Through Children's Eyes

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Chapter One

The day started like every other day, awake by seven fifteen. Harry had just fifteen minutes to shower and get dressed before his day truly started. Stepping out of the shower he waved his wand to dry both his hair and body. Back in his room he dressed in his well worn blue jeans and a simple cotton t-shirt. It was seven twenty-five by the time he made it down to the kitchen and switched on the kettle. Two slices of bread were added to the toaster and a colourful plastic plate was laid on the kitchen table along with a small glass of milk. 


As his watch ticked past the six Harry headed back upstairs taking two steps at a time, on the first landing he entered the room opposite his. Using his wand to cast a gentle light around the room he approached the bed and gave the body underneath the blue covers a shake, "Come on sleepyhead time to get up." Harry received a little moan in response. "Time to get up or we are going to be late for school." 

"Do I have to?" Came a small voice from under the blankets.

"We talked about this yesterday Ted, you were excited."

"I don't want to go now. I want to stay here with you." 

"I've got to go to work. So unless you plan on staying home alone you need to go to school." 


There was no response and Harry didn't press him. Maybe two minutes passed before watery eyes peeped out from under the cover. "You won't forget about me and leave me there will you?" Harry wrapped his arm around the small boy.

"Oh Ted, of course I'm not going to forget you. I'll be there at lunchtime to pick you up. I won't be late I promise. Afterwards shall we go to the park?" Teddy's little dark head nodded.

"Well let's go and have breakfast, then we’ll get ready for school and later we'll go to the park." 

"Okay. Can I have jam on my toast?" Harry couldn't help but smile at his small godson. He always had jam on his toast.

"Course you can. Right come on your toast is ready." 


By ten past eight breakfast had been eaten and Teddy was now dressed in his new school uniform. He looked so small in it. Tiny but adorable in his miniature uniform. He wore dark grey shorts with long socks and black lace up shoes. He wore a burgundy and pale blue striped tie against a pale blue shirt. His navy blue school jumper was a little big but nothing that a quick resizing charm couldn't fix. Completing the look was a burgundy blazer and a grey cap. 


He looked to grown up. A small lump caught in his throat as he stood to look at Teddy ready to go. Teddy was still only four, at least for a couple more months but today he was starting at a wizard prep-school. The choice between sending him to a muggle school and a magical school was a no-brainer. The  prep school was the best in the area and he knew he would excel there. Harry wasn't ashamed that it was his name that got Teddy offered a place at the prestigious school. It was probably the only time he was glad it did. He just wanted the best for the lad and if his name got him that then this once he’d use it. He had however refused the offer for free schooling because of his name, he’d pay like everyone else. Remus and Tonks had left money for their son's upbringing but Harry refused to touch it, that money was there for Teddy once he was older. He had enough money of his own that even with the high school costs it didn't even make a dent in his small fortune. "Shall we take a photograph for Granny? And then we'll be on our way." 


Reluctantly Harry let go of Teddy's hand and watched him walk into class with his new teacher. He didn't even look back and wave at him. He knew he'd be fine and have a brilliant morning but that still didn't mean that it was easy watching him go. 


Teddy had been living with Harry for almost his entire life. After the war Harry had set about fixing up Grimmauld Place, making it habitable. By the time the autumn came around the Victorian townhouse had a new life breathed into it. The old Black family objects had gone. Magical exterminators had rid all numbers of pests. The family tapestry had been restored and added to to reflect the true Black family. The ever so charming portrait of Sirius's mother was gone thanks to a little help from the Ministry. At the same time Harry had finished the renovations Andromeda had had a stroke. She hated that she could no longer look after Teddy on her own so he came to live with him. After several months in St Mungos recovering Andromeda was let home. She had almost full use of her left hand now but she didn't feel comfortable being Teddy's full time guardian. He needed someone young to run around with. That's what she'd told Harry when they discussed Teddy's living arrangements. So Teddy stayed living with Harry. The papers were filed with the Ministry and Harry became the legal guardian of his godson. 


The idea of starting Auror training was pushed back Harry couldn't raise a baby and train at the same time. It was only several months later when he was talking to Ron about his training did Harry realise that he was glad he hadn't joined. There was no fight left in him. He'd lost his childhood, his adolescent years to fighting, he'd had enough. 


Looking after Teddy was enough he'd always presumed that he'd get a job once Ted was at school and he didn't need him as much. That was the plan. At least until George asked him to help out at the shop a couple of mornings a week. Up until today Teddy had gone to either Molly's or Andromeda's for the two mornings a week while he helped George out. Working at the shop was a laid back affair. His job was to deal with stock and help customers. That was it. Okay it wasn't the most exciting job in the world and it in no way pushed him but he was helping family out. It didn't matter that he wasn't climbing the career ladder as Hermione would put it. For now he was happy. He still had a few weeks before Teddy would be in full time education. They called theses first few weeks transition weeks where they just do mornings before slowly introducing the full school day. He'd worry about finding a full time job then.


Harry arrived in Diagon Alley and let himself into Weasleys's Wizard Wheezes via the back door. George was already there a cup of coffee in  hand, he handed over another to Harry. "So how was it? Any tears?" 

Harry took a sip of the hot amber liquid before answering. "He was fine went straight in. He looked adorable." 

"I bet he did but I was on about you. Did you hold it together?" 

"Oh haha! I was fine. It still okay to leave ten minutes early so I can pick him up?" 

"Sure it is. Right I'm going to start testing the new Halloween products you okay to open up?" 

"No problem I'll give you a shout if I need anything." 


For the longest time it was strange  seeing George without Fred. But George had been determined that the joke shop was to be a success as a way to honour Fred's name and memory. He had done just that. George threw everything he had into it. He worked hard everyday designing and developing new products. The store not only ran as a physical shop but as a mail order business too. Just Last year he had married Angelina Johnson. As if the running of the shop in Fred's name wasn't enough with a baby of their own on his way George was determined to provide the best life he could for his family.



At twelve twenty Harry handed over to George and made his way to Teddy's school, 'Manor House Preparatory School for young Witches and Wizards'. He made small talk with other parents in the playground while they waited for dismissal. At half past they waited near the class doors they had been shown at orientation and were met by two smiling teachers. One by one the children were dismissed to their waiting adult until it was Teddy's turn. "Uncle Harry!" He waved excitedly from the doorway. Harry approached the door and was greeted by the teacher with a shy smile.

"Hi Mr Potter. Teddy here has had a really good morning." 

"I got a special sticker for being a good friend." Teddy proudly confessed.

"That he did. You can tell Uncle Harry all about it on your way home. See you tomorrow young man." 

"Bye Miss Frost." Harry said goodbye too and took Teddy's bag off him and the little boy slipped his hand in his uncle's. 


"So you were a friend to someone? That was nice of you." 

"It was at playtime. He was sat on his own, so I sat with him and we played a game together." Harry couldn't hide his smile, Teddy truly was a special little boy.

"That was really nice of you. What's your new friends name? Perhaps we can ask him round to play after school one day."

"Can we? He hasn't got any brothers to play with so I think he'd like that." Teddy's brow furrowed, "I can't remember his name. It was a hard name to 'member." 

"Well that's okay. You can just ask him again tomorrow. Maybe you can see if he has a nickname you can call him that's easier to remember?" 

"Okay. Are we going to the park now?"

"Yes. I promised didn't I. Oh and Uncle George sent you some sweets to celebrate your first day. You can have one after you finish playing."


Ten minutes later they arrived at a Teddy's favourite park and the little boy was eager to run off and play but Harry made him remove his cap and blazer before he did. Only then did Teddy shoot off to climb the ladder to the slide. Harry found a empty bench situated around the perimeter of the fenced in playground and took a seat where he could see Teddy playing. There were a few other children in the enclosure playing too but Harry kept his eyes on his Godson only. 



"Uncle Harry! Look my friend is at the park too!" Teddy yelled running towards him a small boy in a matching uniform followed half a dozen steps behind him. "Can I share my sweeties with him please?" 

"You can but we'll need to ask his mum first." 

"He doesn't have a mum but his dad is over there." Harry observed the other boy he looked far to young to be in a school uniform. He had short blonde hair and pale grey eyes. There was something about him that looked familiar but Harry couldn't place it. Crouching down Harry held out his hand,

"Hi I'm Harry. I'm Teddy's uncle. You must be Teddy's new friend. What's your name?" A pale hand shook his larger hand.

"I'm Sco-" his words died on his tongue as Harry was cast in shadow.


"Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy! What have I told you about wondering off and talking to strangers!"



A/N: So I wasn't going to write anything for a couple of weeks because work is crazy busy and I haven't really got time to be doing this but I couldn't get this out of my head. 

In this story everything that happened in DH happened but of course it ignores the epilogue and there is the little fact that I've been a little generous with Scorpius's date of birth making him only a year younger than Teddy. 

And becasue I love all the love my last two stories got I'm going to post the first two chapters of this story.

Oh and as of yet I can't think of a title so I'm using 'Through Children'e Eyes' as a start but any suggestions will be greatly welcomed. 

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