Waking Up

BY : Sway
Category: Harry Potter > Het - Male/Female > Snape/Hermione
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Death, is a very dark place. When I died, I no longer felt pain, but I awoke in a world, barely different from yours. I suppose you might call the other side a mirror image, where spirits like myself are bound to an eternity of misery; where it is always night time.

The moments that pass have no meaning, and the sun never dares to shine. Mostly, I spend my time wandering, wishing I could feel something other than the cold. It almost makes me nostalgic for the days I took what little free will I had for granted. If I had known that this is what death would feel like, I would have stepped outside more often. Just to feel the sun on my face. Just to feel warm. 

In the months since I died, I have explored death's limits. This "mirror image" world is one that, under better circumstances, has the potential to be quite interesting. The places you can go, the things you can see in such a different light. I suppose there are some upsides to death, but I never expected to find myself so alone after dying. It has been ages since I have seen another face. 

I am almost certain that what I am experiencing is most definitely Hell. So, while I know I can go anywhere, I stay here. In what looks to be my chambers in the dungeons of Hogwarts Castle. All of my things are still here, along with my journals, which I take great comfort in writing in. These rooms are a beacon of familiarity. I've convinced myself I need nothing more than this to cope...

"I am dead. I cannot go back from this. While I never was a man of faith during my life, I always had thought that my fallen loved ones would be waiting here on the other side. Death is so very lonely...

Am I being punished ?"

"Professor Snape..." I stop in my tracks; the tip of the quill in my hand, still touching the parchment. 

A soft voice calls to me. Ghostly, but soft. 


It's a woman's voice but I can't quite place who it belongs to. 

What in the world is going on here? I've been alone all this time, and now this? If my estimations of time are correct, I have been gone from the world of the living for 12 months and thirteen days. I have barely heard my own voice, let alone anyone elses. 

"Professor..." The voice whispers again. It is so faint now, I can barely hear it. 

"Please... You have to wake up..." 

Wake up? But I am not asleep. I am dead...

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