What A Lovely Shade Of Insanity

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**One Year Later**



Healer Hamilton walked out of his office and made his way to the locked gate that kept the visitors and the patients separate. His short brown hair was spiked and his light brown eyes were sparkling with kindness. He was young, the youngest healer in the mental hospital and knew that sometimes people found it hard to take him seriously. He swiped his magical badge and made his way past the nurses station and to the waiting room where he found Hermione Snape sitting in a chair reading a magazine. She raised her eyes to his and offered up a smile, he liked when she visited though why she still did it was beyond him. Luna was no longer present in her own mind.


“Mrs. Snape” He greeted, holding out his hand and shaking her hand “How nice to see you again”


“Its wonderful to see you again, Healer Hamilton” She answered “How's Luna?”


“The same as always” He informed “In that same catatonic state she was in the last time you were here”


“I will go in and read to her” Hermione said, holding up the book she had in her purse “Thank you again”


Hermione walked through the gate and went to the room she'd been visiting twice a month for the last year. Severus didn't like her visiting but she refused to allow him to stop her, the first three months of Luna's stay at the hospital all she did was scream and accuse everyone of being murderers and then she spent the next three months rocking back and forth mumbling to herself and singing songs about nargles that she'd so obviously made up. Now, she was sitting in various places in her room staring straight ahead with no emotions whatsoever only moving her lips occasionally without any noise escaping her. Hermione walked in to the room and orderly closed the door behind her, she looked around the room and found Luna sitting on top of her desk with her legs pulled up against her chest and her vacant stare locked on the far wall.


“Hey Luna” Hermione said, walking over and pulling out the chair and sitting down “How have you been?” She showed her the book in her hands “Let's do some reading, shall we?”


Hermione read for the better part of two hours before she found a good place to stop. She placed the book mark at the start of the next chapter and quietly closed the cover before leaning back in her chair. Her eyes danced over the woman still sitting and seemingly sleeping on the desk top, the only difference was that Luna's pale hands rubbed together occasionally, her fingers laced together and then squeezed them together. This was more movement than Hermione had seen from Luna in the past couple of months. She wished that she knew what to say, something to help make Luna understand that she wasn't the bad guy, that she was her friend and that she loved her. Finally, after watching the other girl for several seconds Hermione slapped the book lightly against her thigh before she stood up.


“Okay, Luna” Hermione said “I'm off now, I've got to go home and work on the paperwork for our newest clients” Luna's eye twitched “I really miss having you in the office, the jokes you used to make about 'climbing the mountains of paperwork', having lunch with you and listening to the stories about your clients” Hermione wiped away the tears from her eyes “I miss spending time with you and Ginny, our Friday nights going out bar-hopping, staying up late dancing, drinking and talking about Ginny's latest sexual partner” There was a soft knock on the door and the orderly popped his head in.


“Visiting hours are over for the night, Mrs. Snape” He announced “I'm sorry, but you'll have to go”


“Thank you, Hector” Hermione smiled at him “Just saying goodbye” He smiled and nodded his head, closing the door behind him as he left her alone again. When Hermione turned back to look at Luna she found the pale, blonde woman only inches from her face which made her jump back slightly.


“You know whats really confusing?” Luna asked, her voice was dead with no emotion at all and her eyes were cold “The Healers all say that they want us to get better but when we start to...they get nervous”


“Luna” Hermione whispered, there was a knot of fear forming in her stomach.


“I'm silent for months” Luna informed “Then I speak and suddenly...they increase my potions, why do you suppose that happened?”


“Luna...I...” Hermione tried to think of something to say but there was a knock on the door to let her know it really was time to go and she sighed.

“Go on, Hermione” Luna said with a small smile that didn't even come close to reaching her eyes “I'll be here in two weeks when you come back...I always am”


* * * * *


Ginny looked the empty apartment with a small, nervous smile on her face. Finally, at twenty-four years old Ginny was finally renting her own apartment and choosing to work a normal office job at the actual ministry instead of moving from country to country like she'd been doing since she was eighteen years old. She had thought about starting her own magazine up like Hermione had suggested but found that it wasn't where her interest lay. Finally, she found her true calling which, not too surprising to her, turned out to be in the Department of Magical Sports and Games. She been working there for the last four months and staying with her parents during that time. Finally, she was able to afford her own apartment but now that she stood there in the barren apartments living room, void of anything other than her bags she realized that she should have given it another month like her mother had said. But she'd been so desperate to be on her own again that she just left the Burrow in a rush and now she found herself without food and without furniture for her new home.


*Now what do I do?* Ginny thought to herself as she looked around the new living room and the glass french doors that led to her own, private deck.


*Are you a witch or not?* Answered the constant voice in her mind with a cocky tone *Just transfigure a bag in to a bed until your next paycheck and you know your mother won't let you starve*


Ginny nodded to herself and did as Tom instructed. As the sun went down the red head laid on to her newly transfigured bed and thought about how much her life had changed in the last year. She had been a star Quidditch player, moving from country to country meeting and sleeping with people she hardly knew and having a great life. But as Hermione had started to get ready for her wedding and all that Ginny realized that maybe marriage, kids, a good job, a house and all the stuff she'd been previously running from wasn't only her mothers dream. Maybe it was something that she could dream for as well and finally staying in one place, with a steady job in an area she loved was the way to start.


*You can climb from the bottom of the department to the top* Tom's voice echoed through her brain *We did it once before, sure we had to take out a few people but...*


*What people don't know* Ginny said with a mean little smile on her face *Did hurt them*


*Does the little mudblood still think that you are innocent, if not a little slutty, Ginny Weasley?* Tom asked, Ginny had learned, when she was about fifteen that Tom Riddle AKA Lord Voldemort while he still had a nose, not only heard what she said in private thoughts but he also saw what she saw and often commented on it.


*Hermione still thinks that I am a good girl and who am I to tell her otherwise?* Ginny answered as she closed her eyes and breathed a sigh of relief as she started to fall asleep the small smile on her face dropped away.


*Remember Ginny* Tom whispered throughout her brain as she slowly dozed off in to dreamland *Sometimes the only way to get to the top is to use the bodies of those who got in the way as a ladder*


* * * * *


Hermione sat at the desk in her office and looked through the new patients files and made notes. There were some families that would need a little more investigation which would be done by her, when she was done with her memo's she sent them to Percy for him to type it up on the magical computer that she got for everyone in her office for a quicker and more efficient method of record keeping. It was the last day of Hogwarts so Severus would be coming home soon so she wanted all her work to be done before then so she could begin dinner for him. As it was they really only got to have dinner together on the weekends, until the summer that is which she'd been really excited about for months. Excited and worried. Severus had been overly happy when she told him that she wanted to wait on having children but as the time went by he'd been bringing it up more and more and she knew that three months alone together he would bring it up and without anyway to get away from the subject.


“Knock knock” Neville said as he leaned against the door frame, he was all long body, hard abs and sweet smile “Do you need me to do anything before I head out?”


“Blaise again?” Hermione gave him a flirty smile “Going well, I see”


“He is not what I expected” Neville admitted “He's smart and funny, caring and just... everything that I never would have assumed”


“I'm glad you like him” Hermione said with a smile “So...” She grinned “What kind of services are you offering before you leave for your date?”


“You know, the usual” Neville said “Cup of tea, a hug maybe a rousing bout of hot, steamy, kinky sex that will end with you pregnant with our love child?”


“Oh gods” Hermione laughed and dropped her head to the desk top “Please don't mention children”


“I thought you wanted kids” Neville said “Why so worried now?”


“I don't know” She said “With Luna in the hospital and being insane and hating me it just seems wrong to bring a baby in to that”


“There is always going to be someone who is insane” Neville told her wisely “Always going to be someone who hates you, if you put off having a child until everyone in the world is sane and loves you I fear you will never have a child”


“Thank you” Hermione whispered “You are a wonderful voice of reason”


“And I have to go get all pretty so that Blaise doesn't have time to meet someone else” He gave a little grin and walked off.


Severus came in to the house about an hour after Neville left to find the house smell wonderful. Hermione was making Sweet and Sour Meatballs over white rice and a salad to go with it. He watched her for a few minutes, loving how comfortable she was when she was cooking. He put his luggage down and snuck in behind her, he slid his hands on to her hips causing her to let out a yelp and then a laugh when it dawned on her that it was just her husband. Severus attacked her neck with kisses, his hands crept under her shirt and Hermione dropped her head back on to his shoulder with a smile, she turned her head to the side and kissed his cheek. He smirked when his hands cupped her bared breasts and he thanked the gods that she decided to take her bra off before he got home. She turned and kissed him fully on the mouth, his hands dropped down lifting her skirt and removing her panties, romance could wait until later when they were in bed. He turned them to another, unoccupied counter top and hiked her up on it, when she was in a position that pleased him he undid his pants and gave her a smirk that promised all the wicked things to come.




Hermione sat on the floor with Severus and the dinner that she'd made. She'd been too far gone to actually stand and make her way to the table so they sat on the floor, talked about his last week at the school and their plans for the summer. Hermione told Severus about her visit with Luna, who she'd spoken to her and how eerie it had been. Once again Severus told her that he wished that she would just forget about Luna, allow the institution to contact her when there was some actual progress made.


“I know” Hermione sighed “But she's been talking for a week now, I am her emergency contact and no one contacted me...what do you make of that?”


“They probably wanted to make sure that it wasn't a one-time thing” Severus soothed “I'm...sorry”


“For what?” Hermione asked as she looked at him.


“I didn't use the potion...I didn't expect you to be so...sexy” He grinned at her and kissed her “I'm sorry”


“Its okay” Hermione grinned “Its alright...I mean, we're married so...why not...you know”


“Are you saying that you're willing to try to have a baby this summer?” He asked, while he'd been so sure that he didn't want children when Hermione told him that she decided they needed more time he suddenly realized that he wanted children and he tried to talk to her about it she kept brushing it off which made him want to push it even more.


“I think we could try” Hermione answered “Why not now?” She shrugged “We've been married for a year, I'm comfortable in my job and you are as well and we've got plenty of room in this house...plus, it'll be nice to have someone other than Neville living here”


“Minerva brought something up to me” Severus told her “One of our former students just graduated University and is looking for a job, some experience to be able to put on a resume and wanted to know if I'd be interested in taking him on as an assistant”


“That would break your workload in half” Hermione said “It would be nice, wouldn't it?”


“I was thinking that in September I could train him up a bit” Severus explained “Then I was thinking that starting in October we could work every other week. Think about it, two whole weeks out of each month with the weekends together, no school work, no grading, no homework just us and after nine months us and our baby”


“I think that's a wonderful idea” Hermione said with a big grin “I wouldn't be alone, you'd be able to see the baby...we'd have every weekend together and then the weeks that you weren't teaching together...it would be wonderful”


“Then I shall write a letter to Minerva tomorrow morning” He smiled at his wife “Tonight, I daresay, I will be too busy reacquainting myself with your body...”




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