Twisted reality

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Title: Twisted Reality

Summary:  Splitting his soul into three parts has made Harry a cold hearted man. Twenty years have only increased the darkness inside his heart. He beds kids who are his son's age on a regular basis. One cold night, when he is in search of a rent boy, his eyes fall upon Scorpius and Harry hires him without caring for the fact that Albus likes the young boy.

War turned Draco into an aimless, jobless, penniless man who spends his days drinking in randoms clubs by himself. He has sunk so low that he doesn't even care as to how his son earns money to provide for Draco's food and alcohol and his own studies.  HP/DM, HP/SM, ASP/SM. A bit dark and twisted. MA Rentboy Scorpius. POV DM & HP



Harry reduces the speed of his car as he enters the street, looking at the hustlers who are standing at a good distance from each other, dressed in provocative clothes. He has slept with most of them. He lives in a quiet and posh part of muggle Britain in a huge mansion.

After the war, he had decided to leave wizarding Britain all-together reason being that magic had given him nothing but enemies and pain. The work that he does- painting doesn't require magic and he has always been used to doing most of his work manually.

Harry gazes outside his window, trying to select his companion for the night when his eyes fall on someone who looks like an exact replica of a seventeen year old Draco Malfoy, the man whom he has always loathed.

The boy is leaning against the wall, his one hand in his pocket and other around his cigarette, his eyes distant. He has put on jeans that are riding low on his hips, a tight fitted shirt and a jacket to go with it. Albus has told Harry about this boy. He told him that Scorpius comes to give exams only. He has not taken any classes and he doesn't stay at Hogwarts. Harry knows that Albus is most possibly attracted to Scorpius. But then who won't be. He is practically sex on legs.

His son doesn't know that Scorpius is working as a male prostitute. Just another hole for Harry to fuck. But his resemblance to Malfoy irks Harry. It makes him wonder why Malfoy, the biggest asshole on this earth is letting Scorpius do this kind of work. Even if their manor was seized and sold out to provide for the reparations, their vaults had been left intact and Malfoy has always had an unusual talent in potion-making. Snape had left no opportunity to taunt Harry about it.

Malfoy had had everything that Harry hadn't and he had lost it with his own hands. It annoys Harry and he despises Malfoy. But he doesn't hate this boy. It doesn't matter though because Scorpius is a hustler and all hustlers are same for Harry, a hole to fuck, a body to love to satisfy his desires.

Harry's eyes rove all over his lean frame. He has a nice body. A few seconds later, Scorpius's eyes fall on Harry's car. He looks startled for a moment but then the moment passes and he walks over towards Harry's car after throwing his cigarette away.

Harry opens the window and looks into his eyes. They are as silver as Malfoy's were. Harry would know, considering his unhealthy obsession with the snob. The boy smiles sensually at Harry though the smile doesn't reach his eyes. Harry wonders if this boy likes Albus. Then he shrugs because it doesn't matter.

Albus will never know anyways. Harry won't tell him, nor will Scorpius if he wants to befriend Albus in this lifetime.

"One night." Harry says and Scorpius swallows, his adams apple bobbing. Harry's eyes follow the moment. The boy is nervous and his nervousness is delicious, tempting. Harry wants to press him against Harry's body and kiss him into oblivion.

Harry is almost sure that he will chicken out, almost... because if Malfoy's son is selling his body for money, then it means that he is broke and he can't afford to deny a rich client like Harry.

As expected, Scorpius nods and Harry unlocks the door, his eyes on Scorpius's red lips. The fact that it's wrong and Harry can see that the boy doesn't want to do it doesn't matter. He can see that money is the only reason Scorpius is doing this.

But it doesn't matter to Harry. It never has. What matters is that Scorpius is really really beautiful and that Harry is going to fuck him tonight.

"You are beautiful." Harry murmurs after Scorpius sits inside.

"Thanks." He whispers and leans against the seat. He spreads his legs and stretches them. Harry looks at his bulge from the corner of his eyes and licks his lips.

"Are you clean?" He asks and Scorpius's expressive eyes become dull and ashamed. Malfoy's eyes had never been so expressive.

Scorpius doesn't answer and Harry sighs in annoyance. He places his palm on Scorpius's knee and the boy freezes. Very slowly, Harry palms his inner thigh but when Harry touches his bulge with just his finger tips, Scorpius flinches. Harry pulls his hand back and stops his car in a dark, empty alley.

Scorpius tries to seem unconcerned but his eyes give him away. Harry turns towards him and murmurs, "Leave if you don't want this. I won't force myself on you and if I am paying, I want my money's worth."

Scorpius stares at him, his mouth open in surprise and Harry leans forward and opens Scorpius's door before muttering, "Leave."

A few seconds pass and Scorpius closes the door again and spreads his legs almost obscenely.

"You took me by surprise. I have been doing this for a long time, Mr. Potter-"

"Harry, call me Harry." Harry cuts in and looks at Scorpius. Silver eyes are gazing at him. Scorpius's body is tense.

"Umm. Yes, Harry... so I was saying that you just took me by surprise. It's not that you are forcing me or anything." He says and the fact that Scorpius didn't say that he wants it doesn't escape Harry's attention.

Harry gazes silently into Scorpius's eyes for a moment. Harry is feeling a burning desire to hear Scorpius say that he wants it. The fact that Scorpius doesn't wish to say it only fuels his desire.

"Say you want it. I want you to be very clear about it." Harry whispers softly and strokes Scorpius's inner thigh with his first finger, his eyes on Scorpius's lips.

Scorpius breathes heavily before murmuring, "I want it, Mr-"


"Yes. I want it Harry." The boy murmurs and Harry smirks, a cruel sense of satisfaction overcoming him as he looks at the boy.

That Scorpius's eyes are dull doesn't matter because after all Harry is not forcing the boy.

"You are beautiful." Harry whispers again and Scorpius replies, "Thanks." a small reluctant smile on his face.

Harry places his hands on his face and caresses his cheeks, his eyes on the boy's red lips. They are full and delicious and Harry leans forward to press his own to those red- red lips softly. Scorpius's eyes are open and gazing into his and just when Harry is about to press their lips, the blond turns his face away and Harry's lips land on his cheeks.

"No kissing on lips." The boy mutters and Harry breathes heavily on the boy's cheeks, his eyes flashing with fury.

"I will pay you twice." Harry mutters and Scorpius shakes his head, "Three times. I'll pay you three times if you let me do what I wish for the night. You are beautiful and I want you to be mine for the night."

"I am- I am hungry. Can we get something to eat first... didn't eat anything after breakfast." The boy whispers and swallows deeply.

Harry nips the soft skin of his cheeks before pulling away and sighing in annoyance.

After leaning back on his seat, he mutters, "Take your jacket off and unbutton half of your shirt. I will get you something to eat. I am asking you again. If you don't want this, walk out. I won't have you accusing me of assaulting you later on. I am paying you for a night and a night is all I desire from you. Walk out if you don't-"

"I do want it. I do. I am just hungry." Scorpius says and stares ahead, his face blank. There... there is the infamous Malfoy mask and Harry finds himself wanting to remove it.

"Will you take off your jacket or should I do it. I think I will get carried away and just vanish your clothes all together. I can turn the heater on for you if you are cold." Harry whispers and Scorpius leans forward a bit before taking his jacket off and shoving it on the backseat. Harry watches him opening half of his buttons which reveals his broad chest.

"Come here." Harry says and places his hand on Scorpius's neck. This time when their lips meet, Scorpius doesn't flinch or turn away. His eyes are wide open and are gazing at Harry. Red lips part and grant him entrance inside the warm mouth. Harry presses there tongues together and imagines fucking Scorpius's warm mouth.

His hand strays towards Scorpius's bulge on its own and he squeezes it. Scorpius closes his eyes, his hand trembling on Harry's shoulder and Harry pulls back, not wanting to get carried away until they are home.

"Food. Let's get you some food first." Harry whispers and licks his lips and ignores the way Scorpius's eyes turn even more dull. He doesn't care as long as Scorpius has given his express consent and it's not like Harry is hurting him. Harry is not into that kind of thing.

"How old are you?" Harry asks and opens Scorpius's jeans buttons and zip. Scorpius doesn't move but his heart beats quicken and does his breath. He is wearing black briefs and Harry wants to slide his hand inside it.

But then Scorpius whispers, "Seventeen." and Harry mutters, "Button up your jeans."

Scorpius does as told, very quietly.

Yes, he is Albus's age. Harry shrugs carelessly and looks ahead before starting the car.


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Summary of next chapter: Harry takes Scorpius home. When Scorpius returns to his home in the morning, Draco is waiting for him.

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