The Stranger

BY : Talented_Mrs_Lupin
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Hermione and Ginny had spent the better part of two hours talking about their love lives or in Hermione's case, the lack there of. Ginny was in her amazing relationship with Harry and as much as she hated it Hermione had been forced to listen to Ginny talk about their sex-life which proved to be rather kinky. Hermione was extremely jealous and sitting there listening to her stories was like torture, especially when she had no rousing stories of her own. At twenty-three years old Hermione was a hard working Ministry worker in the Department of Mysteries, who lived on her own in a cute little two bedroom cottage in the middle of no-where just outside of a small mixed town that consisted of witches, wizards and muggles. Her professional life was thriving and her sexual life was...interesting at best but the whole personal part of her life, with dating and love was lacking severely.


“...So then Harry casts a spell on my upper body so that I am hanging off the edge of the deck thirty-two floors up” Ginny continues on giggling “Completely naked, my bloody tits are swinging erratically while he fucks me harder than he ever has in my entire life”


“Sounds kinky” Hermione said, a small blush tinting her cheeks at the thought of Harry having sex with anyone “Lucky you”


“It was amazing” She said with a laugh “Almost as great as fucking in front of that lighthouse, between the giant rocks as the ocean roars around us and pounds rocks, sending the salty spray all over us”


“Okay” Hermione said, leaning back on her hands shaking her head in wonder “I am officially jealous of your sex life. While you are fucking in exotic locations I am still screwing in different libraries, offices, a graveyard once or twice, Hogwarts offices, classrooms, hallways both Ministry and school, forests...why can't I just find...the one?”


“True love?” Ginny asked sympathetically.


“No” Hermione shocked her by saying “I want a man that is capable of doing all the nasty, kinky, semi-humiliating and semi-degrading things to me in the bedroom that I want...or need...I want a man that will fuck me in to next week and then will occupy my thoughts until I am insane with my lust for him and then he'll appear and fuck me again and again”


“That sounds wonderful” Ginny said “That sounds like the type of man that you'd fall in love with”


“Never” Hermione laughed and then pretended to be sick while her best friend laughed uncontrollably. They continued to talk about the trips that Ginny and Harry took as they toured with their Quidditch team, it was the only team to accept both male and female players. Hermione was very proud of them both, they were great players, they were a great couple and being able to be together all the time helped them get through their post-war stress. It was another reason for Hermione to be jealous, she had to see a therapist to talk about her problems while Harry and Ginny had one another, Ron had the now werewolf-ed Lavender Brown who had proven to be a better fit for the red-haired Weasley now that they were a little more grown up than when they were in Hogwarts.


“Ginny” Molly called from the house “Are you and Hermione going to stay out there all day?”


“Possibly” Ginny called back making her mother shake her head and walk back in to the house “She's mad because I talk to you first when we come home instead of her”


“Well telling your mother about your sex life is a bit awkward” Hermione said with a grin “Go on and chat with her, I'll clean up the blankets and wine bottles...good luck”


“I'll need it” Ginny said as she swayed a little and then trudged back toward the house.


Hermione cleaned up the remains of their picnic and while she was getting ready to walk towards the house she heard the breaking of a twig behind her in the woods. Instantly, Hermione turned with her wand held out in front of her and scanned the woods ready for someone to jump out of the woods and try to kill her but then she laughed to herself and put her wand away. Leaning down Hermione picked up the fallen blanket and allowed her mind to wander away in to a fantasy land where a man, someone she knew or maybe she didn't know, would step out of the woods and demand that she pleasure him. She would put up a fight of course, but in the end she would do exactly what he asked, go just inside of the woods, drop to her knees and take him within her mouth and pleasure him. Then she would allow him to take her hard enough to make her scream in pleasured pain and before she could even put two and two together he'd be gone. She laughed to herself, her therapist would be horrified at her train of thought but Hermione couldn't help it, she had a need to be taken roughly, dominantly and though she never acted on it she had a want to be taken by a complete stranger.


***A Week Later***


Harry and Ginny were going to be home for a few weeks so every weekend there was going to be big elaborate dinners held at the Burrow. It was a Saturday night and Hermione was joined there by Ron and Lavender, Bill, Fluer and their kids, Percy and Penny, Harry and Ginny, Fred and George with whichever girlfriend they have that week. There were kids all around the house, loads of screaming, laughing, joking, eating, whining and stories that had been told numerous times though everyone reacted the same way each time as if it were the first time they'd ever heard it. The hustle and bustle of the house, the noise and chattering was comforting to Hermione though it was also very stifling and just after dinner Hermione found herself walking outside in the moonlight. While she loved her friends sometimes it was too much for her to take and she needed silence, the problem of being part of the Weasley clan was that you were constantly seeing everyone being happy and in love which was irritating at best. It also didn't help that out of six brothers Hermione had slept with five of them and the only reason Charlie hadn't graced her bed was because he lived too damn far away. She was walking past the area where she and Ginny had picnicked just the week before and stopped, taking that time to look back at the house with a smile. It wouldn't be long before it would be too cold for picnics and early evening walks and then she'd be stuck in the house with the loving family. There was a rustling in the trees behind her and she started to turn, her wand clasped tightly in her hand she started to turn around but there were hands clasping her jawline and there was a firm, male body pressed against her back.


“Don't scream” The mans voice was unfamiliar and deep “I am not here to harm you”


“Then let me see you” Hermione whispered back to him, she felt her heart racing and her stomach cramped in fear while her hands shook “Do I know you?”


“You do not” He answered “But I saw you in London at the theater once. Then a year later walking down the street by yourself with groceries in your hands, I started to follow you then when time would allow me to do so, it took me a while to find you once you entered that little pub but I learned your secret”


“You're a muggle” Hermione stated “Are you...are you going...k-kidnap me?”

“I'm not...quite a muggle” He said haltingly “And I will only kidnap you if you want me to”


“And why would I want that?” Hermione asked him breathlessly.


“Just listen to me” He whispered against her ear “I blindfold you right now and I bring you back to where I am staying” His hot tongue ran over the shell of her ear causing her to moan against her will, she hated herself right then as she knew that she sounded like a wanton slut “I get you to my bedroom, I tie your hands to my headboard and then I fuck you like the dirty, little slut that you long to be”


“I don't even know you” Hermione whispered, this was completely insane to even entertain the thought of having sex with a stranger, someone that could be a former death eater and could tie her up and repeatedly rape her. She hated the way her vagina throbbed at that thought.


“That's a large part of its appeal” He pressed a rather impressive length against her back causing her to gasp “Isn't it?”


“I don't know what you mean” Hermione hissed as she tried to turn to see him again but he held her tightly.


“I know what you crave” He said, his tone didn't hold the arousal that she could feel nor did it sound threatening more just matter of fact “I know what you want and I promise that I will give it to you and I won't hurt, will you let me blindfold you?” Hermione closed her eyes for a moment, the way she saw it if she said yes he may rape, torture and kill her but if she said no he may do the very same thing. If she went with him and he did all that there's the likelihood that no one would find her body but if he did it there, there was the possibility that that one of the kids could find her or one of her friends .


“Y-Yes” Hermione wanted to sound strong but the words that stumbled out of her mouth were completely unsure. She heard a deep breath from behind her and felt his hesitation before there was a dark colored silk cloth placed over her eyes, she licked her suddenly dry lips and her hands shook as he gently wrapped his arms around her waist and he lifted her off the ground.


The wind whipped around her as he moved quickly. Hermione never realized how much she depended on her sight, how she took it for granted until she was unsure of where she was or what was flying near her head. Maybe they were near trees, maybe not, maybe he was about to dump her in a lake, maybe not, her fingers tried to search out his hair, nose or mouth but there was a slight grunt from him and then her hand was pressed against his chest. It took a long time to realize that there was no jostling like someone running, no heavy breathing from the exertion but there was wind whipping her face and suddenly she worried they were in the air. Hermione started to kick her feet a little, turning to her side, she reached for a broom handle but couldn't find one. When she didn't find it she started to hyperventilate, moving from one side to the other, he clasped his arms around her upper body to keep her from falling which caused her legs to fall down, dangling in midair and that was when she started to scream as loud as she could. She felt a dip and the air became harsher whipping her face harder before suddenly the ground was back, the landing should have shot some pain through her ankles or knees but he took the brunt of it and she felt nothing.


“If you knew anything about me you'd know that I hate flying” Hermione hissed at him.


“I figured it was just on a broomstick” Came the answer “I apologize”


He rubbed her back as she leaned forward and took deep, soothing breaths before he pulled her upright and led her gently up some stairs and through a door. She smelled a few different types of colognes that mashed altogether, but she didn't have time to think about it because she was led up another flight of stairs and down a hallway that brought her through another door. The door that apparently held his bedroom because that was where he stopped walking, his hand was firmly on her back and it was like he was allowing her to get used to their surroundings. Hermione strained her ears trying to hear if there were other people in the room with them, all she could hear was her own thudding heartbeat and his gentle breathing.


“There's no one else in here” He answered her unasked questions “Just you and me”

“Okay” She whispered back to him.


“The rules” He stated firmly and she shuddered “You will be tied to the headboard with scarves, remain blindfolded and you will do what I ask of you no matter what. If you need me to stop tell me to, never be afraid to tell me what you want or don't want and remember that I will never knowingly hurt you”


“Alright” She whispered to him, he reached out around her and undid the front clasp on her cloak pulling it off her shoulders and letting it fall to the ground before he leaned over and started to kiss her neck. The feeling of his lips caused her to drop her head back with a small moan.


“You may call me 'Master' or 'Sir' but that's it” He informed “I will release your hands when I'm done but you are to not touch me at all. When there's been a decent amount of time that has past for you to recuperate I will bring you back to where I found you and leave you will never see my face”


“But what if...” She started and moaned while he kissed her neck and pulled her shirt over her head “What if I want...”


“I will find you again” He promised “I always do” His hands came around her stomach and trailed up to her breasts, cupping them gently before squeezing them harshly causing her to gasp in pained pleasure “Do you understand the rules?”


“Yes” She answered and then cried out when he flicked her hardened nipple and sent little sharp jolts of pain throughout her being.


“Yes, what?” He asked her harshly in her ear.


“Yes, Sir” She moaned “Yes, Sir”


“Then we begin...”



A/N: So, I had an idea for a naughty story and thought “Hey, why not?” and started writing this. Now, I do want it to be a crossover story crossed over with The Avengers but I don't really know who our mystery man is, can you give me some ideas? This is likely to not have much of a plot other than the occasional kinky fuck scenes with this, so far, faceless stalking Avenger. Who is it gonna be? 

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