Our Paradise

BY : Mansi Jain
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Title: Our Paradise

Summary: Instead of casting 'Sectumsempra' on Draco in the bathroom, Harry decides to flee the wizarding world with him. Romance. Angst. Humor. Affectionate Harry. Cute Draco. Possessive Harry. Naughty Draco.


A/N: Before I start, I must tell you that this is an alternate universe.

Pairings: HP/DM (Primary), SS/SB

Disclaimer: Not Mine.


Let's Flee the wizarding world

"Sectumsempra" The moment Harry whispers the incantation, he wishes he could take it back. Draco is not really his enemy. In fact nothing could be further from the truth.

He dearly wishes to take it back. In fact he wants it so much that he closes his eyes and wishes the curse to vanish or change into something that would change Draco into a ferret. Draco makes a cute little ferret and at least it would not really hurt Draco. Harry could always change him back.

What happens, though, completely leaves him stunned.

He opens his eyes to find himself in the Ravenclaw tower and looks around. He is still in his clothes.

"Harry." A soft voice calls him and he turns around to find Luna standing before him.

"Where am I?" He asks, "I was in the bathroom a minute back. This seems your tower."

She looks at him with soft, dreamy eyes and murmurs, "This is sort of a crossroad for you Harry. You get to choose."

"Choose what?" He asks, knowing the answer already.

"I think that you know that. Not everyone gets this chance Harry. Use it well. You could chose anything you want. Anything at all." She whispers and Harry swallows.

There is no point of asking anything from Luna. She won't answer. He knows what he wants and he knows that it is selfish but he wants it nevertheless, has wanted it ever since he met Draco in that robe shop. It has always been in the back of his mind. Hasn't he sacrificed enough. Why shouldn't he grab the only opportunity to finally have what he wants? Why shouldn't he be selfish. Everyone in this world either dislikes him or treats him like a weapon, everyone except Draco and his best friends. But they won't approve of his choice so they don't get to know about it.

"You don't have much time."

It's like the time has frozen. Luna is frozen too. Her eyes are dreamy and he has so many questions to ask her.

"I have chosen." He murmurs instead and she smiles, "You will have a second to cast protego. Just close your eyes."

Harry closes his eyes and concentrates hard on returning back. On opening his eyes, he finds himself right in front of Draco who is looking at him with half crazed eyes.

"Crucio." The boy whispers and as told by Luna, Harry only has a second to deflect that curse, which he does and then he casts, "Expelliarmus."

Draco's wand flies in his hand and he throws both of their wands away before staring at a very gobsmacked Draco.

"Calm down." Harry murmurs, his voice soothing and soft and bits his lips nervously.

Draco backs off, his eyes wide and terrified.

"Calm down so that we can talk about this properly." Harry mutters and Draco looks around for some kind of escape.

"The door is locked and none of us is going until you talk to me." He mutters, his stance adamant, though his hands are fidgeting nervously.

Finally, Draco's eyes clear and the terror turns into rage.

"Let me go." He screams and Harry screams at him, "So that you can do whatever you are being forced to. I don't think so."

"Look Potter, you don't know anything. Just - just let me leave." Draco mumbles now and falls on his knees.

Harry swallows hard, trying to figure out what to say next. He has to be very cautious if he wants to convince Draco.

"No." Harry simply mumbles and Draco looks at him.

"What the fuck are you playing at Potter?" Draco mutters, his eyes narrowed into slits, "Fuck off or let me leave. Give my wand back to me."

Harry doesn't know how to convince Malfoy of his crazy plan. Malfoy has never lived in the muggle world. He despises muggles.


Draco stares at Potter, his eyes narrowed. The green eyed menace is just standing in front of him, his face flushed and his eyes flustered. It's obvious that Potter had not thought it through before following him. He is biting his lower lips and his hands are fidgeting as he simply stares at Draco.

"Potter." He mutters cautiously and slowly. Something about Potter's nervousness makes him forget everything about the task and the dark lord. Potter is planning something and Draco is worried about whatever it is.

"Let'sfleewizardingworldtogether." Potter mumbles in one breathe and Draco stares at him. That he can reduce the so called Saviour of the wizarding world to a nervous, mumbling mess is a surprise in itself.

"Say it again. Slowly this time." Draco mutters and Potter looks at his shoes, his hands inside in his pocket. Draco stares at the boy, confused. He had thought that Potter would leave no stone unturned to ruin Draco. But here they are. Potter is still looking at his shoes, perhaps figuring out how to speak up and Draco is still confused.

A few moments later he walks towards Draco and forces him to sit cross-legged on the floor before settling in front of him in a similar position.

Draco almost jumps in surprise when Potter sits close enough that their knees touch each other.

"Potter, are you nuts?" He asks in a low voice.

Potter finally looks at him, his eyes cautious and nervous. His hands are tapping his knees. It's a gesture of nervousness and Draco recognizes it well.

"I said... Let's flee the wizarding world together." Potter murmurs slowly and clearly this time and continues in a rushed voice, "Don't bolt out please."

Draco stares, stares and then stares some more, completely unable to believe Potter's words. He had not known that the only hope of the wizarding world wanted to run away.

"What?" This is the only word that Draco is capable of speaking because he can still just stare at the green eyed boy's flustered face.


"See. Voldemort is terrorizing you and he is terrorizing me as well. I am fed up of him and I am fed up of having to fight with him every year. Dumbledore won't tell me everything but there is one small thing I heard him telling Snape the other day. I want to sort it out and then run away. They are either printing lies about me in the Prophet or irritating me to hell. I can't even shop or eat out in peace. So, let's just sort my little problem and run away. I will teach you how to do muggle things and how to get a muggle job. Say yes. Please please. No one else would agree with me and I can't flee alone." Harry speaks all this in one breathe and Draco simply stares at him, his mouth open in shock and his eyes wide.

He composes himself after a few minutes and looks at Harry with silver eyes that are guarded while they ask, "What is this little problem of yours?" It's obvious that he thinks that Harry has gone mad.

"Well, you see, I have one out seven parts of Voldemort's soul inside myself. I have to get rid of it before running away." Harry replies calmly and Draco's eyes widen in something akin to fright, his silver eyes wide. Harry thinks that it's rather cute but then he has always found Draco cute. Even in the robe shop, with his head held high and arrogant, he looked adorable or perhaps it's just Harry who finds this git cute.

"Seven." He asks Harry with wide eyes and Harry replies calmly, "Yes,", before continuing, "Some have already been destroyed but let's not talk about Voldemort. Let's just flee.".

"Together." Harry adds a few seconds later to emphasize that he wants Draco to flee with him, not by himself.


Draco doesn't know who is more idiotic, he himself for entertaining Potter's stupid ideas or Potter for not being least frightened about the horcrux inside him and being more frightened of the possibility that Draco might refuse.

"I can't leave my parents with him, Potter." Draco pouts. Potter's harebrained scheme has replaced the fear he was feeling a few moments back. Honestly, this is the funniest and most idiotic plan he has ever heard and he thinks that Potter is just humoring him.

Well, two can play the game then.

Potter nods, as if he had already known that Draco would say this, before murmuring, "Let's get them out of the Malfoy manor then."

Draco has just opened his mouth to answer when Potter smiles at him, his green eyes sparkling, "I am not going to do it alone though. You have to come along." Draco is surprised to realize that Potter is damn serious about this.

"Father will most certainly know of a way to get rid of that thing inside you." Draco murmurs thoughtfully and Potter leans forwards interested, his eyes practically gleaming now, "Really."

"Yes." Draco smiles and Potter's face lits up. He gets up hurriedly and mutters, "Come on then, let's go. Let's get your parents out so that he can destroy the horcrux residing inside me and then we can run away."

Draco gets up too, grumbling, "Why would I run with you to live in a muggle world, Potter? I despise them."

Potter's eyes gleam mischievously at his question and he replies, "Because... Because, you want to run away, just like me Draco. You don't despise muggles. You just don't understand them and I would rather flee with you than alone. I mean it would so boring..."

Draco's name rolls easily from Potter's mouth and Draco stops in surprise. Potter goes on rambling until he notices that he is alone and then he turns around to look at Draco, his eyes confused, "Come on. We have to rescue your parents."

Draco blinks hard and shakes his head, wondering if he has suddenly woken up in some alternate universe. Potter muttered the last line so bloody casually as if he rescues people from mad dark lords on a daily basis. For the millionth time, Draco is glad that the dark lord deemed him unworthy of the mark until he completed his first task.

"Coming. If I leave it to you Potter, you would most probably be imprisoned as well and my parents will have do the rescuing." Draco mocks him and Potter glares at him.

Draco continues staring at him because Potter's glare doesn't hold any malice. His eyes are so green and attractive. Potter flushes and turns around to resumes his walk, "Come on, you lazy sod. I am not going to do any rescuing alone."

There is one particular reason that compels Draco to agree to this stupid plan Away from his parents, he can finally fuck boys without having to hide. His father wants him to date girls and produce mini Malfoys for them. It's impossible of course. Draco can't even get it up in the presence of a girl.

Potter's arse though. It's round and pert and his shoulders are broad and Draco's member twitches at the thought, which is ridiculous of course because Potter is not gay and even if he was, he won't fuck Draco.

"Draco." Potter mutters, his eyes narrowed and his cheeks crimson, "You pervert. Are you coming or shall I go alone?"

"Coming." Draco grumbles and follows Potter. All right, so he has wanted fuck the boy-who-lived for long now, not that it's going to happen because Draco doesn't fuck virgins and Potter is most certainly a virgin. Draco is only interested in shagging and Potter would want a relationship. Relationship is not Draco's cup of tea. It requires a lot of hard work and monogamy. Draco can't do monogamy.

He shakes his head and follows Potter towards the quidditch grounds. Potter is not even gay. There is no point in day dreaming about his arse or other parts of anatomy.



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