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Padma Patil and Ron (Mdom, D/S, cutting, self-abuse)


  Harry Potter worlds before cell phone, stay in the early 80's. The gang are teenagers in at Hogwarts around this time.

short background:  I am Padma and we are from India, we moved to England so Parvati travel to far to be with her family on the weekends when she went to Hogwarts. My sister is better than me, we all knew that she was a wizard and they assumed that I as a muggle that would have to marry a morale and have morale kids. The best I could hope for is to marry someone wealthy to help my father's trade business. I had to serve and obey my sister which I did. I did all her chores so Parvati could practice her magically skills and talents. I made her bed, ironed her uniform shined her shoes, drew her bath, combed her long beautiful hair, I was more like her chamber maid than her sister. We shared the same bed so when she wanted a massage she would tell me. She never said please nor thank you she didn’t have to, to her it was her right to tell me what to do and she did. I served her because she was going to do great things, she is a wizard. Mother and Father never told her not to boss me nor order me around so she did. I was unable to say no, Mother told me to always try and to obey others especially my sister.  I was taught that I was worthless compared to my sister that is best to give and to give more, than receive any pleasure.

   My masochistic self, I don’t remember when I started to hurt myself, or feel that I was not worthless. It was a way for me to pay for my sins my imperfections.  I always believed that my sister was superior to me in all things. She had friends, she was the class president, she was well liked, even her classes were easier she did better than me. She is well liked; I can’t tell you how many teachers tell me why can’t you be like your sister. It’s bad when my so called friends tell me the same. I would get worked up about my test, because I tried to be better I studied hours at a time, study until I fell a slept in the middle of the night before the test so I was so sleepy taking the test or my sister wouldn’t wake me up in time and I would miss my test so having to take the test with a letter grade lower or one teacher I had to get a "F" for that test making me work hard for the next test. While my sister may have studied for 2 hours and most of the time got a "B" or better.

   Maybe the hatred of myself began when I was young and fat, Mother told me that no one on her side of the family is fat and why am I fat, making me feel ashamed even putting me on a diet. When I was fat, the kids teased me even my sister didn’t even want to be my friend because of my weight. Mother put me on a diet made me exercise, I took it seriously hoping that mother would love me the same as my perfect sister. But her daughter Parvati was her “number one”, she always praised her and how she did in school. And father the same when he came back from his travels he always wanted to see her new magically skill that she had learnt. I showed them my grades 4 "A"s 2 "B"s one "C" they were disapproved about my "C" telling me that I could have done better.


   I try to control my weight; I weigh myself weekly if I weighted more than the previous week I had to cut my meals even more, and I always fasted on Wednesdays and I only eat two meals a day, and only half portions. This year I was bad our birthday party was on a Wednesday, to say the less I refused to eat any of the cake, my Grandmother even had to get involved to force me to eat the cake that they had made. I finally did, and when no one cared anymore I sneaked into the bathroom a throw up the cake. I punished myself that night, and it was my birthday.

   I try to do good my familiar is a rescue cat that we found in our garbage, I nursed him back into health. "Oscar" that Parvati named him. He does have a habit of biting and clawing, but I love him after Oscar bite Parvati he isn’t allowed in our bedroom at night.

  When I stressed out feel that I have to be punished I do punish myself cutting my wrist, thighs and soles of my feet. My father gave me a beautiful pocket knife for my 12th birthday, while my sister got a new vanity that she is only allowed to use in our room. When I start to use she tells me that it is hers that father gave it to her. But I do like my knife and I probably use it more than my sister uses her vanity. At night when my sister is asleep I sneak out of bed into the downstairs closet that no one uses, I placed my devices of punishment in a box under other boxes a little hidden. In the box is a candle that I lite and sometimes it punishes me. Candle wax on my bare flesh, on my nipples cunt legs, sting quite well. But my knife is my preferred punishment, punishing for my imperfections and being worthless. Cutting myself seeing my blood it releases my bad thoughts it is my penance of being bad for failing a test for being teased, for disobeying my sister, and my parents. Sometimes I get my brush and hurt my cunt the bristles roughly masturbating to hurting my cunt, or fucking it making me bleed. Oh god it hurts and I hadn’t done that in about a year I bleed for days, I had to tell go to the doctor and tell him my period wouldn’t stop, I felt so humiliated that I hadn’t done this to me again. When I’m in class bored I play with my cuts and bruises like tearing of the scab trying to get a wound infected. When I cut the soles of my feet in the summer I intentionally walk barefoot on the hot cement in front of our house. I don’t know why but I desire to be in pain or discomfort, like when I do well, like got the highest grade on the test it feels weird odd, and I bomb the next test. But since my mother caught me in the closet naked hurting my cunt, I had to be more secretly. Mother wanted to take me to a Psychiatrist but she felt so ashamed that she spanked me instead and she threw away my box of tortures and my brush that I hurt myself. I was good for a month or two but the itch came back. This time sneaked into my bathroom in the corner after sister was asleep I pinch my nipples my clit, dig in my nails into my wrist my thighs until I bleed. Bit my lip in class, used a rubber band around my wrist to pop and hurt my wrist. I do hate myself, pray to Kali the goddess of pain. Let Oscar bit me even gave him a treat when he did bite or scratch me. Physical suffering wasn’t enough I wanted to hurt emotional and socially, I didn’t have friends I didn’t deserve any, when I people was nice to me I was bitch right back to them. I only hung around girls that were selfish, arrogant and took advantage of me. I would do their homework, give them my lunch money especially on Wednesdays. and ran errands for them and do most anything they wanted to do. They treated me bad especially then they found out I wasn’t going to do anything about it and let them use me like a doormat. I learnt not to stand up for myself, it was better for a worthless bitch like me.

   And boys this was my worse, I didn’t everything for them, even if they were gay, I did their homework, wrote their papers, help them relax by sucking on their cocks, giving them hand jobs, taking their dick whatever hole they wanted with just enough lubrication not for my comfort but theirs. I didn’t want to hurt their cocks, I hurt bleed sometimes all without complaining. I started to get a known as the school slut, my parents humiliated when my sister told them that I was not a virgin that I was sleeping around. I was forbidden to go on dates anymore, if I did go out it was with the church or with my sister or them, no one else. I destroyed my reputation and any hope to be loved by Mother or Father was gone, I was now their black sheep. I was no more their sweet little girl but a whore, a slut, an embarrassment to the family.

   So it was a surprise when I received an "Owl" from headmaster Dumbledore telling me that I was accepted into Hogwarts for this semester. My parents and sister were surprised, I didn’t think I was a wizard and neither did my parents nor sister. My father called Dumbledore to make sure that it wasn’t just a duplicate of my sister Parvati Patil or me Padma Patil.

  My Father gave mother a budget and spent most of the school supplies for my perfect sister so there was little money for me to go to school, and how to pay the tuition. I talk to mother on getting me used cloths for Hogwarts, there was a used clothing store in Diagon alley. I picked out clothes that were cheap had holes that I had to sew my shoes I found the most uncomfortable shoes to wear that I knew was going to hurt my feet if I was in them all day. A wand from Olivander was expensive so I borrowed my aunt’s wand that didn’t like me; we were not compatible, it like to blow up in my face the first time I used it, perfect for a worthless cunt like me, it would humiliate me even more. On the last week I came to my parents to tell them that I didn’t want to go to Hogwarts that I didn’t deserve to go. They agreed that I didn’t deserve to go, but it may be a fresh start and Mother told me to "Quit being the martyr. We already paid your tuition, I suggest that you do your best and help and serve your sister that she can be a great wizard."

  My sister and I were sorted into different houses which I was glad and my sister was glad she didn’t have to deal with me and I didn’t have to embarrass her. At night I did have to go to her dorm and help her with her uniform shoes brush her hair, do anything else that she wanted, clear her side of the dorm and sometimes all the dorm. Then she would send me away until tomorrow night to help her again. In Ravenclaw, which I was sorted, I was a loner and that is what I wanted, I didn’t deserve friends, I kept to myself, to hurt and punish myself at nights.


  Me and Snape:

  It was the second week of class, Professor Snape told me to put all the books away and sweep the floors to get it ready for the next class. After cleaning up he told me to come here "Roll up your sleeves Ms. Patil." He ordered.


   I knew that he would see my cuts on my wrist "please Professor Snape may I go to my next class?" I bowed my head.

  "Roll up your sleeves unless you like to see me in my office?"

   I rolled up my sleeves to reveal my cuts on my wrist

  "When did you start this Ms. Patil?"

   "A few years ago." there was one scar that was fairly new just a week old.

    "Do you continue to hurt or cut yourself?"

    It was like he used a spell on me I had to tell him it hurt not to tell him. "yes Professor Snape." I couldn’t believe that I was telling him I tried to keep it a secret.

  "Every will Ms. Patil on your way."


   Ron and I finally:


   I was ashamed he knew that I cut myself, I was looking down defended afraid what he was going to do to me. I didn’t see Ron Weasley I bumped into him, making me drop both of our books "Sorry."

   He sneered "Clumsy twat watch your step pick up my books" as he stood there watching my pick up his books first and then mine.

   "I’m sorry." I shed a tear I hoped that he didn’t hear our conversation.

    Ron "Watch were you are going next time." he walked pushed into me to talk to his Gryffindor buddies.

   The next day in Ministry laws a class that I hated that all have to take. I sat by myself as usually; but this time Ron sat down next to me not with his other Gryffindor buddies. And it was the only class that I knew that Harry wasn’t with him.

   Ron asked me how I was doing in my classes, then he apologize for being rude to me that it was an accident then he was rude again telling me "All twats that I know are clumsy, Aren’t they?"

   I didn’t know how to answer that did I should slap him and sat somewhere else nor talk to him, but he was the only one that talked to me today other than my sister giving me ordered. "hmmm"

   Then Ron whispered to me "I overheard what you and Snape talked about." I got nervous, I bit my lip, I didn’t want anybody to know especially a boy that could use it against me.

  He continued "You really cut yourself?"

   I tried to deny it, but with a none a convincing tone, more nervous and ashamed tone "I don't know what you heard but no." as I looked around.

   He lifted my long sleeve to see my wrist he smiled "I’m not telling anyone but why Twat?"

  I didn’t like that he called me “twat”, my bad boyfriend called me that to demean me, to make me feel more worthless.

   "I'll see you in the library we can talk?" it was something I didn’t want to talk about during class.

   "Okay." as he grabbed my ink pen feather and write on my paper "I own you! twat, your fucked!"

   My face turned red I was ashamed, I wanted to move but the class was full and he whispered "Don’t move I won’t hurt you yet. But you like to be hurt don’t you?"

   A meek voice came out of me "yes."

   He smiled as we continued with the class. He helped me with my books as he guided me to the library, we found a small corner to talk. He lifted up my sleeve to see my cuts I had a fresh cut from last night because of what Snape told me, He told me "I don’t know a people that cuts their selves especially wizards, but maybe under a spell?"

   "No spell Ron."

   "Call me Mr. Weasley ok? Twat."

   "Please don’t call me twat its degrading." I pleaded.

   "But that is what you are isn’t it?" as he squeezed my right upper arm.

   "please don’t we are in a library." but he continued but harder, "Your hurting me." I pleaded.

   "But you like to hurt and I will hurt you! twat." he whispered "Tell me why you do it?" as he released his tight grip but still hold my arm so I won’t leave.

   I told him about my impulse of hurting myself that I feel worthless sometimes and cutting helps, that I didn’t even know that I was a wizard until I received an owl from Dumbledore.

   He continued to say hurtful things to me "I know you are a worthless cunt and I would like to screw you hard, maybe rape your ass." as he groped my ass pinching it. "I know you need a master that has no respect for you cunt, that can be me unless you want me to tell the whole class?" He bit my earlobe "I bet that you hurt that nasty little clitty of yours each night don’t you?" I started to cry.

   I wanted to slap him and go on my way, I shouldn’t care if he did say anything, turn it around on him report him to Professor Snape but instead my masochistic self-took over I knew that I was worthless, I bit my lip "please don’t"

   "Then tonight at 8 a date." he ordered me pinching my ass again.

   "I guess" ashamed defeated, humiliated that this boy knows my secret.

   In our last class of the day when we were walking out he grabbed my arm again and whispered in my ear "Wear the short dress above your knees without panties I'll by checking and you will be punished."

   "I can’t Ron, sorry Mr. Weasley?" it was against our culture but he didn’t care "I don’t care do it above your knees make it easier to check if your panty free and I want to see your legs shave them too."

   "I have no hair on my legs Sir. I don’t shave."

   "Cool." as he let go.

    I almost creamed as he whispering to me not to wear panties, and he knew that I did need a master, and he may be better than the jerks in my home village, even those he was white and he was making go against my culture. But I wanted to show him that I was going to be good. I took a dress that I didn’t like and cut it and hemmed it to make it look okay it was a little above my knees I felt odd wearing it I sneaked out of the room with it on without my sister seeing she was in the shower. I had told Parvati that I had a date with Ron, he was glad she wanted to get closer to Harry and maybe a double date in the future if it worked out for Ron and I. I got dressed in Gryffindor instead of my Ravenclaw dorm, because Parvati had the dress that I wanted to wear and sewing kit. But I didn’t want my sister to get involved in my worthless life dragging her down, she was perfect and I didn’t want these boys to hurt her, but maybe Harry was different than Ron, Harry seemed to always be respectful to all the girls even me that didn’t deserve any respect.

   I was in the common room where he wanted to meet, I was in a chair with my back to the others hoping that I wouldn’t get to many stares. I felt all their eyes on my nude legs, I quickly sat and waited it was 820pm I was hoping that he didn’t want to do this I started to be relieved, when Ron showed up "Nice" as he sat next to me touched my bare legs.

   "You have nice legs."

    "Thanks Mr. Weasley." I was nervous, Ron was taller than any other of the boys that I had dated, I wondered how big his cock was and was it cut or uncut, because in India they were not cut.

   He looked around as I he whispered in my ear and biting my ear again "I have to check and see if you are a good girl and did what her master told her to do."

   He blocked the view of others and lifted my dress I felts his hand on my inner thigh as he moved up I spread my legs so he could feel my wetness and that I had no hair between my legs. And no panties. I looked around every one was around the fireplace ignoring what we were doing.

   He smiled "Cranky...hmmm." as he kept his hand between my legs "you know the Perfect bathhouse, meet me there in 10 minutes, I don’t want people to know that I’m with a slut like you, leave now I’ll meet you there." as he saw Hermione.

  I shed a tear I walked to the bath house as he started to talk to Hermione. He liked to degrade me, he showed me that he was a bigger 'Ahole' then I thought. I needed to get out of this situation, I wanted to run to my room and hide under the covers until the morning. I cried when walking to the bath house I didn’t know why I still was going on with this. I was going to let another boy take advantage of me, this was going to a new start, that I was going to stand up for myself, but I was still walking. I saw him I was going to tell him that I didn’t want to do this but he grabbed my arm squeezed and lead me to the bathhouse. "I don’t know about this Mr. Weasley?"

   "I bloody don’t care twat." as he squeezed harder and lead me in the bathhouse were Harry was resting in the bath with bubbles around him "Hey guys." he was surprised to see me in the bathhouse.

   Ron whispered in my ear "In the pool cunt."

   "I didn’t bring a bathing suit Sir."

    "Get naked and in the bath now!" as he squeezed my arm harder.

    I walked into the pool with my dress and then I took off my dress having the bubbles hind my naked body, making sure the bubbles covered my top. Ron and Harry smiled, as Ron sat on my right next to me. Harry started a polite conversation "Padma how’s your sister?"

   "I know that she likes you Harry." I smiled as I felt Ron’s left hand on my leg moving to my inner thigh.

   "Oh really I though she liked George Whiteman?"

   "oohh, YUCK no." I laughed as Ron tried to get his hand between my legs again, but I kept them closed.

   Harry knew what was happening "I think I should leave Padma please close your eyes."  as he quickly got in a robe to dry himself off. After Ron left Ron rammed his tongue down my throat as he started to finger my cunt under the water. And then with the other hand guided my hand to his cock, it was huge and uncut.

   "Put it inside you."

   "I can’t I’m not on the pill Ron and I don’t have any rubbers."

   "Fuck you bitch whose fault is that put my cock inside your cunt or your ass!" as he slapped me "Do it twat." as he pinched my clit and left nipple making me hurt.

   "Oh god I was creaming..." I thought to myself, he controlled me, as I put his cock right at my cunt hole entrance.

   He did the rest He grabbed my hips and rammed his cock inside me "Don’t cum inside me Master please."

   He spits on me "I will don’t what I want stupid cunt" as he fucked my worthless cunt.

    "Scream for me cunt talk nasty tell me how you like to hurt that you like it rough that you want to bleed tell me." As he bit both my nipples one after another I moaned "Make me hard Master, make me bleed, hurt me Lord Mr. Weasley fuck me hard."

    "That it cunt" as he same inside me. He slapped me and tossed me away "Good job twat, see you when I want some more fun humiliating you get me a robe. I was naked I ran to get a robe and I got a robe for me.

   He grabbed my robe "I didn’t tell you to get a robe for you, your walking back in that wet dress understand." as he rammed his tongue down my throat, then he told me as I was about to get my dress on, he grabbed my dress and got his robe on "I hope you can found the dress" as he tossed the dress outside the bath house in the hall way. He left taking the robe too.

   I was naked I hoped that no one was in the hallway as I ran to get my dress and quickly got dressed in my wet cold dress. I had my shoes in one hand as I sneaked back into Ravenclaw were everyone saw me in a short wet dress all their eyes were on me. I rushed into my room into the warm shower that I never allowed myself to clean my nasty body off and warm myself. I cried in the shower just curled into a ball and stayed for a few minutes. Some of the girls saw me but they didn’t care enough to see about me they just walked on by. After I had warmed up for a few I refused to dry off put my pajamas on over my wet body and went to bed.


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