer, no matter what the answer is.




Hermione Granger.


She closed her eyes and allowed the owl to take the letter and quickly fly out the window before she could change her mind. When she opened her eyes, she wanted to hurl herself out after the bird and even considered shooting a spell at the flying bird to knock it out to stop its journey but didn't want to hurt the poor animal. One day turned in to two and then three then four on her fifth day she decided that he was an asshole and must not have wanted to meet her at all and didn't have the balls to send her a note back. However, on her sixth day she got a muggle letter and then laughed at herself for freaking out, if he'd sent the letter with her owl it would have come back the second day but she hadn't explained anything about magic or the owl to him so he sent it through muggle mail. Hermione collected the envelope and nervously made her way in to the living room, ignoring her mothers curious look, she sat down on the couch, opened the envelope and unfolded the letter inside.


Dear Hermione,


This is most unusual and unexpected, if you had said you were my daughter I wouldn't have been more surprised. Then again I get that letter all the time so I wouldn't have answered you, but no one other than my immediate family members know I have a brother who lives in England. I believe you. I will admit I am nervous to have you come here, I have a lot of people living here, coming and going and its not always safe to be here...but you are a Stark so I imagine that you are stronger than most think. You may come here, if you like.




Tony Stark.




Tony looked at each of the Avengers and sighed, they were not happy with the thought of someone they didn't know coming to stay with them. Wanda was only upset because she liked being one of the only women in the house, she got all sorts of attention, Natasha didn't really care either way. Vision nodded once and lost interest in the conversation, Steve was worried that she'd be some kind of villain that was coming in to break up their unity, Banner did his usual shrug and then check to see if he made anyone angry, Thor and Clint didn't care either way and the others just shrugged or bitched about having another female in the house. That sparked even more of a fight as Natasha and Wanda both started yelling at everyone who was complaining about the female presence in the house.


“Tony” Steve said “Are you sure that she is honestly related to you?”


“Yes” He rolled his eyes “I knew that I had a niece out there but I've never seen her and in all honesty I've never slept with a British woman because for all I know it would be my niece”


“Why let her come here?” He asked “We don't need her underfoot”

“She the only family I have that wants something to do with me” Tony answered “If you had family alive wouldn't you want to spend time with them?”


“I guess” Steve muttered looking at his feet “So, when will she be here?”


“An hour” Tony answered before he walked off to his office.


It was about forty-five minutes later that Friday was announcing that there was a young woman waiting to be let in and should she be allowed entry. Tony said yes and then they all waited for her to come to the door, Tony was nervous, he paced, ran his hands through his hair, smoothed out his shirt and then tapped his foot like he was being impatient but really it was nerves. The others looked towards the door impatiently, Steve chewed his bottom lip which was a habit from when he was a kid, Banner put his arms around Natasha's waist and Wanda's eyes looked hopeful and worried. There was a knock at the door and Tony called out entry, the woman that walked around the corner made all the men stand or sit a little taller, Wanda and even Natasha looked a little threatened and much to his horror, Tony couldn't stop his eyes from drinking in the sight of her lustfully. She was shorter than both of the other girls, she had delicious curves, long well toned legs that were beautifully tanned, her face was almost like a baby-dolls, heart-shaped with large light brown eyes, a small turned up nose, full light pink lips and high cheekbones that were a sure indicator that she was a Stark. Her hair was down to the middle of her back and spiral curls, it was brown but there were honey-colored highlights throughout it and was swinging free. There was color in her cheeks and she was breathing rather heavy, she looked annoyed with something but offered a small, breath-taking smile to them all.


“You live on the tenth floor” Hermione told Tony, though she knew that he knew that “Your elevator stopped on the fifth and wouldn't go any higher...I had to take the stairs...I am lucky I went to a school that had six floors, many towers and not one elevator or I'd have died on the seventh floor”


“I am so sorry” Tony said, breaking out of his lustful daze “I will have Friday run a diagnostics check”


“Already doing it, sir” A woman's voice announced causing Hermione to jump a little.


“You have camera's in the stairwells, don't you?” Hermione sighed and he nodded looking confused “Of bloody course you do...please, don't watch the one from about ten minutes ago on the fifth floor, I didn't see one so I changed in a corner in to a pair of shorts” She indicated the shorts she was wearing. While she was picking up her stuff so Tony could show her to her bedroom she missed the movement of at least four different pairs of eyes checking the time so they could watch the camera's at a later time and know where to start.


“Your bedroom is down here” Tony told her, he kept his eyes locked in front of him because he found speaking a little easier when he wasn't looking at her “Vision is right before you” He said indicating a bedroom door with a 'V' on it “We all tend to walk in the wrong room so we put the first letter of our names on the doors so no one makes that mistake...Natasha was not happy when Steve walked in on her and Banner...” He stopped outside a door with a 'H' on the outside “Wanda is on the other side, her brother Pietro is across from her and Natasha and Banner are across from you”


“Alright” She answered.


“My room is on the other side of the front door to the left” He told her “So isn't Steve's and a few others my name isn't on the door but my door itself is dark blue” She nodded “Everyone should leave you alone but Vision is still a bit new to the thing and doesn't always understand that walking through walls in to people's bedrooms is considered rude...please don't get mad at him”


“Is he dangerous?” Hermione asked.


“No” Tony said immediately “He looks a little, odd. But he is gentle, nice and caring, he's also very smart so conversation with him is interesting...don't worry he's not a pervert” He wondered to himself why he felt the need to tell her that “He won't try anything to you”


“He was red” Hermione whispered as if the man could hear them talking though he was still in the living room “Is that normal?”


“Pretty much” Tony said, becoming suddenly aware that he was in a bedroom alone with her “He's an android...a robot if you will”


“Oh” Hermione said “Interesting...does he have a penis?”


“Well I don't know...” He looked a little lost “Why...why would you even ask that?”


“I've never met an android before” Hermione told him “I've met werewolves, vampires, fairies, garden nomes, house-elves and other beings like that but never an android...can I ask him if he has a penis?”


“Well I...” Tony thought about it with a small smile then said “Sure, ask away”




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