Magic Behind the Kunai

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Pairing: Yaoi M/M, double  & intersecting harems:

top Harry x bottoms, deaged Kakashi / Iruka / Itachi / Gemna / Severus / Lucius / Remus / Ibiki

top Naruto x bottoms Draco / Blaise / Fred / George / Dean / Shino / Haku / Gaara

Last Time:


Kurama jumped through the window as he heard a crash “kit what happ-,,, ened?” the fox blinked as he found Naruto unconscious with a large lump on his head, a box on the ground near Naruto’s head and some random kid on top of his kit also out cold “I take back what I said about this place being safe”


“ooooow … what hit me?” Naruto groaned as he moved his hand up to the lump on his head.

Kurama frowned as he padded over to the blonde “you were … I’m not sure what to call this, but that box somehow survived hitting your head!” the fox exclaimed in mock astonishment.

“survived? It nearly killed me!” Naruto snapped at the fox despite the painful headache.

“killed you? Ha! You have me, the Great nine tailed demon, sealed in you! If you think I’m gong to let my obituary say ‘Host killed by cardboard box’ you’re an idiot!” the fox yelled only to get said box thrown at him by the pissed off blonde.

“tell me, oh great demon king, does that feel like fucking cardboard?” Naruto hissed sarcastically and smirked as the red tails poking out from under the box twitched in pain meaning the ‘great demon king was beaten by a cardboard box “see what I mean” Naruto snickered or at least tried to with the massive headache he had, which was clearly affecting him since he didn’t even notice the unconscious boy in his lap until he tried to get up and noticed the extra weight “what the- … who is this kid?” Naruto deadpanned as he only received a groan from the fox trapped under the box as an answer “really helpful oh great demon” he muttered dryly.

Naruto carefully moved the boy off his lap so he could stand and pick up the skinny boy. After setting the boy down on the floor of the small shack he slid off his ornge jacket and tucked it under the boy’s head as a pillow, but as he did so the neckline of the small boy’s filthy worn shirt went down a little. The blonde could see the scars and skinny state of the boy even in the dark. It concerned Naruto who quickly pulled out a scroll from his baggy jacket and opened it. He unsealed a candle and match he carries with him for when he gets chased into dark places, which happens a lot when you’re believed to be a demon.

Under the glow of the candle Naruto checked the boy over for injuries. Besides a broken finger it looked like the boy simply needed a safe place with lots of hot meals and as he gently made a splint around the broken digit he wondered how he could get the boy to the hospital without getting caught. If he was seen with a boy in this condition the villagers will assume he did it and kill him on the spot. However all thoughts of taking the boy to the hospital stopped when he checked the boy’s back and saw a word carved into the small back. The word, ‘FREAK’, he recognized was an English word, but he didn’t know what it meant. What Naruto did know from personal experience is that someone did this to him and that no one carves nice words into people.

“why the hell did you leave me under that box?!” Kurama barked as he clawed his way into the shack with a tall bump on his head.

“are you saying that the great demon king’s chakra can’t handle a cardboard box?” Naruto asked innocently.

“I hate you” Kurama whined as he stumbled forward “we should take this kid to the hospital or leave him in the road for someone to find him. Just get him away from us” he snapped grouchily though the comment was well intentioned. After all Naruto can’t be caught with any kid least of all a kid in such poor condition. A condition that will no doubt be blamed on the blonde.

Naruto shook his head “I don’t think it’s a good idea … is he a demon vessel?”

“no … I’d be able to smell it if he were. Why do you ask?” Kurama winced as he pawed his lump.

“this kid was tortured over a long time. Maybe 7 or 8 years going by the fading of some of these scars so most of his life. If he was hated for something I don’t want to take him to a place in this village. You know how they treat outsiders or monsters”

Kurama snorted “you humans are all idiots though some are better than others” the fox said giving a backhanded compliment, which was the closest he ever really gets to a compliment “interesting … he doesn’t smell like he’s even from the same country … UK maybe”

“that explains this” Naruto said as he gently moved the boy again to show Kurama the word carved into the boy’s back “I know it’s not a good word, but what is it?”

“I need to start teaching you multiple languages otherwise this will get messy with your puny human mind. First it was what’s safe to eat, then how to hunt, then chakra, then reading, writing, math, cooking, sewing, basic first aid, stealth, seals, fighting, now languages. Why do you humans take so much work?” Kurama muttered with an exasperated sigh.

Naruto twitched “excuse me for not having 9,000 years of experiences under my belt. Oh and he’ll be up in the morning so I do believe it’s already too late to learn an entire language with my ‘puny human mind’” he muttered dryly.

“lucky for you, you have me! A powerful demon with knowledge of all languages” Kurama boasted as he puffed out his little chest out.

“I could be wrong, but I’m assuming there aren’t ninjas, summoning creatures and demons in places out side of Japan so seeing a talking fox might shock this kid and since he looks like a breeze could kill him shock should be avoided. Just being here will more than enough shock. Besides you can’t go around screaming ‘talking demon fox’ in your tiny chakra body with thev village not far away. one slip up and they will know you can push small amounts of your chakra passed the seal with your mind effectively escaping and that won’t end well” Naruto muttered noticing the boastful fox deflate a little as his genius was poked full of holes.

Of course the demon fox quickly recalculated and snorted “that isn’t what I meant. I’ll just return my consciousness and the .001% of my chakra making this form to the seal and translate what the brat says in your mind, obviously!” the small fox scoffed as if Naruto simply didn’t understand his brilliance the first time when he was just trying to cover up the fact he was ever wrong in the first place.

“right, whatever you say oh great one” Naruto snorted sarcastically earning a swat in rhe face with a red fluffy tail as the fox jumped into his chest and fused into his body to return to it’s supposedly perfect seal “wait a minute … get back out here you prick! There’s still work to do” he hissed angrily under his breath as he remembered that he was still in a run down shack that needed a quick clean up before he could sleep “lazy ass fox” Naruto grumbled as he heard snoring in te back of his mind implying the fox was sleeping or pretending to and that meant Naruto had to clean up on his own.

The blonde sighed and carried the candle outside to get what he assumed was the boy’s things and brought them inside just in time to hear thunder in the distance. With a storm approaching Naruto moved faster. He unsealed a tent and used it as a tarp to temporarily close up the hole in the roof just in time for it to start pouring rain as he secured it. With that done he just tossed some of the dust, debris and old nests from animals who once lived there out into the night. Once everything was clean he unsealed the one sleeping bag he had and tucked he boy inside. Finally he blew out the candle, laid on the floor and drifted off to sleep happy that tomorrow was Saturday and therefore not a school day …


Petunia scowled as she looked up from her book to smell a suspicious lack of smoke “that brat is slacking off. Wait until I tell Vernon. That freak won’t be able to move without pain for weeks” she sneered threatening as she stomped to the backyard though instead of finding the boy shaking in fear she saw no one “get out here freak” she hissed low enough so none of the neighbors would here, but loud enough that he should hear. After a few minutes she smirked “you like it so much out here, fine. Stay out here. It’s supposed to be cold tonight, but you’ll have to deal with it for misbehaving”

That night Petunia locked the doors assuming her nephew was still outside, but hours passed and no one came begging to come back inside. Soon she came to the startling and pleasant conclusion that the freak was gone!


Naruto woke up the next morning pleased to see the clear skies “looks like this shack will be good for a while” he whispered and he quickly got up to check on the boy, who was sleeping peacefully, before stepping outside to fish for breakfast.

It didn’t take long to get four fish and have them grilling over a fire in front of the shack. It wasn’t much, but he can fix up the shack so cooking could go easier. For his guest just needs to eat and leaving to forage for mushrooms, nuts and berries will take too long, which means the stream near the house will be the food source until the boy wakes up. Unfortunately that was sooner than he thought.

The faintest creak made Naruto look into the house where he saw the boy looking at the sleeping bag in a panic (fuck, fuck, fuck, Kurama wake up! I need to talk to him fast!) Naruto mentally yelled only to get snoring as a response (asshole!) he thought in annoyance as he slowly went into the shack to try and calm the kid down “hey … errr … it’s ok. You’re safe” he said as gently as possible even though he was sure the kid couldn’t  understand Japanese.

Big green eyes looked up at him “where am I?” the kid asked in Japanese much to Naruto’s shock.

holy fuck! That kid just linked your minds together … it’s weak, but he’s translating on his own … linking minds? Why does that ring a bell?” Kurama pondered deep inside the blonde’s mind.

“ok ummm … I don’t know how to explain this, but you’re in Japan. You and those things landed on me and you were hurt so I took you in. it was kind of like magic” Naruto winced as the boy paled heavily and suddenly blonde hair changed to green. He figured the kid had a bloodline or something and did it accidently so he really didn’t think much of it, but it clearly upset the kid even more “ok maybe that’s a poor choice of words-” he tried to say, but the kid jerked away and started running.

“I’m a freak … you have to stay away from me or you’ll get hurt” the green blonde heard the boy say in a panic before slipping down the slippery grass and into the stream.

if the kid was held captive I doubt he knows how to swim” Kurama commented before pondering why the word ‘magic’ also rang a bell.

“shit” Naruto cursed and dove in after the kid who disappeared beneath the surface. A moment later he dragged the kid out of the stream and plopping the coughing boy next to the fire for warmth “now don’t ever call yourself a freak again kid because I have you beat in that department. You think you’re hated? I saw your scars I know what that’s like. I have an entire village loathe my very existence because I have a demon sealed inside me!” Kurama took the cue and came out of his host in the form of red vapors before warping into the shape of a small fox with nine tails “see … you’re in good company as far as outcasts go and by the way I’ve seen weirder things than green hair” Naruto ranted before mentally slapping himself for saying everything he intended to avoid, but the kid was so frantic what option did he have to calm him down? He just prayed the kid wouldn’t fear him like so many others “what’s your name?”

The boy, who was staring curiously at Kurama, looked up at the blue eyes “Harry Potter”

“I’m Naruto Uzumaki” Naruto smiled as he saw no fear in the green eyes. The crackling of the fire brought Naruto’s attention back to the fish and soon they both sat down to eat …

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