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Title: Polarity

Summary: Draco is neglecting his wife, Harry Potter for his family business. Lucius and Narcissa decide that they have had quite enough when he forgets their first anniversary. Female Harry Potter

A/N: This is an AU. It will be magical. Alive James, Lily, Sirius, Remus. Married Harry and Draco. Female Harry Potter.


Regrets of a father

"Draco." His daughter-in-law Harry whispers and Lucius looks at her from the corner of his eyes, his attention on his newspaper.

"Hmmmm. " Draco replies in a distracted voice. They are having breakfast right now and it's like seeing a replica of himself. Breakfasts have always been annoying in the Malfoy household. Malfoy men have always neglected their better half in the favor of their business. 

A year has passed since their marriage and initially, everything was fine. But, as the days passed, Draco started distancing himself from Harry. He started leaving early and returning late. Lucius looks at Narcissa and can remember himself not even bothering to listen to what Narcissa was trying to say. Over the years, she just got used to it and stopped speaking at all.

Now when Lucius has retired, he yearns for Narcissa to talk to him. Except for the few sentences like 'how are you' or 'do you want something', she doesn't speak at all. It's Lucius's own mistake and now when he is seeing Draco commit the same mistake, he is worried and annoyed. 

"Draco." Harry repeats and this time Draco lifts his face, his eyes mildly annoyed, "What's it Harry? You know that I have a meeting today. Not everyone can afford the luxury of doing nothing like you."

Harry stares at her husband. Lucius wants to stare too. From the looks of it, Narcissa is furious as well. Her hands are too tight around her spoon and she is frowning at her breakfast. But she doesn't say anything and Lucius laments over it. It's his fault that Narcissa barely speaks at all now.

"I don't do anything?" Harry hisses at her husband and when she has his complete attention, she hisses right in his face, "Might I remind you that I am a potions mistress and a successful one at that."

"Might I remind you that I am busy? Will you just get back to whatever you do with your day." Draco mutters, his eyes back on his papers and Lucius closes his eyes to calm himself down. It won't do to shout at Draco. He is not a child anymore.

Atleast Lucius and Narcissa have always tried to become the kind of in-laws a girl might want. Atleast they are doing their bit. It's a small relief that Harry loves Narcissa and they can spend time together. But he thinks that he failed somehow, that he has failed his wife somehow.  

They supported Harry in everything she wanted. Draco had married Harry two years after his graduation from Hogwarts. Harry was still studying at that time and was very nervous as to whether she will be allowed to attain her potions degree or not.

The day next to their marriage, Lucius had told her that she could live her the life the way she wanted, that Lucius and Narcissa could take care of themselves. She was only twenty at that time. She was beyond elated and had completed her internship under Severus. Lucius and Narcissa are proud of her for achieving what she had always dreamed of. 

Draco had joined the family business and Lucius had retired. Now he wonders if he had taken the right decision by doing so.

"Do you even remember what day it is today?" Harry whispers, her voice soft and low and his son frowns at something written in the file before marking it.

"Whatever Harry. I have to leave. I might be late. Don't wait for me."

This being said, Draco gets up and leaves, his back straight. He doesn't spare a single glance to Harry. The poor girl is left to stare at his back. Lucius knows that gradually she will get used to it too, as Narcissa did. Fifteen years down the line, she will stop speaking at all, no matter what Draco wants. 

She will stop expecting anything from Draco like Narcissa did. Narcissa doesn't even wish Lucius now. They don't celebrate anything, anniversaries, birthdays, nothing and now Lucius wants it but he has no courage to ask Narcissa. He thinks that he has wasted fifteen years of her life. He wonders why she didn't leave him alltogether. She has always been beautiful. At Hogwarts, she was one of the most beautiful woman. Yet, she never spoke about divorce. 

He face is blank. Her eyes are blank. Her replies are automatic. It's like she has buried her desires deep inside her her heart and Lucius wishes that his wife would come back. 

He doesn't want Harry to lead such a life. He wants her to be happy and if- if Draco can't keep her happy, then it's better they get divorced before it becomes too late. 

The green eyed girl looks at her breakfast with morose eyes. Lucius looks at his wife to see whether she remembers. A look at her and he knows. She is fuming. Today is the day when his son has married Harry. It's their anniversary and it's obvious that Harry has dressed up for Draco. Her hair are made up and she is looking beautiful.

She resumes eating her breakfast and sniffs every now and then. It's surprising that Harry still hasn't stormed towards her room. Anyone would. She is eating her breakfast slowly.

For a moment, Lucius studies her posture. He wonders if she took an off today. She probably did. It's their first anniversary. How can Draco forget it?

His heart clenches as she sniffs, trying to silence her sobs. They had a love marriage and Harry's parents had been against it. Even after a year, she has no contact with her parents. She practically has no-one. Her best friends had abandoned her because she had married Draco. She has no-one else to talk to or spend time with and she must have given a holiday to her staff. She deserves to celebrate.

 A lone tear falls down her cheeks. For the first time, Lucius laments over the fact that he never set a good example for Draco.

He didn't even stop to think what Draco's dream was. Lucius had always been interested in his family business and had assumed that Draco was too. Draco never protested against it but that can be blamed on the fact that he never told Draco that he had options. He wonders whether Draco would have had a balanced life if he had chased his own dreams.

Perhaps Lucius and Narcissa should apologize to the Potters now.

Perhaps it's time because he can't see her crying. Initially, both his wife and he had found her too exuberant for their tastes. She liked baking and reading and writing and liked muggle contraptions. One of them is called a television. It took time but they find it enjoyable now. She likes listening to music and they find it relaxing.

Narcissa's fury is growing gradually. Her hand is trembling. She doesn't want to interfere. Nor does he but it's time. It's time to make amends.

He looks silently at his wife. He had realized it long ago that he considers Harry as his daughter now and he knows that Narcissa feels the same. They go for shopping together and she loves Harry. Anyone would. She is a very good girl and they don't want her to waste her life like this.

"Harry." He whispers and Harry blinks rapidly before taking a sip of water. Her eyes are so expressive. She is so sad.

Lucius tries to control his mounting rage and clears his throat before whispering, "Let's visit your parents today."

She stares at him, her watery eyes wide with shock.

"They won't talk to me and they will insult you." She says and Lucius looks quietly at her. It's difficult to understand why she is trying to protect them. It's not like they had been kind to her family, like ever.

"I don't think they will. It's time to make amends Harry. No-one should be abandoned by their family like this. I am sure they miss you." Narcissa replies, her voice measured and her eyes carefully blank.

Harry looks at Narcissa and then at Lucius before speaking, "You are doing this because he forgot it, aren't you? It's okay. It's not your fault." He green eyes are sad yet adamant. 

"No. That's not the only reason. We have been talking about this for some days now. We will apologize because it is the right thing to do. You deserve your family and best friends." Lucius whispers. The green eyed girl is quite stubborn. He knows that. He has known that ever since she stepped inside the manor. There were so many things that she changed.

"Consider it an anniversary gift." He mutters and she looks at him, her eyes cautious.

"If they insult both of you, we will-" She starts and Narcissa cuts in, "We will leave. I promise."

Lucius knows that it won't come to that. Potters miss their daughter. He is sure that they just don't want to disturb her life by interfering. They are under a misconception that Lucius and Narcissa hate them.

They are wrong of course. Lucius hates himself for not teaching Draco well. He doesn't hold grudges for anyone. After all he isn't a child now. 

He wipes his face and gets up, "We will leave in a few minutes Harry."

The young woman nods and gets up. He can't help but notice that her eyes are a bit excited now. Of course, they are. They are her parents. She loves them. How can anyone expect her to just leave them behind forever after marriage. They must have taken this step earlier. Why did he make it so late?

She is dressed in muggle clothes. Early in their marriage, Lucius and Narcissa had told her that she can dress the way she wants. In fact, Narcissa owns a few muggle clothes too.

She is good girl and her parents have raised her well. Initially, Lucius had found it odd that she liked cooking new things so much since he had only ever seen elves do the cooking in the manor. Gradually, he realized that cooking relaxes her. She would try new things and ask them if they like it. 

She has worn on them. Narcissa's friends are jealous of her for having Harry as her daughter-in-law and Lucius knows that his friends envy him too.

He knows that she deserves better than this and if Draco's doesn't amend his ways soon, he will have to take steps to ensure that he does. He waits for his wife and Harry, his cane in his right hand and his eyes staring at the huge fireplace.


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